Arquivet Silice Crystal Silice Cat Litter 11.4lt
ArquiCrystal Absorbent Silica Cat Litter Suitable for all types of cats. HYGIENIC CAT BED: The new Arquicrystal bed absorbs bad smells, has an absorbent capacity, has bactericidal activity, is non-toxic and completely biodegradable. How to use: Fill the tray with the contents of a bag. Periodically it is advisable to remove the waste in order to keep the bed clean. Thanks to its biodegrability, the litter residue used can be pulled into the container of biodegradable waste.
Arquivet 8435117859029 – Kit 4 Cages Torino 30 x 23 x 39 cm
Cage Tower Model for All Types Of Birds. With excellent quality finish and zinc plated. Removable tray for cleaning to fund. Accessories included and swing in its top. Measures: 30 cm x 23 cm x 39 cm.