Staedtler 144 10NC24 Noris Club Aquarell Watercolour Pencils Plus Paint Brush, Assorted Colours, Pack of 24
This is a pack of 24 Staedtler Watercolour Pencils in assorted colours, for colouring drawing, and creating beautiful watercolour paintings. These watercolour pencils are very versatile. They have water-soluble lead, so can be used dry as ordinary colour pencils, or you can brush on a little water to create different shades and a fluid watercolour effect. Staedtler colouring pencils feature an innovative white A•B•S (Anti Break System) coating which is hard and robust and protects the soft lead. This makes the pencils up to 50% stronger and increases break-resistance by 30%. The classic hexagonal shape prevents it from rolling off tables and other surfaces, while pencils are lacquered in lead colour for easier identification of colours. They are also easy to sharpen with any quality sharpener and all conform to EN 71 series (Safety of Toys standards), so you can have peace of mind when your kids use these pencils. There are 24 vibrant colours in this pack, these are: white, light yellow, yellow, peach, fawn, light orange, orange, red, bordeaux, magenta, dark mauve, violet, cobalt blue, blue, cyan, light blue, willow green, sap green, green, olive green, burnt sienna, brown, grey and black. This pack of 24 Staedtler Watercolour Pencils is ideal for new and more experienced artists, art students, and for school, college and home hobbies and activities.
Winsor & Newton Cotman Sketcher's Pocket Box set of 12
Winsor & Newton
Watercolour half pans in box with integral palette. Can be diluted with water Colours may vary. Clean brushes after use with water
Faber-Castell Graphite Aquarelle 5 Grades Pencils with Brush
Faber Castell
These water soluble graphite pencils are the finest artists quality. The leads are bonded to prevent breakage making them ideal for classical watercolor painting, preliminary sketches, and mixed media projects. The pencils are finished with environment-friendly water-based varnish. This set contains 5 pencils and a brush.
ARTEZA Professional Watercolour Pencils, Set of 72, Multi Colored Art Drawing Pencils in Bright Assorted Shades, Ideal for Coloring, Blending and Layering, Watercolor Techniques
Looking to bring dramatic depth and impact to your pencil drawings? Arteza Watercolour Pencils combine the incomparable blend-ability of watercolours with the precision of a pencil to give you the best of both artistic worlds. This robust set of 72 professional artist-quality pencils features soft, break-resistant cores that produce rich, vivid tones. Use them to create your initial drawing, then grab a wet brush to layer and blend with light dabs and sweeping strokes. You'll love watching your artwork take on a whole new dimension right before your eyes. == > 72 assorted shades == > Soft cores that resist breakage == > Smooth, bold pigments that won't fade == > Conforms to ASTM, D-4236, & EN71 safety standards == > Each pencil / colour is named and numbered == > For beginners and expert artists == > Metal case included (carry your pencils anywhere) Want to take your creativity to the next level without spending a fortune? With Arteza Watercolour Pencils, you can enjoy "professional artist" quality without blowing your budget. This isn't a starter set, either - you get 72 pencils that span the entire colour spectrum. Create lifelike portraits, landscapes, and abstract art that seem to pop off the page. This watercolour pencil set will delight arty people of any age, from young kids to adults. Inspire someone's inner artist with a gift that lets them unleash their creativity.
Art GRIP Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils have an ergonomic triangular shape and a soft-GRIP-zone for comfort. The thick, highly pigmented 3.3mm leads are SV-bonded to resist breakage. These pencils have a smooth color laydown, and come in brilliant colors that are fade resistant, water-soluble, and acid-free. They are also with a water-based varnish. Colors include:WhiteLight yellow glazeCadmium yellowDark chrome yellowDark cadmium yellowScarlet redPale geranium lakeMiddle purple pinkPermanent carmineMagentaLight magentaCrimsonBlue violetDelft blueLight violetCobalt blueCobalt blue greenishLight blueHelioblue-reddishMiddle phthalo blueLight cobalt turquoiseLight phthalo greenEmerald greenGrass greenDeep cobalt greenPermanent green oliveEarth greenVan dyck brownIndian redBurnt ochreLight fleshCold grey IWarm grey IVBlackSilverGold
Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer Watercolour Pencils Gift Box x 36 Colours & Brush
Faber-Castell's Albrecht Durer artists' watercolour pencils provide artists with great versatility when drawing, shading and painting in watercolours. Each pencil contains superior pigments of unsurpassed lightfastness (resistance to fading), which is rated on each pencil with a buttery smooth colour laydown, easily blended and layered, no waxy build up. Thick 3.8mm leads, SV Bonding to strengthen lead and prevent breakage.
KOH-I-NOOR 3725 Mondeluz Aquarell Coloured Pencils - Assorted Colour (Set of 36)
These Mondeluz Aquarell Pencils are a high quality watersoluble coloured pencils and are available in three assorted tin sets of 12, 24 and 36.
Daler Rowney Aquafine aquarelle artists watercolour TEXTURE pad A4 cold pressed
Daler Rowney
Pads contain 12 sheets of Textured Paper for use with watercolour paints. The paper is 300gsm / 140lbs in weight and acid free. The rough, textured surface is ideal for a more abstract and free style of painting.
Caran D'Ache Prismalo Aquarelle Coloured Water-soluble Pencil (Pack of 18)
Caran D'Ache
These soft water-soluble pencils are produced with a high concentration of pigments in a top quality slender cedar wood casing. Contains 18 Pencils
Daler Rowney Aquafine aquarelle artists watercolour SMOOTH pad A4 hot pressed
Daler Rowney
12 sheets of 100% cellulose acid free hot pressed 300gsm heavyweight paper. Aquafine watercolour paper is manufactured on a Fourdrinier paper machine using 100% virgin woodpulp. The paper is free of OBA and is surface and internally sized. It is acid-free and buffered to prevent deterioration of colour and to preserve the integrity of the paper over time. Aquafine watercolour paper is aimed at beginners and students as well as professional artists preferring to work in mainly 'dry' watercolour painting techniques. Its weight of 300gsm offers good water absorbability and the surface is fairly hard, making it easily erasable and suitable for masking fluid without stretching.
Derwent 32883 Watercolour Pencils, Multi-Colour, Set of 24
They are not as bright as Derwent Inktense which makes them ideal for more subtle paintings. They can also be used dry and because they have such a soft texture you will find them easy to blend and layer. These are not permanent, so once the colour is dry you can re-wet it and move it about again. The colours in the pack are: Lemon Cadmium, Deep Cadmium, Orange Chrome, Deep Vermilion, Rose Pink, Crimson Lake, Imperial Purple, Light Violet, Spectrum Blue, Prussian Blue, Kingfisher Blue, Mineral Green, Emerald Green, Grass Green, May Green, Olive Green, Brown Ochre, Golden Brown, Copper Beech, Terracotta, Ivory Black, Blue Grey, Gunmetal and Chinese White. • Can be used wet or dry allowing you to draw and paint with complete control. • Combine the control of a pencil with the subtle beauty of the watercolour medium. • Presentation Tin • 24 Pencils • Assorted Colours Approximate dimensions: H 236mm x W 198mm x D 14mm
Faber-Castell Art Grip Aquarelle Pencils Tin 24 Pencils
Faber-Castell Colored Pencils Art Aquerel Metal Sleeve Grip 24 Pieces
Barefoot Water Shoes Aqua Spotrs Socks Quick-Dry Beach Swim Snorkeling Surf Diving Pool Yoga Shoes for Mens Womens (Aquarelle, 4.5/5.5UK)

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