Arctic Hayes

Arctic Hayes ARCPH043A PH043A Smoke Alarm Tester Spray 140ml, Blue
Arctic Hayes
The Arctic Hayes Smoke Alarm Tester Spray is simple and easy to use. Designed to test the sensor in smoke alarms, as recomended by the fire brigade.Offers up to 40 tests per can.
Arctic Hayes ARCCI400 CI400 Arctic Crack-It Shock Freeze Release Spray 400ml, Blue
Arctic Hayes
The Arctic Crack-It Shock Freeze Release Spray releases seized and corroded parts through shock freezing. The freeze action breaks the corrosion seal and allows the penetrant to reach the corroded area, releasing the seized items in 1-2 minutes. Also helps to prevent future corrosion and is completely bio-degradable.
Rapid Radrain Kit: 664131
Rapid RaDrain with rad bag. This pocket-sized tool features a clamping device and a specially designed bag created to capture the dirty water drained from a radiator quickly and efficiently. RaDrain turns a tedious task into a breeze, eliminating the risk of dirty water ending up on your clean carpets and emptying your radiator with minimum hassle and mess. Easy-to-use and faster than conventional rad draining Adapters in the pack allow this device to work with 8mm, 10mm and 15mm pipe Ultra durable, reusable and strong bags hold up to 15L of water No drip trays or rags required Weight: 230kg Contains: RaDrain clamp 2 x pipe adaptors 2 x drip catchers 1 x 15L plastic bag For more information and to see the video go to
Arctic Hayes ARC333113 333113 Smoke-Sticks Kit, Orange
Arctic Hayes
By using smoke pen, you can reduce your energy bills by checking for leaks and draughts around windows, doors, chimneys, floorboards, vents, exhaust hoods and services (plumbing and electrical) entry-exit pointsSmoke Pen InstructionsRemove soft black cap from end of Smoke PenPlace wick in Smoke Pen by pressing chrome button on end of Smoke Pen to open jawsAdjust to allow approximately 10mm of exposed wick.Light tip of wick and allow it to burn for 10-15 seconds, blow out flame and Smoke Pen will provide stable and continuous stream of smoke5. Extinguish wick by simply replacing soft plastic cap over wick end of Smoke PenTo re-use, simply adjust length of wick and follow steps as described aboveSmoke Stick Refill Pack (3 or 6 Smoke Pen Sticks) also available
Arctic Hayes ARCPHCO520 PHCO520 Carbon Monoxide Alarm Tester Spray 520ml, Blue
Arctic Hayes
The Arctic Hayes Carbon Monoxide Alarm Tester Spray is simple and easy to use. Designed to test all carbon monoxide alarms and flue gas analysers, as recomended by the fire brigade.Offers up to 7 tests per can.
Arctic Hayes ASK2 Pipe Freezer Spray Kit, Blue
Arctic Hayes
This Arctic Spray Pipe Freeze Large Kit is suitable for: 2 freezes on a 8-15mm pipe OR 1 freeze on a 22mm pipe OR 1 freeze on a 28mm pipe. Contains the following:1 x Arctic Spray Pipe Freezer Can 415ml2 x Freezing JacketsArctic Spray Pipe Freeze has been used by professional plumbers for over 35 years. A 15mm copper pipe can be frozen in less than 10 minutes and the pipe will remain frozen for up to an hour, allowing ample time for the repair work to be carried out without the risk of flooding. Capable of withstanding pressures in excess of 12bar (175 psi)Arctic Spray is suitable for all pipe materials including, copper, plastic, iron and lead.
Drain Down Avoidance Kit Pack of 2 Plastic Easi Plumb
• Remove central heating radiators without having to drain the system • The kit Plugs can be used in ½"(15mm) and ¾"(22mm) pipe and fittings and simply pushed firmly into the holes to close off the water or air movement • The kit is designed for use on open vented central heating systems and should not be used on any part of a sealed system • Comes with free vent key • Full instructions on reverse side of kit is given
Rapid Radrain Spare bags. To use with Rapid Radrain Kit. To drain water out of radiators and central heating systems. Contains 2 bags and 4 drip catchers. Reusable, hard wearing bags 15ltr capacity.
Innov8te Ltd
Spare bags available in a pack of two, they also contain two drip catchers per bag so once the rad is drained the open valves can be covered and the radiator can be carried away without fear of spilling any of the black dirty water. Contents: 2 x 15 litre RaDrain polythene collection bag 4 x drip catchers
Arctic Hayes ARC333103 333103 Smoke-Sticks Refill Pack of 3, Orange
Arctic Hayes
1 x Arctic Hayes Smoke-Sticks™ Refill Pack of 3The Arctic Hayes Smoke-Sticks™ Kit is the first product on the market offering a pencil thin smoke pattern. The smoke is non-corrosive and not harmful. Ideal for testing for the slightest air-movement, gas spillage. Also for mandatory CO spillage checks of boiler/case sills after fitting/re-fitting and HVAC air-movement/leakage checks.The Smoke-Sticks™ Kit comes with 3 Smoke-Sticks™ providing up to 3 hours of controllable smoke. Refill pack also available.
Arctic Hayes ARCTWKIT TWKIT Tap Washer Kit 170 Piece, Blue
Arctic Hayes
The Arctic Hayes Tap Washer Kit contains a large selection of washers that are ideal for general plumbing. The washers are made from fibre and are supplied in a compartment case for easy identification. Contains the following: 55 x Vacca Flat Washers: 3/8in, 1/2in, 5/8in & 3/4in. 15 x Vacca Dome Washers: 1/2in & 3/4in. 30 x Dome Delta / Arm Washers: 1/2in & 3/4in. 20 x Tantofex Tap Washer: 1/2in & 3/4in. 50 x Cap & Lining Fibre Washers: 1/2in & 3/4in. PTDARCTWKIT
Arctic Hayes PH020 Gas Leak Detector Spray 400 ml
Arctic Hayes Ltd
Arctic Hayes Gas Leak Spray is non-flammable and non-corrosive. Use to detect leaks in joints, connections, etc. Safe for use on oxygen pipes. Complies with BS EN 14291:2004. PTDARCPH020
Arctic Hayes Vortex Brazing Torch-Fully Adjustable-VT2, Multicoloured
Arctic Hayes
The Arctic Hayes 3 in 1 Brazing Torch comes with 2 interchangeable burner tubes. It is fully adjustable and has an anti-flare flame. Complete with a lightweight but tough magnesium alloy body, flame lock, flame regulator and safety lock. Instant Piezo ignition.Compatible with most gas cylinders with a standard CGA600 thread.
Arctic Hayes ARC998724 998724 3 in 1 Thermometer, Orange
Arctic Hayes
The Arctic Hayes 3 In 1 Thermometer is a pipe, infrared and stem thermometer, all in 1 instrument. Select measurement in C or F with a response time less than 1 second. The clamp opens to a max of 1in (25mm) approx. Other features include: max/min record, data hold & automatic power off function. Specification IR Temp. Range Temperature Range: -35C to +260C/-31F to 500F.IR Temperature Resolution: 0.1C/F.Optical Resolution 1:1 Distance to Spot Size.Thermistor Temperature Range: -40C to +260C/-40F to 500F.Resolution: 0.1C/FBasic Accuracy: 2% of Readings. PTDARC998724
Arctic Hayes ARCBOXP BOXP O Ring Imperial Selection Box 225 Piece, Blue
Arctic Hayes
This Arctic Hayes O Ring Selection Box contains 18 different universal imperial O-Ring sizes. These nitrile rings resist heat, most petroleum and silicone fluids, hydraulic and non-aromatic fuels and solvents. Supplied in a PVC case and contains the following: 20 of each size: 1/8 x 1/4in, 5/32 x 9/32in & 3/16 x 5/16in. 15 of each size: 7/32 x 11/32in, 1/4 x 3/8in, 5/16 x 7/16in. 10 of each size: 3/32 x 15/64in, 3/8 x 1/2in, 5/8 x 3/4in, 3/8 x 9/16in, 7/16 x 5/8in, 1/2 x 11/16, 9/16 x 3/4in, 5/8 x 13/16in, 11/16 x 7/8in, 3/4 x 15/16in, 3/4 x 1in & 13/16 x 11/16in. PTDARCBOXP
Arctic Hayes ARCPH026A PH026A Gas Leak Detector with Atomiser 250ml, Blue
Arctic Hayes
The PH Gas Leak Detector Fluid Has Been Designed To Be Used To Trace Costly & Potentially Dangerous Gas & Air Leaks. The Atomiser Can Be Used To Apply Fluid Only Where You Want It, Producing A Micro-Porous Foam That Highlights The Smallest Of Leaks Immediately Safe To Handle Non-Flammable Non-Corrosive Bio-Degradeable
Arctic Hayes ARCBOXM BOXM O Ring Metric Selection Box 225 Piece, Blue
Arctic Hayes
This Arctic Hayes O Ring Selection Box contains 18 different universal metric O-Ring sizes. These nitrile rings resist heat, most petroleum and silicone fluids, hydraulic and non-aromatic fuels and solvents. Supplied in a PVC case and contains the following: 20 of each size: 3 x 1mm, 4 x 1mm, 5 x 2mm, 6 x 2mm, 6 x 2.5mm, 6 x 3mm, 7 x 2mm & 8 x 2mm 5 of each size: 9 x 2mm, 10 x 2mm, 12 x 3mm, 13 x 3mm, 14 x 2.5mm, 17 x 2.5mm, 18 x 4mm, 20 x 2mm & 22 x 2mm PTDARCBOXM
Arctic Hayes ARCFWKIT FWKIT Fibre Washer Kit 330 Piece, Blue
Arctic Hayes
Sizes270 x Red fibre washers (7 sizes: 9 x 6.4, 12.6 x 8.3, 16 x 10, 17.5 x 11.5, 19 x 13.5, 22 x 14.6, 22 x 17mm)35 x Fibre Washer (3 sizes: 1inch, 1/2inch, 3/4inch)15 x Ball Valve Seating Washer (2 sizes: 1/2inch, 3/4inch)10 x Top Body Washer (2 sizes: No. 3, No. 4)
Arctic Hayes ARC557000 557000 Popular Plumbers Washer Kit 144 Piece, Black
Arctic Hayes
The Arctic Hayes Plumbers Washer Kit contains a selection of the most popular sizes in a handy storage/carry case.Supplied with 12 pieces of each size: 16.5x6, 24x11, 19.5x5, 15.5x4, 12x4, 32x5, 19x10, 19x11, 24x15, 22x12, 18x15 & 24x20mm.
Arctic Hayes Dual Thermal Cut-Out Fan Heater 2kW
Arctic Hayes
The Arctic Hayes Fan Heater is an ideal temporary heating solution. It has 2 heat settings (1000W and 2000W) and an adjustable thermostat for more control. With overheating protection and automatic cut-out for added peace of mind. The unit also features a power indicator light and integral carry handle. Certified to European standards. PTDARC998770
Arctic Hayes ARCAPS350 APS350 Access Panel 350 x 350mm, White, 350 x 350 mm
Arctic Hayes
The Arctic Access Panel Range offers a simple, low cost, high quality solution to provide protected openings in ceilings and walls for access to building engineering services. The injection molded slim profile produces a lightweight solution, enabling an easy fit installation into all types of wall or ceiling construction. Made from UV stable ABS and held closed by a snap friction catch. They can be over-painted to match the surrounding surface. Can be fastened easily into position with a suitable glue.