[pro.tec] Tomato spiral/climbing plants spiral/vegetables / growth support/assistance / Grow Spirals/set 0f 20 / stainless steel/galvanized / 180 cm
Tomato Spiral 20 pieces SetIdeal for protection of tomatos, climbing plants and other vegetables during the growing process.Product details:-the spiral bar support the natural growing process of the plants- corrosion-resistant and stainless- length: 180 cm- diameter: 6mm- with 6 turnsMaterial: steel, galvanizedScope of deivery: 20 x tomato spiralBranded product from the house [pro.tec]
ARTECSIS 4 Candle Holders for Advent Wreath, Christmas Decoration Arrangement Black Diameter 2.4in
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These 4 black candle holders are indispensable for every self-made advent wreath or floral arrangement. The holder has a long spike in the middle to secure the candle in the wreath and prevent it from falling over, the candle will burn safely. The smaller spike on the other side penetrates the wax of the candle to secure it in place. The holder itself is slightly bent upwards to prevent wax from dropping onto your wreath. The black colour of the candle stands can be combined with any other colour. The holders are perfect for candles with a diameter of 6 cm or less. The candle holders can be reused every year for example for a Christmas advent wreath or a floral arrangement in spring. The candle holders have a rubber tip over the spike to prevent any kind of injury while unbox- ing.
ARTECSIS Hanging Bird Feeder For Garden, Bird House In Vintage Stone Look, Easy To Fill And To Clean
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Round bird food house made of plastic Ø approx. 31cm Upgrade your garden or terrace with this elegant birdhouse for hanging ARTECSIS. Do also something good for the animal world. Because feeding birds is nowadays the basis to secure the species population. The design of the bird silo is timeless and elegant and therefore the birdhouse becomes a beautiful garden decoration. The wide opening of the food container in the middle allows birds unrestricted access to the food, which is easily accessible. Simply fill the container with your preferred bird food, and you can watch the birds feeding. Ideally, clean your bird feeder every two < two weeks with a mild soapy water solution. The round birdhouse made of high-quality plastic is durable and weather-resistant. With its elegant roof it offers protection from snow and rain and will quickly become the favourite place of your feathered friends. The feed container can be opened on all sides for easier cleaning. With this original and beautiful birdhouse in timeless design you will draw the attention of your neighbours to your garden or balcony. The design captivates by its clear and elegant line. Style and functionality combine optimally and result in the uniqueness of this birdhouse.
ARTECSIS Ceramic Piggy Bank Pig To For Kids And Adults Normal Size
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This piggy bank will save your money. This piggy bank will make a perfect decorative element for your interior. In a vintage style, this piggy bank will be very appreciated by children but also by parents! Try to fill this piggy bank and you can then offer a great gift with the savings you have managed to make. Leave your coins or notes here and see how much you would save. This piggy bank is ideal to offer to your friends or to use it at a wedding present or other great occasions. Indeed you can offer it empty but also full, which will be a very original way to offer money to your kinfolk!
Artecsis Rain Gauge for Garden, Balcony, Terrace, Rain Gauge, Metal and Glass Frog Garden Stake with Scale, 115 cm
This analogue rain measuring station made of metal in a frog design is perfect for Rainfall are lightweight and precisely to determine. The height of the rainfall knife is 115 cm. The Rain Gauge is simply just into the soil, the and is it safe and stable. Thanks to Froschs's Pluviometer also visually a head turner. The Rain Gauge is perfect for the outdoor use: it is weatherproof and can be used on theA balcony, terrace, garden or a farm. The measuring cup has a scale, of up to 35 ml mark, so you can just find as A lot of rain in one day like it is. While precipitation, the rain collection glass fills with water, on the measuring scale is The Rain Gauge be read. A millimetres on the scale, equivalent to a litres per Square Metre. The Rain Gauge are ideal for gardeners and farmers, thanks to the of the dog knife Can determine whether your plants require after rain water or not. Can also be used for Hobby meteorologist, a rain gauge is essential. The Rain levels is located on the detailed and well Lebaren scale easy to read. A real pleasure for the gardener and hobby from Ereologen.
Powerful Head Torch with LED Light – Batteries Included – Water Resistant – Adjustable Angle Head – Fixing Band Adjustable Size – Light and Handy
Discover the head torch that will be with you in all circumstances. Solid, lightweight and practical, this LED lamp will meet all your needs. Its powerful beam will enable you to move with ease in the night, while playing sport or at work. With the adjustable front mounting band, you can adapt the size to your head for maximum comfort. However, you can also put this lamp over a cap or a helmet for work, cycling, skiing, etc. Thanks to this band, you can even hang your lamp into a tree for you to use while camping. This head lamp is therefore very practical and very comfortable. What are you waiting for?
Set of 2 Protection Netting for Balcony Reer 94 cm x 294 cm
Prevents children from throwing toys from the balcony Simple fastening with ring screws and lace Made of durable, weather-resistant polyester - Intertek pollutant tested Sports & Outdoor 94 cm x 294 cm
Artecsis Large Capacity Garbage Bags, Extra Heavy Trash Bag 240L, 120 x 150 cm, Highly resistant + 20 Closure Yarns … (10x)
These garbage bags are extra-strong and extra-large, which makes them very practical in all circumstances. The material of which these bags are made of is very thick and particularly tear-resistant. Even heavy garbage can be placed in these bags. They are also ideal for protecting garden furniture as they are waterproof. These bags are in- dispensable for restaurants, large kitchens, camping sites, construction sites or renovations...
ARTECSIS 4 Tea Light Candle Holders for Advent Wreath, Christmas Decoration Arrangement Black Diameter 6,5cm
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So that you can enjoy your Advent wreath to the fullest, it is not just the decorationimportant but also the right candle base. These modern tea light candle holders, which are essential for the Advent wreath, provide a long Needle and a wide candle plate for a complete secure. The Advent wreath candle holders in a practical pack of 4 can be used thanks to the long needle Perfect hold. The neutral black colour can be combined with any colour. The candle holders can be used again and again for Christmas game for the DIY Advent wreath or in spring for a table arrangement.
Duck decoy for pond and garden, plastic mallard, pond decoration, floating duck, fake bird
Decorative as a home or garden and pond decoration or for use as a decoy for hunting The Artecsis Dekoente is a real eye-catcher in your pond or garden. The plastic is detailed shaped and being painted on the wall and at first glance, this one is attractive plastic Drake very similar its real art the day. With a quill swims the dummy strong and quiet on your pond or can be used in other places in your garden. If you choose the figure to the hook with a ribbon or with a string, it will leave your on your position. Fit for they can be used as a decoy is required depending on the water 2 - 20 dummy to build to expose the an appropriate lock detail. Mimic This Vorbeifliegenden ducks against to say at the base a way you enjoy swimming and search for food. As Stockenten gesellig are some of the Flying Ducks on the dummy settle and can reach so in firing range of the Wartenden Z-95 Headhuntertm.
4x furniture castors, up to 150kg, for transporting furniture or cabinets, scratch-resistant, transport wheels
Furniture, such as cupboards, tables, sofas, and desks, can easily be moved with this set of 4 panel rolls. The rollers have a carrying load of 150kg. The wheels are suitable for any surface indoors and outdoors. Also perfect when moving houses or if you want to move furniture by yourself. The rollers can be easily pushed under the furniture to move and stay there thanks to the anti-slip pads. It is best to place a roll in every corner of the piece of furniture.
Artecsis 3 x Storage boxes with lid, 60 x 40 x 18 cm, plastic, with wheels, stackable, capacity 34 litres
This plastic box has a big capacity of 34 litres. Items can be stowed space saving and secure in this box. The see- through plastic makes it easy to identify container contents from the out- side. Thanks to the lid and the 2 clip closures your items are stored securely. The wheels make it easy to push this box under your bed, a desk or a table. Ideal for storing, toys, books, clothes, shoes, blankets... It will keep all your belongings dust and damage free. Size: 60 x 40 x 18 cm Capacity: 34 litres Material: plastic Colour: red / transparent