Microsoft Arc Bluetooth Mouse - Black
Microsoft MS Arc Mouse Bluetooth Black ELG00002 Mice Pointing Devices Mouse
ARK: Survival Evolved (PS4)
Studio Wildland
Prepare for the ultimate dinosaur-themed adventure! Stranded on a mysterious prehistoric island, you must explore its vast biomes as you begin to hunt, harvest, craft tools, grow crops and build shelters to survive. Use cunning and skill to kill, tame, breed, and even ride Dinosaurs and other primitive beasts living on "The ARK." Advance your technology from primitive stone tools to T-Rex-mounted laser cannons, as you team up with hundreds of players online or enjoy a solo Jurassic experience.
Staples Arc Desktop Paper Punch, 8-Sheet Capacity, Gray
PRODUCT DETAILS Easily punch schedules, graphs, sales reports, presentations, and more for your Arc notebook Punches up to 8 sheet of paper Easy-open drawer for no-mess emptying Adjustable paper guides for Arc junior and letter size notebooks Handle folds flat and locks in place when not in use Utilizes Staples patented One-Touch technology for advanced punching power and performance
Arc 5 (TECC) Baby Pink
UK Vapour Brands
'No Nicotine' New TECC Arc 5 40w Kit Following the popularity of the Arc 4, TECC have upgraded and improved the model to the NEW Arc 5, retaining all the features that made the Arc 4 a Best Seller but enhancing even further! Retaining its large 2200mAh internal battery and 40w of power, sub-ohm capabilities, stainless steel threads and a spring loaded 510 connection, the Arc 5 is now improved further with the addition of the CS Air Slim tank. With pinpoint airflow control, giving you more control over your vaping experience than ever before. Contents: 1 x Arc 5 Mod 1 x CS Air Slim tank (1.8ml) 1 x CS atomizer 1 x USB charging cable 1 x User Manual Specifications Battery capacity - 2200mAh Tank capacity - 1.8ml Atomizer resistance - 1.5ohm Output wattage - 1-40W Dimensions: Battery - 77mm x 32.5mm x 23mm / Tank - 16.5mm x 64mm Assembled weight exc. packaging - 140g approx.
FORHU Electronic lighter Arc Lighters - Windproof USB Rechargeable Lighters (Rainbow)
We sell high quality products with the best customer services to ensure your best shopping experience, which means our 100% warranty, lifetime replacement or repair. Innovation makes our lives better and more friendly to environment. This cool arc lighter not only reflects your personality but also your gesture to new energy. Di-lighter will create an X shape electronic arc with extremely high temperature in one second. You can instantly point paper, candles, cigarettes, etc. When the battery is low, the arc will become weak and the indicator will light up. The indicator turns off when the lighter is fully charged. Description: 1. FORHU lighter can produce electric spark without electric shock hazard to the human body. 2. FORHU pulse arc lighter lights up a cigarette easily. 3. FORHU USB charging electronic windproof arc lighter uses electricity instead of traditional butane gas and oil. 4. FORHU lighter is rechargeable and ignites cigarette without any poisonous gas. Please Note: 1. Please do not put the lighter into water or other liquid. Otherwise the lighter may be shorted. 2. after the lighter is fully charged (usually 70 mins), please unplug the USB charger. Otherwise the battery life may be affected. 3. The temperature around the electric arc may reach 400˚C. Please do not touch it. 4. When battery is low, immediate charging is suggested for the sake of longer battery life. Specifications: Material: High quality zinc alloy Net Weight : about 91g Size: 7.2x3.5x1.2cm Electric Arc Pulse: Double Package List: 1x FORHU Cross-arc Lighter 1x USB Cable 1x User manual 1 x Ideal Gift Box
Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse- Black
MOUSE, W/LESS ARC TOUCH BLACK Computer Connector - USB Connection Method - Wireless RF Mouse Colour - Black Mouse Size - Standard Mouse Type - BlueTrack
Staples Arc Notebook Project Planner Filler Paper, Junior-sized, White, 50 Sheets by Staples
50 project planner sheets, prepunched to Arc and repositional within your Arc notebook;High-quality, heavyweight paper;Fits into Junior sized Arc notebooks;Paper measures 5 1/2 x 8 1/2;From Staples
CSL - 2m UHD HDMI 2.0b Cable | 4K @ 60Hz / 2160p / 4:4:4 (High Speed) with Ethernet | ARC and CEC | Deep Color | fully HDCP compliant/HD Ready / 3D TV/Playstation 4 Pro/Nintendo Switch ecc
HDMI Cable HQ Ultra HD - most recent technology for best image quality. - 3D and Network capable - Full HD resolution 2160p(4096 × 2160 Pixel @ 60 Hz) - Latest TV-Technologies / for OLED Displays with 4k resolution - Supports x. v. Color and Deep Color - multiple shielding (shielding) - ARC and CEC technology -gold plated contacts - Perfectly shielded for the best image quality - Optimized to the latest HDMI standard - Backward compatible with earlier HDMI standards - ideal for 3D-capable devices, Full HD receivers, HDTV & PC Systems The high quality processing of this cable meets the highest professional standards. Optimal signal transfer is the basis for brilliant HD picture quality - this high-end cable is a guarantee for it. The integrated network function of the cable allows you to control your network-compatible devices such as TV, HD recorder or Blu-ray player without an additional LAN cable. Enjoy great entertainment in your home cinema evenings or immerse yourself in realistic 3D gaming worlds. This HQ HDMI cable supports crystal clear multimedia applications and offers unique HD entertainment experience thanks to an excellent video and audio quality.
Eleaf Arc 20w Mini (TECC) Rainbow (No Nicotine)
Uk Vapour Brand
'No Nicotine'
Boxclever Press Busy Days Hole Punch. 9-hole punch ideal to use with the Busy Days Planner. Add photos, pages & keepsakes to your planner with this specially designed planner punch.
Boxclever Press
The ideal accessory to use with your Busy Days Planner, the Busy Days Punch will enable you to really personalise your diary.  The punch has been specially designed to create mushroom-shaped holes so that you can add extra pages and photographs directly on to the disc binding system of your planner. The punch is lightweight, spring-loaded and easy to empty.
Hornby Hobbies
RCA Records Label
FORHU Arc Lighter-2017 Electric Lighters with 14500 Removable Battery-Windproof USB Rechargeable fire starter (Black)
Description: We provide quality products and services to ensure that you worry about the shopping experience, for which we have a total of 100% warranty, lifetime replacement or repair. Our customers have done the perfect experience video, you can look at our products at a glance. The era of fire has been changing, lightning - firewood fire - match - inflatable / oiled lighters - heating wire igniter - arc lighters ----, every change in the impact of this people's way of life, arc lighters Was born, is the sublimation of the fire revolution. Innovation makes our lives more clean and beautiful, with a cool arc lighter, not just publicity their own personality is also waved to the new energy. Forhu lighters will produce a cross arc, the temperature is high, you can instantly point the paper, candles, cigarettes, etc. When the battery is low, the arc will become weak, the indicator will light when charging, and go out at full power. Parameters: Weight : about 136g Material: zinc alloy Battery Type: rechargeable Lithium cobalt oxide battery 14500 Battery capacity: 800mAh Charging time: 1-1.5 (hours) Number of cigarettes: 7-10 packs
ARC (New Earth Book 1)
Vulpine Press
They say that necessity is the mother of all inventions.Amir Weatherby has the world in his hands, quite literally. When his company discovers an asteroid on a direct collision course with Earth, they decide to keep the news quiet and find a way to survive the impending apocalypse themselves. Secret projects begin with the intent of preventing the world going the same way as the dinosaurs.Three top-secret sites are developed, each designed to hold a small pocket of the human race safe until after impact. It just so happens that one of these sites is in space. The former ISS is transformed intoa safe haven called the ARC, the Automated Resettlement and Repopulation Cryostation, where some of the world’s greatest scientific minds will sleep through the whole show. But events unfold in ways that couldn’t have been predicted, and when they arrive back on Earth there is a whole new disaster waiting for them.
PHIVE LED Arc Floor Lamp, Contemporary Minimalist Lighting Design, Warm White Light, Modern Standing Lamp - Silver
Unique Design Elegant, sleek, and minimalistic design, fitting into every room. Aluminum LED housing, heavy duty metal base, stable stand on your floor. Please note: Not dimmable. Super Bright LED Light 15W LED light, lights up the whole area and makes it bright without causing glare. LED bulb has 50,000 hours' lifespan, saves your money and time to replace the bulb, and is cool to touch even as your living space bathes for hours in warm white color (with no trace of blue). Energy-saving Cost only 25% electricity as a incandescent lamp does in the same brightness. Easy to Assemble Takes about 5 to 10 minutes to assemble. No tools required. Worry-Free Warranty 24-month warranty, friendly and easy-to-reach support. Package Includes1 x Light fixture1 x Pole section1 x Base1 x Plug-in adapter
Syncwire - 2.0 4K Ultra HD High Speed 18Gbps HDMI Cable Compatible with Apple Fire TV, TV, Xbox, PlayStation, Arc, UHD 2160P 4K Video, HD 1080P, 3D, PS3, Ethernet, PS4, PC - 1.5m - Black
Dynamically synchronized video and audio streams: Synwire HDMI cable can transmit two video streams (dual view) at once and up to four audio streams all at the same time. More often, Syncwire HDMI cables support up to 32 audio channels and up to 1536 kHz total audio. High quality sound and pictures: Syncwire High-Speed HDMI 2.0 cable significantly extends bandwidth of up to 18 Gbps, providing 4K @ 60FPS (2160p) video resolution (four times higher than 1080p / 60) and supports wide-angle 21:9 video aspect ratios. Corrosion resistance and anti-interference: Syncwire HDMI 2.0 cable with gold-plated, corrosion-resistant connector (A Male to A Male), can be in the contact point to provide the best signal transmission, reduce the transmission path loss. Advanced special PVC outer and shield also prevent external interference, helps maintain the integrity and purity of digital signals. Compatible with all HDMI devices: Syncwire High-Speed HDMI cable is compatible with all HDMI 2.0 devices, while backwards compatible with all previous HDMI standards. When two devices with different HDMI standards are connected, they will automatically find the best available connection. Supports Ethernet: Syncwire HDMI cable supports shared Internet connections. Therefore, there is no need for a separate Ethernet cable. You can also make internet connections between multiple devices. Box Contains HDMI Cable
The Cyborg Next Door: In the Stars
Hawk Publishing, LLC
Is he really just a heartless machine? When aliens attack, she’ll discover the cyborg secret…Chiron is a cyborg - a man who has been turned into a machine after tragedy. Common wisdom says he’s just a robot now, with no feelings and no memory of his past life, but his next-door neighbor, Roxy, is starting to suspect that’s not exactly true. He looks at her with desire in his eyes, and she knows there’s a man inside that muscular frame, who feels a very mutual attraction.She’s trying to earn enough as a mechanic for passage back to Earth, but it’s a long way home and war is on the horizon. When aliens attack the station, the leadership flees, leaving the cyborgs and a bunch of women and children to the not-so-tender mercies of the alien warriors. But the cyborgs have a crazy plan and they won’t leave the innocent behind.With Roxy’s help, they’ll try to fix the last viable ship and head out for parts unknown. Their journey is fraught with hazards, but if they work together, the humans and cyborgs might just find a way home. Roxy and Chiron will have to put it all on the line to save the others—their safety, their lives…and their hearts.