AREXONS Smash Seat Restorer 8300
Trattamento detergente e riinovante per sedili e tessuti Smash
AREXONS ARX1933 Anti-fogging 15 Wipes
Arexons 1933Disposable wipes Wizzy anti-fog Indoor conf. Pack of 15Specifications:Disposable tipologiasalviette antiappanantisalviette disposable antiappanantidimensionisalvietta 200 x 295 mmsalvietta 200 x 295 mmuso specificoimpedisce fogging of the windscreen and all glass surfaces of the car.asciugaturamaterialetessuto non-woven spunlace 50 gr/mqtessuto non-woven spunlace 50 gr/mqformatoconfezione from 15 umidificateconfezione wipes 15 wipes umidificatelinea prodottowizzywizzyinformazioni/utilizzoper the cards of product safety See allegatiper the cards of product safety See annexes
Arexons 0190170 Jar Fat To Teflon, Transparent, 500 ml
Grasso al PTFE System GLT2 250 ml
AREXONS 8333 Smash Fabric Cleaner
Detergente antiallergico liquido con nebulizzatore per tessuti
AREXONS 3510 Distilled Water
Vapour pressure: n.a. relative density: n.a. water solubility: n.a. lipophilicity: n.a. coefficient of distribution (n-octanol/water): n.a. auto-ignition temperature: n.a. temperature of decomposition: n.a. viscosity: n.a. explosive properties: n.a. oxidizers properties: N.A.
Arexons Additive for Diesel Injector Cleaner 9830
Additivo liquido Diesel Pulitore Iniettori Common Rail 250 ml
Arexons 4129 Svitol 400 ml
L'erogazione avviene tramite rosa nebulizzata o getto preciso grazie alla cannuccia integrata.  Sul retro dell'erogatore si trova un cursore che funge da sigillo di sicurezza per evitare erogazioni accidentali. Ottimo per tutti gli utilizzi ove occorra uno sbloccante o lubrificante.
Arexons – Spray Can Help Multi-Purpose Grease ML. Arexons 400 4255 Lubricant Unlock
Product Description Lithium Complex multi-purpose grease soap based with anti-corrosion additives and antioxidants. Adheres on all materials, lubricates and protects. Resists Acid weak and idrossidi diluted, to hot water (also), steam and temperatures from 25 °C to + 160 °C. It can use on almost all types of plastic (it is advisable to perform however always a compatibility test) - Fields of use Can be used for the most varied problems of lubrication: hinges, locks and mechanisms of Vario Type, Rod, All moving parts of motor vehicles, even in presence of water and moisture. - Multilingual user mode Shake well the bottle. Spray directly on the surface to be treated from a distance of 15 25 cm. The product can also be provided with bottle upside down. Aspect pomatoso fil. Light Nougat Smell typical Specific Weight kg/L 0.650 ca Propellant Propane/Butane The properties of the fat Type of fat Lithium Complex Soap Gradation NLGI 2 Penetration handmade 265 295 Point of drop ° C 270 Operating Temperature ° C -25 + 160 Test 4 balls (EP) load soldering N > 2500 Viscosity oil base to 4 °C (ISO) CST 100
Arexons System gfu2 Fat X Food. LT.1 9521
White Mineral Oil Based Lubricant was football soap and anhydrous. Made with raw materials harmless: causes no pollution harmful also in case of passing contact with food. Odourless. High lubricating power. Excellent adhesion to metallic surfaces, ceramics, rubbers, plastics. Good compatibility with seals and gaskets. Good resistance to mechanical stresses. High water repellency. Operating Temperature between -25 °C and + 80 °C, with bits of use up to + 100 °C. NSF - H1 registered.
Arexons Lubricant 'Help Silicone Spray'
Help Silicone SprayPack areosol ml 400Operates from temperatures of -40 ° to + 260 °, prevents the ageing of mechanisms in plastic or rubber, also located outdoors.Hinders the oxidation and protects from frost, from moisture and corrosion.Can be used as a water repellent on camping tents, on bags, on tendalini and on any other material to isolate.Great as a release for moulds.
Bomboletta spray 400 ml Acrylic AREXONS 3943 Yellow Enamel Chrome RAL 1007
Arexons acrylic 400 ml spray polish can 3943 Chrome Yellow RAL 1007
Arexons Stucco Exhaust Silencer Sealant 250 gr
Specific for the repair of exhaust and exhaust pipes. Allows the sealing of chip and the closure of small holes. Has excellent adhesion to the stand. Contains no solvents. Hardens into hard mass. The hardening is facilitated by heat. Withstands high temperatures reached in exhaust pipes.Pack: 250 gr tube
Sparco safety shoes Touring Low S1P, black/green
Safety Shoe Sparco Mod. Touring Low (NASCAR) S1P SRC
SVITOL LUBRIFICANTE SPRAY ML 75Applicazione: l'esclusiva multifunzionalità- lo rende l'alleato sicuro e indispensabile nelle mille occasioni d'uso quotidiane: dall'industria all'autoriparazione, dalla casa al giardino, dallo sport alla nautica, dal lavoro al fai da te.Prodotto multiuso studiato per risolvere i problemi di sbloccaggio, lubrificazione, protezione di tutte le superfici metalliche in officina, casa, auto, fai da te e durante ogni genere di lavoro. In ognuna delle sue funzioni raggiunge prestazioni eccellenti che lo portano a garantire l’-uso in diversi campi di applicazione: manutenzione industriale, ripristino funzionalità-, elettromeccanica, ecc. Lubrificante: oli sintetici, additivi antiusura e friction modifier riducono il coefficiente di attrito, conferendo al prodotto ottime proprietà- antifatica e antiusura. Carico di ingranamento 80 kg. Carico di saldatura 260 kg (test SRV)Impronta (40 Kg x 1 h - IP 239) 0,32 kg Sbloccante: ha una forte capacità- imbibente che permette di penetrare nella struttura della ruggine, ammorbidendola e disgregandola grazie alla sua elevata capillarità- e bassa tensione superficiale. Tensione superficiale (ASTM D971) 25mN/m, Chiave dinamometrica Torque resistenza allo svitamento:Bulloni non trattati 37 kg/cmBulloni trattati 19 kg/cmProtettivo: forma un sottile film altamente protettivo sui metalli, impedendo la formazione di ruggine e preservando per lungo tempo dalla corrosione.Idroespellente : penetra in profondità-, scioglie sporco e grassi, elimina ogni forma di umidità- che potrebbe causare dissipazioni di corrente. Capacità- dielettrica 52 Kv. Erogazione a 360°-EAN: 8002565041049
Air Freshener Airtech by Pininfarina Lavender
Exclusive Air Freshener Car of the home of the famous Italian designer Pininfarina and exclusive fragrance scented with lavender, of long duration.
arexoxs 4163 – System tt163 PTFE Lubricant. Aerosol 400 ml
High performance mineral grease for lubricating o-rings, flat seams, bearings, seals, gears in general. A base of a combination of aluminium and additive with PTFE. High resistance to temperature: -40 °C to + 170 °C. Excellent water repellency. High power lubricant. Low coefficient of friction. Good anti-wear properties. Good to the load and corrosion resistance. pomatoso aspect. Light Yellow. Point of drop > + 250 °C.
Arexons 4138
Trattamento igienizzante Puri clima per impianti aria condizionata autovetture
Arexons – Help ANTIADESIVO Welding Cod.Arexons 4253 400 ml
Product Description Product To basis of synthetic polymer. Prevents ladesione of splashing during the soldering and prevents lotturazione of nozzles. Does not contain silicones. Allows the cleaning of surfaces with a sweep of the mop or brush. Allows leventuale painting and labelling of the elements treaties. Does not contain methylene chloride Fields of use Suitable for all welding operations. Apply on, shelter, masks, nozzles, tools and soldering on close to surfaces flaps. Technical features - colourless liquid Specific Weight 0.74 g/ml Flash Point (abel-pensky) aspect of the base -18 °C Nature Of The solvent Ether propellant propano-butano Mode: Shake the bottle well before delluso. Spray evenly on the surface to be treated before proceeding to the welding. Storage in unopened and stored at room temperature and to protect from direct sunlight, at least 3 years. Metal spray bottle contents 400 ml Cod. 4253 Warnings Do not use on open flame or incandescent body. Extremely Flammable Product. Note for information on the safety of the product it is recommended to consult the security card.