Arcotec 274122 Grip Triangular Triplite
Triplite 3x16 A BLC/eltrir
Arcotec 274128 Electric Cable Reel 4 sockets 3 x 1.5 mm² 5 m
5 m cable reel 3G1.5 + 4P + T/elb5 m4
Arcotec 274103 Bloc 5 prises without Switch
Arcotec USB 2.0 Data/Charging Cable/USB A Male to Micro USB Male 0,80 m
For quick and very convenient transfer data between PC and mobileThe following accessories, we recommend you: PX/2135/944 - NC USB power bank 5200/944 - USB Power Supply (230 V)The perfect connection for your mobile phone to your computer or any other USB source: Ideal for charge and sync.Also a very practical solution, if you want to connect devices with a standard USB female to micro USB ports. Compatible with the following mobile phone models:The workshop price of EUR 9.90 conforms Ehem. mini-receiver. VK the supplier
Arcotec 274108 - 5 Sockets with Switch
White power Strip 5 sockets + switch + 1M lead1M SC/EL5PSK.
Charger for Siemens S55 S65 S75 SF65 SK65
Gentle quick charge for Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh, Li-Ion/Polymer Batteries. Is the recharging the electronics switches to trickle charging complete. The charging cable and corresponds to the Standards of the European Community (CE)
Gift Pack for Nintendo 3DS XL Case/Hard Protector Case + Power Supply/Charger + Replacement Pen/Stylus Pen
arcotec Mobilfunktechnik
Makes a great gift pack for young and old. Consists of a hard case, a power supply and a replacement stylus for your Nintendo 3DS XL. The bag is used as a transport protection against damage from impact, moisture, dust and scratches and also looks good too. The case the inside has several extra compartments where you want to provides easy access to your games, stow your replacement pins, etc. As the bag has two zips can be nothing Don't Fall Out. You can also carry your Nintendo 3DS XL console comfortably on the belt or Included in the delivery means that the loop on the wrist. The small, lightweight power supply with a very high performance and low power consumption in Stand-by mode, that offers a stable power supply for an unlimited play time. The supplied telescopic metal replacement stylus providing optimal use of the touch screen. Box Contents: 1 x Hard Cover Case 1 x Power Supply 1000mA 1 x Replacement Stylus
Arcotec 274385 Wall Motion Sensor Diameter 180
Product Description - LED spotlight GU10 5 W (EQ. 50 W) - 110 °: This LED spotlight is a spotlight with GU10 socket. Its power is 5 W 400LM For A Light And A Beam Angle of 110 °.This spot is available in warm white and cool white. This LED spotlight has 24 LEDs and its use is 5 W. Its lifespan is 30,000 hours (over 20 years) and spot is guaranteed for 2 years. area of application - LED spotlight GU10 5 W (EQ. 50 W) - 110 °: These spotlights are also ideal for replacements for 50 W halogen bulbs. These lights have the distinction of having a large beam angle 110 °. To compare at 35 °C (95 °F) For Spot. This LED spotlight is ideal for main light in a room to live the important allows the light to be diffusée. beam angle which allows you to reduce the number of spot ceiling. The Council LED Flash for parts such as the cuisine. the toilet or bathroom. Please use the cool white. * Save on your electricity bill compared to a halogen spot lights: 8 EUR per year (For An Average Use of 4 hours/day) and 159 Total on the life of your light bulbs. simulez your energy saving, by switching to the LED light - Click Here ready to choose its colour of white?
Arcotec 274043 B22 4 Watt LED Globe Light Bulb
LED glob 4WE27 45x73 330LM D180/lg272 W
USB Data cable with micro usb port for Nokia 3710 Fold
Perfectly fits the connector and USB connectorIt We only offer high quality and Qualitaetsgepruefte plastics, cables and electronic components have been used to manufactureCompatible with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0Specially shielded data linesThe following functions are possible with the data cable:OutlookInstalling games and programsSend SMS, faxes, email sent by PCEDIT AND SAVE YOUR TELEPHONE BOOKModem and Internet connectionSecure and playing back dataAgain data playbackLogos Bell Toene and network operator graphics UebertragenSecurity CodesPower Monitor activateMusic, image and video files UeberspielenGreat for Java games and applicationsAn exact features haengt of your mobile phone and scenarios are software from
Arcotec 274041 Light Bulb E14 4 W LED
LED FLAM 4WE14 37X109 330LM D180 /LF142W
Charger for Siemens M55 M65 M75 MC60 MCT62 ME75
Careful quick charging for Ni-CD, Ni-MH, Li-Ion, and Li-Polymer batteries.The mechanism switches to a trickle charge once the charging is complete.The charger conforms to EU standards (CE).