AR North America

AR North America 5811 Water Broom, 16-Inch
AR North America
AR North America 16" water broom is used for cleaning vast surfaces quickly, which speeds up cleaning your driveway, deck, sidewalks, and any other surfaces. Using four nozzles, it cleans in forty percent less time than a regular nozzle! Specifications• Size: 16"• Nozzles: Four # 1.3 @ 65°• Casters: 2• Construction: Aluminum, Steel & Stainless Steel• Inlet Connection: 1/4 QC Plug• Max Pressure: 4,000 PSI• Max Flow: 4.0 GPM• Weight 3.60 lbs.
AR North America NZMQC5P-035 5-Pack QC Nozzles #3.5
AR North America
5 piece quick connect set replace lost, damaged or upgrade to complete your set 3.5 Orifice size allows you to match the right nozzle to your cleaning project included tips: 0 degree - red, concentrated pencil jet 15 degree - yellow, high performance 25 degree - green, multi-purpose 40 degree - white, sensitive surfaces 65 degree - black, low pressure detergent application.
AR North America NZMQC5P-030 5-Pack QC Nozzles
AR North America
5 Pack QC Nozzles, 3.0 Nozzle Size with Soap Nozzle, 0 Degree-40 Degree.Professional grade pressure washer accessory.Made by the best, for the best.
Circa 1903: North Carolina's Outer Banks at the Dawn of Flight
The University of North Carolina Press
Annovi Reverberi AR North America TPP1401/4A Thermal Relief Valve, 1/4-Inch
AR North America
The Annovi Reverberi TPP140-1/4A thermal relief valve series are mounted into the low pressure side of the pump manifold and will vent when water temperatures exceed the valve's specifications. The protects the pump from heat abuse. A must for any pump that might ever be left in bypass mode (unloading) for more than 15 seconds! protects the pump from overheating caused by recirculating water.
AR North America Hose Reel, 100-Feet
AR North America
100' hose reel this heavy gauge steel construction hose reel, bolt on design, maximum pressure 3000 psi, handles 100 feet of 3/8" pressure hose. designed For use on portable, trailer or truck mount and pressure washers. Can also be mounted for drop lines.
AR North America TPL039 4000 PSI Turbo Nozzle with .25 in. F, 194 Degree Max Temp. and 3.9 Nozzle Size - Yellow
AR North America
Light weight, long lasting TPL Turbo Nozzle. Released by AR North America in 2012, is a completely new design, engineered for long life and excellent performance. Rated for up to 4,000 PSI. It features a solid ceramic rotor in the heart of the turbo body and will handle water up to 194- F. It is shrouded in a resilient rubber housing protector.Offers 0- Impact, but with a 25- pattern.Testing has shown this nozzle to offer superior longevity to other rotating nozzles on the market.Specifications:Nozzle Size#3.9 (Yellow).Solid ceramic rotor.Durable rubber housing cover.Brass body.Max PSI: 4,000.Max Temp.: 194- F.Inlet: 1/4" Female.Note: All rotating nozzles should be started pointing downward.
AR North America AR251420-15mm High Pressure Washer Hose, Black
Annovi Reverberi
Whether you work at home, in an office or for a large corporation, perforated and secure, heavyweight, cardstock tickets are perfect for your events, fundraisers, auctions, coupons, gift certificates, and more. Secure Raffle Tickets come preprinted with heat-sensitive inks on the back to prevent fraudulent duplication. Attempt to photocopy and the heat-sensitive ink will disappear. with tear-away stubs. Simply create and print professional, high-quality tickets in minutes. Sheets lay flat making it ideal for both desktop and high-volume printing. papers are to run jam-free on inkjet and laser devices. Whether you are printing coupons, gift certificates, etc. has you covered with a full line of single, multiple or a combination of vertical and horizontal perforations. perf papers are available in 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 14 and 11 x 17 formats - both 20 lb. and 24 lb. - so you can tailor your paper to your need and printing/copier equipment. Our perforated papers have clean micro perks that tear easily and the sheets lay flat allowing them to run jam-free on both laser and inkjet desktop and high-volume production printers and copiers.
AR North America XW3025N 3600 PSI/7.92 GPM Annovi Reverberi Solid Shaft Pump
AR North America
AR North America MVYF3/4 225 PSI Brass Y Filter
AR North America
Ar north America 225 psi brass y filter Mvy 3/4" filter inlet: 3/4"f outlet: 3/4" f max psi: 225 mesh: 45, material: brass.
The Boys in the Backroom
Producciones AR
AR North America AL248CB 24 in. Pressure Washer Lance
AR North America
24" Lance, 5000 PSI, 10.5 GPM, 1/4" FQC Outlet.Professional grade pressure washer accessory.Made by the best, for the best.
AR North America BIT105-1/4 Spray Gun with Lance Extension
AR North America
Spray Gun with Lance Extension. Ext Length: 19". Max PSI: 3,000. Max GPM: 8. Max Temp: 212° F. Inlet: 1/4"F. Outlet: 22mm x 1.5.
Bresser telescope Messier AR-152s/760 OTA
BRESSER Messier AC 152:The combination of large aperture and short focal length predestine the MESSIER AC 152 for the observation of large celestial objects. Experience the famous globular cluster M 13 in the constellation Hercules: Thousands of pinpoint stars stand before a black sky like so many diamonds spilled onto black velvet. Equipped with nebular filters you can watch the -Gulf of Mexico in the North America Nebula and all the other celestial objects that Charles Messier listed in 1781. The compact size of the MESSIER AC 152 combines outstanding tranportability, high light gathering power and low weight for a telescope of this aperture. New - with immediate effect, this telescope comes with the new improved Hexafoc focuser. This focuser has a free aperture of 65mm! For photographic use in particular, it can be retrofitted with a 1:10 reduction ratio fine focuser (see 'Recommended Accessories'). This allows more precise focus adjustment. 
JAVR - 1-Set 30CM 11.8
Connection method: (1) Brake Light: Red Line (+) and Black Line (-); (2)Flash Brake Light: Yellow & Red Line (+) and Black Line (-); (3)Left Turn Signal light: Green & Red Line (+) and Black Line (-); (4)Right & Left Turn Signal light: Green & Blue & Red Line (+) and Black Line (-); (5)Right Turn Signal light: Blue & Red Line (+) and Black Line (-)
AR North America ARTEL-BELT Telescoping Wands with Reducing Fatigue Strain
AR North America
Nylon waist belt: holds telescoping wands, reducing fatigue and strain, provides better control, optimizing cleaning performance, does not provide back-support or fall protection. 3 plastic Snap-on clips: simply snap to your shoulder, waist and telescoping wand. 1 metal clamp: connect clamp to metal O-ring on the belt.
AR North America SXMV4G40-PKG 4.0 GPM Hollow Shaft Gas Engine Pump Package, 1-Inch
AR North America
Looking to repair the Annovi Reverberi sxmv4g40 pump that is on your pressure washer? why not replace the entire pump with this kit? it contains everything you need, so just remove the old, tired pump and put this one on.