Arexx ARX-UM1 Useless Machine KIT, Black, No
AREXX Engineering
AREXX useless machine ARX UM1 kit (ARX UM1)
Arexx TSN-33MN Mini Radio Temperature Sensor
Wireless Temperature mini-sonde tsn-33mn
Arexx Datenlogger-Sensor TSN-TH77ext Messgröße Temperatur, Luftfeuchtigkeit -40 up to 124 °C 5 up to
With transmitter detached sensor cable for recording of temperature and humidity.The battery operated radio allows transfer of recorded Temperatur - and moisture levels to a data logger.
Arexx WTR-003 SOLAR Cosmonaut, White, No
AREXX Engineering
Assembled in just a few minutes, the AREXX Solar cosmonaut WTR/Going To starts when the suns warmth lapping over its solar panel.Then you can mount only the arms, legs, the back and front, the solar panel - and waiting for the little cosmonaut on the first warm rays of the sun. Then the its integrated electric motor in motion, the Fuels the running mechanism.Little Robot Man in astronaut designWith integrated solar panelEasy to assembleDimensions (W x H x D): 40 x 35 x 70 mmBox Contents:AREXX Solar cosmonaut WTR 003, KitScrewdriverSolar panel
Arexx TL-500 Wireless Temperature Data Logger System
Arexx Engineering Wireless USB Temperature Datalogger - Arexx Engineering TL-500, Buy Arexx Wireless Temperature Data Logger TL-510 - a temperature logging system that, due to its flexibility and features, is suitable for a wide range of uses in both industrial and domestic applications. Over fifty wireless sensors can be installed and monitored by the USB base station and the included temperature logger software enables the monitoring and analysis of all the sensors separately. An additional feature, when the software is installed, is Messenger software that enables temperature messages to be sent by email and to be published on a website. With an email-to-SMS service it is therefore possible to receive information from the temperature logger system on an SMS enabled device. Arexx Wireless Temperature Data Logger TL-510
Arexx Roboter Bausatz AAR-05 Ausführung (Bausatz/Baustein): Fertiggerät
Arduino Robot - Arexx Engineering AAR-04, Buy Arduino Robot (Programmable) is an excellent introduction to Arduino programming. It is supplied as a ready assembled kit and is supplied complete with software. The robot has two motors with gearboxes for differential steering and has a rollerball front wheel for 360° movement.Arduino Robot (Programmable)
Arexx RA1-PRO Metal Robot Arm Set, Silver, No
AREXX Engineering
Metal robot arm AREXX RA1-PRO
This robot chassis is ideally suited for small projects and comprises of a complete chassis kit in which you can build your very own robots. The chassis is extremely suitable for entering the world of robot technology and for amateurs ROBOT KIT CHASSIS EDUCATIONAL
Arexx robot kit JSR-008 Ausführung (Bausatz/Baustein): Bausatz
The Galvani racing machine is based not only on inventions that have already been over 2 centuries, but also on the latest engine technology. Build this fast racer that can be operated with a few drops of salt water, with the help of the assembly instructions, see the attachment to find out which inventions are based on operation. The battery of this vehicle (salt water based) is composed of three components, a carbon plate, a fabric membrane and a magnesium plate. These three components are made from environmentally friendly materials, which can be disposed of without problems between non-recyclable urban waste. The magnesium plate is consumed slowly, enough for a few hours of enjoyable operation. The kit includes three magnesium plates. Saltwater racing machine Model (kit/module): Construction kit · Toy robot type (category): Robot in kit to assemble.
Arexx Datenlogger-receiver BS-750SD Messgröße Strom 100 up to 400 mA
The bs-750sd is a USB receiver multilogger with micro SD connection. If no connection to the PC is available,The module Records data on an internal memory available. In addition, you can sit on the bs-750sd a micro SD memory cardOn which the incoming data will be stored if the need arises.Product Height: 28 mmProduct Width: 45 mmProduct Length: 90 mmAdditional Technical Data: Rated voltage: 5 V - 6 VMemory (text): 1GB Micro SD cardCurrent measurement range (Max.) : 400mACurrent measurement range (Min.) : 100mAType (Manufacturer Type): bs-750sd
Arexx USB interface RP6V2-TRANS suitable for Typ (Roboter Bausatz): RP6
AREXX RP6 USB interface (RP6 V2 Trans)
EDUCATIONAL SOLAR COSMONAUT KIT 'Further Manufacturer's Details (for this range)...The solar cosmonaut kit is a small robot in astronaut design with integrated solar panel.The solar robot can be assembled easily with the help of the instructions. As soon as the rays of the sun shine on its solar panel the cosmonaut begins to walk.
Arexx YT-3000 YETI Programmable Walking Robot