Aquacenter Aquacont LCD Watering Programmer
Specifications: - Minimum operating pressure of 1 bar and a maximum pressure of 7 bar for proper operation. - Automates watering at the required frequency and duration. - Up to 8 watering times/starts per day. - Removable front to facilitate programming. - Uses 1 9 V alkaline battery (not included). - Supplies around 15 litres/minute water flow. - Working pressure from 1 to 7 bars. - Supplied with metal filter and 2 threads for 3/4 inch and 1 inch tap. - Tap programmers create a waterproof seal between the screw and the water connection using a butt joint. - This joint can be in the form of a mesh filter. - Do not use any other material (oakum, Teflon, etc.)so that the joint can work effectively. - Do not use Teflon or hemp with the tap programmer, only the filter or the included plastic board. Connection: 3/4 inch. Units per blister pack: 1. Blister packs per box: 6.
aquacenter-bl3 A aquacenter No Spill Valve
- Permet d & # 39; in a low pressure system the most effective solution that does not leak. - L & # 39; Installation is simple: you between the screw and nozzle, producing a semi-professional installation so for home use. Suitable for installations and as good as new. - Do not use teflon with the room. Measure. : 10/24 Per Box: 10
AQUACENTER aqua-center m116909 Pipe to Hose 25 m Diameter 16 mm With Integrated Goutteurs 35 cm Black
- Made from recycled LDPE pipe, depending on the demands of the market and quality standards. - To increase the resistance of the pipes, temperature and pressure changes & # 39; work from the sun. - Maximum operating pressure of 4 bar. Most turbulent irrigation consistency, L & # 39; & # 39; Irrigation and resistance to clogging. - To increase the resistance of the pipes, temperature and pressure changes & # 39; work from the sun. - L & # 39; consistency L & # 39; L & # 39; watering. ; of dropper: 2 L/H colour. Black Connection. 16 mm distance drops. 14 "in length. 25 m Blister per box 5
'aquacenter Adaptor Brass Male Thread ¢ Conexion Rap
Brass Male Thread Adapter "¢ connection: altadex Manufacturer's Rap
aquacenter Candle Jar Ceramico C/Citronel aquacenter 18 cm
- Citronella candle with terracotta base, made from selected raw materials, with thick windproof cotton wick - Suitable for the tiger mosquito and common mosquito. - Suitable for outdoor use. Measurement: Ø 18 x 4 cm (with citronela) Duration: 9-10 h 24
'aquacenter Adaptor Brass Male Thread ¥ Conexion Rap
"brass adapter male thread ¥ connection: altadex Manufacturer's Rap
aquacenter m116863 - Maxi Jets 360
Maxi Jets 360 °C4134 Manufacturer's: altadex
AQUACENTER Aqua Center m86263 - Support Tube 16 mm
Aqua control
Spike for the attachment of the main pipe. Measure: 12/16 mm 5 pieces in each box.
k-aquacenter electroválvula Regu aquacenter C/F
The piston tilted allows a direct path of & # 39; Water Increasing the scope reducing the loss of pressure. It includes trap. - Suitable for L & # 39; use with purification. Filter mesh - Self-cleaning. Pressure: 1.4 - 10.4 bar. Flow Rate: 2.8 - 132 L,/M. Solenoid: 24 VAC 50/60 Hz. - Suitable for large flows. Connection: 1 "units of mass 5
Aqua Center - Brass Female Thread Adaptor ¥ Conexion Rap
Brass female thread adapter ¥ Manufacturer's Rap connection: Altadex
Aqua Center - Male Brass Hose Connector Brass Co
Brass Hose Repair Co from the Manufacturer: Altadex
Altadex Attach Adjustable Lanza
Irrigation Lance Adjustable Brass Coupling Rapid Aqua Control
Programmer Adapter - Brass Female Thread 1 Conexion Rap
Brass Adapter 1 Female Thread Connection: altadex Manufacturer's Rap
Programmer - Gel Body Green
Body Gel Eco-friendly made by EcoTech with natural materials of plant origin. Organic Personal Hygiene For All Members Of The Household. Ecolabel European Union, with which the certificate helps consumers to identify the products with a service more ecological and environmentally friendly. Eco BODY GEL WITH A DELICATE perfume, pleasant feel and pH neutral to care for your leather of a natural way. 500 ml bottle with dispenser.
Altadex Link Quick Stop
Quick link brass connection 1 from the manufacturer: Altadex