Archivo 2000

Archivo 2000 109177 - Transparent stackable document tray
Archivo 2000
Desktop File 2000 Tray.increasable capacity with risers.Transparent.260 x 340 x 60.Ref.715tPAG. 599 the catalogue 2014 (Code 109177)
Archivo 2000 – Tray Document Holder, Clear Plastic, Smokey, 340 x 260 x 60 mm
With bottom tray liso. possibility of using sticks risers that au mentan its ability by facilitating the access to the documentos. front with slit for a facil. For A4 documents and folio. the tray measures: 340 x 260 x 60 mm
File 2000 4005 TL – MODULE, 5 Drawers, Translucido, Units Contained: 1
Archivo 2000
Sistema modular de archivo basado en módulos apilables fabricados en poliestireno alto impacto antiestático. La medida interior de los cajones es adecuada para guardar A4, folio y fundas, dossiers y subcarpetas. Dimensiones: 340 x 270 x 255 mm.
File 2000 RU8 CS TP – Transparent Box of Opening Front and Top 8 L
Archivo 2000
This Really Useful Box is a transparent, solid plastic box for multi-purpose storage. This 8 litre box has an innovative design, it opens at the front thereby allowing easier access if the boxes are stacked on top of each other. This is a great design for shoe storage in wardrobes or tool storage in sheds/garages. This storage box comes with a lid and clip lock handles to keep its contents secure. It can be used for storing a range of items such as office supplies, school stationery, crafts items, and many more. Made from sturdy polypropylene, this storage box is extremely durable, and transparent to allow easy identification of its contents. These boxes can be easily stacked on top of each other, offering a handy space-saving option. This 8 litre Really Useful Box is ideal for home, office, school and arts and crafts storage. - External Dimensions: L 340 x W 200 x D 175mm - Internal Dimensions: L 290 x W 175 x D 153mm - Weight: 590g - Working temperature of -15 Celsius to Celsius Check out our Really Useful Box Size Guide - the essential guide to these versatile storage boxes.
File 2000 2100 NE – Plastic Umbrella Stand, Black
Archivo 2000
Paraguero inyectado en poliestireno alto impacto Muy resistente a golpes y rayaduras Al ser de plastico no sufre el proceso de oxidacion Dim ext (an x al ): 250 x 640 mm Color negro
File 2000 2610 – Set of 4 Rods Risers, Units Contained: 1
Archivo 2000
File 2000 set 4 risers metalicos 50 mm Ref 2610PAG. 599 the catalogue 2014 (Code 782895)
Archivo 2000 742 GS – Stackable Organizer Tray for A4 Documents/Folio, Grey
Archivo 2000
Stackable tray of great stability and smooth background to organize all your documents DIN A-4 and folio with colour and style. Colours opaque. Front slit which facilitates the access to documents. Made from polystyrene. Dimensions: 345 x 255 x 60 mm (Depth x Width x Height)
Archivo 2000 131842 - Showcase portaprecios 33 x 90 x 63 mm
Archivo 2000
Expositor Archivo 2000 Modelo de sobremesa Ideal para utilizar como porta precios, numeración de mesas etc… Dispone solo de 1 cara
Archivo 2000 949896 Pencil Holder
archivo 2000 portalapices redondo ben blanco opaco 771 bl
Archivo 2000 309210 - Plastic suggetions box, transparent
Archivo 2000
Box of suggestions of durable transparent plastic that is turn ballot box. Foldable, Includes 2 security seals. Dimensions: 31 x 44 x 31 cm.
Archivo 2000 215898 - Valencia Led Lamp, Color Black
Hansa LED light to Valencia Color Black, Double Arm and adjustable head aluminium range max 63 cm
Really Useful Clear Plastic Organiser and Clear Boxes to Organiser, 16 x 0.14 Litre Storage Boxes in a Clear Plastic Organiser and Assorted Boxes
Archivo 2000
Organise all of your small items together in this really useful small storage box system. This storage system contains 16 removable boxes with handles that are perfect for storing important small objects. Can be used on your work desk for separating paperclips, elastic bands, batteries, map pins and much more. These small boxes are strong and waterproof making it ideal to use in a garage or shed for nails, screws, tacks or fuses. It can also be used in the home for jewellery, hobbies or crafts. Storage system measures: 28cm x 21cm*Please note content in storage system is not included.