AQUATICA Panoramic view diving mask for adults and kids | with go pro mount | anti-leak and anti-fog | 180 ° Sea view mask | double channel air distribution
Our mask of innovative design allows children and adults to enjoy snorkeling ...without stress: The mask allows breathing normally with nose and mouth and without having to bite the tube steam: 2 channels of air flow ensure that no fog is formed and you can enjoy the stunning 180º vision ...without water leakage: mask adapts perfectly to the face thanks to its food silicone gasket and elastic straps, forget about having to empty the mask every time ...without discomfort: the tube is at the top, you will not even know you're wearing it since it automatically seals when you submerge it and you can breathe normally when it's out of water. Secure it to the mask with the rubber included. Put on the mask normally and breathe as you want. We give you a transport and protection bag and a waterproof and submersible case for your mobile. Take it to the beach and use it without fear of water and sand, IPX8 protection! All our products are guaranteed with a 100% refund if you are not satisfied.
Wading with an Octopus (Beneath Aquatica's Waves Book 4)
eXtasy Books Inc
Over two weeks before, Detective Grisham Canton arrested the wrong guy—Solomon Lynch. It wasn’t the first time it’d happened and probably wouldn’t be the last. What made it stand out, however, was the stranger who’d been with Solomon. Grisham didn’t know his name, but the memory of his lean, sexy body, wide dark eyes, and distinctive black and red hair invaded his dreams. Waking with a hard-on was quickly getting old. Grisham heads to World of Aquatica, hoping to discover the identity of the stranger. When Grisham meets Cuzco Judson, the attraction is even more intense than his dreams. After a hot night with the man, Grisham learns a few secrets that turn his life upside down. Cuzco is an octopus shifter and believes Grisham is his mate. As Grisham is drawn into Cuzco’s world—where paranormals will do just about anything to keep their anonymity—will he be able to reconcile that the world isn’t black and white, right and wrong, or will the desire to walk away be too much temptation?
Aquatica Playing Cards - Card Games - Magic Tricks and Magic
Introducing the AQUATICA Deck James Anthony a professional magician and owner of Magic World teamed up with prolific designer James Howells and created a deck of cards that is both visually stunning and great to handle. Flows like Water Running through the deck it almost flows across the fingertips. Printed on the highest grade USPCC card stock and finished to the high standard of Phoenix, you are assured exceptional quality. Production and Design Having spent dozens of hours skillfully hand illustrating AQUATICA, graphic designer James Howells has submerged himself in the finer details. The results are truly stunning and are revealed on the back design, box, jokers and the exquisite aces. The court cards were kept to the same recognizable standards ensuring that AQUATICA is perfect for cardistry, magicians and collectors.
Aquatica Baby Toddler Wetsuit First Wetsuit Full Neoprene (S, Raspberry)
Two Bare Feet
If you're planning to take your little ones to the beach anytime soon, you don't need us to remind you that you'll need to go prepared for all possibilities to help make the most of your time. Great on hot sunny days as it is when the weather is not quite at its best. For best fit please measure your child's chest and neck to crotch. This can be determined by measuring from the base of the neck to the top of the crotch. Please note the sizes are intended as a guide to help you choose the right suit for your needs. Whilst they will be suitable for most babies and children we do advise you to please measure your child first. It is very important that the suit fits your child to give a good, snug fit and keep them warm. Remember - if it is too loose they will get cold!
Aquatica Lacus-Wht-Spa Drop-In Jetted Bathtub (220V/50Hz)
The name Lacus means pool, which is the inspiration for Aquatica's beautiful new Lacus Spa bath. The stunning simplicity of the step-down design with built-in seating brings the essence of a natural oasis right in your bathroom, conjuring up a mood of tranquility and relaxation. What heightens this experience further is the addition of Aquatica's wonderful, full body hydro massage jetted spa system. Lie back in your generous 70" square Lacus bathtub and enjoy the full benefit of multiple, air-assisted jets with independently controllable massage zones. Add water temperature control, underwater chromotherapy lighting for balance and harmony and you have the bathtub you may never want to leave. Constructed from Aquatica's premium heavy gauge, high-grade 8mm acrylic, this drop-in bathtub with thicker walls, excellent heat retention, and unparalleled durability will turn any bathroom into your private sanctuary of bathing luxury and pleasure. The Lacus Drop-In Spa includes various advanced, top of the line features like the Hydromassage Zone Control (HZCTM); Air Assist Turbo Massage (AATMTM); Underwater Chromotherapy Lighting; Temperature Control. The motorized drain, electronic bath filler with thermostatic valve and built-in hand shower are optional extra items for the Lacus Drop-In Spa International. Among the many aesthetically attractive features of the new Lacus Drop-In Spa is the modern, sleek looking and truly low profile SlickLine jets that are flush with the bath walls. The minimalistic jets are smooth to the touch and aesthetically pleasing. The SlickLine jet front plates are exclusively made from chrome plated solid brass with perfect surface finishing, ensuring durability and long life.
Aquatica True Ofuro Mini Freestanding Stone Japanese Soaking Bathtub
Aquatica's True Ofuro Mini Japanese soaking tub has been inspired by the ancient Japanese bathing traditions and its design heavily influenced by the traditional Ofuro soaking bathtubs. Following the launch of our True Ofuro bathtub, many of our customers kept requested an even smaller version of Japanese tub that would be practical and useful in applications where no other bathtub would fit. This, in a nutshell, is how this small and tall version of 'sit and soak', solid surface Japanese bathtub was conceived. True Ofuro Mini Japanese style bathtub features a deeper design for a comfortable, full-body immersion. Designed in Italy, this immaculately sculpted model is also available with an optional inline water heater and digital control panel which includes a temperature display. This feature will help reduce water consumption and provide a prolonged soaking experience in very comfortable water temperatures. The True Ofuro Mini Japanese style bathtub is taller and deeper and features a slightly elevated rim for improved neck and head support, as well as a convenient ergonomic built-in seat, allowing the body to comfortably emerge to maximum water capacity. The height of the True Ofuro Mini Japanese style soaking bathtub is substantially taller than the original True Ofuro bathtub, and therefore we recommend people who are shorter than 170cm also purchase our stylish teak wood step. Aquatica's international industrial design team, used advanced CAD tools, modeling and repeated testing with real size prototype units so that we could reach the optimal balance between ergonomic comfort and visual appeal. Our AquateXTM material is the star in this Japanese soaking tub as it retains heat much longer and also has a silky and velvety surface. This bathtub is currently one of our most space conscious bathtubs at a size of 1090x1090mm, making the freestanding and petite construction of this Japanese style bathtub easy to be installed in any sized
Captain Aquatica
National Geographic Kids
Aquatica Accessories Wire Pliers
Aquatica Accessories Wire Pliers - None
Lincolnshire Pond Plants Ltd Cabomba aquatica - Aquarium Plants
Lincolnshire Pond Plants
Cabomba aquatica is beneficial to lakes, dams, and even rivers because they produce oxygen and take in Carbon (IV) Oxide; this helps in the overall functioning of the particular water body. The plant also provides food to some marine animals as well as other wildlife. Hence, they help maintain the aquatic ecosystem. Cabomba aquatica is also important in the aquatic ecosystem because it acts as an efficient accumulator of heavy metals in water bodies. This plant has great potential for the phytoremediation of water with heavy metals. Other aquatic plants that may serve the same purpose include: Valisneria spiralis and Echinodorus cordifoliu. This property makes these plants perfect candidates for researching, modeling, and testing various ecological theories on plant succession and evolution, as well as on metal and nutrient cycling. Cabomba aquatica is easy to culture in the laboratory and; hence, reliable items for ecotoxicological investigations. Grown plants are transferred into nutrient solution and further grown in aquariums whose environments are controlled. The aquariums should be equipped with fluorescent tubes to produce 14/10 h light (dark photoperiods) at a temperature of 24-28C. The plant is left for 3 days so as to acclimatize. Supplier of plants: oxygenators, reeds, iris, water lilies, bog gardens, wildlife ponds, natural ponds, lakes, floating plants, deep water plants, marginals, native british and tropical.
Stoneglow Metallique Collection Reed Diffuser Refill - Fleur Aquatica 200ml
An intricate white floral opens with sparkling green mandarin and fresh aquatic accords. A heart of white jasmine and spiced ginger lily is softened with the presence of salted vanilla nuances and a creamy sandalwood, cashmere and white musk base. 200ml Diffuser Refill - lasts up to 16 weeks
Chasing Fin Adjustable Bracelet 550 Military Paracord with Fish Hook Pendant, Aquatica
The Chasing Fin Adjustable Fish Hook Bracelet is crafted using approx. 30 inches (76 cms) of Military-Grade 550 Paracord. The cast pewter fish hook pendant is attached to one end and an adjustable sliding knot on the other. This allows you to size it to fit any wrist. Simply wrap the cord around your wrist until the hook meets the loop. Make adjustments to the loop by sliding the knot, so that when the two ends meet, they are snug. You can wear it with the hook placed on top or bottom of your wrist.
BOTANICLY | Indoor Plant | Pachira Aquatica | 35 cm | Set of 2 Plants
The money tree comes from South America and grows there on land that is regularly flooded. The tree can grow to a height of twenty metres. You don't want it that big in your home, of course, so the plant is sold as an ornamental plant in handier sizes of 50 to 200 cm. In Asia, the plant is known as 'Malabar chestnut' and is also called the 'money tree'. In that part of the world, the plant symbolises success in business, so you often see it in offices and industrial premises.
Pachira Aquatica plant with a plaited stem. Guiana Chestnut Tree
Perfect Plants
This listing is for 1 Pachira Aquatica plant which has a plaited trunk. These plants are incredibly easy to look after and are almost kill proof! The plants are approximately 45-50cm tall and come in a 12/13cm pot.
Water Mint Dried Cut Leaves Loose Herbal Tea - Mentha aquatica (600g)
Water Mint grows anywere from 6 to 36 inches (15 cm to 1 metre) tall. Its stems are often red. It grows along fresh water in damp ground, places such as along bogs, canals, fens, marshes, ponds, streams, and rivers. It is even happy to be partially submerged under water, and is very aggressive in wet soil. It has a pronounced flavour of menthol. In fact, many people find the flavour too overpoweringly minty to use it as an added flavour in a dish. Water Mint grows wild throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland, and England.
Ana Cristina ( - Aquatico [Audio CD] ANA CRISTINA (
Tracks: (Disc 1) 1 - Jacare no mar ; 2 - Tanta agua ; 3 - Guaiamum ; 4 - No azul ; 5 - Sai dessa toca, moreia! ; 6 - Estrela do mar ; 7 - A tartaruga marinha ; 8 - Senhora arraia ; 9 - Cavalo marinho ; 10 - Da lagosta eu gosto ; 11 - Agua viva ; 12 - Jubarte ; 13 - Mar salgadinho ; 14 - Jacare no mar (moda de viola) ;
Pachira Aquatica - 1 Plant - House / Office Live Indoor Plant Tree In 12cm Pot
The Pachira aquatica is also known as the money tree, guiana chestnut or the saba nut. Because this tropical tree thrives near wetlands and swamps, it loves soil that is moist at all times. Hence, the kill-proof factor. It also thrives in indirect light so growing it indoors is no problem. Just position it in the brightest area of your home. Please Note: When purchasing plants please consider that each live item is unique and may therefore differ from the images shown, which are for illustration purposes only. Depending on season, some plants may be pruned back to encourage growth and deciduous plants may arrive without leaves. Collections or 'mixed' listings for plants will be selected dependant on availability and carefully hand-picked to ensure their quality.