KPM Main Series
Aqualine 9006 09600 Glass-Ceramic Scraper – Red/Blue/White
Loer & Schäfer GmbH
Aqualine glass ceramic scrapers/9006 - 09600 Red, Blue, White For quick and easy cleaning of ceramic hobs; also suitable for glass, tiles and other smooth surfaces
Aqualine 9006 02225 Sponge Towel 18 x 19 cm Set of 5
Loer & Schäfer GmbH
Aqualine® sponge cloth 5/9006 02225 18 x 19 cm 5 sponge cloth•, high water absorption•, high suction power•; can be washed at•; Made from a cotton viscose blend
Aqualine Assorted Value 9006 01012 Scourer
Loer & Schäfer GmbH
Price including VAT per pieceYou buy here a 10s-Pack Colourful Pot CleanerRobust and scouring powerThoroughly against dirtDimensions:Width x Length x Height 8.5 x 5.5 x 2.8 cm=Ideal for cleaning pots, dishes, pans, baking trays and grill racks(in our delivery program you will find even more cleaning utensils in various materials and)Other colours are possible depending on productionHigh-quality and processingNew and original packaging
Aqualine 6ft Twin 70W T8 Non Corrosion Anti Corrosive Weatherproof Fluorescent Fitting Light Lighting IP65 (Suitable for Greenhouses as well)
Includes electronic, high frequency control gear. This allows the tubes/lamps to last longer with flicker-free starting and the added bonus of virtually silent control gear. This product also has a high quality polycarbonate diffuser, with steel gear tray and nylon suspension clips. Diffuser is secured by quick release clips and the fitting is weatherproof to IP65. 2 x 20mm cable entries in each end of fitting for ease of wiring (Tubes/lamps not included)
Aqualine Stainless Steel Pendant SP11
Aqualine Stainless Steel PendantItem number: SP11Color: silverMaterial: Stainless SteelLength: 3,7 cm; Width: 2,8 cmWeight: 4 g
Aqualine leather Bracelet black-brown ABRL-11
Aqualine leather Bracelet Item number: ABRL-11Color: black-brownMaterial: leatherLength: 21,0 cm; Width: 2,0 cmClasp push-button
Fall from Chaos: The Aqualines

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Zeus Aqualine is King of the Gods and rules over all that reside within his domain. His castle is full of his Godly family and his kingdom is full of peasants waiting to do his bidding. Life has been good for Zeus ever since he forcefully took the throne from his father. Vesta Aqualine is Zeus’ little sister. She lives in the castle with her Godly siblings and their servants. She is a Princess and a Goddess, but her life is far from easy. She is under the ever watchful gaze of her childhood nanny, Zolrain, who reports everything to Zeus. Two men have recently come forward for her hand in marriage. One suitor is her brother, Poseidon. The other is her nephew, Hermes. Zeus gives Vesta an ultimatum: choose a husband or I will choose one for you. While trying to marry off Vesta, Zeus discovers his life is not as perfect as he thought. His own family is plotting to overthrow him, his paid assassin has gone rogue, and there seems to be a growing unrest among the peasants. Will Zeus be able to keep the throne from his treasonous family? Will Vesta follow the family tradition of incest, or will she find a way to take control of her own life? A talented new author sheds a unique light upon the Olympian Gods and their daily life. This novel follows the greed, lust, jealousy, incest, and struggle for power that has forever plagued this royal family.
Brett Aqualine 990160-000 20
Brett Aqualine
Brett Aqualine 990160-000 20" WTS020 Temperature Sensor with Clamp
Advanced AquaLine 2 x 5ft 58W T8 Non-Corrosion 3hr Emergency Fluorescent Fitting - IP65 [AP2855] (EcoEpitome® Packaging)
Aqua Line
C/w integral emergency packElectronic control gear3 hour maintainedNon-CorrosionHigh frequency fitting: tubes last longer, flicker-free starting, virtually silent control gearHigh quality polycarbonate diffuserPolycarbonate body - light greyWeatherproof to IP65Diffuser secured by quick-release clipsSteel gear tray, nylon syspension straps2 x 20mm cable entries in each end of fittingTubes not includedWidth: 172mmLength: 1602mmDepth: 110mmEcoEpitome® Packaging
Aqualine Sun
Arc Indigo
Aqualine 9006 02415 Fleece Dish Cloth – Pack of 2 White
Loer & Schäfer GmbH
Aqualine non-woven dish cloth - 2/9006 02415 35 x 35 2 white 200 g/m² Sturdy dish cloth
Kahala Men's Shaping Room T-Shirt, Aqualine, XLG
Kahala Mens Traditional Collections
Genuine Washing Machine Door Handle Haier Aqualine 500 BWD1212 BWDW1212 BWR1005
Find A Spare
If your door handle has become faulty and you are now finding it hard to use with the tumble dryer stop, and let FindASpare help you. We have the compatible spare part here that will help get your tumble dryer back to its former glory leaving you able to get in and out of the tumble dryer to get clothes washed and dry! Suitable for the following models:Haier:Aqualine 500, BWD1212, BWDW1212, BWR1005, BWR1206, BWRW1005, BYWR1206, CWDH11W, EX6.5, GDZ5-1, HDY5-1, HN-1000TX, HN500TX, HN500X, HN600TX, HN600X, HN800TX, HU-GDZ5-1, HWB-1200TXVE, INWM600TX, JW-500X[HN500X], KBIWD, KBIWM12, KISIWD1, KISIWM1, L500X[HNY500X], L600TX[HNY600TX], L600TX-F(HNY-600TX), LVAS12E, LVR12E, SPWD1160C, SW-500(HN-500TX), SW-800(HN-800TX), SWM1000N, TEL45D, Thor Dryer, VI1200WD, VI1200WM, W800T, WD9900, WD9900A, WDH60, WHD615TX, WHD625TX, WM 805G TE (HN-800TX), WMH60, WN600T (LAVAT.600 GIRI ELZ), WN600TX, XQG5011, XQG50-11, XQG50-11-230V, XQG508, XQG50-8, XQG50-9, XQG50-HN800TX This product is manufactured and designed to be compatible or used with appliances of the brand or manufacturer listed above, or for selected commercial/domestic applications. This is a genuine original product made and supplied by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). in order to maintain a valid warranty it is recommended to always use genuine original products. Genuine original products are specifically manufactured to increase the performance, functionality and life-span of your machine.
Osram Aqualine Ceiling Lamp LED 42W 840 5200lm Outdoor IP66
AQUALINELED, damp-proof luminaire, primary optical cover: diffuser, of PC, light emission: direct distribution, primary light characteristic: symmetric, installation type: surface-mounted, LED, luminous flux: 5.200 lm, luminous efficacy: 124lm/W, light colour: 840, colour temperature: 4000K, control gear: ECG, with socket/plug, through-wiring: 3x 1.5mm², mains connection: 220..240V, AC, 50/60Hz, connected load: 42W, housing, luminaire housing, of PC, light grey (RAL 7035), length: 1.372 mm, width: 74 mm, height: 64mm, protection rating (complete): IP66, insulation class (complete): insulation class II (safety insulation), certification: CE, protection symbol: D, impact resistance: IK08, permissible ambient temperature for indoor applications: -20..+40°C, corresponds to IFS (International Featured Standards) requirements for safety and quality in the food industry.LED 42W 220-240V 840 4000K 5200 lmDimensions 1372x74x64 mmWeight 2.0 KgIP66
Aqualine Necklace with Pendant black-silver UN-1
Aqualine Necklace with Pendant Item number: UN-1Color: black-silverMaterial: waxed cotton, metalLength: 80,0 cm; Width: 0,2 cmPendant length: 9,0 cm; width: 2,0 cm