Artemio Wooden Tea Box 20 x 14 x 8 cm
Decorative Tea Box has 4 compartments Has One With The material you want to. It brings a touch of decor in your kitchen and will delight your guests.
Artemio Wheeled Storage Case for Skip N Cut Fabric, Multicoloured, 53 x 23 x 24 cm, Multicolored
Artemio Suitcase Storage casters for Scan N Cut, Fabric, Multicolored, 53 x 23 x 24 cm - Very practical, this trolley suitcase has 2 wheels and different areas of storage of several sizes to organize all your hardware - This color storage suitcase mole to Artemide white peas is designed to store and transport your scanner machine - Material: fabric
Artemio Wooden Advent Calendar to Decorate Geometric, Wood 40 x 6.5 x 40 cm
This unit of 25 drawers is perfect as an advent calendar.The drawers do not have all of the same size, which allows you to insert different sized chocolates or small gifts.You can leave it as is for a natural ambiance or decorate according to your taste (paper patches, paint, etc).This customisable advent calendar measures 40 x 40 cm (6.5 cm deep).
Artemio Wooden Chest with 25 Drawers, Beige, Wood 32,5 x 32,5 x 8 cm
Wooden chest with 25 drawers;Can be used as advent calendar;Arts and Craft Item
Artemio Multicoloured Small Birds on Clip, 6 x 2,5 x 5 cm
6 multi-coloured birds, escaped of tropical forests are a friendly place to secure it. Fitted with a spring pliers, they will be easy to fit. On a plant, at the top of a curtain, at the end of a table to surprise your guests and colour your life every day.
Artemio Wooden Suitcase 23 x 17 x 9 cm
Small wooden suitcase to decorate;23cm x 17cm x 9cm;Arts and Craft Item
Artemio 11 cm Click Click Small Model Label Maker
Artemio 11 cm Click Click Small Model Label Maker - Label maker for 9mm tapes - 1 wheel with alphabet and emoticons - 1 tape (9mm x 2m) included - The colour of the machine may vary
Artemio 4-Piece Punches Birth Kit, Multi-Colour
Mini drills original forms: teddy bear, crib, bottle, feet. Ideal to illustrate an announcement of birth!