aquagart Galvanized Length 20 m 19x19 m Mesh Wire 0.75 mm
You buy a wire mesh with a great value for money. The wire mesh is mainly suitable for interior spaces to the inside and out. With the welded wire mesh can be very easy to make aviaries, rabbit and chicken cages or trellis for plants. The grille is ideally applicable for small livestock. With a hanging or a pair of tongs, you can deal with the material and easily shorten to the desired length by simply cutting.
Pond Leaf Protection Net Covering - Silo/Bird Protection Net -Robust, Various Sizes
The pond net is ideal for protecting the pond from foliage, cats, herons and other predators.You can also use it for covering trees, shrubs, flower beds and silos.The net always consists of 2 tear-resistant polyethylene threads that are interwoven.To determine the net size, always add a few metres because the net must hang and must overlap the edges of your pond for it to be attached.This sturdy net is designed to last for many years!This net has an extra-fine mesh to ensure that absolutely no leaves can pass through.Features: foliage protection for garden ponds - mesh width:15 mm x 15 mm and 10 mm x 10 mm, with 10 m width; material:polyethylene (PE) - durable and highly tear-resistant - weather-resistant, UV-stable - intended to give many years of use - colour: dark green.
100m Animal fence Forestry fence Pasture fence Fence Hinge joint mesh 150/19/15
We only supply quality fencing Made in the EU, not the cheap fencing imported from China often sold!!! This fence is a hinge joint mesh made from heavy galvanised, high-strength steel wires for forestry and agriculture use. You are purchasing 2 rolls of animal fencing 150cm high, 100m total length. Animal Fence Specifications Height: 125cm Roll length: 50m heavy galvanised made from high-strength steel wires Wire gauge top/bottom: 2.0mm Wire gauge vertical/horizontal: 1.6mm Knot type: Hinge joint Number of horizontal line wires:-8 vertical lines 5cm x 15cm -8 vertical lines 10cm x 15cm -2 vertical lines 15cm x 15cm- vertical stay spacing generally 30 cm Number of packages: 2
650 M² Weed Control Fabric Mulch Fleece Fabric 180g 2 m Wide Garden Premium Quality
Weed Control. Thanks to the fleece can be used on a dry treatment of weeds will be not completely. It can take the bed free from weeds and traps moisture to drain the roots of your plants directly with water well fed. Installing it can be opened non-woven material with a standard pair of scissors precision cut. Please refer the weed for Vlieses are available in our information Video for laying under the product description. You are purchasing a premium weed control ground cover membrane landscape fabric from 100% polyester fibre and a grammage of 180g/m². This fleece is particularly water-permeable and fully UV stable so that it has no * * *.Features: - Colour: Black, Thickness: 0.8 mm, 100% Polyester Fibre Nstempeldruch push force: 1300 N (GRK 2) roll width: 2 m - Length: 25 m or 50 m - Weight: approx. 180 g/m² - Includes Chver tightens - Frost, hail and resistant - Air and moisture permeable - UV stable (no need to * * * - High Water permeable - Rot Proof "