Art Clay

Art Clay Silver 650/1200 Low Fire Clay 20G
Art Clay Silver is a precious metal clay that looks and feels like ordinary sculpting or porcelain clay, with fine particles of pure silver mixed with a non-toxic organic binder. When fired, the binder burns out, leaving a fine silver piece that can be hallmarked as fine silver. This 20gm Silver Clay is a new formulated silver metal clay combining the best features from the 3 former types of Art clay - easy moulding from the Original Formula, slow drying from the Slow Dry Formula, and a low firing temperature from the 650 range of Art Clay. The new silver clay formula has a better workability and longer working time, retains and accepts moisture easier than existing Art Clay types, staying supple and easier to reconstitute, and also carves and files easier in the dry stage. This art clay silver can be used with a kiln, torch or gas stove, for 30 minutes at 650°C or 5 minutes at 800°C. Shrinkage is 8-9%. This is an eco-friendly metal clay silver, containing recycled silver.
Art Clay Silver Clay - 50gm - NEW FORMULA
Art Clay
Art clay silver clay - 50gm - we think this might just be the ideal clay! art clay previous metal clay is easy to use, fun, inspiring and non-toxic. As a beginner you can use 'tools' you can find in your kitchen, office, kid's craft drawer, or diy toolbox. Art clay looks and feels much like ordinary sculpting or porcelain clay. What makes it so fantastic is that it consists of extremely fine particles or pure metal (silver or gold), almost like dust, mixed up with a non-toxic organic binder. The binder burns out during firing, leaving you with a pure metal piece. Art clay silver can be fired with glass, some stones and sterling silver. You can fire it with a torch, on a gas stove, or in a kiln. Read more:
Art Clay Silver Clay - 10gm - NEW FORMULA
Art Clay
Art Clay Silver Clay - 10gm - NEW FORMULA
DAS 1kg Modelling Clay - White
Packed and sealed in foil, DAS moist modelling Clay is ready to use and air dries to a hard durable matt finish without need for firing. Acrylic colours are an ideal colouring medium. One of the cheapest suppliers in the UK!
12.5Kg Scola Reinforced Air Drying Modelling Clay (STONE)
Scola Air-Hardening Clay has all the qualities of traditional clay except that it doesn't require firing, making it ideal for younger and less experienced modellers. It is reinforced with synthetic fibres for addittional strength and a low shrinkage rate. Drying time will obviously vary according to the thickness and size of the model. Incomplete models can be kept workable under a damp cloth so that modelling can be spread over more than one session. More advanced potters can also use this versatile and economical clay as it can be also be fired if required. Finished models can be coated in PVA glue and decorated with acrylic paint.
Polymer Clay 24 Colors Oven Bake DIY Colorful Clay Safe and Nontoxic Soft Modelling Moulding Colorful DIY Toys by Schoone, Best Gift for kids
Features 1. Feel delicate moderate, environmentally friendly, Non-toxic, Bright colors, Texture 2. Made of Natural Materials, is not easy to be caused by oxidation cracking fade. 3. Ideal DIY materials, is conducive to the development of children's comprehensive perception. Specification ◆ Material: soft clay ◆ Weight: 1.25 Ib ◆ Product Size: 3 * 4 * 1 cm / 1.18 * 1.57 * 0.393 inch ◆ Packing size 20 * 14 * 2 cm / 7.87 * 5.51 * 0.78 inch ◆ Colors: 24 colors  Package Includes  24 pcs Clay blocks, Project Booklet, tools, Accessories package. How To Use  1. Just a few basic tools to get started: a smooth work surface (marble, glass), an oven, some shaping tools. 2. Make the polymer clay shaped what you want,it is time to use an oven to fix it. It's best to reserve a ""dedicated oven"" for baking polymer clay. Using your home oven is an option for very infrequent baking sessions, but you must thoroughly wash out the inside afterward with baking soda and water to remove any baked on residue from the fumes, which will re-release when you use the oven later to bake food. 3. Temperature regulation is critically important when baking polymer clay, generally speaking, most polymer clay projects are baked at 135℃ (275℉) for 20-25 minutes. Baked clay can be re-baked as needed. Safety Guidelines  1. CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.  2. While working with raw polymer clay, take care not to rub your eyes. Wash your hands frequently and especially before eating.  3. Always bake polymer clay in a room with excellent ventilation. Leave at least one window open and use a fan to blow the fumes away from your work area. 
Art Clay Silver Beginner Kit Qty 1
Art Clay
This great new Art Clay Silver Beginner Kit comes with everything a beginner would need to get started with Art Clay. The kit comes in a strong resealable clear bags and contains the following. 7 grams Art Clay Silver (New Formula), Acrylic Roller - for rolling out the clay, Plastic spacers 1.5mm thick to help make the clay an even thickness, Oyumaru (resin mould) for making moulds and is re-useable, Sponge sanding pad set to shape and smooth your clay before firing, and to mirror polish your silver after firing (use red, blue and green in this order), Brass Brush for brushing your piece after firing, leaves a satin finish, Silver polishing cream for polishing a piece to a mirror finish, Polishing cloth for polishing a piece to a mirror finish, Liver of Sulphur - to give a black patina, antiquing solution, Round jump ring to hang on a chain Stainless steel net for firing over a gas hob, Burnisher for bringing up a high shine on raised surfaces, Instruction booklet with very detailed clear instructions with superb pictures.
Art Clay Silver Clay - 7gm - NEW FORMULA
Aida chemical industry
Size: about 11.5 x 8.5 x 1cm;Weight: 13.4g;Material Material: Art Clay Silver (fine powder of pure silver, water, binder);Country of origin: Japan
Staedtler Fimo Air Basic Air Drying Modelling Clay 1 kg - White
STAEDTLER FIMO Air Basic 1kg White 8101-0
Polymer Clay, 32 Colours Oven Bake Polymer Clay, iFergoo DIY Modelling Clay Kit with 5pcs Modeling Tools, Tutorials and Accessories, 1.8lb
Why Choose iFergoo Polymer Clay ? All iFergoo Clay choose the high quality material, Non-toxic, Eco-friendly. iFergoo Clay is Very Soft, Smooth and easy to Sharp for Children.It is ideal DIY Materials with play with your children. It is conductive to the development of Children's comprehensive perception Specification Material: Polymer Clay Each Block Weight: 0.7oz(20g) Each Block Size: 7*2.8*0.8cm(2.75*1.1*0.3inch) Total Weight: 1.8lb(820g) Colors: 32 Colors Oven Backing Method Burning Temperature: 135 ℃ (275 Fahrenheit ℉) Buring Time: 15 Minutes or more (Depends on the the size of the clay works) Safety Guidelines ◆ 1.CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs. ◆ 2. While working with raw polymer clay, take care not to rub your eyes. Wash your hands frequently and especially before eating. ◆ 3. Always bake polymer clay in a room with excellent ventilation. Leave at least one window open and use a fan to blow the fumes away from your work area. Package Include: 1 x Set of 32 Colorful Polymer Clay Modelling
24 Colors Air Dry Clay, Ultra Light Modeling Clay, QMay Magic Clay Artist Studio Toy, No-Toxic Modeling Clay & Dough, Creative Art DIY Crafts, Gift for Kids
Description: Color: 24 Colors Material: non toxic modelling clay Weight: 0.71 oz per one , About 20 oz in total Package Included: 24 * Ultra Light Clay 1 * Project Booklet in English Features: 1.Air-dries to a smooth, resilient finish, usually within 24 hours. 2.Self-hardening, nontoxic modeling clay is soft, clean and easy to use. 3.Ideal for a wide range of hands-on learning projects and sculpting activities. 4.Perfect way to cultivate your kids' creativeness and imagination, too! Better for kids above 3. 5. Perfect for jewelry, home décor, mixed media, seasonal items and more. 6. Freshness pouches improve shelf life. 7. Long life and reliability under refrigerated storage. Note: For children under the age of 3 years, please use under adult supervision.
Pllieay 9 Pieces Clay Sculpting Tool Set Art Dotting Tool Set 5 Pieces 2 Way 10 Different DIY Silicone and Ceramic Clay Indentation Tools and 4 Pieces Double-Ended Metal Ball Tools
Pllieay clay sculpting tool great for ceramic engraving, clay, sculpture, embossing, art project, soft sugar, cake decoration and nails art Features: 1. Dual-ended design pottery tools: Dual combination, two uses of a pen, can be used as stylus tools, can also be used as dotting tool, more effective tool application, save space, enhance function use 2. Dotting tools: Used to make the dot, make the shape, and pass through the clay 3. Rubber tip pens: Used to smooth the abrasion of clay, removing traces, molding and carving 4. The ball modelling tool: Different sizes of metal ball tool: There are 4 pieces of double-ended metal ball tools, and both sides have balls of different diameters, thus there are 8 balls for you to use Specifications: Weight: 0.19kg Material: White silica gel, stainless steel, acrylic resin, rubber Quantity: 9 Pieces Package includes: 5 x Dual-ended Design Pottery Tools 4 x Ball Stylus Clay Sculpting Tools
ESAND Air Dry Clay, 36 Colors Modeling Clay Best Gift for Kids, Ultra Light Magic Modeling Clay with Modeling Tools and Project, No-Sticky and Non-Toxic
ESAND Modeling Magic Clay Ultra-light Safety Plasticine DIY Air Dry Clay, is great for kids creating thinking development and much easier to play compared to other modeling sets. With this lightweight modeling clay set your kid will get boundless ways to play and endless imaginative and creative possibilities! 🎉 6 Reasons to Buy Air Dry Clay Set: 🎉1.Ultra Soft and No Sticky - Ultra light, ultra soft, super clean, not sticky, leaving no residue. 🎉2.A Variety of Colors for Choose - You can use a large proportion of the basic colors to deploy a variety of colors, mixed color easy, easy to operate. 🎉3.No Need to Bake - Natural air dry, dry will not crack. 🎉4.Safety and Non-toxic - Eco-friendly material, non-toxic, harmless to the children or environment. 🎉5.Easy to Save - Each color clay come in container, please storage the unuse clay in container 🎉6.Intelligence Development - Playing super light clay can improve children's practical ability,observation ability,creativity,logical capability and thinking capacity possibilities. Specification: Material:Soft Clay Each Color weight: 0.7 oz (20g) Total Weight: about 30 oz(850g) Colors: 36 colors 36 pack Other in package: 3pieces Clay tools Package included: -36 pack of Modeling clay in Cups, each individual clay is 0.7 ounces (20g) - 3 Modeling Tools - A project booklet ⚠WARNING: 📣1.Recommended age is 3 years and above. Parents should accompany their children when using our magic clay 📣2. Kindly practice good hygiene by washing your hand after using modeling clay 📣3.If there is a hard surface when using,please spray a little water. 📣4.After completed, please dry naturally, without heating drying. 📣5. DO NOT NEED BAKE. Air dry completely in 24 hours.
H&S 650g 26 Colours Oven Bake Polymer Clay Block Modelling Moulding Sculpey Tool set
H and S Alliance UK Ltd
Polymer clay is a highly versatile modelling material that is hardened by baking in the home oven. Once baked it is permanent and can be cut, sawn, glued, painted or added to and re-baked. This clay starter set is sold in 26 colours and includes a set of 5 tools. Features -The polymer clay is made of PVC, environmentally friendly, no smell -Easy & fun to use -Ideal for beginners to make small ornaments, model animals, characters etc. -Very strong and durable after baking -A park polymer clay comes in 26 colours clay and 5 tools -Instructions included Measurements -Single block size: 6.5 x 2.5 x 1cm -Single block weight: 25g -Total weight: 650g Package Contents -1 x Set of Polymer Clay -5 x Polymer Clay Tools
DAS Modelling Clay 500 g White Air-Dry
Das White Air Drying Modelling Clay - 500g With this clay's super pliability, producing a permanent work of art is easy and fast for all ages. In fact, this safe-to-use product dries in 24 hours or less while providing ample open time to complete projects. Clay can be painted or decorated wet or dry with almost any art medium. Best of all, this clay doesn't require oven baking, eliminating a major step in the modeling process. Helps build hand strength and fine motor skills. Packages are resealable. AP certified non-toxic.
Prometheus Copper Clay 50g
Odak Art, Hobby & Craft Ltd
Prometheus Copper Clay is an extraordinary medium that will transform your imagination into pure copper fine art and jewelry objects. You can easily shape your clay by hand or using some simple tools, or even turn it on a potter's wheel. Firing Prometheus Copper Clay is easier than ever; you simply need 30 minutes at 920°C or 90 minutes at 850°C or 10 minutes with a Torch.
Temon Air Dry Clay Kit,36 Colors Ultra Light Modeling Polymer Clay Set, Soft Modeling Dough Project Booklet, Wonderful DIY Educational Creative Gift Kids (36)
Does your kids playing phone, ipad,computer and electronic games all the time? Or does your kids facing to wear glasses due to watched too much TV? Now take this modeling clay back home and let your kids shift their attention to creating new works! Descriptions: Color: 36 Colors Material: Natural resin Weight: 0.71 oz per one , About 20 oz in total Features: 1. Ideal for a wide range of hands-on learning projects and sculpting activities. 2. Perfect way to understand kids' inner world by kneading mud. 3. Help Kids to learn the color, shape and structure while playing. 4. Keep your kids away from electronics, this can help them develop their creativity and imagination while play based learning. 5. Super soft, smooth, stretchy, lightweight, and doesn't stick to your hands, simply dry 36 hours to fully harden, no more actions need. 6. 36 bright colors can greatly build kids perception to the world, and also to improve your children's practical ability,observation ability,creative ability,logical capability and thinking ability. Package Included: 36 * Ultra Light Clay 1 * Project Booklet Note: 1. Suitable for over 3 years old kids, for children under the age of 3years, please use under adult supervision. 2. Please contact us to get the replacement if the product damage due to the transportation. 3. Outer packaging will send randomly.