Archman Double Secateurs
This is an updated design on an old-world classic with an ergonomic handle to reduce fatigue and interchangeable blades, and is truly a unique tool here in the US. With two cutting blades that 'meet', this is a terrific pruner for cutting tender stems and extra clean cuts. Difficult to manufacture, and still quality crafted by hand in Italy.
Clydesdale Has A Midsummer's Nightmare
Nazca Plains
When a Christmas Eve blizzard left Clydesdale stranded with Santa and seven elves, the resourceful detective makes the best of the situation. Clydesdale, Santa and all the elves hit it off and have a Christmas to remember.Several years later Santa appears at Clydesdale’s door with worries about a troubled production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Nasty poison pen letters are just the tip of the iceberg of a case that eventually includes hit and run, assault, murder and rape. Clydesdale goes undercover by playing a bit part in the play and finds an oversupply of eccentric, troubled and perhaps deranged suspects. The oversexed, undersized, but well-endowed and detective discovers his personal strengths and weaknesses are well suited for the moody and overly dramatic personalities of the theater. When he goes undercover, he finds some of his best work is done between the sheets.
Archman Snipper Secateurs
Extends from1370 to 2070mm. Cuts and holds stem for delicate pruning or harvesting Swivel trigger. High quality construction. Weight only 943gm
Archman Pruning Saw
Quality made pruning saw. Folds with lock for open AND closed: it won't accidentally open in your pocket unlike some saws.FREE SHIPPING MAINLAND UK
Archman 229 – Scissors Hedge Shears
Archman pruning shears Art.26T Interchangeable curved blade blade and hammer Article 26 HRC 54-56 hardened alloy carbon steel blade ensures strength and optimization. Blade Fully Teflon coated to protect against rust and greatly reduce effort Curved cutting in tempered carbon alloy steel HRC 54-56 and coated with nylon 6 VTR30% burnished carbon steel HRC 48-50 lamp holder and socket Ergonomic rubberised non-slip plastic grip FERMADADO Length 210 mm Weight gr. 233 Cutting diameter 25 mm Made in Italy
Archman Professional Double-Cut Grafting Scissors
Lame acciaio C50 forgiato doppio taglio Manici plasticati ergonomici antiscivolo Peso g 260 - Lunghezza cm 21 Adatto per potatura alberi da frutto
The Blacksmith and the Scholar
Nazca Plains
When a young, sheltered scholar from Oxford has an accident, he is stranded in the rustic cottage of a burley blacksmith. That night he began an entirely new part of his education. In some ways it would have been a dream come true for the repressed young man, but his dreams were never that good, inventive or pleasurable. He soon begins a voyage of discovery and his intellectual and sexual horizons broaden.He meets the humble, but randy friends of his new friend Ralph, the blacksmith. They introduced him to a new world of friendship and sexuality. He discovers what it is to enjoy another man, and how to share his body for mutual pleasure. For the first time, he finds that ecstasy isn’t a word; it’s a feeling. On his travels, he eventually meets noblemen, great artists, Oxford Dons, the boiler room crew of a steamship, a Sheik and some sexually driven Indian Gurus. While they all were of different classes, nationalities and races, they all shared a common interest in exploring the further limits of man’s ability to experience sexual pleasure.
Archman 626 Twister SVETTATOIO
Archman 626 Twister Svettatoio'
Butler & The Barbarians
Nazca Plains
Escaping from a doomed city in ancient Roman Britain, eight men find an abandoned villa once used as a hidden pleasure palace for sexual debauchery. The refugees immediately realize they could easily convert the abandoned villa into a fortress in which to hone their survival skills and explore their sexual potential.