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Aquarium Systems Submersible Maxi-Jet Multi Use Silent Aquatic Water Air Pump 500W
Aquarium Systems
A, maxi-jet, submersible pump, these, multi-use pumps combine excellent perforance with a low price. Included, are mounting bracket and a pre-filter. Maxi-jet, water pumps are one of the market leaders in aquatic pumps , they have, a high output with a low power consumption, it can be used externally, or submerged in water. Waterproog rotating water outlet, the pump is near silent and will not, over heat under heavy use! submersible, multi-use pump, high performance with low power consumption, may be used externally or submerged, waterproof rotating 360 º water outlet, silent, versatile, low-maintenance, protected motor will not overheat, spec, maxi jet 500 " 490lph, maxi jet 750 " 620lph, maxi jet 1000 " 950lph,
Aquarium Systems A008 Polyfilter Standard 20 X 10 cm
Aquarium Systems
Marine Polyfilter Standard 8" X 4"The Unique Fresh & Saltwater Filter Medium
Aquarium Systems FGC18 Pond Ultra Clear UVC Replacement Bulb – 18 W
Aquarium Systems
UV-C Lamp/bulbs from Arcadia Areas of Use: Pond Clarifier Aquarium Ienklärer AIR WATER AND SURFACE disinfection At food industries Water economy Curing of according to most materials SOCKET: 2G11 18 Watt version Power consumption 18 watts Length: 215 mm The lamp emits short-wave UV radiation with a peak value of 253.7 nm. The The lamp's glass tube filters out the 185nm ozone-forming radiation. The lamp can be used for example for the kill or disable of bacteria, viruses and other small organisms. Please ensure your ballast at the light power. With this offer, is a special lamp which is not suitable for household room lighting.
CO2 System Pressure Regulator Bubble Counter Solenoid Valve Dual Gauge for Aquarium System
Specification: Materials: Aluminium Alloy & Acrylic Size: Shown as the picture Voltage: 220 V Weight: Approx. 570 g Package Included: 1 * CO2 Regulator (Adapter is Needed)
Aquarium Systems
Academic Press Inc
Aquarium Systems FGC11 pond ultra clear UVC replacement light bulb 11 W
Aquarium Systems
Arcadia UV Lamps are a universal UV light tube that will fit any pond UV that requires a 11W PLS bulb With an average working life of 8000 hours we recommend that your replace your UV bulb once per year, ideally around Spring time so the lamp is at full strength for the warmer months.A UV clarifier will help kill the algae that causes unsightly green water in many fish ponds. When the correct sizes unit is installed as part of your filter system you should achieve clear water all year round. Discount Leisure Products offer the Arcadia ultra clear compact UVC 11 watt PLS fish pond UV bulb at discount prices with fast delivery.
Finerfilters Reverse Osmosis Aquarium Compact Water Filter System 3 Stage Tropical Fish, Discus, Marine, Available With 50,75 or 100 GPD Membrane (50 GPD)
Finerfilters 3 stage Compact Reverse Osmosis RO Unit. Complete with all filters and all accessories. This unit is available in three different sizes (50gpd, 75gpd and 100gpd). gpd = gallons of product water (approx) produced per day. Our quality 3 stage compact RO units come with all accessories required for immediate setup, allowing you to produce ultra pure RO water at home! Complete with waste water clamp valve. Inside the Box: 1 x 3 Stage RO Unit (including Inline Sediment and Carbon filter) 1 x 100 gpd RO Membrane 1 x Waste Water Clamp 1 x Membrane Housing Spanner 1 x Mains Pipe Connector 1 x Garden Tap Connector 1 x Length of 1/4" RO Tubing. Dimensions: H 19cm x L 36cm x W 10cm
Jebao One Touch External Fish Tank Canister Aquarium Filter System 15w 650 LPH
Highly efficient filtration system for faster breakdown of harmful substances. Mechanical and biological filtration capable of absorbing harmful chemicals. Ideal for individual filter medium such as activated carbon, ceramic rings, peat etc to suit your fish's particular needs. Practical filter baskets with handle for easy filling and quick cleaning. Supplied with ceramic shaft to ensure a longer life. Suitable for freshwater (cold-water or tropical) & marine aquariums Powerful 650 LPH pump. Multi-stage filtration 2 x Filter baskets Fine poly pad media included Easy to remove filtration baskets with handles Hoses & fittings included Easy to prime - Push button on top of filter Shut off taps on inlet and outlet Low running costs
DIY CO2 Carbon Dioxide Generator Aquarium Plant System Kit D201 Tube Valve Guage Bottle Cap
How to make CO2: You will need to do extra preparing to generate CO2, the proportion is: 1. 4L water container ( carbonated beverage bottles) 2. 200g Citric acid ( or 200ml vinegar) 3. 200g Sodium bicarbonate Warm Tips: 1. Please use carbonated beverage bottles, in case of acid corrosion. 2. Please adjust the control valve, in case of too much. If you don't see the CO2 been generating, please turn off, the reaction is taking place. 3. Please check the direction carefully before assembly. 4. For any abnormal reaction, please open, adjust the direction and reassemble. Package List: 1 X Needle Valve 1 X Pressure Indicator 2 X Bottle Caps
HM Digital DM-2 tds Inline-Dual TDS commercial measuring device for testing hydroponics, gardening, aquarium, reefs, pools, spas, water treatment, drinking water filter systems
HM Digital
SPECIFICATIONS -Range: 0-9990 ppm -Accuracy: +/- 2% -Conversion Factor: NaCl (avg. 0.5) -Cable Length: 46" (including sensor), shielded cables -Sensor: Dual -Fittings: Comes with 1/4" Quick-Connect T-fittings ( If need 3/8" T-fittings,Pls search ASIN NO.B0728BP35X) -Digital Calibration: Digitally factory calibrated to NaCl 342 ppm. Re-calibration can be done separately for each line. -Power source: 2 x AA batteries(included) -Battery life: Approx. 2 years -Size: 11.6 x 6.8 x1.8 cm (4.6 x 2.6 x .7in.) -Weight: 201.3 g (7.1 oz.)
VYAIR Compact 4-Stage 50 Gallons-Per-Day Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System (includes Mixed Bed DI Resin, PP Sediment Pre-Filter and GAC Pre-Filter) Suitable for Aquariums and Window Cleaning
This reverse osmosis water filtration system, like all unpumped reverse osmosis water filters, relies on you having a strong mains water pressure. Please do not buy this item if you do not have good mains water pressure, other pumped systems are more suitable.This unit operates best on input water pressures between 30 - 60 psi (2 - 4 Bar). We would suggest that this is not suitable for use with gravity fed unpumped cold water systems (where the water is stored in the loft). Normal UK mains water pressure should be around 2 bar and above.FEATURES INCLUDE:4 stage filtration system.Stage 1: 5 micron 10" PP yarn sediment filter.Stage 2: 10" granular activated carbon post filter.Stage 3: 50 gallons per day reverse osmosis membrane.Stage 4: 380ml colour change resin.Connecting pipes 3/4" Outside tap/washing machine connection.IMPORTANT:Colour change resin is dependent upon usage of the unit. Filter cartridges will need changing every 6 months. The membrane filter requires changing at approximately 12 - 36 month intervals.The lifespan of the RO membrane can be affected by the following factors: bacterial contamination (not changing pre-filters often enough), chlorine contamination of the membrane (again by not changing pre-filters often enough), and the worst culprit, hard water.The water filter housings on this product are constructed from heavy duty food-grade plastic casings. The filters are manufactured to standard ISO9001 by a registered company of the Water Quality Association of America.There are a number of factors that affect the output of reverse osmosis water filters, such as input water pressure, TDS (total dissolved solids) of input water, bacterial film on RO membranes if they are not changed regularly, and water temperature, especially in winter months.Note:WIth good water pressure output will be around 5 litres per hour
API CO2 BOOSTER Freshwater Aquarium Plant Treatment 473 ml Bottle
Aquatic plants require carbon to fuel the photosynthetic process and turn light energy and nutrients into new plant growth. Carbon deficiency is one of the leading causes of poor plant growth in aquariums. CO2 Booster from API adds essential carbon in a form plants can absorb from the water. API CO2 Booster supplies simple carbon compounds and slowly releases CO2 to the plants. CO2 Booster can be used alone or in conjunction with a CO2 system. This product is safe for use with freshwater fish and will not alter pH.  Directions:Add 1ml per 38 litres of aquarium water.  Dose once a day. Dosage Rate:- 237ml treats up to 8,900 Litres- 473ml treats up to 17,800 Litres
Python No Spill Clean and Fill Aquarium Maintenance System, 50-Feet
Python Products Inc.
Smaller, More frequent water changes are imperative to the health of your fish. Without regular water changes, invisible toxins can build up in your aquarium creating a hazardous environment for its inhabitants. The Python No Spill Clean and Fill is a complete ready to use system which adapts easily to most faucets and makes water changes a breeze. Its drains as well as fills aquariums, and will not disturb fish or decor during routine aquarium maintenance . No Buckets,no siphons,no mess,no tank tear downs.. Ever again! The python no spill clean and fill system includes: Hose,Gravel tube,Switch,Hose connectors and Faucet pump.
JBL ProFlora Bio160, Bio-CO2 fertiliser system with extendable diffuser
The ProFlora Bio 160 CO2 System from JBL provides a CO2 starter set suitable for planted aquariums from 50-160 litres. The ProFlora Bio Systems are very easy to set up and come supplied with all you need to get up and running in just a few minutes. CO2 is produced through a biological fermentation process which will provide a steady supply of CO2 for noticeably improved, healthy plant growth. The JBL ProFlora Bio CO2 Sets do not require pressurised gas cylinders to operate and can be easy refilled using the JBL ProFlora Bio Refill Pack which each last for up to 40 days. JBL ProFlora Bio 160 CO2 System Includes: 1 x Bio CO2 Reaction Canister 1 x Reaction Canister Thermal Casing 2 x ProFlora Bio Refill 1 x Professional CO2 Diffuser 1 x 3m CO2 Hose 1 x Check Valve
ZJchao Aquarium Air Pump,Double Head Aquarium Water Plant CO2 System Heater and Pump Non-return Bubble Counter Fish Tank Tool (Size-2)
Details: 1.Blue transmission channel is made of PC material, solid, corrosion-resistant. 2.Air flow adjuster is dismountable to clean, cooperate with filter, can avoid damage caused by false operation. 3.Special transmission channel design can avoid aging(soft pipes are easy to age), and does well in leak-proof. Besides, you can clearly see the flow of liquid, watching chemical reactions at any time. 4.Not easy to accumulate liquid in the channel, make the most use of raw material. Note: 1.Don't open bottle directly when there's still on pressure, please wait for its automatic pressure release. 2.Please use food-grade citric acid and baking soda as the raw material. 3.For more specific instructions and usage, please read our English user manual. 4.The initial set of safety vavle is 4kg/c㎡, you can also adjust it manually. Specifications: Blue Transmission Channel: PC (Material) Pipe:PU Plastic Air Flow Adjustment Vavle: Integral Metal Connecting Pipe Lenght: Approx. 1.6M / 62.99in Blue Transmission Channel Size: 15.5 * 3.2 * 2.2cm / 6.1 * 1.26 * 0.87in Pressure Guage Size: 3.5 * 2cm / 1.38 * 0.79in Air Flow Adjuster Size: 3.5 * 2.8cm / 1.38 * 1.1in Item Weight: 233.5g / 8.23oz Package List: 1 * CO2 Generator Kit 1 * 1.6M Pipe 1 * English User Manual
Interpet LED Lighting System, Triple Bright White, 115 cm
Interpet LED Bright White Light Triple Row 115cm (45.3ins) Fitting practically any hood the Interpet LED Lighting System has been designed to either work with existing fluorescent lighting, or as a complete replacement for the existing aquarium lighting. The Bright White LEDs are a spot light source which bounces off any surface water movement creating a great ripple effect in the aquarium as well as stimulating healthy plant and coral growth, without encouraging algae. Suitable for Coldwater, Tropical or Marine aquariums. The Interpet LED Lighting Systems are safe, reliable and fully submersible. Each 0.2 watt LED creates bright light from a very low wattage and is very economical. Complete with a Multi-purpose bracket system with glue pads for easy mounting. A Low profile transformer with inline switch and instructions. Category - LED Aquarium Lighting Strips and Tiles.
Aquarium Systems Instant Ocean Aquarium Salt 20 kg/600 L
Aquarium Systems
Aquarium Systems Instant Ocean Salt is the ideal choice to restore all of the trace elements and nutrients that are depleted by a busy reef aquarium. The complex blend has been designed to create the perfect balance within your fish tank and support healthy, natural processes that builds strong, beautiful corals and vibrant life. It doesn't contain nitrites or phosphates, so there is little risk of stubborn algae growths. Instant Ocean has been the aquarist's choice for over 45 years - so you can rely on the natural blend for the best results. It is packaged in sturdy plastic buckets with a metal handle. This will keep the salts dry and ready for use.
Tropica Plant Growth System 60 - CO2 Set
Aquarium Fan
Tropica's CO2 system jas to be the easist way to introduce CO2 into the aquarium. Most aquarium plants do not thrive without CO2 fertilization - but algae does! So without extra CO2, your new plants can suffer and algae will take over your tank. A Plant Growth System 60 is a simple and inexpensive way to supply extra CO2 to the plants in your aquarium. It is easy to install, use and maintain. Suitable for starter-sets, where even small amounts of extra CO2 will make a positive difference for the plants. 1) Fill the chamber with water from the tank and install it in the corner next to the filter. 2) Make sure the vent is closed with the small silicone stopper. 3) Mount the hose on the CO2 cylinder and the chamber. 4) Fill the chamber according to the table. Fill the chamber at the beginning of each light period. Supplied with one CO2 Cylinder, Bubble chamber, non return valve and tubing with full instruction on dosage.. One CO2 cylinder contains approximately 5000 ml and will last for 1 month in a 60 Litre tank. Category - Aquarium CO2 Kits and Equipment.
Finerfilters 4 Stage Compact Reverse Osmosis Filter With DI Resin Tropical/Marine/Discus 50/75/100/GPD (50 GPD)
Finerfilters 4 Stage Compact Reverse Osmosis RO Unit.With DI Resin Filter. Complete with all filters and all accessories. This unit is available in three different sizes (50gpd, 75gpd and 100gpd). gpd = gallons of product water (approx) produced per day. Our quality 4 stage compact RO units come with all accessories required for immediate setup, allowing you to produce ultra pure RO water at home! Inside the Box: 1 x 4 Stage RO Unit (including Inline Sediment and Carbon filter and DI Resin Filter) 1 x 50 gpd RO Membrane 1 x Waste Water Clamp 1 x Membrane Housing Spanner 1 x Mains Pipe Connector 1 x Garden Tap Connector 1 x Length of 1/4" RO Tubing. Dimensions: H 26cm x L 36cm x W 10cm