Arexx Roboter Chassis ARX-HRCH01
A fun body of a humanoid robot. Using Arduino, Raspberry Pi or your electronic project you can easily build a humanoid service robot that guarantees a surprising effect.This body allows complementary subprojects to use the language, Wi-Fi, MP3, camera, Bluetooth and anti-collision detectors.Height: 300mm · Manufacturer Part Number: ARX-HRCH01 · Width: 230mm · Length - Depth: 180mm · Weight: 870g · Toy Robot Type
Arexx TL-500 Wireless Temperature Data Logger System
Arexx Engineering Wireless USB Temperature Datalogger - Arexx Engineering TL-500, Buy Arexx Wireless Temperature Data Logger TL-510 - a temperature logging system that, due to its flexibility and features, is suitable for a wide range of uses in both industrial and domestic applications. Over fifty wireless sensors can be installed and monitored by the USB base station and the included temperature logger software enables the monitoring and analysis of all the sensors separately. An additional feature, when the software is installed, is Messenger software that enables temperature messages to be sent by email and to be published on a website. With an email-to-SMS service it is therefore possible to receive information from the temperature logger system on an SMS enabled device. Arexx Wireless Temperature Data Logger TL-510
Arexx Datenlogger-Sensor IP-HA9 Messgröße Temperatur -40 up to 125 °C
The sensor is thanks the waterproof design and the high measuring accuracy can be used.There are battery operated and has a high Radio range, the sensor can also be used in larger areas.Waterproof Temperature Sensor, IP66Temperature range: -55 °C to + 125 °CMains independent battery operatedHigh Radio range up to 180 m (free field)High measuring accuracy: typical Eichungen ± 0.25 °C, no more than & # 160; ± 1 °CBox Contents:1 x Temperature Sensor IP HA90
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Sky Walker is a striking little robot with two sensors. One sensor reacts on light intensity changes and the other one to sound. Depending on the Sensor Values the robot starts walking and automatically stops after a few seconds. With this educational robot project everybody can learn the basic principles of electronics. The robot is supplied as a construction kit. The manual not only gives step-by-step instructions with clear images how to build the robot. It also contains a lot of extra information about the world of electronics and mechanics. SKYWALKER ROBOT KIT
YETI, ROBOT, PROGRAMMABLE 'Further Manufacturer's Details (for this range)...YETI is a walking robot, fully programmable in C, for Windows® and Linux systems. It is very much suitable for hobby and educational purposes such as robotic school projects, training at the job and further courses in the electronic and mechanic field. It is supplied as a complete construction kit with programming software (compiler, editor & upload tool), two servos, RS-232 IR-Tranceiver, LEDs and Beeper.The YETI walking robot can be programmed by PC wirelessly throught the supplied Duplex IR-Transceiver. Experiment with walking, turning, dancing and running movements, etc.The software library supports you with walking functions and IR-communication functions with extensive source code documentation in the English language. This walking robot can be controlled by computer through infrared signals and by a regular TV IR-remote control. Upgradable by means of I²C-Bus System with the following upgrade and experimental kits:
EDUCATIONAL SOLAR COSMONAUT KIT 'Further Manufacturer's Details (for this range)...The solar cosmonaut kit is a small robot in astronaut design with integrated solar panel.The solar robot can be assembled easily with the help of the instructions. As soon as the rays of the sun shine on its solar panel the cosmonaut begins to walk.
The simple kit demonstrates how easy it is to test high frequency waves with a home-made receiver. In addition, you can experience and discover how radio waves behave and dispersed radiation such as the SMOG ELECTRIC RELEVATOR The radio wave scanner is a kit that must first be soldered. When you have completed your device, you will of course want to try it straight away. But what can you do with such a radio wave scanner and what do you need?Radio waves are high-frequency waves that are invisible to the eye. The funny thing is that laria is almost too full of it. We are virtually soaked in radio waves. Unonda radio is comparable to the infrared light of a remote control. You can't see that either. The TV is not only able to perceive the waves, but also manages to understand what to do with it. This waveform scanner allows you to receive strong radio waves that are generated by devices or some modern (LED) lamps such as dispersed radiation. But they can also be the radio waves of a real radio station. The fun thing about this radio wave scanner is that it allows you to receive all types of radiation.
Arexx Datenlogger-receiver BS-750SD Messgröße Strom 100 up to 400 mA
The bs-750sd is a USB receiver multilogger with micro SD connection. If no connection to the PC is available,The module Records data on an internal memory available. In addition, you can sit on the bs-750sd a micro SD memory cardOn which the incoming data will be stored if the need arises.Product Height: 28 mmProduct Width: 45 mmProduct Length: 90 mmAdditional Technical Data: Rated voltage: 5 V - 6 VMemory (text): 1GB Micro SD cardCurrent measurement range (Max.) : 400mACurrent measurement range (Min.) : 100mAType (Manufacturer Type): bs-750sd
AREXX AW-100 DESOLDERING BRAID ESD SAFE 2MX2.6MM [Pack Size: 2] (Epitome Certified)
DESOLDERING BRAID ESD SAFE 2MX2.6MM Braid Material:Oxygen Free Copper Length:2m Width:2.6mmUK Standard Manufacturer's Term WarrantyFree oxygen copper braid The ABS holder and the metal tip are non magnetic and ESD free Free washing no clean formula Flux Less braid waste User-friendly and ergonomic dispencer AW-100 with black dispenser
Velleman ARX002 Tightrope Dancer Robot Kit
AREXX rope Dance Robot WTR/RD1 - Keywords: 8717371231088, AREXX, WTRRD1, Seiltanz, robot, WTR RD1, WTR, Rd1, proddescription.
Impressive-Power AREXX - WTR-6WD - WILD THUMPER
WILD THUMPER 'Further Manufacturer's Details (for this range)...The robust Wild Thumper 6WD all terrain chassis for robotic applications is made from 2mm thick anodized aluminum plates with stainless steel and nickel plated brass fittings. Custom electronic boards and sensors can be mounted easily on the many 4mm holes which are arranged in a 10mm grid.The Wild Thumper is equipped with 6 powerful steel gearbox motors (1:35 ratio, 4kg/cm stall torque per Motor), spiked tractor tyres and a super twist suspension system to keep all wheels on the ground. This chassis will let your robot go almost anywhere in rough terrain and drive over obstacles.The platform is perfect for robotic developers and student projects. Between the wheels are two large Battery compartments which can hold up to 4 x 7,2 V RC Car sub C Battery Packs. Each unit comes pre-assembled. Only the wheels need to be mounted with supplied allen key. A simple printed manual with assembly and adjustment instructions is included.
Not for sale to under 18s. Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. , consume with moderation. Controller ASURO Xtend - the ultimate expansion for the ASURO. Very powerful ATxmega with 32 K FLASH, 4 K SRAM 2 K EEPROM. Fast and effective in c + + programming, with comprehensive library of all hardware components (, keys, ASURO sensor module). ASURO robot with PID regulator software for controlling the card control ASURO Xtend. Fast Programming via the new robottool and USB interface. Material activity tracker line (LED photo-transistors) can be used at the same time there is no need to remove it when an extension module is intended to be used. To Any Existing (extension module ASURO SNAKE VISION arx-snk20, ultra-sonic arx-ult-10, Bluetooth Kit ARX-BT3, wireless kit ARX-WRL03) may be used.Additional Technical Data: Rated voltage: 5.0 V (the power supply is done by 4 x1.5 V batteries or rechargeable batteries type AA) rated current: about 20mA (without screen or other sensors): IOUT = 0.5 A (by channel/1,0 A peak current switching digital outputs (2 channels I2 °C bus can be used at the same time) speed (Master & Slave): 400kHz Max.Manufacturer's Code - jm3-axt3
Arexx robot kit JM3-MARVIN
Robot of Things Internet Generation (IoT) can be programmed in Marvin - iRP, a graphic programming environment for young people, pupils and schools to promote logical and analytical reasoning. There is no software installation required on PC/notebook!MARVIN - iRP - the graphical programming language for beginners, intermediates and experts. It can communicate with an existing Wi-Fi router (infrastructure mode) or with a computer with a Wi-Fi interface in ad hoc mode (directly). The programs created can be saved and recharged.Ideal for learning robot programming without learning programming language. All easily understandable. For students / schools who are keen on technology seeking an easy introduction to the world of programming. Marvin à can be controlled remotely via the menu, the remote control and the display. In addition, the virtual display displays various states in the browser (programming function). TIVATM C- microcontroller ARM Cortex-M4F (mobile command) with flash of 512 KÃbyte, SRAM of 256 Kbyte and EEPROM of 6 KB. Strong points and hardware details: Proximity sensor buffer (almost independent of the degree of reflection of the surface)  9D compass (gyro and structural sensor). ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
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