Dokpav Stainless Steel Aquarium Tools Kit 5 in 1 Fish Tank Cleaner Aquascape Tools Aquatic Plant Aquascaping Tweezers Scissors Tongs Algae Scraper Set
Product Specifications Material: Stainless Steel  Straight Tweezers Length: about 27cm/ 10.8" Waves Tweezer Length: about 26.5cm/ 10.6" Straight Scissor Length: about 25cm/ 10" Waves Scissor Length: about 25cm/ 10" algae scraper: about 31.5cm x 7cm (12.6 inch x 2.8 inch)  Package contents: 1 x Straight Tweezers  1 x Waved Tweezers  1 x Straight Scissors  1 x Curved Scissors  1 x Spatula 1 x Case Instruction: 1.Rinse with fresh water before first use. 2.Use for fresh aquarium only. 3.Put it away from children and pets. 4.Rinse and dry with a clean cloth after each use. 
AquaScape Construction Epoxy
D-D H2Ocean
Prevent rock-slides in your aquarium - this construction epoxy is designed specifically for bonding rocks and corals in a reef aquarium and cures underwater to the colour of coralline algae. Aquascape is a two-part epoxy putty that has been specially developed by D-D for use in salt water and freshwater aquariums and other underwater applications.
Marina Aquarium Mopani Driftwood Ornamental Root Décor, Small
R C Hagen UK Ltd
- Small - 10 - 25 cm - Actual mopani driftwood ornamental root - Adds natural beauty to aquariums - Sandblasted finish prevents water contamination - Comes in shrinkwrapped packaging - Protects against dust and dirt
D-D Aquascape Aquarium Putty
This is an extremely versatile underwater epoxy which will set and adhere to wet aquarium rocks, pond liners, pipe work, live sps corals, clam shells, dead coral branches and numerous other items.It can be used for sticking glass to glass, plastic to glass, plastic to plastic and it can be sculptured and set in the same way as it has been moulded.It is totally inert when used when used correctly in conjunction with live corals or fish.Underwater colour = Rock Grey.
Sunken Gardens
Timber Press
BESTIM INCUK 3 in 1 Aquarium Plant Tools, Stainless Steel Aquarium Aquascaping Kit Scissor Tweezers for Planted Fish Tank
3 in 1 Aquarium Plant Tools, Stainless Steel Aquarium Aquascaping Kit Scissor Tweezers for Aquatic Planted Fish Tank 3 in 1 Aquascaping Tools- comes with 1 curved aquarium scissor, 1 curved aquarium tweezers and 1 straight fish tank tweezers, makes trimming, planting easier in tight spots. They works wonders for re-arranging the decorations and plants in your aquarium with accuracy and not having to get my entire arm soaked in tank water. A must have for maintenance and upkeep of a fish tank. Features Material- the Aquarium tools are made out of heavy duty stainless steel, not easy to get rusty and corrosive, soild and sturdy to use Curved Aquarium Scissor- with curved and sharp ends, great for reaching the bottoms of the tank easily to trim and prune aquatic plants 2 Aquarium Tongs- the fish tank tweezers are perfectly aligned and just the right tension for picking things up, great for getting debris and dead leaves from the tank. The curved forceps are handy for snails and to help uproot small plants without harm so they can be planted in another aquarium. The straight forceps are nice to hold the plant while using the curved ones to push the substrate over the roots WARM PROMPT: Please be sure to wipe them dry after you finish using them. Rinsing them off and allowing them to dry with the scissors open to reduce the chance of rust
Aquascaping: Aquarium Landscaping Like a Pro: Aquarist's Guide to Planted Tank Aesthetics and Design
Ubiquitous Publishing
Aquascaping is a fascinating hobby that has evolved over centuries. The idea of making an environment that supports life and is aesthetically appealing is an exciting quest for many people. Technology has evolved to support more species, in cleaner and longer lasting environments. This book will give you the facts to start your own aquarium and learn aquascaping freshwater and salt water tanks, from styles and design to set up with planting, lighting, substrate, coral, and ornaments, including live rock. You will also gain the knowledge of the nitrogen cycle and water testing for aquarium maintenance.
Milliput Aquascape Construction Epoxy Standard Yellow Grey 4oz
This Milliput Standard Epoxy Putty is White in colour. It contains two sticks of 56.7grams each. It is mainly a modelling tool and can be used for modelling or creating. When these sticks have been mixed up the resultant putty is initially soft and very adhesive then after a while it gradually begins to harden. At room temperature Milliput becomes rock hard in between three and four hours. Once the Milliput had become hard it continues to set until it is fully cured. When it is fully cured, usually within five hours, Milliput can be drilled, machined, tapped, filed, turned, sawn, sandpapered and painted as soon as it has set. Milliput is an excellent adhesive and will bond to a multiple amount of surfaces such as brick, cement, metals, concrete, plastics, glass and so on. Milliput is not designed to be used in a thin layer and also should not be used where a paste or glue is used. Milliput will set under water and is also heat resistant up to 130°C. Shelf life if stored in a cool dry place and ensuring the bag is resealed after every use it should remain useable for around two years.
Aquascape Signature Series 200 Pond Skimmer Overflow Kit | 88036
Signature Series 200 Pond Skimmer Overflow KitSkimmer and Pump Installation - # 88036Overflow Kit for Signature Series 200 Pond Skimmer helps maintain proper water level in an overflow situation.Allows water to drain to a location away from the pond.Aquascape is passionate about water gardening and koi fish ponds, providing unique products, designs and features that stand above the competition.
Aquascape 34984 Quartz Sleeve for 3500 Ultraclean Biological Pressure Filter (G2)
Prime Pet Deals - Code 2
Features. Provides optimal filtration for ponds up to 3500 gallons. Easily integrated into new or existing ponds. Quartz Sleeve G2. Used For 28W UV. Item Weight - 0.5
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FOONEE Fish Tank Plant Scissors,Stainless Steel Aquarium Water Plant Curved Trimmer Aquascape Tools
Specifications:Color: SilverLength: 25.3cmMaterial: Stainless steelFeature:1. It can cut plants without chewing it up because of its excellent flexibility.2. The well constructed scissors are sharp and cut precisely with easy to open and close mechanism.3. It also serves as the best utensil for those expertise water plants cultivators in the caring of young aquarium plants. Suitable for planting small or thin water plants.Note:1. It use for freshwater aquarium only.2. This tool set contains sharp points and edges, please keep it away from kids and pets.3. Please Rinse and dry after each use,do not use abrasive cloths or detergents to avoid harming the fish.Package include:1 x Water Plant Scissor