AQUARISTIKWELT24 HW303B/304B UVC Replacement Lamp Water Clarifier G23 Socket CUV 109 External Filter 9 Watt
UV-C replacement lamp 9 watt Description: UV-C replacement lamp Operating time approx. 8000 hours 9 watt power Socket: G23 The optimum performance is achieved by the UV-C lamps for one year. These are approx. 8000 working hours Then you should replace the lamp with a new one to get the desired effect.
Aquaristikwelt24 'Fine Filter Sponge Replacement Part 7 of Chamber Filter CBF 350 Pond Chamber Filters
Replacement 'fine filter sponge' part 7 of the CBF 350In this auction can be ordered for fine filter sponge of your CBF pond filter.In the photo we have the affected part is marked with a red arrow.
AQUARISTIKWELT24 Aqua Forte Eco Max O-Series 8500 L/h Pond Pump - Low Energy Consumption
Aqua Forte
Aqua Forte Eco Max pond pump 8500 L/h low energy consumption Item name: Eco Max O-8500 Pump performance: max. 8200 L/h Dimensions: length 30 cm, width/depth 30 cm, height 18 cm Discharge head: 4.2 m 95 W Description: Our ECO pond pumps save a lot of energy. Please compare the power consumption of our ECO pond pumps with those of our competitors. They are very quiet and fitted with a ceramic axle. The pumps switch off automatically when there is no water in the rotor. They also have a motor protection in case there is a blockage. It can pump dirt particles up to 6 mm. These pumps are suitable for filters, streams, etc. Connections: 25 mm (1 inch-), 32 mm (1 1/4 inch) and 40 mm (1 1/2 inch)
AQUARISTIKWELT24 Classic Ornamental Stone Natural Stone Samurai in Red/Brown 2-3 kg Aqua cape No. 55
Samurai stone- Dimensions approx. 15 - 30 cm- Weight approx. 2-3 kg per piece- 10 pieces per box- Perfect for aquascaping- Quick Curing the spillages easilyRed brown stone with white break edgeThe Samurai rocks are maroon stones with white break edge and Zerklüfter surface to set up a wide range of landscapes. In combination with green plants give an elegant play of colours.For photo:We have a original box opened and these stones for you. This is a sample photo, so you can get the stones more.
AQUARISTIKWELT24 Replacement Gasket for Outside Filter HW-302 SunSun In Output
Replacement part seal for shut-off valve outer filter HW-302 SunSun input output.
AQUARISTIKWELT24 Pond Waterfall Stream 43 CM Wide incl. Filter system Pond Filter
Aqua Forte
Pond Waterfall 43 cm incl. Filter SystemWaterfall with 43 cm Width + Filter System Technical details: Durable high density polyethylene (HDPE) housing Open Vortex chamber for optimal via airflow'The "upflow, for biofilter Media Extra wide round edges for beautiful waterfalls and optimum ventilation Designed for easy to camouflage with natural materials and plants Each unit, including 50 mm Gap Lockable bag for filter media Removable grate and film flange You can enjoy from a great angelegten waterfall in your landscape. Aquaforte filter if you have more than just a aesthetic value, they also give a little piece of filtration and ventilation. The filter can also are developed so that you could easy to using natural materials Tarnen. Easy maintenance. Dimensions: L 48 cm; W 57 cm x h 36
AQUARISTIKWELT24 UVC Holder for 7 to 11 Watt Lamp
UVC holder for 7 to 11 watt bulb
Aquaristikwelt24 Spare Part Japanese Mesh 18 Inch PART OF Chamber Filter CBF 350 Pond Filter Chamber Filter
Replacement 'Japan mat' part 8 of the CBF 350In this auction YOU can create a Japan mat of your CBF pond filters further details.In the photo we have the affected part is marked with a red arrow.
AQUARISTIKWELT24 Affinity Jacket 4.5 Metre 38 mm 1 1/2 Inch Solar Swimming Pool Hose Coupling 1.5 m Swimming Pool Hose Suction
4.5 metre Solar Hose/Pool Hose, 38 mmThe sleeve distance is 1.5 m.Features:1 1/2 'All Diameter 38 mm 1.50 m, Teilbarchlor and UV-resistant Beständiggeeignet For All Pool Pig Gerbis 70 °C Temperature resistance
Stainless Steel Lantern CCD 9626 Small Glass/Metal Garden Lantern
Stainless Steel LanternItem number: CCD 9626Size: SDimensions: Length: 18 cm, depth 19 cm, Height 37 cmMaterial: Stainless Steel/GlassColour: Polished SilverDoor: with claspLantern dimensions: has a handle for carryingSuitable for indoor and outdoor use
AQUARISTIKWELT24 Replacement Ballast UVC Clarifier CUV 118
Replacement ballast UVC clarifier CUV 118 seal included
Aquaristikwelt24 Replacement Part 14 'Filter Housing Output on Chamber Filters CBF 350 Pond Chamber Filters
Replacement 'filter casing Output' part 14 of the CBF 350In this auction YOU can order a filter casing Output your CBF pond filters.In the photo we have the affected part is marked with a red arrow.
AQUARISTIKWELT24 Bonsai Tree M Original Photo No. 10003 Root Wood Aquarium Decoration Aquascaping Bonsai Tree Decoration Landscape Moss
Bonsai Size M Dimensions: approx. 17-19 cm / 12-14 cm / 14-16 cm (L/W/H) Our underwater bonsai trees are handmade unique pieces made from natural materials. Planted with moss quickly develops a natural-looking bonsai tree for an extraordinary underwater landscape. The XL trees impress with their remarkable size and unusual branches. The trees must first be watered so that they do not find the process You can also tie the tree to a stone and use it in the Burying ground so that you can not see it and the tree can unfold its full presence. You will receive exactly the tree in the photo.
Aquaristikwelt24 CSP-2500 Floating Skimmer includespond fountain up to 40 m² 2-in-1 pond system
Floating Skimmer CSP 2500 includesPond Fountain.This surface cleaner cleans your pond of leaves, pollen and other contaminants.This means you can always a clean water surface, and also to help prevent the pond water is enriched with many of the nutrients and loads from the outside.If you do not remove these impurities, the water turns sour and cloudy.Leaves, branches and other parts remain in the filter basket.Smaller particles along with any dirt are collected by the filter sponge.You can make this floating skimmer to float on the surface as it has integrated pump.You can also let it swim in the pond at a desired position by fixing it with the supplied ropes from the outside.Special feature: you can put on a fountain attachment in the middle thus have a floating fountain swimming in the pond.If you do not want this, you put the blind plug on it and use the device again as a floating skimmer.In the collection basket under the tile is a switch, with which you can set the device as a fountain or skimmer.2 in 1, can be used as a swimming pond fountain or as a floating skimmer.Technical details:Model:CSP 2500.Weight:3.30 kg.Ponds up to:40 m².Dimensions:31.4 cm x 35.3 cm x 23.3 cm.Pump power:2500 litres per hour.Power consumption:45 watt.H - Maximum:2.7 m.220 - 240 V / 50 Hz.
AQUARISTIKWELT24 Replacement Sponges for CBF-350B Pond Filter - UVC Clarifier
Replacement sponges CBF-350B Replacement sponges for CBF-350B: 4x blue coarse, 4x yellow fine
AQUARISTIKWELT24 Replacement Sponges for CBF-350 Pond Filter - UVC Clarifier
Replacement sponges CBF-350 Replacement sponges for CBF-350: 2x blue coarse, 2x yellow fine
Stainless Steel Lantern CCD 9605 Small Glass/Metal Garden Lantern
Stainless Steel Lantern Item number: CCD 9605Size: SDimensions: length 10 cm, width/depth 9 cm, height 25,5 cmMaterial: stainless steel / glassColour: polished silverdoor with lockLantern dimensions: has a handle for carryingFor both indoor and outdoor use. 
AQUARISTIKWELT24 Pro Stone Aquarium Decoration Natural Stones Seiryu Grey 1-2 kg Rock No. 68 Back Wall Pagoda Decoration Aquascaping
Mini Landscape Seiryu Stones - Dimensions about 12 - 20 cm per stone, may vary - Weight about 1 thousand - 2 thousand grams per piece, may vary - One stone per ordering unit, the order quantity is equal to the number of stones. Perfect for aquascaping in your pool. Hardens the water easily. - Grey stone Seiryu stones, also called mini landscape, are the most popular stones for aquascaping. Thanks to its clever structure, it can be wonderfully rebuilt a landscape of mountains and rocks. Also suitable for building a stone back wall. Each stone is also individually placed. In combination with green plants, a noble play of colour. However, the stones can also be combined with roots of all kinds, which blend beautifully into the overall picture. About the photo: We have opened an original box and photographed these stones for you. This is a sample photo, so you can imagine the stones better. As it is a natural product, you can imagine the colours and shapes in infinite variations. Deviations can of course occur.
AQUARISTIKWELT24 Sunsun CPF-280 Pond Pressure Filter Including 11 Watt UV-C Unit
Sunsun CPF-280 pond pressure filter including UVC Clarifier Product name: CFP-280 Pond Size: up to 4000 litres with fish Pond Size: up to 8000 litres without any fish Throughput: max. 10000 L/h Dimensions: length 38 cm, width/depth 38 cm, height 42 cm UV-C clarifier: 11 Watt Filter sponges: 2x rough, 2 x fine Filter volume: maximum 20 litres Cable length: 10 m Connections: 20/32/40mm 3/4 Inch - 1 1/2 Inches This filter is a pressure filter. This means it can be placed as you wish. It does not matter whether you place it above or below the surface of the water. These filters are also very popular because they can operate waterfalls, streams, fountains etc. with a height of up to 3 metres. Thanks to the 11 Watt integrated UVC lamp, you have will have completely algae-free and clear water. Due to the Bio-filter system, ammoniac and nitrates are filtered in the pond. The wave filter pump is made from high-quality rust-proof ceramic. This filter is available in 3 sizes: CPF-280 / CPF-380 / CPF500