Diamond-blades of Arbortech

Arbortech TURBO Plane Blade
A great addition to the very popular Arbortech range of products. Using this cutter is just like adding a rotary plane to your angle grinder. Already proving to be very popular with wood carvers and sculptors it removes stock very quickly and leaves a great finish. Can be used on green or seasoned timber. The three durable tungsten carbide blades hold their edge well but can be easily sharpened using a diamond file when necessary.100mm diameter blade, attaches to 100mm(4") and 115mm(4.1/2") angle grinders.
Arbortech 50mm(2
50mm(2") diamond blade, will fit the Arbortech Mini-Grinder (ref: MIN350). Can be used to cut or grind tiles and stone, also grind and sharpen tungsten carbide.
Arbortech Trade Blade
heavy duty 4mm thick solid steel dished wheel with TCT tips for fast trimming work on melamine, non-ferrous metals and wood. 115mm diameter x 4mm thick, cuts up to 25mm deep. Can be sharpened with a diamond file.
Arbortech Turbo Plane Tarpaulin with Protective Glasses – Cutting Disc for Wood / Angle Grinder
The ultimate tool for woodwork. With this high quality tool from the Australian company Arbortech you can finish your future projects much faster. Also when working with details and forming the Turbo plane for angle grinders makes work possible without any problems. The heavy stress in similar milling discs lead to premature wear, but is no problem for the Turbo plane from Arbortech: impresses you with a long service life even after intensive use. If the teeth that come with the diamond file become dull, you can re-sharpen them. Included in this range are also a protective glasses from other manufacturers. This has a side protection from flying particles and thanks to its transparency the views on all sides have excellent bow response. Advantages: Ideal for woodwork. Suitable for all angle grinders. Teeth sharpenable. Complete with free protective glasses with adjustable ear defenders.