Armeg SDSBSET001FL Fully Loaded VDE Adjustable Torque Screwdriver Set - Black/Red (13-Piece)
The Switch-Blade range from Armeg is the ultimate Interchangeable VDE Screwdriving Range. Designed for convenience and flexibility, the range features 3 VDE handles and 12 VDE blades which can be interchanged to provide 36 different drive options. The fully safety assured range is VDE rated, with all tools being tested up to 10,000V in a water bath to ensure user protection. The high quality Switch-Blade handles are designed with a soft-grip finish for added user comfort. Plus, you can build your own bespoke set from the range, allowing you to keep your Switch-Blade collection in the stylish and durable Switch-Blade tool case. Simply choose your start-up set and top up with individual blades and handles as required.
Armeg SSH3PCSET Sheet Steel Holesaws (3-Piece)
Armeg Ltd
Includes 20mm, 25mm and 32mm Acceler8 holesaws.
Armeg G225B4CC30 30mm Channelling Chisel
Armeg Ltd
Create fast and accurate 30mm wide channels in seconds in soft brick and medium density block. Easy to use as by keeping the tool head level with the masonry ceates a level channel.Features & Benefits:- Forged steel channelling chisels for rapid channel production- For use in soft brick and medium density block- SDS Plus drive system for machines with roto-stop facilityNB. Never allow the drill chuck to run dry, use the correct grease as recommended by the machine manufacturer.
Armeg EBS.ROUND.SET EBS Tri-Cut Round Cutter Comes with SDS Plus Drive Adaptor
Armeg Ltd
Armeg Electrical Socket Box Sinkers Round Cutter Pilot Adaptor to be used with Armeg Square Wall Cutter
Armeg SDRSET7A 1000 V Grip-X Screwdriver Set (7-Piece)
Armeg Ltd
Ergonomically designed comfort-grip handle for fatigue-free daily use;Precision machines chrome vanadium steel blade provides extreme screw grip;Entirely hardened high alloy content steel shaft
Armeg SBC127SET 127mm Complete Set
Armeg Ltd
An incredibly easy way of creating access holes in solid board flooring with no need for interjoist sawing. The Armeg Solid Board Cutter creates a 127mm diameter hole whilst simultaneously creating a rebated lip. Used in conjunction with Armeg removable solid plastic plugs, this enables a quick clean access hole which sits flush with the floor and can be reused at a later date.As with all large hole saws it is recommended to use a machine with a slipping clutch for optimum safety.Features & Benefits:- Rapidly creating a 127mm diameter hole in under one minute, the Solid Board Cutter features 8&37; Cobalt HSS tipped teeth for durability, lasting at least 100&37; longer than a standard bi-metallic holesaw.- A precision manufactured depth-stop ring and HSS rebating cutters allow SBC caps to precisely locate in the flooring for a neat finish with 100&37; accuracy.- Can be used in flooring grade chipboard up to 22mm thick.Includes:- 1 x Cobalt HSS tipped cutter- 3 x 127mm plugs- 1 x Hex Adaptor- 1 x SDS Adaptor
Armeg SBC127PLUGX10 SBC 127mm Plugs-Pack of 10
Armeg Ltd
Includes:127mm SBC Plug Caps - pack of 10For use with 127mm Solid Board Cutter.
Armeg EBS.BSC.HM 80mm Wide EBS Hard Material Chisel
Armeg Ltd
This chisel is the same width as most common electrical switch and socket back boxes. To be used in conjunction with the Armeg Circular Box cutter EBS.ROUND.SET and should be used instead on using the EBS Square cutter in Hard concrete blocks or engineering bricks for removing the 4 remaining corners. Can also be used for general chiselling work.Should be used in an SDS machine with roto stop facility and a well greased chuck.Features & Benefits:- 80mm wide chisel for chiselling out in hard masonry materials- Designed for chiselling out electrical back boxes
Armeg WWB3PCSET120 3 Piece Stubby Set Wood Beaver Drill Bits
Armeg Ltd
Set includes 16, 20 & 25mm stubby bits and SDS to 1/4" adapter The smoothest and fastest wood drill bits available The WoodBeavers quad flute and quad cutting head design sets it apart from other wood drill bits available on the market and gives a drilling performance that can’t be beaten. ¼” Quick-Change shank* for added convenience and rapid diameter tool change. Up to 25mm can be used within an impact driver. Short lightweight body construction for maximum holes per charge in cordless machines Four deep auger style flutes for rapid chip evacuation and faster drilling speeds Four precision ground cutting teeth for extreme drilling comfort and balance Purpose designed head geometry for ultra clean breakthrough Available individually or within sets *Apart from 32mm which has a 7/16” shank & can’t be used in impact drivers. Stubby Length Available in standard 165mm or stubby 120mm length. The compact stubby design is perfect for inter-joist drilling, working in tight spaces and for users with larger drilling machines. WoodBeaver can be used in: •Hardwoods •Softwoods •Veneered chipboard •Plywood •Chipboard
Armeg DSPSETJD1 Jaw Dropper Access Wrench Set
Armeg Ltd
For tightening taps without isolating the water supply. Adjustable jaws allow you to work on the pipe union nut and tap back nut with the same wrench. Set contains one wrench for basins and one for baths.Features & Benefits:- Slim design ensures maximum accessibility- Adjustable handles give maximum leverage as well as enabling use of jaws at either end of wrench- The sliding handle channel means the handle can be easily repositioned- Flat head screwdriver fitting on reverse of jaws allow for quick and easy adjustment of the jaws- Different jaws at either end of the wrench cover a wide range of nut sizes- In the closed position the bottom half of the jaw acts as a stop when tightening / removing union nutApplication:1. Sliding jaw locks in position to allow tightening/removal union unit2. Sliding jaw dropped to allow tightening of tap back nut with out having to turn off water supply or drain system.Designed for 1/2" and 3/4" BSP threads - Suitability with every manufacturer's nut size can not be guarenteed.
Armeg SSH020 20 mm Sheet Steel Holesaw
Armeg Ltd
Armeg Acceler8 Holesaw 20mm
Armeg SDSBSET001 VDE Adjustable Torque Screwdriver Set (5-Piece)
Armeg Ltd
The VDE Torque Screwdriver handle is only available in the 5 Piece Switch-Blade set, which is supplied in a durable and stylish carry case. Protective foam inserts include spaces for you to build your own bespoke Switch-Blade set from the interchangeable range - simply top up from the range as required.
Armeg AHC40-200 40-200mm Adjustable Hole Cutter
Armeg Ltd
Maximum Versatility - Adjustable width blades provide flexibility with a cutting diameter ranging from 40 - 203mmOne Tool Cuts all - Reduces the need to carry a holesaw for every size making it the cost effective solution to creating large diameter holesImpact Resistant Dust Shield - Provides protection from falling debris to provide more efficient and hassle-free drillingFeatures & Benefits:- Impact resistant dust shield for durability- Twin cutting blades for rapid cutting action & balance- Adjustable width blades for maximum flexibility- 40 to 203mm cutting diameter- Cutting thickness 46mm- Cutting materials: vaneer, plywood, wood board, plaster board & acrylic
Armeg SBC111PLUGX10 111mm Plugs (Pack of 10)
Armeg Ltd
Includes:111mm SBC Plug Caps - Pack of 10For use with 111mm Solid Board Cutter