Aquapure Traveller Water Purification Bottle & Filter-Supplied in Assorted Colours
Pure Hydration
The Aquapure Traveller is a squeeze-through water-bottle style purifier employing micro filtration that provides safe water from almost any water source. An excellent alternative to bottled water and much easier than adding tablets or chemical drops.Its water purification in three easy steps, fill, shake, wait 15 minutes and you're ready to go. Ideal for walking, trekking, cycling, camping, fishing and outdoor sports. The easiest way to create safe drinking water, with a natural colour and without a taste or odour. * Easy to use * Convenient and compact * Produces up to 350 litres of safe drinking water * No taste or odour * Kills bacteria and viruses ** Removes : * Pathogens (including Giardia & Cryptosporidium) * Chemicals (including VOC's, SOCs) * Heavy metals * Faecal matter * Bad tastes & odours
Aquapure Traveller
Pure Hydration
The Aquapure Traveller (APT) is a portable water purification system, designed to provide water that tastes good and is safe to drink anywhere. It can produce up to 350 litres (depending upon turbidity) of safe, palatable and potable drinking water from any available fresh water source. By using the Aquapure Traveller - instead of buying bottled water - you are helping the environment by not disposing the equivalent of 700 plastic bottles. Aquapure Traveller is a must have accessory for the adventurer, the holiday maker, the business traveller and, in general, anyone who travels in places where water supply is poor. Be prepared! Go prepared! * Fully tested and approved by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.. * Endorsed by the Hospital for Tropical Diseases.. * Partner of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office "Know Before You Go" campaign.. * Fully tested and approved by the MOD.. * Approved and in use by many Armed Forces around the world.. * In use with many journalists and news crews worldwide.. * Used by NATO..
Aquapure Traveller Water Purifier
New Size .75 litresJust unscrew the top, fill from literally any fresh water source and drink. With the use of the iodine sleeve (allow a fifteen minute contact period) the nastiest kind of water is crystal clear, drinkable and safe with no iodine after taste.Photo opposite: Traveller Bottle and spare Cap/filter showing iodine sleeve fitted, only one cap/filter supplied with each bottle.Last for 450 refills approx 350 litres
Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium
Evolution Aqua
Rosewood Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium
Genuine SAMSUNG DA29-00003F/HAFIN1-EXP Aqua-Pure Refrigerator Filter for Samsung Fridge
- This is a Samsung DA2900003B which has now been discontinued!
Speedo Women's Aquapure Mirror Female Goggles, Bramble/Silver/Chrome, One Size
The Speedo Aquapure Mirror Female Goggles are specifically designed for female faces and it features a leak-free fir with superior comfort. They are designed for swim training and each goggle has a unique marble gasket design. FEATURES Size, shape and style designed specifically for female faces IQfit 3D goggle seal for a leak-free, secure fit and reduced marks around the eyes IQfit goggle strap with patented tensioning scale for a unique and personal fit Interchangeable nose bridges for an individual fit Mirror lenses for reduced brightness and glare - ideal for racing and outdoor swimming Anti-fog coated lens with 100% UV protection
Speedo Unisex's Aquapure Optical Prescription Goggles, Black/White/Smoke, Size 1.5
The Speedo Aquapure Marble Optical Goggles are perfect for swim training with their IQfit technology which provides comfort and a leak-free seal.  Chose from a dioptre ranging from -1.5 to - 8.0. They also feature a new marble gasket design which is unique to every individual goggle. FEATURES ?IQfit 3D goggle seal for a leak-free, secure fit and reduced marks around the eyes IQfit goggle strap with patented tensioning scale for a unique and personal fit Interchangeable nose bridges for an individual fit Smoke lenses provide protection in bright conditions - ideal for outdoor swimming Featuring a brand new, unique marble gasket design Anti-fog coated lens with 100% UV protection Wide dioptre range from 1.5 to 8.0
Speedo WoMen Aquapure Mirror Goggles - Pink/Blue, One Size
Combine style and high performance in the pool with the Womenâ€s Aquapure Mirrored Female goggles from Speedo. The stylish option for competition swimmers, they offer the latest IQfit technology providing ultimate comfort and maximum leak-resistance â€" designed to give you total confidence in the water. - Specifically designed to fit the female face - Mirrored lens - Patented 3D goggle seal - Interchangeable nose bridges - Anti-fog lens with UV protection
Aqua-Pure AP517 Drinking Water System Filter Replacement Cartridge by AquaPure
5 Micron Nominal;Cartridge contains GAC carbon, resin bonded sediment pre-filter, and scale inhibitor;Sanitary quick connect design allows for quick and easy changing with minimal effort;Chlorine taste and odor reduction, also contains a scale inhibitor;High Capacity: 2,000 gallons
Compatible Samsung DA97-06317A-B Aqua-Pure Plus Replacement Internal Fridge Ice Water Filter Cartridge
Microfilter Co Ltd
replacement internal refrigerator fridge ice water filter cartridge
Speedo Aquapure Goggle grey/white 2019
Feel confident in the water. Designed to deliver a precision fit, ultimate comfort and maximum leak-resistance, this stylish goggle is made for training. Featuring speedo's most advanced goggle technology ever - IQfit. Build: Normal Colouring: Grey Antifog layer: simple Type: Swimming goggles Place of use: Outdoor swimming pool Adjustment system: Headband Glass / plate type: Tinted Packing: TPE / TPR Additional Information: - IQfit technology for ultimate comfort and a secure hold - Interchangeable nose bridges for individual fit - Side clips for quick and easy adjustment - UV protection filters harmful UV rays - Glasses with antifog impregnation for excellent visibility Headband model: dual Operating Range: Training Headband: Silicone Frame Material: Polycarbonat Lenses Material: Polycarbonat Features Characteristics: Adjustable nose bridge
Arval - AquaPure - Hydra Hand Care - Protective Hand Treatment, 100 ml
Rich yet lightweight mixture that blends into the skin, ensuring the correct amount of moisturising to help combat dry skin.
Lse Lighting Uv Bulb 24W For Aqua-Pure Apuv5 56058-35
Light Spectrum Enterprises, Inc
Brand: LSE Lighting - Professional Ultraviolet Lighting Brand Wattage: 24W; Base:4pin - Stepped Base - Voltage: 100-130V (50-60Hz) Length: 18 inches (463mm) This UV replacement lamp by (LSE Lighting) is 100% compatible for use with Aqua-Pure APUV5 Model 56058-03 Ultraviolet UVC Filter. All lamps listed are compatible brand (LSE Lighting) UV products. We do not sell AquaPure brand lamps. All AquaPure brand names, trademarks and logos are property of AquaPure respectfully.
Genuine SAMSUNG DA29-00003F/HAFIN1-EXP Aqua-Pure Refrigerator Filter for Samsung Fridge
replacement refrigerator fridge ice water filter cartridge
Speedo Aquapure Optical Gog Au Swimming Goggles multi-coloured Grigio Ossido/Smoke Size:3.5
Protection of these men Suitable IQ Speedo AquaPure optical glasses are prescription lens, so that you can enjoy the correct vision in the pool with all the latest technologies of Speedo glasses. The frame has been designed specifically for the contours of a face male glasses to give you the best fit and stop leakage. The smoke are ideal for swimming under the lights or in conditions of high brightness lenses transmit reducing L & # 39; Glare For Better Visibility. Its revolutionary? Speedo IQFit technology, L & # 39; AquaPure optical was designed to offer our most accurate measure for the durability of the losses, and can be customized with view of lens speedo. Diopters Available range from 0 to -8.0, simply choose the diopters that corresponds to the prescription from options provided, you are able to order a different strength lens for each eye, if necessary. Features: The anti-fog technology and for clear vision and without interruzioni. Interchangeable nose bridges to achieve a perfect fit. 3d goggle seals that follow the contours of the eye to provide the maximum loss of strength IQ Fit in order to obtain a constant comfortable fit UV lens protects eyes from the sun's rays
drinksafe-systems NEW 2019 Aquaguard '3 in 1' Instant purified filtered water hydration for Camelbak etc Full set
For Videos please Google: DRINKSAFE-SYSTEMS. Aquaguard Eliminator 120g 84mmx49mm is the smallest, lightest most proven inline hydration instant water treatment system in the world. Purifies and filters. Complete kit includes USA made quick connect / disconnect system. Filter cartridge can be removed in under a second and delivery tube reconnected. Used by special forces and peacekeeping services around the world. Multi use: 1. Direct feed to mouth 2. As a gravity feed system - Anti water delivery kink device included. 3. From a tap - instant purified and filtered water. Set supplied includes additional barb fitting kits . Field serviceable sediment filter. Back-flushable with tap adaptor supplied. Flushhable main filter. Uk Govt tested Environment Agency National Laboratory Service and London School of hygiene and tropical medicine . Mod Spec tested for instant removal causes of disease and sickness found in untreated water includes pathogens E-Coli, Giardia, cryptsporidium occysts, viruses and anthrax. Removes chemicals and sediments and associated taste from even pre-treated hydration reservoir water . Autoshutdown patented filter protects user for the life of the filter . Gravity feed fill other containers flush wounds in purified filter water and irrigate eyes safely . Easy draw water delivery . Delivers safe clean tasting water as good as bottle bought water even if hydration reservoir dosed with purification agent. For freshwater sourced water only. Delivery rate 500mls / minute as a gravity feed device - Easy hydration supply on demand from hydration mouthpiece . Fitting takes 5 minutes. Systems tested Australia South Africa USA and UK. Set weight 220g Installed weight 120g 84mmx49mm