ARS ARS-KR-1000 Ultra Light Professional Multi-Purpose Shears
From garden tool specialists ARS, these multi purpose shears are ideal for a range of tasks around the garden, from trimming thick hedges, to edging lawns, to fine topiary work. The shears' corrosion resistant, chrome plated carbon steel blades are 2mm wider than those found on the previous model, for enhanced strength & endurance. Of considerable advantage are the shears' handles, constructed from an ultra low density composite material to keep them lightweight & easy to control. This combination of reduced overall weight & tough blade design makes for comfortable, fatigue free cutting, without any sacrifice to the longevity of the tool. Comfort is also improved by advanced design ergonomics, & enlarged shock absorbers to prevent strain, even with prolonged use. Specifications- Surface finishing: hard chrome plating- Material: High carbon steel- Overall length: 653mm- Blade length: 180mm- Weight: 780g- Spare blade: KR-1000-1 not included- Blade thickness: 3.8mm- Maximum cutting diameter: 10mmFeatures & Benefits Slightly curved blades & handles for an optimised cutting angle. A large screw holds the blades together, for exceptional durability. The blades are replaceable in the event of excessive wear.
ARS 190mm Fruit Picking Shears
The 300 series are equipped with non-slip lightweight grips, which fits comfortably into the hand. Marquench hardening gives the blades durable cutting performance for picking fruit, cultivating vegetables, picking flowers and gardening.Specifications:Surface Finishing: Black FinishingMaterial: High-Carbon SteelOverall Length: 190mmWeight: 110gApplications: Grapes / Fruits / Harvest / Bonsai / Flower / Vegetable / Nursery
ARS ARS-VS-8XZ 8-inch Secateurs with Single Hand Locking Secateurs with Single Hand Locking
DetailsUnbeatable edge retention can be achieved thanks Marq Uench coating, nicely balanced and one-hand locking mechanism makes this Pairs of Scissors. The grip back are rubber coated. The blades are interchangeable. Technical detailsSheetsUnlegi sorted High Carbon SteelWeight220 gLength:22.5 cm
ARS ARS-K-900Z 720-1050mm Telescopic Garden Shears Aluminium Grip
Hard-chrome plated replaceable blades produce high cutting strength. The slightly curved handles and blades produce the optimal angle to cut bushes and grass.Specifications:Surface Finishing - Chemical Nickel PlatingMaterial - High-Carbon SteelOverall Length - 7201050mmWeight - 980gRecommended Maximum Cutting Diamter - 6mmApplications:Grapes / Gardening / Nursery / Landscaping
ARS ARS-LPB-30L 778mm Overall Length Professional Lopping Shears
ARS ARS-LPB-30L 778mm Overall Length Professional Lopping Shears - High Carbon Steel Blade With Black Finish - Overall Length : 778mm - Overall Weight : 1090g - Approx Cut Diameter : 38mm - Blade Length : 78mm
ARS ARS-160-0.6 60cm Long Reach Pruner
ARS long reach pruners have a lightweight aluminium arm and ergonomic hand grip, combined with hard chrome plated blades which offer increaed resistance against rusting and corrosion. The revolving arm allows you to turn the pruner blades in any direction without moving the hand grip. The sharp blades will snip twigs and boughs easily and make this tool ideal for fruit picking.Specifications:Surface Finishing: Hard-Chrome PlatingMaterial: High-Carbon SteelOverall Length: 600mmWeight: 395gSpare Blade: 160-1Recommended Maximum Cutting Diameter: 10mmApplications: Fruits / Harvest / Flowers / Vegetable / Gardening / LandscapingFeatures & Benefits- Hard chrome plated blades- Fatigue-free handle- Lightweight but durable aluminium shaft
ARS 130DX 184mm Secateurs with Grip - Red
Our most popular hand pruner for smaller hands! Ideal for pruning twigs and medium sized stems as well as flowers and shrubs. Nonslip plastic handles come in attractive pastel colors: Ivory, Pink, Violet, Yellow, Green, and Red. Made in Japan.
ARS ARS-180ZF-3.0-5 Telescopic Long Reach Pruner, Silver/Red
Fixed head telescopic pruner with hard chrome plated blade and strengthened rod bar for increased durability.Specifications- Maximum Overall Length: 3010mm- Minimum Overall Length: 1762mm- Weight: 1185g- Cutting Guide: 20mm- Blade Material: High Carbon Steel- Blade Surface Treatment: Hard Chrome Plating
ARS 8R, 1221 – 00 Scissors
The ARS signature heavy duty pruner is now available with a rotating handle to reduce strain and fatigue during those long pruning days! The handle is designed to curl with your fingers, following the natural movement of the hand making it easier on your hand and wrist. The high carbon tool steel blade is Marquench hardened to keep its razor sharp edge an extra long time. The blades are hard-chrome plated to resist rust and sap and helps keep the cuts smooth and clean. The aggressive blade angles allow easier cut with less force required from you. The full wire coil spring is actually anchored in the handles - no worry about springs popping out in the field! And the offset blade keeps the action in the natural line of your wrist and arm to get the best cut with minimal force and fatigue. Best of all, the simple locking mechanism allows you to simply squeeze the handles together to release the blades and has an easy thumb trigger to lock them shut. Simpler really is better! Features & Benefits:- The single-handed "SQUEEZE-OPEN" system is simple, convenient and easy to use.- The ROTATING GRIP moves with the fingers as each cut is made, eliminating the friction between the handle and the skin. This prevents blisters and reduces fatigue.Specifications:Surface Finishing: Hard-Chrome PlatingMaterial: High-Carbon SteelOverall Length: 200mmWeight: 265gSpare Blade: VS-8-1Recommended Maximum Cutting Diamter: 22mmHand Size: MediumForest-Technological Approval Committee by KWFApplications: Grapes / Fruits / Bonsai / Gardening / Arborists / Landscaping
ARS ARS-LPA-30L Heavy Duty Anvil Lopping Shears Heavy Duty Anvil Lopping Shears with a 50mm Cut Diameter
Features & Benefits:- Comfortable plastic handles- Equipped with oval steel for extra heavy pruingSpecifications:Blade Material: High Carbon SteelOverall Length - 806mmWeight - 1090gSpare Blade - LPA-30-1, LPA-30-2Recommended Maximum Cutting Diamter - 45mmForest-Technological Approval Committee by KWFApplications:Fruits / Gardening / Landscaping
Polaris ARS Nix, Black, L
Polaris Bikewear's Ars Nix mountain bike liner short are manufactured from stretch polyester fabric which is fast wicking and quick drying, with a moulded pad insert for comfort in the saddle. Design features include a soft elastic waistband and gripper leg bottoms. The shorts also feature the Polaris linkin system, enabling them to be fastened into Polaris baggy trail shorts and trousers.
ARS ARS-LPB-30S 482mm Professional Lopping Shears
Features & Benefits:- The shape and the sharpness of the blades are improved for greater cutting performance.- Lightweight and durable heavy-duty tubular aluminium handles.- Ergonomically designed grip for comfortable handling with minimum fatigue.- Improved heavy duty shock absorber reduces the cutting force and permits easier handling.Specifications:Blade Finishing - Black FinishBlade Material - High Carbon SteelOverall Length - 482mmBlade Length - 78mmWeight - 860gSpare Blade - LPB-30-1, LPB-30-2Recommended Maximum Cutting Diameter - 34mmForest-Technological Approval Committee by KWFApplications:Fruits / Gardening / Arborists / Landscaping
The Cure d'Ars Today: St. John Vianney
Ignatius Press
"Everyone who thinks Vianney is already well known will find not simply new information, but what has new meaning for each discoverer. That meaning may well differ for each reader. The descriptions of the Curé's encounters with Satan and "his lesser angels" and of the hours in the confessional were my own personal crucial rediscoveries. The retreat by Pope John Paul II given at Ars is an extraordinary bonus in this extraordinary work.... An important, fascinating work by an important, fascinating author." — John Cardinal O'Connor "In the Curé of Ars, we have an incomparable guide. He remains for all an unequalled model both of the carrying out of the ministry and of the holiness of the minister." — Pope John Paul II "This is a very unusual, perhaps even a unique biography. Father Rutler does more than give the "facts" about the life of the Curé of Ars. With bold strokes, like a master Chinese calligrapher, he captures the spirit of the age in which he lived, unveils the sanctity of a humble parish priest, and gets to the heart of what it means to be a priest—not just then, but now and for all time. Along the way Father Rutler brilliantly shows that the Curé of Ars is a priest for all seasons." — Kenneth Baker, S.J. Editor, Homiletic and Pastoral Review
ARS HP-300LDX Stainless Steel Needle Nose Fruit Pruners
Growtech, Inc
This pruner is a perfect tool for most harvesting and light gardening applications. All metal construction with non-slip coated handles. The HP-300LDX features stainless steel blades, and is perfect for most harvesting and light gardening applications.
Ars Nova
Rhino Atlantic