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Genuine SAMSUNG DA29-00003F/HAFIN1-EXP Aqua-Pure Refrigerator Filter for Samsung Fridge
WATER FILTER, INTERNAL, HAFIN2/EXP External Diameter - 77mm External Length / Height - 98mm Filters Operating Pressure Range - 20psi to 125psi
Genuine SAMSUNG DA29-00003F/HAFIN1-EXP Aqua-Pure Refrigerator Filter for Samsung Fridge
- This is a Samsung DA2900003B which has now been discontinued!
ORIGINAL SAMSUNG DA29-00003G / HAFIN2-EXP Aqua-Pure PLUS Refrigerator Filter (2)
2 x Pack Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus DA29-00003G Water Filter Cartridges for refrigerators. Blue Boxed
Odoga DA29-00003G Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement for Samsung Aqua Pure Plus DA29-00003G, DA29-00003F, DA29-00003B, DA29-00003A, HAFIN1 EXP (2 Pack)
What could be more important than purified drinking water? Make sure your loved ones are drinking purified and healthy water throughout the year with Odoga's high quality water filter. Don't let replacing your water filter slip your mind. Most refrigerators don't accurately display when the filter needs to be replaced. If your water flow is diminishing, it may be time to replace your water filter. Replacing your filter in time may prevent unwanted damages to your icemaker. Buy and Odoga filter now and enjoy purified, clear water immediately. NSF-42 Certified by WQA: Our product is made of 100% food grade materials, providing you with a safe and effective water filtration. Main features: : Composed of BPA and Lead-free materials. Natural coconut activated carbon for enhanced filtration and contaminant reduction. Increased filter absorption capacity due to a new and advanced sintering technology. Individually vacuum sealed for prolonged filter life. Easy installation - no tools needed. Main Benefits: Cost efficient and convenient solution to bottled water. High quality filtration results at a quarter of the price of original/OEM filters. Efficiently removes unwanted contaminants such as Chlorine, Microbial cyst, Rust & metals, THMs, Benzene & VOC and Pesticides. Guaranteed to remove bad taste and odors. About Odoga: Odoga specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of high quality replacement parts and electronics. We offer quality products that are useful in everyday life and an outstanding customer support, providing you with assistance and answers to any questions that may arise. Join Odoga's family of happy customers today and benefit from awesome products at awesome prices for years to come.
2 x Samsung DA29-00003G, DA29-00003F, DA29-00003A, HAFIN replacement filter
Seltino HAFIN Premium Water Filter designed for Samsung American style refrigerators to replace DA29-00003G filter. Finally you can buy fridge filter which will replace DA29-00003G, 100% fit guaranteed. Manufactured with Coconut Shell Active Carbon Block Seltino HAFIN (replacement for DA29-00003G Samsung cartridge) will provide you filtered and safer water. Tested and Certified by Water Quality Assosiation (USA). Best choice for replacing DA29-00003G Original Samsung fridge filter. Twin pack.
3x Samsung Internal Water Filter Cartridge Type: HAFIN1/EXP DA29-0000F for Samsung Fridge Freezer
Internal fridge water filter that filters tap water to provide purified refreshing, cool water.
3x ACE+ Filter, replacement for SAMSUNG Aqua-Pure Plus DA29-00003G, DA29-00003B, DA29-00003F, HAFIN2/EXP, HAFIN1/EXP fridge water filters - Replacement Refrigerator Filter
3 x ACE+ Water Filters - Replacement for SAMSUNG Aqua-Pure Plus DA29-00003G / DA29-00003F / DA29-00003F / HAFIN2/EXP / HAFIN1/EXP / HAFCU1/XXA fridge filters - Replacement Refrigerator Filter
Genuine SAMSUNG DA29-00003F/HAFIN1-EXP Aqua-Pure Refrigerator Filter for Samsung Fridge
Genuine Samsung Aqua Pure Plus DA29-00003F water filter cartridges for Samsung refrigerators. The DA29-00003F fitting mechanism fits most models of DA29-00003F, DA29-00003G, DA29-00003A, DA29-00003B.
Finerfilters Compatible Samsung Aqua Pure Plus Fridge Water Filter DA29-00003 Fits B F Or G Version
Finerfilters Cartridges are supplied from the UK and are one of the first compatibles which service not only the DA29-00003B and the newer DA29-00003G series cartridges but the latest DA29-00003F. The B series cartridges have been around for a while whilst the G series fridges (manufactured from August 2009), could not accept this older cartridge. This Finerfilters cartridge is a universal replacement THIS CARTRIDGE HAS BEEN ENGINEERED TO FIT BOTH THE B AND G SERIES SAMSUNG FRIDGE WATER FILTERS. These Filters are the only Compatible Samsung Filter engineered wholly from NSF approved components. The carbon block is tested by NSF International against NSF/ANSI 42 for the reduction of Chlorine, Taste & Odour. There are further test by WQA against NSF/ANSI Standard 53 for the reduction of Cyst, Lead & Turbidity. This filter has been designed to last for 6 months lifespan or 1137 litres as the original.
Aqua-Pure Plus DA29-00003G Replacement Refrigerator Filter for Samsung (Pack of 2)
Samsung Aqua Pure Plus Internal Fridge Water Filter Genuine Authentic Samsung Aqua Pure Plus Fridge Water Filter Samsung Aqua Pure Plus DA29-00003F water filter Water Filter for Samsung American style Side by Side fridge freezers
Umi. Essentials DA29-00003G Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter, Compatible with DA29-00003G, DA29-00003B, DA29-00003A, Aqua-Pure Plus, HAFCU1
Umi. Essential is an Amazon brand licensed to third party manufacturers. Please see the product packaging for manufacturers' details.
VYAIR VYR-11G Ice & Water Refrigerator Filters to fit Samsung Aqua Pure PLUS DA29-00003G, HAFCU1/XAA, HAFIN1/EXP, DA97-06317A (3)
VYAIR water filters are tested and certified by NSF International, a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to public health, safety and environmental protection. Its certification is widely recognized around the world as a guarantee of security. When you buy a Samsung side by side refrigerator or a French door refrigerator with ice and water dispenser, you can rest assured that it is equipped with a very efficient water filtration system. Whether inside or outside the refrigerator, VYAIR filters help reduce contaminants. Enjoy fresh filtered water directly from the dispenser without worrying, every time. Buy only genuine VYAIR water filter cartridges for guaranteed performance. Be wary of other brands or imitations offering a lower price and claiming compatibility with Samsung refrigerators. We only recommend VYAIR water filters for your refrigeration products, imitation products may be of poor quality and not compatible. Simply refer to the digital panel of your refrigerator to see if your filter needs to be replaced. When the filter requires a change, the light turns red. Each VYAIR filter also comes with a month sticker that can be applied to the filter cartridge as a reminder. VYAIR water filters use a high-quality carbon block, eliminating over 99% of potentially harmful contaminants that may be present in your water, such as: chlorine, heavy metals and chemicals, microbial cysts and parasites. Drinking filtered water rather than buying branded bottled water not only saves you money, but also reduces plastic waste.
Samsung AquaPure DA2900003G Plus Compatible Water Filter Refrigerator RFC1100A
Global Purification
Samsung DA2900003G AquaPure Plus Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement also Compatible withDA2900003 DA2900003A DA2900003AB DA2900003B DA290003B DA2900003A DA2900003B DA6100159 DA6100159A DA6100159AB DA61159 DA9706317A TADA2900003A TADA2900003B HAFCU1 HAFCU1XAA HAFIN2EXP HAFIN1 WATER SENTINEL WSS1 AQUA FRESH WF289 SWIFT GREEN SGFDSB30 PUR W10132126
Waterdrop DA29-00003G Fridge Freezer Water Filter Replacement for Samsung Aqua Pure PLUS DA29-00003G, DA29-00003B, DA29-00003A, DA97-06317A, HAFCU1/XAA, HAFIN2/EXP (2)
The WD-DA29-00003G is compatible with the following part numbers:SAMSUNG DA29-00003G, DA29-00003, DA29-00003B, DA29-00003A, DA29-00003A-B, DA2900003A, DA2900003B, TADA29-00003A, TADA29-00003B, DA97-06317A, DA61-00159, DA61-00159A, DA61-00159A-B, HAFCU1, HAFCU1/XAA, HAFIN2/EXP, WF289, WSS-1.Fits the Following Model Numbers:RSH1JEMH, RSG5DURS1, RSG5DUMH, RSE8DPUS, RS21DPSM, RS21DGRS, RS20CCSV, RFG23DERS, RSG5UCRS, RSE8DPAS, RSH7ZNMH1/XEU, RS21DABB**Please note this is a compatible spare part and the manufacturers' names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only**Premium Carbon Block From Coconut Shell All filters from Waterdrop use natural coconut shell carbon to filter out chlorine, rust, corrosion, sediment and other harsh chemicals while in the meantime preserve beneficial minerals in your water!Hydration Solution for Your Entire FamilyMaintaining proper hydration throughout the day makes a big difference to your health, skin, and energy. Waterdrop filters utilize advanced water filtration technology to remove bad tastes and contaminants, providing you with fresh, great-tasting drinking water straight from your fridge's water dispenser. Save Money and Enjoy Pure WaterWe carefully select high-quality materials to keep the cost of our filters low, without compromising the effectiveness of the filtration to ensure our filters provide you with clean, great-tasting drinking water.Free Life Time Support ServiceWaterdrop strives to give you a satisfactory shopping experience and make you feel good about your drinking water. Therefore, our water specialist team as well as our customer service team will always be ready to help and solve your water-related problems for the entire lifespan of your filter. Stop settling for inferior water and choose Waterdrop for better-tasting water!
Genuine SAMSUNG DA29-00003F/HAFIN1-EXP Aqua-Pure Refrigerator Filter for Samsung Fridge
Genuine Samsung Aqua Pure Plus DA29-00003F water filter cartridges for Samsung refrigerators. The DA29-00003F fitting mechanism fits most models of DA29-00003F, DA29-00003G, DA29-00003A, DA29-00003B.
3 x DA29-00003G Samsung water filters replaces model DA29-00003B
The Samsung water filter DA2900003G can replace the following filters: Aquafresh WF289 - Aquapure DA29-0003A-B - Samsung DA29-0003F Aquapure - Samsung HAFIN2 - Samsung DA29-0003A-B The DA290003G is the original, manufacturers approved, internal water filter for Samsung and Maytag American style refrigerators. The filter media used is Carbon Block and has a filtration of > 0.5µ (Micrometer) A micrometer is equivalent to a thousandth of a millimeter (0.001mm). A micrometer is the unit that is used to measure the quality of water filtration
Aqua Plus 6 Filter Pump 6 M³/h up to 24 M² Water content

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Swimming pool pump Aqua Plus 6 This self-priming filter pump is widely used in smaller tins with 300 mm, 350 mm Diameter. The pool size is about 24000LITER water content. Swimming pool water circulation in the filter systems, adjustable max. 2 m or Max. 3 M Under the Water Levels. Design Swimming Pool Pump Block Pump, With Integrated Medium Density catcher. Bellows mechanical seal on plastic Laufradnabe. Motor/Pump Shaft comes into contact with the water of the swimming pool doesn't. Electric separation. Fibre Nfänger Volume: approximately 0.5 L. suction filter mesh width: approx. 2.8 x 2.8 mm Technical details for filter pump Selbstansaug Aqua Plus 6 230 Volt swimming pool pump (made in Germany) filter performance 6 m³/h at 8 metres water head Recommended up to 24 m³ Sink Size Power Max Power Consumption 600 Watt Output: 400 Watts. 2.70 amp. Protection Type: IP X4 insulation class F connections are 38 mm