AquaCraft Mono FE Strut Assembly w/Mounting Bracket SV27R
Aquacraft Mono FE Strut Assembly w/Mounting Bracket SV27R, AQUB7877This is the Mono FE Strut Assembly for the AquaCraft SuperVee 27R Boat.Features:Aluminum construction with steel mounting hardwareAdjusts to raise or lower the propellerIncludes:Mono FE Strut Assembly with Mounting Bracket and HardwareRequires:Installing in the center of the rear of hullThis product is compatible with the following Model(s):
Aquacraft Cowl Yellow Rio 51 by AQUACRAFT

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AquaCraft Rudder Support Brackets Miss Seattle Wildcat
Aquacraft Rudder Support Brackets Miss Seattle Wildcat, AQUB8742These are the Rudder Mount Brackets for use on the AquaCraft Mini Wildcat RTR (AQUB19**).Features:Plastic constructionBlack in colorIncludes:Two Rudder Mount BracketsTwo 2x9mmRequires:Installation on the vehicleThis product is compatible with the following Model(s):
AquaCraft 3-Blade Propeller 9x7 Cajun Commander Airboat
Aquacraft 3-Blade Propeller 9x7 Cajun Commander Airboat, AQUB6105This is the 9x7 3-Blade Propeller for the Cajun Commander Air Boat from AquaCraft, AQUB5722.Features:Composite plastic construction, black in colorTractor type, configured to be installed facing rear of modelIncludes:9x7 3-Blade PropellerSpecs:Diameter: 9"Pitch: 7"This product is compatible with the following Model(s):
AquaCraft Jib Support w/Tie Rod Vela Sailboat
Aquacraft Jib Support w/Tie Rod Vela Sailboat, AQUB6490This is the Jib Support with Tie Rod for the AquaCraft Vela SailboatFeatures:Aluminum, steel and plastic constructionIncludes:Jib Support with Tie RodRequires:Installation on the boatThis product is compatible with the following Model(s):
AquaCraft Rudder Linkage w/Control Arm GP-1
Aquacraft Rudder Linkage w/Control Arm GP-1, AQUB8763This is the Rudder Linkage with Arm for the GP-1 Ultra Brushless Mini 3S Hydroplane from AquaCraft.Features:Prebent metal rod connect rudder to steering servoIncludes:Rudder Linkage Rod with Servo Arm, and Pushrod ConnectorThis product is compatible with the following Model(s):
Aquacraft Wildcat EP Brushless Catamaran TTX300 2.4GHz RTR, AQUB1811
Aquacraft Wildcat EP Brushless Catamaran TTX300 2.4GHz RTR, AQUB1811This is the electric powered, 2.4GHz radio controlled, ready to run Wildcat Catamaran from AquaCraft. For ages 14 and over.Features:Hull: Molded ABS plastic with transom drain plug and preapplied graphicsMotor: 35-36-1800Kv brushless outrunnerMotor Mount: Water cooled aluminum with transom mounted water pickupDrive System: Surface drive propeller system with 1/8" (3.2mm) shaftRadio: Tactic SLT 2.4GHz TTX300 3-channel with fail safe, steering & throttle trim, servo reversing and steering rate adjustment, TR325 receiverElectronic Speed Control: 50A water coooled, LiPo compatible, low voltage compatible and star plugPropeller: Two blade 42mm diameter FRP (fiber reinforced plastic)Rudders: Two aluminum construction with breakaway shear bolt designWarranty: AquaCraft will warrant your model for 90 days after the purchase from defects in materials or workmanship of original manufacture. AquaCraft, at their option, will repair or replace at no charge, the incorrectly made part. This warranty does not cover damage caused by crash, abuse, misuse, alteration or accident.Includes:RTR Wildcat Catamaran with Motor, Radio, Steering Servo, ESC, Stand and Instruction ManualRequires:AA Batteries: Four for transmitterLiPo Battery: 3S 11.1V at least 2000mAhBattery Charger: Compatible with selected batteryLiPo Charging Sack and Shore EquipmentSpecs:CatamaranLength: 26.5" (673mm)Overall: 29" (737mm)Beam: 9" (229mm)Height: 5.5" (140mm)Weight: 32oz (89grams) RTR w/o batteriesMotorkV Rating: 1800kvOperating Current: 3.8A, 8V/DC (without loading, 8V/DC)Input: 3-S LiPo batteryMax Current: 55A/15SShaft Diameter: 4mmMotor Resistance: 37 miliohmsDimension: 1.4x1.42" (35mmx36mm)Weight: 3.77oz (107g) Plus-or-minus.35oz (10g)
AquaCraft Drive Shaft Rescue 17
Aquacraft Drive Shaft Rescue 17, AQUB7915This is the Drive Shaft for the AquaCraft Rescue 17 Fireboat, AQUB5700.Features:Metal constructionIncludes:Drive Shaft with Locknut and ThumbscrewThis product is compatible with the following Model(s):
AquaCraft Tank Bungee Cord Rio 51
Aquacraft Tank Bungee Cord Rio 51, AQUB9270This is the Tank Bungee Cord for the AquaCraft Rio 51 RTR BoatFeatures:Nylon construction, black in colorIncludes:One tank bungee cordRequires:Installation on the Rio 51 boatSpecs:Length: 19" (483mm)This product is compatible with the following Model(s):
Aquacraft Rudder Linkage w/Ball Link/Clevis Revolt 30, AQUB8758
Aquacraft Rudder Linkage w/Ball Link/Clevis Revolt 30, AQUB8758This is the Rudder Linkage For the AquaCraft Revolt 30 FE Mono BoatFeatures:Metal and plastic constructionIncludes:One rudder linkageThis product is compatible with the following Model(s):
Aquacraft Miss Seattle U-16 Hydroplane 2.4GHz, AQUB1822
The racing boats of the Unlimited Hydroplane Class are as spell-binding as their model counterparts. When racing at high speed over the water hardly touching the surface, their semi-submerged propellers shooting a wall of spray into the air behind them, they are fascinating to watch. Thanks to the uncompromising high speed configuration of its drive system, comprising brushless motor and 3S LiPo battery pack, this model is just as fascinating as the original. Miss Seattle is fully assembled ready to operate, and is equipped with a 2.4 GHz Tactic TTX300 RC-system. All you need to be ready to race are the drive and transmitter batteries, and LiPo battery charger! Features: - 2.4 GHz Tactic TTX300 pistol-grip RC-system - Rudder assembly with breakaway protective function - Powerful brushless drive system - Double Cockpit cover optimised to facilitate sealing Technical specifications: Hull length: 425 mm Overall length: 458 mm Width: 216 mm Height: 102 mm Weight: 485 g RC functions: Rudder, motor speed forwards Required: - 3S LiPo battery with minimum 25C and 1000mAh capacity - LiPo charger with balancer-function - Mignon cells (type AA) for transmitter power supply, 4 pieces
AquaCraft AQUB2105 Aqua Craft Lucas Oil RTR
The Lucas Oil is also a high speed racing model catamaran and and by the American company Lucas Oil Gesponsorten use decorated finish. It can also be used for the competition also suitable, as suitable for use on your home water. The Lucas Oil and the motley crew are technically identical but with a different design A unique appearance. Technical Data: Body Length 750 mm Total Length: 813 mm Width 265 mm Total weight 1840 g RC Function: Rudder adjustment, motor control Forward: 7.4 V Li-Po battery packs required Pack of 2 charger for LiPo Battery Pack High quality fibreglass body, as well as Cockpitabdeckung high-quality aluminium drive components 2.4 GHz Tactic Pistol Remote Control Aluminium RowingSystem, can be folded up (protection function) Halbge Tauchter propeller to give optimum performance Diameter: 3.8 mm Flex Shaft Drive Brushless Motor 1800 KV 60 A brushless ESC, water-cooled Product Lucas Oil Racing Boat RTR EP scale - Boat of aqua craft in the category of boats has a length of 813 mm, a width of 265 mm and is designed as a ready to run. The RC model is for advanced skaters alike. The completion of the model is suitable for model building beginners without previous knowledge easily possible. Recommended motor for if you're looking model: Included.The brand for RC Speedboat from function models up to sailing boat sea ship, there's no even allows for a range of accessories. The range also has been constantly further expanded.
Aquacraft Radio Box Waterproof Tape, AQUB8606
Aquacraft Radio Box Waterproof Tape, AQUB8606This is the Water Proof Tape for the AquaCraft V24.Features:Clear scotch like water proof tapeIncludes:One roll of tapeRequires:Any application where waterproof tape is neededSpecs:Width: .47" (12mm)Length: 30 yards (90')This product is compatible with the following Model(s):
AquaCraft AQUB1806 Minimono Boat Running Remote Controlled RTR
Minimono Brushless Boat TTX300 2.4GHZ RTR
AquaCraft Repl Balance Shaft 1/8  GrimRacer Prop Balancer (2)
Aquacraft Repl Balance Shaft 1/8" GrimRacer Prop Balancer (2), AQUB6100These are the replacement Balance Shafts for the AquaCraft GrimRacer Precision Prop Balancer (AQUB9575).Features:Steel constructionSilver in colorIncludes:Two Balance ShaftsRequires:Installation on the Precision Prop BalancerSpecs:Length: 90mm (3 1:2")Diameter: 3.28mm (1:8")This product is compatible with the following Model(s):
AquaCraft Revolt 30 Speedboat 2.4 RTR Blue/White (AQUB24BW)
Pure dynamics! There's no other way to describe the Revolt 30, which looks like it's streaking along even when it's not moving! Impressive features such as sleek fibreglass mono racing hull equipped with high-quality components, aluminium rudder, wave struts and turn fins, brushless drive and metal propeller all combine to generate racing thrills never before possible in this class. Revolt 30 is absolutely stable in operation, even when turning, and is offered in four different colour schemes.Features:- High-quality GRP hull and cockpit cowl- 2.4 GHz Tactic TTX300 pistol-grip RC-system- High speed model- Semi-submerged metal propeller for maximum performance- Almost as manoeuvrable as an Eco boat- Factory-fitted metal propeller- Four colour schemes availableTechnical specifications:Hull length: 762 mmTotal length: 851 mmWidth: 232 mmTotal weight: 1560 gRC functions:Rudder, Motor speed forwardsRequired:- 2S LiPo battery with minimum 30C and 4000mAh capacity, 2 pieces- LiPo charger with balancer-function- Mignon cells (type AA) for transmitter power supply, 4 piecesRecommended accessories:- Order no.: AQUB9825, 7.4 V 4200mAh LiPo battery pack, 2 piecesor- Order no.: AQUB9830, 14.4 V 4200mAh LiPo battery pack, 1 piecesor- Order no.: FPWP3502, 7.4 V 5000mAh LiPo battery pack for longer running time, 2 pieces- Order no.: HCAP0185, PulseTec 906 LiPo battery charger- Order no.: AQUB9514, Pro-Sealing Tape, for waterproofing the cockpit cowlIncludes- Assembled model with GRP hull and cockpit cowl- High-quality aluminum drive components- High-quality metal propeller- 2.4 GHz Tactic TTX300 pistol-grip RC-system- Aluminium rudder assembly with breakaway p