Arctic MX-4 - Thermal Compound Paste For Coolers | Heat Sink Paste | Composed of Carbon Micro-particles | Easy to Apply | High Durability - 4 Grams
Arctic Cooling
Arctic MX4 Thermal Compound 4 gr High Performance Thermal Compound ORACOMX40001BL Components Cooling Fans Modding
The Arctic Guide: Wildlife of the Far North (Princeton Field Guides)
Princeton University Press
A most authorative guide to the flora and fauna of the entire Arctic region, featuring superb colour illustrations of over 800 species of plants, fishes, butterflies, birds and mammals.
Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound 3.5g Tube
Arctic Silver
Arctic Silver® 5 High-Density Polysynthetic Silver Thermal Compound With its unique high-density filling of micronized silver and enhanced thermally conductive ceramic particles, Arctic Silver 5 provides a new level of performance and stability. Available at Arctic Silver resellers worldwide. Arctic Silver 5 is the reference premium thermal compound. Arctic Silver 5 is optimized for a wide range of bond lines between modern high-power CPUs and high performance heatsinks or water-cooling solutions.
Arctic and Antarctic (Eyewitness)
DK Children
The books that show you what others only tell you - fully revised and updated. DK Eyewitness Arctic and Antarctic is an informative guide to the world's polar regions. Amazing colour photographs offer your child a unique "eyewitness" view of some of the coldest and most frozen places in the world., From flora and fauna, to human and animal inhabitants, as well as the brave people who explored these extreme regions, often with fatal consequences: let your child learn all about life at the North and South pole. Great for projects or just for fun, make sure your child learns everything they need to know about the Arctic and Antarctic regions.
Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino
Domino Recording Co
ARCTIC F12 PWM PST - 120 mm PWM PST Case Fan - Five Pack | Cooler with Standard Case | PST-Port (PWM Sharing Technology) | Regulates RPM in sync
Arctic Cooling
Long Service Life The Fluid Dynamic Bearing comes with an oil capsule that avoids lubricant leakage. Thus this bearing is as quiet as a sleeve bearing but comes with a significantly higher service life Perfect Case Fan Regulation with PWM The PWM function allows the motherboard to run the fan precisely at its necessary speed. This guarantees the required cooling and minimizes the noise level. Patented PWM Sharing Technology (PST) Lowers Noise If you want to improve the cooling efficiency of your computer you get several case fans working in parallel (since it takes 10 fans to double the noise level). But what does it help if they don't work together? The PST assures that all of your fans listen to one control signal. E.g. you share the CPU Cooler's PWM signal and assure that your case fans stand down at low load and spin up whenever necessary. Innovative Design Enables Quiet and Efficient Ventilation The innovative design of the fan blades improves the air flow and facilitates a highly efficient ventilation. The impeller was designed with a focus on minimzing the noise level yet delivering the desired airflow and pressure. Weight & dimensions -Width: 120 mm -Depth: 25 mm -Height: 120 mm -Weight: 109 g -Package width: 123 mm -Package depth: 27 mm -Package height: 123 mm -Package weight: 131 g Power -Voltage: 12 -Rated current: 0.25 A Packaging content -Screws included: Y -Number of screws: 4 Other features -Mounting hole pattern (WxD): 105 x 105 mm Design -Colour of product: Black, White -Material: Plastic -Cable length: 0.4 m -RoHS compliance: Y Performance -Suitable for: Computer case -Type: Fan -Supported processor sockets: Not supported -Compatible processor series: Not supported -
ARCTIC Freezer 12 – Compact and Quiet Semi Passive Tower CPU Cooler | 92 mm PWM Fan | For AMD AM4 and Intel 115x CPU | Recommended up to 130 W TDP
Arctic Freezer 12 Compact Semi Passive Heatsink Fan Intel AM4 Sockets Fluid Dynamic Bearing 6 Year Warranty ACFRE00027A Components Cooling Fans Modding
JML Arctic Air – Portable Personal Space Air Cooler, humidifier & purifier
For a personal atmosphere that’s clean and pure, cool but not dry, Arctic Air is your personal air cooler, humidifier and air purifier. Using evaporative technology, it turns everyday cold water, via a special filter, into cool, clean air that will relax you and aid your breathing, as well as keep you cool on hot sticky nights. You can now enjoy cool, clean air... anywhere with Arctic Air! Arctic Air cools, humidifies, and purifies for better air, and allows you to create your own personal climate. Running for up to 8 hours per fill this powerful, compact personal air cooler pulls warm air from the room through its evaporative water filter, filling any space with cool, clean comfortable air. Simply fill with water, plug it into any standard wall socket or USB port and enjoy! Arctic Air’s sleek compact design fits neatly on your desk, nightstand or coffee table – wherever you need it! It’s great for work spaces, caravans, basements, lofts, garages, gyms and more! The Arctic Air Cooler is small and compact enough that it can be taken anywhere you go. It’s also lightweight and easy to carry around. That means instead of having to cool your entire house, you can just take Arctic Air with you when you go into a new room. The Arctic Air’s whisper silent operation means you’ll barely hear it when running. Great to use for social functions and at night. There’s even a built-in soft-glow LED light to help you relax at night. You can either set the light to any of its 7 colour options, set to colour-cycle mode or turn the light off with the touch of a button! Set includes: 1 x Arctic Air, 1 x Air Filter, 1 x USB Power adapter & cord, Instruction Guide
Arctic Dreams (Vintage Classics)
Vintage Digital
WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY ROBERT MACFARLANELopez’s journey across our frozen planet is a celebration of the Arctic in all its guises. A hostile landscape of ice, freezing oceans and dazzling skyscapes. Home to millions of diverse animals and people. The stage to massive migrations by land, sea and air. The setting of epic exploratory voyages. And, in crystalline prose, Lopez captures the magic of the Arctic – the essential mystery and beauty of a continent that has enchanted man’s imagination and ambition for centuries.
The Great Alone

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David Bellamy's Arctic Light: An Artist's Journey in a Frozen Wilderness
Search Press(UK)
This book is the culmination of various expeditions made by well-known artist and bestselling author David Bellamy to his beloved Arctic. His descriptions of his travels, written from an artist's point of view, vividly bring to life the challenges he faced when painting outdoors in one of the harshest environments on the planet, and make for an exhilarating and captivating read. Filled with David's watercolour paintings and sketches, made during his various expeditions, the book provides a fascinating insight into the wildlife and people that live within the Arctic Circle and captures perfectly the majesty and breathtaking beauty of the world's final wilderness.
Arctic Life: Band 04/Blue (Collins Big Cat)
Who lives in the Arctic? This photographic information book by Sean Callery explores the Arctic and looks at how the animals and people that inhabit this frozen landscape survive there. * Who lives in the Arctic? This photographic information book by Sean Callery explores the Arctic and looks at how the animals and people that inhabit this frozen landscape survive there. * Blue/Band 4 books offer longer, repeated patterns with sequential events and integrated literary and natural language. * Photographs showing how people live in the Arctic on pages 14-15 allow children to recap the information, as well as provide a wealth of speaking and listening opportunities. * Text type: An information book * Curriculum links: Citizenship: Animals and us
Arctic with Bruce Parry [DVD]
Bruce Parry turns his attention to the Arctic Circle. Indigenous ways of life that have remained virtually unchanged for millennia will cease within our lifetimes. Marine mammal hunters, like the Inuit of Northern Greenland, will have to find new ways to live in this harsh place. They are the last of their kind. But for others, this rapidly changing world promises great opportunity. The Arctic is rich in oil, gas and minerals. The US geological survey estimates that 25% of the world's undiscovered oil and gas could be located under the polar ice cap. However this series will not be a series about the politics or science of global warming. The focus will be human. Bruce, and his BAFTA-winning production team, have found a method of telling important global stories with humour and warmth, drawing a large, young audience to often difficult issues. Same immersive format as Amazon, with Parry embedding himself in a series of indigenous tribes plus camps of Westerners who make their living out of the region natural resources.
LEGO 60193 City Arctic Air Transport, Expedition Helicopter Toy, Explorer Quadrocopter, Winter Rescue Adventure Set
Carry precious items with the LEGO® 'City' 60193 Arctic Air transport, featuring a heavy duty quadcopter with 4 spinning rotors, ski landing gear, opening minifigure cockpit and a functioning winch with rope and hook. This fun Arctic expedition set also includes an ATV with 2 pick axes, saw, translucent blue ice block with hook latch, opening side and frozen sabre-toothed tiger figure, plus 2 LEGO® explorer minifigures.
ARCTIC Freezer 33 Plus Semi Passive Tower CPU Cooler for Intel 115X/2011-3/AMD Ryzen, up to 200 Watt TDP - Grey
Arctic Freezer 33 Plus Semi Passive Heatsink Fan Intel AM4 Sockets Dual Ball Dynamic Bearing 6 Year Warranty ACFRE00032A Components Cooling Fans Modding
The Arctic
Whittles Publishing
ARCTIC Freezer 7 Pro Rev. 2 – Compact Multi-Compatible Tower CPU Cooler | 92 mm PWM Fan | For AMD AM4 and Intel 115x CPU | Recommended up to 115 W TDP
Arctic Cooling
Arctic Freezer 7 Pro Rev2 CPU Cooler DCACOFP701CSA01 Components Cooling Fans Modding