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Crayola Inspiration Art Case -140 pieces-Assortment
IN box included 150 or 140 pieces
The Magic Toy Shop 54 Pieces Kids Art Artist Set in a Box with Drawers Pens Pencils Crayons Paints
The Magic Toy Shop
Children's 54 Pieces Craft Art Artists Set in A Box With Drawers. Each fantastic set comprises of a carry case with drawers that opens out to neatly display and store all the equipment required for creative play - 12 Watercolour Tables, 12 Crayons, 12 Markers, 12 Colour Pencils, 1 Pencil Sharpener, 1 Palette, 1 Pencil, 1 Eraser, 1 Brush, 1 Glue. Draw, sketch, paint, color and create with this great art set - perfect to keep any little budding artist busy whilst travelling or at home on a rainy day. Suitable for children aged 3 and above.
Scratch Magic Note Cubes (3279)
Melissa & Doug
IDEABRIGHT LTD DESCRIPTION Melissa and Doug Scratch Magic Note Cubes 15945 This is a pack of 125 scratch notes in a dispenser, complete with a wooden stylus. Just scratch away the black surface to reveal a myriad of colours underneath. What a great way of writing notes, or just enjoying a good old doodle END OF IDEABRIGHT LTD DESCRIPTION
Scratch Art for Kids, Scoolr 50 Sheets Rainbow Scratch Paper Arts and Crafts for Kids Black Magic Scratch Art Notes Paper Boards with 5 Wooden Stylus and 4 Drawing Rulers and 1 Pencil Sharpener
Give an alternative to screen time! -Help keep little ones away from screens and gadgets by offering them a fun and creative way to enjoy themselves and express themselves creatively. -The Scratchy Scratch 50 Combo Kit has many sheets for prolonged play time -- and each sheet is large and durable allowing for detailed, expressive drawing possibilities. -Little artists will find enough space to explore their creative side with enough sheets to last a while! Great for Parents! Scratch paper is a wonderful activity to promote bonding time between children and their moms, dads, grandparents and other adults. Draw with them, play games, practice letters... the possibilities are endless. Plus, explore the sample pack of stickers included for fun quality time, while simultaneously helping youngsters learn and grow. Impress your Friends! -Make impressive art to be very proud of!! -The matte black surface scratches off to reveal beautiful rainbow, silver or gold backgrounds underneath. -Imagine how impressive your art will be when you show it off! :) What a fun and exciting way to help boost children's self-confidence. Decoration-worthy art! -Hang their creations around your home or classroom classroom to showcase children's discovery. You'll have a room full of proud kids! -Encourage learning through play-based learning. -The Scratchy Scratch 50 Combo Art Set is so much fun to investigate and explore. Use devices other than stylus-scratchers to see what happens... what pattern does a pinecone make? A fork? What else will they try? Package including: 50 x Black Scratch Paper 5 x Wooden Stylus 4 x Drawing Rulers 1 x Pencil Sharpener
Giant Box of Craft 1000 Pieces
Play House
Be amazed by this Giant Box of Craft! From crafty monsters to sparkling accessories, blossoming young imaginations can finally make as many different crafts as they like! This wonderful collection is the ideal way to get your kids into crafting, as well as working with their creative ideas! Spark off your little one's ideas and imaginations with this cool supply of crafts! From oodles of sequins to fluffy feathers and bright papers, you don't have to worry about grabbing anything extra! This kit contains every crafty essential, ranging from cool fabrics to glues and scissors to wake your kids' imaginations and get them crafting away. An ideal kit for your little artists and crafters, develop their creativity and mobility with this high-quality collections of amazing essentials. If you're looking for fun, indoor activities to captivate your kids, this is ideal! Box size: 32 x 16 x 26 cm (12.6 x 6.3 x 10.2 inches) Includes glue and scissors Box contains: pipe cleaners, cards, papers, foam shapes, googly eyes, pom poms and more! Over 1000 pieces to play with! Ideal for ages three and older Giant Box of Craft 1000 Pieces
Galt Toys First Pottery
James Galt & Company Ltd
Make and paint a variety of clay pots with this cool kit. Learn the basic techniques of pottery to create pinch pots, slab pots and coil pots from the air-drying clay then decorate them with the colourful ceramic paints.
Rainbow Scratch Paper Art Kit for Kids: 20 BIG Sheets of Rainbow Colour Scratch Off Paper in a Notepad + 2 Scratchers - Perfect Gift for Girls or Boys, Children Travel Activity for Airplane or Car
Purple Ladybug Novelty
SCRATCHY SCRATCH FUN ON THE RUN! This Scratchy Scratch Notepad lets you take your Scratchy Scratch paper wherever you go - it's convenient and portable! Our notepad has 20 BIG sheets of rainbow drop scratchy scratch paper. When you scratch off the black matte surface discover brilliant intense colour underneath! scratch paper art for kids gift for 6 year old girl gift for 8 year old girl art supplies for children arts and crafts for kids craft kits for kids art and crafts for children art supplies kids arts and craft crafts for girls craft sets art and craft for kids rainbow scratch paper foil art sequin art scratch pad art paper kids scratch notes art rainbow art scratch pads for kids girls arts and crafts engraving art crafts for children art and crafts for children art supplies for children 5 year old girl gifts road trip activities for kids 4 year old girl gifts 6 year old girl gifts 8 year old girl gifts 7 year old girl gifts gifts for 5 year old girls 10 year old girl gifts gifts for 6 year old girls gifts for 8 year old girls gifts for 7 year old girls 9 year old girl gifts art supplies for artists 11 year old girl gifts gifts for 4 year old girls gifts for 9 year old girls gift for 5 year old girl gifts for 10 year old girl 8 year old boys gifts gift for under 5 dollars gifts for 11 year old girls gift for 7 year old girl gifts for girls 10 years old gift for 6 year old girl 12 year old girls gifts gift for 8 year old girl gift for 10 year old girl gift for 3 year old girl gifts for 12 year old girl gifts for 13 year old girl gifts for girls 8 years old gifts for 10 year old girls books for 8 year old girls gift for 9 year old girl car ride activities for kids car trip activities for kids kids craft set kids gifts kids craft set kids gifts art sets for children girl gifts arts and crafts for girls crafts for kids travel games for kids art kits for kids art set for kids activity books doodle pad thank you cards
Art A Children's Encyclopedia
This beautiful art book for children charts the evolution of the greatest cultural achievements in painting, sculpture and photography. Art: A Children's Encyclopedia traces the development of painting, from prehistoric cave drawings to the Mona Lisa to contemporary street art. Get to grips with world-famous sculptures, including the Terracotta Army and Michelangelo's David., Find out about photography, from pinhole cameras to digital imagery and iconic photography such as Neil Leifer's Ali versus Liston.With amazing facts, clear explanations, and stunning photography, Art: A Children's Encyclopedia is the essential introduction to the art world for children.
4M 4341 Magnetic Tile Art
Great Gizmos
Turn ordinary tiles into masterpieces. Attached rubber magnets and make them cool fridge magnets. Contains: 10 pieces of tiles, Rubber magnets, Double-sided adhesive tapes, one paint strip, one paint brush, Detailed instructions.
Mega Craft Jar Childrens Kids Giant Art Set Pom Poms Beads Paper Foam Letters
The Magic Toy Shop
Mega Craft Jar Have endless hours of fun with this Mega Craft Jar. This giant plastic jar is packed full of all sorts of arts and crafts materials for your projects! Inside you will find googly eyes, craft sticks, crepe paper, pom poms, glitter and much more. The jar comes complete with a carry handle built into the lid, so you can even carry it around with you wherever you go! This Mega Craft Jar contains pom poms, fringed crepe paper, sparkle sequins, ric rac, pipe cleaners, self adhesive foam shapes, ABC felt shapes, wooden craft sticks, googly eyes, confetti, beads, paper, crepe paper, white craft glue, glitter glue, Zig Zag scissors with plastic blade. Full of art and craft materials Dimensions: 29 cm x 17 cm x 17 cm Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months
Glow Art R3-BLK Drawing Board, Black
CDK Developments
With the Glow Art kids can take their imagination and creations to a whole new level. The four fluorescent markers can be used to create works of art, and the see-through screen means you can trace your favourite pictures and bring them to life. Create amazing glowing pictures that transform and change colour. 36 built in lighting effects make your art come to life... With the Glow Art kids can take their imagination and creations to a whole new level. The four fluorescent markers can be used to create works of art, and the see-through screen means you can trace your favourite pictures and bring them to life. Create amazing glowing pictures that transform and change colour. 36 built in lighting effects make your art come to life...
Mister Maker Doodle Drawers Bumper Craft Kit
Creativity International
A sturdy flood coated box packed full with crafty goodies - contains lollipop sticks, gluestick, glitter, chenille pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes, tissue paper, pom-poms, coloured activity paper, felt tip pens, stickers to decorate the box with, template sheet and full instructions for at least 4 different projects. Gives your kids the chance to make your very own farmyard scene!
Scratch and Draw Dinosaurs
Imagine That Publishing
Scratch and sketch amazing rainbow and foil pictures of dinosaurs with this incredibly interactive art activity book. Taking colouring and drawing to another level, the pictures are simple to complete and the results really do look awesome. This book even has a stylus so you can scratch away the surface to reveal what lies beneath the specially coated pages. There are also step-by-step instructions for drawing simple pictures and a scratch-and-draw story to complete.
Baker Ross Dotty Sticker Art (Pack of 8) For Kids To Decorate, Arts and Crafts
Baker Ross
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Scratch Draw Art Game