Arbortech TURBO Plane Blade
A great addition to the very popular Arbortech range of products. Using this cutter is just like adding a rotary plane to your angle grinder. Already proving to be very popular with wood carvers and sculptors it removes stock very quickly and leaves a great finish. Can be used on green or seasoned timber. The three durable tungsten carbide blades hold their edge well but can be easily sharpened using a diamond file when necessary.100mm diameter blade, attaches to 100mm(4") and 115mm(4.1/2") angle grinders.
Arbortech Industrial Woodcarver Blade
The ultimate powered woodcarver; the Arbortech cutting disc with tungsten tips will tackle the hardest of timbers, included reclaimed timber with included dirt and other debris. This unique tool, made to fit most 100mm or 115mm angle grinders, is precision machined from high quality steel and fitted with three tungsten carbide teeth. The cutting teeth are rotatable and replaceable so there's no need for sharpening. Replacement teeth are available, but with a life of almost 25 times longer than the Pro 4 it may be some time before they are required. From a purely economic standpoint the Industrial Arbortech is a sound investment. Its extreme long life, replaceable teeth and ability to cut a wide variety of materials make it excellent value for money. The Industrial Kit, includes the blade, key and Pro-Guard. The Pro-Guard is a multi-purpose device which acts as a depth stop, a safety guard, a parallel guide and a chip deflector all in one.
Arbortech Fully Assembled Mini-Carver Power Tool by Arbotech
The Arbortech Mini Carver is a tool much appreciated by professional and amateur carvers alike. It can reach into areas, where the standard Arbortech will not work. The Mini Carver can rough shape, sculpt or sand. The compact size offers detailed carving capabilities and manoeuvrability. The Mini Carver is the ideal power tool for wood sculptors and carvers who value performance, efficiency and versatility. The variable speed allows optimal adjustment when cutting or sanding. The vibration-reducing handle coupled with a quiet motor increases comfort and control when carving for longer periods. Supplied with tool bag, mini industrial blade, sanding discs (80, 180, 320 grit), rubber sanding pad and dust extraction attachment.
Arbortech Ball Gouge
The Ball Gouge is a spherically shaped grinder attachment that can rapidly hollow small concave surfaces in woodworking projects. It is specifically designed to provide exceptional control, balance and performance in freehand wood shaping and carving. This 30mm diameter ball-shaped cutter is ideal for carving smooth hollows in wooden spoons, small bowls and is useful for small to medium sculpting. The Ball Gouge features Anti-Grab Technology, which helps prevent the tool from digging. It gently bounces out and when moved across a wooden surface, creating a chisel-like texture. ATTACHES TO STANDARD 100MM (4") & 115MM (4 1/2") ANGLE GRINDERS* SUITS SPINDLE SIZE M10 & M14 (AU/UK) M14 (EU) 5/8? (USA) WHAT'S INCLUDED: 1 X BALL GOUGE 1 X IAN KEY 1 X ADAPTOR NUT (AU, NZ & UK ONLY)
Bayerwald Woodcarver Cutting Disc for 115 & 125 mm Angle Grinders
The perfect tool for sculpting or carving wood: the Bayerwald Woodcarver. It helps experienced and new users with creating furniture or sculptures. The tool is easy to handle and compatible with angle grinders (22,25 mm bore). The teeth can be resharpened for prolonged use. Features: Carving / sculpting made easy teeth can be resharpened minimal recoil fits perfectly on angle grinders with 22,25 mm bore tool meets high quality standards for professional use
Arbortech Mini-Grinder Blades
For use with the Arbortech Mini Carver
Arbortech PCH350 Power Chisel
High power 750W electric motor for easy timber removal in the hardest woods. Ideal for precision joints, recesses, rebates and corners. Great detail and control possible. Dustless timber removal. This kit is supplied complete with a 20mm flat chisel, a 20mm gouge chisel and high pressure lubricant
Arbortech Industrial Pro Kit by Arbortech
Speed and Power;Chip Limiter prevents kickback;Rounded teeth;Pro-Guard for protection;Hardened steel and tungsten carbide
Arbortech Universalfrässcheibe 50 passend fpr Arbortech Mini-Grinder und alle 100 mm, 115 mm und 125 mm Winkelschleifer
Upgraded version of the Mini Turbo Kits - Simple mounting of the Mini Turbo plane as well as a longer service life of the sanding pads.Please note that all the accessories you need previous Mini Turbo Kits is not compatible with this new version.The precision and long service life of the turbo plane now for your angle grinder 115 mm/125 mm): The Arbortec/Mini Turbo Kit. Also it can be used with the Minigrinder of Arbortec/. The Mini Turbo Kit can be used either magnifier or for maximal Precision in combination with a stencil and is perfectly suitable for medium sized projects - from beginning to end. Also available previously impossible shining shapes and treatments are available with the Mini Turbo.
Arbortech Contour Random Sander by Arbortech
The perfect tool for the craftsman or Craftsman - with the flexible backing Internal and external curves can be easily re-sharpened as. The contours Arbortec/Grinder is compatible with any standard angle grinder and can be used with the supplied flange with 3rd party metal-free abrasive pads are combined.
Arbortech Chisel 710 W
Replace your Hammer CHISEL with a tool élèctrique made by the company, the Australian ARBORTECH. POWER CHISEL, the essential tool for working with the POWER can be just CHISEL you run the Scissors in any direction and allow the engine to do the job. this tool for all those tasks where you would use a normal Hammer and CHISEL; however, the work is faster and more secure the use of POWER CHISEL is so safe that it is suitable for each user, or users that are children is Ideal for mince Hand-free. The creation of complex works with lots of detail is the ideal way to the work of detail (letters, signs, Lines, textures, shoulders, etc.) Advantages: very easy to use-item. Sécuritée Waterproof steps ensuring a long life with Ratchet system for the change of different types of Scissors ciseau. available.
Arbortech Bla.Fg.4110 Plunge Blades
BLA.FG.4110 Features: -Plunge blade.-High-precision cutting of square holes without overcutting corners.-Suitable for mortar, soft to medium hard brick, aerated concrete block, limestone, fiberboard, weatherboard and composites.-Blade features resharpenable tungsten carbide teeth.-Ideal for toothing of brickwork, single brick removal, installation of electrical boxes and vents.-Used for square and deep precision cuts into masonry walls without overcutting. Dimensions: -Overall dimensions: 9'' H x 0.28'' W x 4.75'' D, 1 lbs. Collection: -Masonry collection.
Arbortech Allsaw AS170 Armature Assembly Pinion - A17057
Arbortech Allsaw AS170 Armature Assembly Pinion. Genuine replacement part. OEM No - A17057
Arbortech Industrial Pro Kit by Arbortech
Speed and Power;Chip Limiter prevents kickback;Rounded teeth;Pro-Guard for protection;Hardened steel and tungsten carbide
For the tradesman or D.I.Y person, the tuff cut is a multi-purpose cutting tool which will work with power and control in a variety of mediums. Fitted with three tungsten carbide teeth it will handle a range of different materials. Ideal for: - All types of wood - Fibreglass - Rubber - Plastic sheets & pipes - Sheet materials (Non ferrous) Designed to be used on angle grinders fitted with the original metal guard and auxillary handle. Suits most 115mm (4 1/2") & 125mm (5") angle grinders. Max rpm: 13000.
Cutting-Edge Arbortech Mini Carver Blades
Resharpenable blades (Pkt 2) 10 mm, Depth of cut Made in hardened steel 3 mm width of kerf Resharpen using a 4 mm file - -
Arbortech Contour Random Sander by Arbortech
Patented angle grinder attachment;Designed to fit on standard angle grinder;Works in hard-to-reach internal profiles;Provides powerful random-orbital action;Molds to surface shape without digging or burning the work
Katsu Mini Angle Grinder 75mm 3
Nice little tool for DIY and professionals. Comes with 5 cutting discs. Wheel Bore dia: 16mm. Bore thickness: 11mm. It can cut less than 2mm iron sheets, aluminium sheets and other soft metal sheets. For best performance and durability, the grinder should have 1 minute of rest in every 15 minutes of cutting and 5 minutes of rest in every one hour of grinding..
Arbortech Turbo Plane Tarpaulin with Protective Glasses – Cutting Disc for Wood / Angle Grinder
The ultimate tool for woodwork. With this high quality tool from the Australian company Arbortech you can finish your future projects much faster. Also when working with details and forming the Turbo plane for angle grinders makes work possible without any problems. The heavy stress in similar milling discs lead to premature wear, but is no problem for the Turbo plane from Arbortech: impresses you with a long service life even after intensive use. If the teeth that come with the diamond file become dull, you can re-sharpen them. Included in this range are also a protective glasses from other manufacturers. This has a side protection from flying particles and thanks to its transparency the views on all sides have excellent bow response. Advantages: Ideal for woodwork. Suitable for all angle grinders. Teeth sharpenable. Complete with free protective glasses with adjustable ear defenders.