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Arrow Pneumatics PC7612XXL Air Filter with Gauge
Arrow Pneumatics
5 Stage filtration.Easy to fill bowl.Includes one gallon of desiccant beads.Includes shut off valve.Made in the U.S.A.Length: 27".Width: 21".Height: 7".
Arrow Pneumatics F374W 1/2
Arrow Pneumatics
• 40 micron sintered bronze element offers depth filtration, high strength, and recleanable • 10 oz. or 20 oz. black coated metal bowl with liquid level sight • Manual 1/8" NPT twist drain • High flow, low pressure drop
Arrow Pneumatic ARRPR354G .50in. PneuMasterAir Regulator with Gauge
Arrow Pneumatic
This 1/2"PneuMasterAir Regulator with Gauge is made in the USA. Polished brass valve seat ensures that the regulated pressure will not drift. Efficient aspirator (minimum pressure drop), quick response. Three position adjustment knob to ma
New Filter Regulator Combination 3/8 80 CFM by Arrow Pneumatics
arrow pneumatics
New Filter Regulator Combonation 3/8 tri Star Series 80 CFM - Tri Star Series;Free Shipping;Arrow Pneumatics;200 Max PSI
Arrow Pneumatics New Particulate Filter 100 CFM 1/2
arrow pneumatics
40 micron sintered bronze element offers depth filtration. High strength, recleanable 5 oz. polycarbonate bowl with nickel plated steel bowl guard Manual push drain on polycarbonate bowl In-line or modular installation Manual 1/8" twist drain on metal bowls
Arrow Pneumatic ARRPD1204XL PneuMasterAir 2 Quart Desiccant Dryer
Arrow Pneumatic
This 2 quart desiccant dryer/filter removes all water vapor by lowering the dew point to -30 degrees F. When the beads change from blue to pink, it is time to change the beads. The unit includes two quarts of desiccant.Includes 2 quarts of desiccant, beads made of slica gel.Built in after-filter prevents down stream dust.The unit is rated for 25 SCFM.Made in the USA.
Arrow Pneumatics P34417 Air Conditioning Heater/Cooler
Arrow Pneumatics
Features and Benefits: Replacement Desiccant beads made of silica gel Visible color change from blue to pink Lowers dew point to -30 degrees Fahrenheit Can be recharged  Replacement desiccant beads - One gallon container.  
New Coalescing Filter 1/2 37 CFM by Arrow Pneumatics
arrow pneumatics
New Coalescing Filter 1/2 37 CFM - w/ Metal Bowl & Sight Glass; Free Shipping; Arrow Pneumatics; 250 Max PSI
Rubber Band Engineer: All-Ballistic Pocket Edition:From a Slingshot Rifle to a Mousetrap Catapult, Build 10 Guerrilla Gadgets from Household Hardware
Rockport Publishers
Rubber Band Engineer: All-Ballistic Pocket Edition is a fun-filled book of backyard projects that's perfect for gifting. Shooting far, flying high, and delivering way more exciting results than expected are the goals of the gadgets in Rubber Band Engineer: All-Ballistic Pocket Edition. Discover unexpected ways to turn common materials into crafty contraptions that range from surprisingly simple to curiously complex.  Through vivid color photos, you'll be guided to create slingshot rockets, unique catapults, improvised darts, and a clever crossbow. Whether you build one or all 10 of these designs, you'll feel like an ingenious engineer when you're through. Best of all, you don't need to be an experienced tinkerer to make any of the projects! All you need are household tools and materials, such as paper clips, pencils, paint stirrers, and ice pop sticks.Oh, and rubber bands. Lots of rubber bands.Grab your glue gun, pull out your pliers, track down your tape, and get started on the challenging, fun, and rewarding journey toward becoming a rubber band engineer.
Arrow Pneumatics New Filter Regulator Combination 3/8
arrow pneumatics
40 Micron element Manual Drain Relieving regulator Zero creep, machined brass valve seat 3-position, non-rising adjustment knob Tamper-proof cap included
Tacwise 191ELS Nail / Staple Gun with 180 Nail Selection Pack & 91 Staple Selection Pack (Bundle Pack)
Tacwise 191EL 230v Semi Pro Electric 2nd Fix Nailer Stapler Tacker 18 Gauge Brad Gun Staple Gun 0204 0205 Staple / Nail Selection PacksStock Code: 1214The Tacwise 191EL Semi Pro Nailer boasts the ability to fire seven different lengths of nail and four different lengths of staple. This makes it exceptionally versatile and useful for a wide range of applications.The ergonomic an lightweight design makes it perfect for continuous nailing and tacking tasks. Simple and easy to use this is the fastest tool of its kind and therefore the UK's favorite nailer / stapler.Max Capacity - 100 Nails / 100 StaplesWeight - 1.8kgsSupplied with heavy duty carry caseStaple/nail refill window.Single shot safety trigger.Rubber nose protector.Specifications of Tacwise 0204 91 Staple Pack1000 x 91/15mm 5/8"400 x 91/20mm 3/4"800 x 91/25mm 1"600 x 91/30mm 1 3/16"Specifications of Tacwise 0205 180 Nail Pack2000 x 180/15mm 5/8"1000 x 180/25mm 1"1000 x 180/30mm 3/16"Not sure which nails / staples you need, find out here:Tacwise Compatibility Chart
Generic heel Troll arrow Cart P Inflatable Tyre ne 14
14 inch Spare Wheelbarrow WheelThese wheelbarrow wheels are a fantastic all round product, and are designed to fit most types of wheelbarrow. The uses are not just limited to wheelbarrows though, and can be used for a wide range of applications (Go Karting anyone?).Without using any adapters, the wheel can accept axles with a diameter of up to 30mm.Size: 4.80/4.00 - 8Maximum PSI: 30psi NOT SUITABLE FOR HIGHWAY USE
Arrow A591188 Staples, Silver, 1/4 inch x 5/16 inch / 6 mm x 8 mm
These staples are for use with the arrow T59 for tacking bell wire etc.Size. 6 x 8mmClearInsulatedPack 300.
Bicycle Tires 700 * 23C,Lanking Microcellular Bicycle Dead Fly Solid Tires Free Pneumatic(White)
Product Features: This tyre is designed to replace the old tyre on your bike. It is solid and no need to pump, very convenient and durable. 700×23C solid tyre for road bikes. Puncture-proof, non-aerate and lightweight, no need to pump. Polyurethane material for improved reliability and durability. Good for commutes to work, sport rides or training rides. Specifications: Material: Polyurethane Size: 700x23C Color: Black / Blue / Yellow / Orange / White / Red / Green (optional) Weight: Approx. 460g / 1.0lb Package include: 1 x Bike Tire
LEGO 42043 Technic Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 Truck - Multi-Coloured
Lego - Technic - Mercedes Benz ArocsBuild and experience the powerful Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245!Climb aboard the awesome Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245! This huge, robust, 2-in-1 LegoTechnic model is packed with authentic details and features. Turn on the included Power Functions large motor and engage the advanced pneumatic system (new for fall 2015) for complete control over an array of exciting motorized functions. You can operate the ultra-versatile crane arm mechanism, open and close the grabber, extend the outriggers or raise and lower the tipper body! Twin axle steering, double differential drive and fully independent suspension provide ultimate maneuverability, and the driver's cab tilts to reveal a detailed 6-cylinder engine with moving pistons. Open the cab doors to access the detailed interior with dashboard, blue seating and steering wheel with Mercedes-Benz logo. This meticulously detailed 2015 model also features an extendable crane arm, 4 suspended axles, double wheels on the 2 rear axles, opening tailgate, warning beacons, wing mirrors and comprises 2753 elements, making it the largest LEGO Technic model ever produced. An authentic white, gray and black color scheme and iconic 3-pointed Mercedes-Benz star add the finishing touches to this impressive model. When you feel like another building challenge, rebuild it into the rugged Mercedes-Benz Articulated Construction Truck.Features:Features a LegoPower Functions large motor and an advanced pneumatic system for an array of motorized features, including extendable outriggers, automated crane arm and grabber, and a working tipper bodyAlso features 2 suspended front axles with twin axle steering, 2 suspended rear axles with double wheels and 2 differentials, fully independent suspension, 6-cylinder engine with moving pistons, detailed cab, opening doors and tailgate, and a 3-pointed Mercedes-Benz starActivate the LegoPower Functions!Engag
KOBWA Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit for Men Beard Care - Beard Oil, Beard Balm, Beard Brush, Beard Scissors & Wooden Beard Comb with Gift Box for Beard and Mustache Styling, Shaping, Grooming & Growth
KOBWA Beard Grooming Kit is perfect for all type of head hairs, beards or mustaches! Long, short, thick, thin, coarse, tangled !Features:- Luxury magnetic bamboo box, makes perfect gift- Beard Oil. A few drops of this will help moisturize and cleanse the skin- Beard Wax. A touch of this will help keep your mustache and beard in shape- Stainless Steel Scissors. To trim away any stragglers- Beard & Mustache Comb. Great to Distribute Your Balm Or Oil for Growth & Styling- Bristle Brush. Natural horse bristles help distribute oilSpecifications:Item Type: Beard Care SetFunction: Mustache CareMain Ingredients: Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin EColor: As Pictures ShowPackage Weight: Approx.371gPackage include:1 x Beard Oil1 x Beard Balm1 x Beard Brush2 x Wooden Beard Comb1 x Beard Scissors1 x Bag
New Air Pressure Regulator Mid Flow 170 CFM 3/4 w/ Free Gauge by Arrow Pneumatics
arrow pneumatics
New 3/4 Air Pressure Regulator 170 CFM Mid Flow Series w/ free gauge;Free Shipping & Free Gauge;Arrow Pneumatics;10 - 250 PSI adjustment