Archival Methods

Archival Methods Onyx 17x22
Archival Methods
The archival methods onyx portfolio boxes are often the best choice where presentation is as important a factor as storage and protection. This is particularly applicable for photographs, prints and similar art work that are in what we might call live storage, regularly presented or viewed but safely housed in between. Portfolio boxes have the appeal of being "lockers" that converts to a "stage." ruggedly constructed and well sealed, archival methods portfolio boxes flip open to provide a handsome, complimentary background that enhances and frames the contained works.
Archival Methods Three Ring Binder Box 12.25 x 13.25 x 1.5, Gray
Archival Methods
The archival methods o binder box combines the protection of an archival quality, metal edged box with the utility and convenience of a ring binder. The box is well-suited for acid free photo storage, filing and storing. Can also be used for genealogical records and other collections one might otherwise store in binders. The binderbox lends itself to "active storage" of collections that are archived but are open to researchers or students.
Archival Methods White Cotton Gloves Large, 12 Pairs
Archival Methods
This 12-pack of bleached, large medium-weight white cotton inspection gloves from archival methods prevents oil from contacting artwork or documents. These comfortable gloves feature a hemmed wrist and are machine washable
Archival Methods Conservation Mat Board, 8 x 10, 2 Ply, Pearl White, Package of 25 by Archival Methods
Archival Methods
The boards are buffered with calcium carbonate for added protection and longer life.;Pearl white has a warmer tonality than bright white museum board and less yellow than antique white;Made from Purified Wood Pulp;Calcium Carbonate Buffered;Warm Tonality
Archival Methods 4
Archival Methods
Archival Methods 4" Matching Three Ring Binder and Slip Case Set, Holds 10x11" Pages, Navy Blue
Tracing Your Pre-Victorian Ancestors: A Guide to Research Methods for Family Historians (A Guide For Family Historians)
Pen and Sword Family History
Tracing Your Pre-Victorian Ancestors is the ideal handbook for family historians whose research has reached back to the early nineteenth century and are finding it difficult to go further. John Wintrip guides readers through all the steps they can take in order to delve even more deeply into the past. Carrying research through to earlier periods is more challenging because church registers recorded less information than civil registration records and little census data is available. Researchers often encounter obstacles they don't know how to overcome. But, as this book demonstrates, greater understanding of the sources and the specific records within them, along with a wider knowledge of the historical context, often allows progress to be made. Most important, John Wintrip concentrates on how to do the research – on the practical steps that can be taken in order to break through these barriers. He looks at online services, archives and their catalogues, factors that can influence the outcome of research, wider family relationships, missing ancestors and mistaken identity. Throughout the book he emphasizes the process of research and the variety of resources and search tools that can be used.
Archival Methods Light Weight Cotton Gloves Large, Package of 12
Archival Methods
These gloves are comfortable to wear and will prevent naturally occurring finger oils from contacting your artwork, documents or collectibles. Micro Dot gloves are a heavy-weight cotton with micro dots on the fingers and palm area of the gloves. This is important when handling objects that could slip with standard inspection gloves. All are machine washable (air drying is recommended to prevent shrinkage).
Archival Methods 61-001 White Cotton Gloves Small 12 Pairs by Archival Methods
Archival Methods
For Handling of Photos, Film, Artwork;Prevents Oils from Contacting Documents;100% Cotton, Machine Washable
Archival Methods White Cotton Gloves (Large, 12 Pairs) by Archival Methods
Archival Methods
White Cotton Gloves - Large - Package of 12 Pairs
Organizing Archival Records: A Practical Method Of Arrangement And Description For Small Archives (American Association For State And Local History) (American Association for State & Local History)
AltaMira Press
Many of our nation's historical records reside in small historical societies, libraries, cultural organizations, houses of worship, and museums. The hard work of non-professional archivists is to thank for preserving much of our documentary heritage. Organizing Archival Records equips non-professional archivists with the skills to tackle one of the most challenging tasks of archiving: arranging and describing archival materials. Carmicheal offers step-by-step guidance to understanding the purpose of organization and the essentials of how to do it. He covers the basic terms and theory of organization, and how to avoid some common pitfalls. Carmichael brings this third edition into the 21st century with extended discussions about computerizing the process, making descriptions available on the web, and organizing electronic records. With real-world examples, exercises, and step-by-step directions, anyone can organize archival materials in a professional manner. Organizing Archival Records is an excellent resource for both computerized and manual organization and recordkeeping.
Archival Methods White Lintless Nylon Gloves Medium Package of 12 Pairs
Archival Methods
Ideal for the safe handling of prints, negatives, transparencies and art work. Light weight lint free nylon gloves in four sizes. They are machine washable
Box of 100 Niceday Archive Clips Economical method for archival storage 978084

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Economical method for archival storage Simply place the arms of the clip against steel prongs and transfer punched papers Once loaded, simply fold back arms into the holding clip
Archival Methods White Cotton Gloves Small, Package of 12 by Archival Methods
Archival Methods
For Handling of Photos, Film, Artwork;Prevents Oils from Contacting Documents;100% Cotton, Machine Washable
Archival Methods Black Proof Box, Size 11-3/4x 9-1/4x1-3/8
Archival Methods
Archival Methods Black Proof Box