Therapeutic beeswax Ear Candles (8 pairs) with filters,protector discs and 8 Aromas [ARTUROLUDWIG]
Ear candling or 'Thermal Auricular Therapy" is a pleasant and non-invasive treatment of the ears, used to treat a variety of conditions such as headaches; sinus problems and the bulid up of excess earwax (cerumen). Ear candles induce a revitalising heat upon the head and ears, which shootes, relieves and relaxes. The range of 8 different aromas are easily identified by colour, each with its own unique quality in promoting the feeling of the subjects well being. You may want to do ear candling in a regular basis for general well being and relaxation. Generaly you may use ear candle in every fortnight, or if u suffer from issues such as congested nose or sinus, you may do it every week in a short period of time and turns back for the threatment every fortnight after the symptoms are improved. Kindly remind to drink plenty of pure water after the treatment Contra-indications: If you are suffering from inner ear infection, fungal infection in the ear, tumor in the ear, damaged ear drum or wearing hearing aid, it is advisable that you do not receive ear candle treatment. Ear candling is a natural therapy. It cannot replace any medical treatment. Therapeutics Candles are handmade with natural beeswax and 100% pure organic essential oils. Pack contains 16 ear candles (8 pairs) with protective discs and specially designed safety filters prevents residues, which are generated in the burning process. Therapeutics Candles are designed to burn with minimal smoke and ash to release the natural aroma of essential oils while complimenting the therapeutic experience of ear candling. Each pair of candles is individually packed to keep candles in good condition, instruction of usage at the back of each package Perfect for whole family. Amazing offer of 8 different aromas like lemongrass, lavender, rosemary and more.
Universal Garage Gate Cloning Remote Control 433MHZ [ARTUROLUDWIG]
4-Channel RF Wireless Remote Control Duplicator for Garage Doors, Gate Doors, Alarm Systems etc. This is a fixed frequency remote cloner (433.92mhz) for copying 99.99% common fixed and learning code remote controls including Came, FAAC, NICE etc. Clone up to 4 remote signals from 4 different remotes! With this remote cloner you can clone all 433.92MHz fixed code key fobs. This remote is not compatible with rolling/billion code remote controls. Check this link for a video of the cloning process:     Operating frequency: 433.92MHz     Weight: 0.03kg     Size: 6cm x 3cm x 2cm     Distance: Up to 100 meters     VERY IMPORTANT: This model can ONLY clone fixed code remote controls which operate at a frequency of 433 or 433.92 MHz. It is not compatible with rolling code or billion code remotes or other frequencies (MHz). Contents: 1x Clone Remote Control 1x Instructions 1x Key Chain Some remotes that use this frequency are listed below. AETERNA: TX433 ALIZE: EM2C APERTO: CPS1|CPS2, ALLMATIC: AEMX1 433|AEMX2 433|AEMX4 433 BENINCA: LOT2W|LOT2WMS|LOT4W BFT: TE01|TE02|TE04 CAME:TOP432M|TOP432S|TOP434A|TOP434M CARDIN S476 TX2|S476TX4, CASIT: TXS1|TXS2|TXS3|TXS4|MPS TF2E|MPS TF4E CASALI: Genius DEA: 433-1(237)|433-2(238)|GENIE S(263)|GENIE S263L|PUNTO2 DITEC: BIX LS2 DUCATI: TSAW1|TSAW2|TSAW3 ELBER: TSAW1|TSAW3|TSAW2 FAAC: TM 433-1|TM433 3 GIBIDI: TMB 433-2 NICE: FLO1|FLO2|FLO4 OPENOUT TMQ 433-4 RASTEL: MPSTF4E GRIS|MPSTF4E RJ SEAV: TXS1|TXS3|TXS4, TAU: BUG4|250 TS20|250 TX4D TELCOMA: TANGO2 SW|TANGO4 SW This is just a small list - there are 1000's of compatible remotes.
Electrical Fire Starter for Barbecue | Electric Charcoal Starter, Electric Charcoal Lighter for charcoal BBQs [ARTUROLUDWIG]
BBQ electric charcoal starter, Fire starter for barbecues and grills. Here is the device that makes starting a fire the easiest fastest task. No more fiddling around your barbecue, it is safe and straightforward to use.  Electrical specifications: 220-240V50/60Hz 800W,   Size: 50X19.5X8.5cm Materials: Heating wire is made of stainless steel #304 Handle: made of Nylon - Heat-insulated handle, ergonomically designed. Timing: Barbecue fire gets ignited in about 10 minutes. Minimum smoke levels. Large ignition surface with 3 filaments. Last but not least: Easy to clean. Content: electrical fire started with 3 prong-shaped filaments.
ArturoLudwig Freshwater Round Pearl 10mm/1cm Stud Earrings 925 Silver - White
 These pearls are gathered from freshwater lake and river mollusks. Most Freshwater pearls come from China and they can be mostly round to off-round, or rice-shaped to baroque. The size of the pearl is 1cm x 1cm.   They look similar to Akoya pearls, but are the perfect gift when on a budget. They might be slightly less symmetrical, smaller, or not as easily matched, but these minor differences provide a major value for the price. Pearls are produced naturally in the body of salt and freshwater mollusks, such as oysters and mussels. When these animals sense an irritant, such as a grain of sand, they produce a soft coating of calcium carbonate substance around it. The result is a pearl. Because perfectly round, naturally produced pearls are so rare, a process known as cultivation was developed by Kokichi Mikimoto in the early 1900s. A small bead of polished shell, the nucleus, is used as an irritant and delicately inserted into the mantle of a mollusk. It takes approximately 20-24 months of intensive husbandry to cultivate a saltwater pearl and somewhat less time to cultivate freshwater pearls. The harvest usually takes place during the months of June and September.
ArturoLudwig 2 x High Security 4-Dial TSA Combination Luggage Locks With SearchCheck - Black
The Travel Sentry system is accepted and recognized by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). You can now securely lock your bags and still allow for TSA inspections without damage to the lock or your luggage. TSA accepted and recognized locks use the Travel Sentry system allowing customers to set their own combination for general security and TSA screener access for security checks. Features TSA accepted and recognized lock. 4-dial combination lock for improved security - each lock can be set to its own combination. Combination can be reset as often as you choose. The system will ensure that passengers using the locks will not have to worry about a lock being broken or a locked bag being damaged if it is selected for hand inspection. It will also mean more peace of mind for passengers worried about reports of increased pilferage from unlocked bags. TSA screeners are issued codes and secured tools for secured access to open the locks. Weight: 70g. Size (about): 6.7cm x 3.0cm x 1.2cm. Colour: Black. The original number is 0-0-0-0. You will receive 2 padlocks. To set your own combination, please follow these easy steps: 1. Pull up the shackle to open the lock (a). 2. Rotate the shackle 90° counter clockwise and press shackle into the hole. Hold down and continue to turn another 90° counter clockwise. 3. Set your own combination by turning dials. 4. Turn the shackle back as normal (c). Then the setting is completed. *To reset a new combination, please repeat step 1 to 4 above. Please remember your new combination.
ArturoLudwig Travel Bag for Dogs Snack Food - Pet Care, Ideal for Travel, Trips, Training
The bag folds flat for easy storage It has additional mesh pocket on outside Large enough to fit your whole hand inside Approx. 7 inches tall by 9 inches wide by 2 inches deep (15cm x 20cm x 5cm) IT features a reflective stripe, durable clip, hook and also D-ring for keys and more This is an easy to clean practical food bag made of nylon, with metal hook. Ideal for training, walks, or when travelling with your dogs, therefore a very useful accessory for all the dogs' lovers. Content: 1 bag - various colours
ArturoLudwig Wheel castors baby cot, 4-pack
Whilst your baby is tiny and the Bedside Cot is fixed to your bed, you may not need your cot to be mobile but when you fix a side rail on, you might wish to use the cot to wheel your baby to the bathroom for bathtime or use the cot downstairs for naps. If this is the case, fitting castors will only take a few moments and will give you far greater versatility. You can chose castors for either hard (laminate or parquet flooring) or for carpets.The castors can be locked for safety.
Clockmaker's Tool Set [ARTUROLUDWIG]
Product Description This watchmaker tool set provides all essential utilities for watch lovers. Whether changing a strap, the shortening of the metal bracelet, fast and trouble-free battery replacement, the fine adjustment of the automatic movement - no tool is missing. Many important parts such as: spring bars in various sizes for the bracelet, O-ring seals in various diameters for the floor and watch battery clamps with screws are delivered with it. With the watchmaker's loupe you can see hidden damages without problems. Packed in an attractive aluminum case, this set is ideal as a gift or a present for yourself.  For more than 30 successful years, Mannesmann Tools Germany has specialized in hand and power tools for do-it-yourself, craft and industrial sectors. The products of Mannesmann Tools are exported to more than 70 countries worldwide. Box Contains 1 x watchmaker's loupe 1 x Case opener for wristwatches and pocket with pressed soil 1 x Spring bar tool for quick removal and replacement of spring bars to watch wrists 1 x Pressing tool for metal wrists pins 1 x Case opener for watches with screw back 1 x fully adjustable universal tool with 6 different sets of hardened steel grippers for different floor constructions 1 x Spring Bar Assortment normal 1 x 1x assortment of battery clamps with screws 1 x Replacement blades for screwdriver 1 x O-ring seals for watches 1 x Plastic tweezers 1 x Tweezers with fine point (non-magnetic) 1 x Srewdriver Set 1 x 2x replaceable blades
Ceiling Hook for Indoor Hammocks - Power Hook - For Hanging Swing Seat Chairs [ARTUROLUDWIG]
The Power Hook hammock fixing means that you can let your hanging chair rotate freely from the ceiling. The Power Hook makes sure that the cords do not chafe and that the chair can rotate in any direction - the extension chain means the height is adjustable.     Power Hook with ball bearings to rotate     High Quality.     Easy to Use and Assemble.     Ball bearing ceiling hook with chain for suspending hanging chairs.     Including screws and plugs.     Load capacity: 120 kg. Chain length: 78 cm.     Makes hanging your hammock easy     Comes with full instructions Dimensions carabiner hook 120x60mm (strength 10mm) Plate 75x3 mm  
Guitar Capo Clamp For Electric Acoustic Tuba Quick Trigger Release [ARTUROLUDWIG]
This capo is made of iron and resists wear It is easy to put on or release Suitable for different widths It can be set exactly right as if the correct amount of tension is applied to the strings It is suitable for both electric guitar and acoustic guitar Length: approx 8.4cm Neck Width: 3.7cm (max) Color: Black
Premium Fake/Dummy CCTV Security Camera Solar Powered with Flashing LED light - Indoor Outdoor - Silver [ARTUROLUDWIG]
CCTV dummy camera with (fake) auto iris lens. Professional design for the impression of security. With built-in flashing LED plus fake LED IR. Mounting bracket included The flashing LED and built-in IR LED make this camera look even more real. Free CCTV Warning sticker included The Solar Panel Powers The Continuously Flashing Led Indicator Deter intruders from your premises. Quick and easy to install. Incorporates flashing LED light which adds to the realistic look of the camera. Also comes with a free CCTV warning sticker.
10pcs Hard Plastic Credit Card Holder, Extra Protection for All ID and Personal Cards [ARTUROLUDWIG]
When your cards are kept in these transparent card sleeves made of hard plastic are always well protected, whether they are debit cards, credit cards, insurance cards, membership cards, driving licenses, registration certificates, or points cards... The benefits are: - The credit card cases protect your important and valuable cards from dust, dirt or scratches. - To ensure that your cards stay in long and reliable in use! - Magnetic strips are very sensitive and can easily get damaged due to fine scratches and become defective. - In the credit card sleeve, your card is ideally protected against scratches. - The cases are fit without any problems in your wallet In a nutshell, the sleeves provide optimum protection against damage, and your cards are easily removed via the thmb slot. Details: 10 piece transparent credit card cases to protect your cards Finish: Hard film 0.40mm, plasticizer-free, high impact thermoforming quality Quantity: 10 pcs per pack. Format: 88.5 / 90 x 58 mm, sealed on three sides, a narrow side open, with lateral thumb slot
100 Glow Sticks / Bracelet. 7 Color Mix. Premium-Class! Factory-Fresh! Brightly colored Lightsticks! 8
The Original Perfect Party Fun for celebration! Box contains: 100 brightly colored glow sticks In wonderful colors (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Orange) Includes also NEW TREND COLOR => ICEBLUE! + 100 Connectors for bracelets and / or Light chains + 2 Circle Connectors for Balls and Flowers etc. Our Quality: - Long , uniform intensity - Brilliant Colors! - Extra long -lasting shine! - First-class quality! - No unpleasant , chemical plastic smell! - Glow time exceeds 12 hours. NOW: With complete transparent circle connectors! SPECIAL PACKAGING TO PREVENT DAMAGE! From now on our sticks are protect in the tube with additional bubble wrap! Expect the highest quality! Our Lightsticks were produced exclusively under their own Label. Highest quality at unbeatable lowest prices! Note: All Lightsticks supplied by us display their colors AFTER breaking as we do not color the tube itself. As a result, the colors are more brilliant advantage. Thus, for example the blue glow sticks before activation looks 'whitish '. The best lighting results are between +15 to +45 degrees Celsius
Mens Braces Plain Red, adjustable heavy Duty 50mm 2
2" (50mm) extra wide straps for greater strength and comfort. Heavy duty, extra wide clips for a real secure grip A double leather reinforced crossover at the back. The straps are elasticated and are fully adjustable so one size fits from small to tall or fat to thin These braces are tough enough for all tradesmen,bikers,fishermen...etc.. but are also great for everyday casual wear,dinner suits or even fancy dress  
Eco-friendly Anion Molecules Released Washing Ball Laundry Ball - Green [ARTUROLUDWIG]
Eco-friendly Anion Molecules Released Washing Ball Laundry Ball - Green.Eco-friendly and economical washing ball for machine washBefore washing, dip it into water for about 1 hour for improved cleaning effectGreat gift for housewivesActivated molecules are released during launderingThe rubbing effect of water and clothes increases the cleaning and deodorizing powerThis is designed with round shape in order to minimize the damage of laundryVery hygienic with its excellent antibacterial effectIt can clean clothes without detergentPlastic shell, colored in greenApprox. 3.7 x 4 inch / 9.4 x 10.2 cmPackage Includes: 1 x Washing ball    Eco-friendly and economical washing ball for machine wash    Before washing, dip it into water for about 1 hour for improved cleaning effect    Activated molecules are released during laundering    The rubbing effect of water and clothes increases the cleaning and deodorizing power    This is designed with round shape in order to minimize the damage of laundry
60 Nursing Pads To Absorb The Milk From The Leaks Between Feedings [ARTUROLUDWIG]
60 ultra-thin nursing pads These ultra-thin cushions allow a daily usage without risk of irritation because they are soft and breathable. They provide invisible protection under clothing, so you can have a normal life while breastfeeding. Very soft layer on the skin side for comfort. Non-slip side to avoid friction with the bra. At the beginning of feeding, in case of leakage of milk From 0 months.   The nursing pads provide great comfort to any nursing mom. These ultra-thin nursing pads fit discreetly under clothing and are kept in place with two adhesive strips. They were designed to gently cradle the breast for maximum comfort and absorbency. Designed to be soft on tender nipples, the nursing pads come in handy during the final weeks of pregnancy or in the first few weeks of breastfeeding.
8 x Dishwasher Universal Upper Basket Wheels (for Electrolux, Zanussi, AEG, Favorit, Juno, Privileg, Fortschritt Quelle) - Class A +++ [ARTUROLUDWIG]
Easy to fit The drawer goes in and out smoothly Ease of movement for the basket Suitable for the following brands: AEG, Juno Zanussi Privileg Fortschritt Quelle and many other dishwashers This is a small but crucial component of dishwasher Content: 8 wheels for upper basket - gray. Material: plastic   AEG: - Favorit - 2403 - 2603 - 403 - G 300 - 50750VI - 806 Electrolux: - DW 125 - ESF 609 - ESF 620 - ESF 632 - ESF 673 Juno: - JSI 4362 - JSI 5462 - JSV 4360 - JSV 5960 - SSI 361W Küppersbusch: - IG 643 - IG 646 - IGV 643 - IGV 658 - IGV 689 Seppelfricke: - GSI 650 - Privileg: - diverse Geräte - uvm. ausserdem geeignet für: AEG / Electrolux - ArthurMartin - ATAG - Bendix - Bluesky - Boretti - Carma - Corbero - Curtiss - DeDietrich - Dishlex - Electra - ElectroluxWascator - 5028 69 67-00/0 = 5028696700/0 = 50286967000 = 5028696700 = 028696700 AKTUELL (Rädersatz, 8 Stck.,dunkelgrau - ElektroHelios - Etna - Europart 107517 - Faure - Firenzi - Fors - Husqvarna - Ideal - Ikea (Whirlpool-Gruppe) - JohnLewis - Juno JunoBuderus JunoLeMaitre - Küppersbusch - LLOYDS Neckermann (EFS-Gruppe) - M-System - Merker - Moffat - Neckermann Lloyds - Nordland - Novamatic - Pelgrim - Primotecq - Privileg - Progress - Quelle - 01012003 - Rex - Rosenlew - Saba - Schulthess - Simpson - Sogelux - Tricity Bendix - Vestel - Vogica -
Facial Brush Electric 5 in 1 Face Cleaner - Spa Brush for the Body Cleaning Massage Skin Machine [ARTUROLUDWIG]
Portable 5-in-1 Deep-layer Electric Face Massager Face Cleaner Machine Beauty Instrument     Electric facial brush     Compact design     Smooth your face     Improve skin luster and elasticity     For Daily Use This Facial Cleansing Brush could perfectly massage your facial skin to clean the facial pores without hurting your skin; Help improve skin texture for a younger looking skin; Designed to cleanse your skin, clear pores, and soften and smooth your face, this handy tool will help you reveal your best skin; Reduce wrinkles; Improve skin texture; Rubdown the skin, boost the metabolism of skin, make skin to be much more elastic and lithe.   A wellness experience in your own home: cleaning, massage, and make-up removal - Incl. 5 different attachments for optimum use - Features: After use, your skin will feel soft and elastic; it will receive a deep pore cleansing which will make it glow. - Note: after cleaning, you must apply a moisturizing lotion. This offer includes an attachment for applying moisturizer. - You may use this brush as often as you need: pay attention to your skin's condition. May be used daily, as long as no negative effects are observed. Specifications: Operated: AA Battery (not included) Color: Rose and white Certification: CE Material: ABS
Double Knit Starter Bumper Pack, 20 x 25g Balls of Assorted Double Knitting Yarn, 100% Acrylic [ARTUROLUDWIG]
This fabulous, high quality pack of 20 x 25g balls of double knit wool is perfect for clothing, socks, toys and a variety of other craft projects that need a splash of colour. This wool knits beautifully as well as washing and wearing very well. The wool knits to all double knitting (DK) patterns and the pack contains a range of popular and fashionable shades that will give your projects a unique and professional look. This pack is great for beginners, experienced knitters, children and knitting groups. Each ball of wool has been beautifully coloured in brilliant shades to suit any project you have. From pale pastels which are perfect for baby garments to bold and bright vibrant shades which are ideal for accessories, this bumper pack will not disappoint! Made from 100% acrylic wool, it is suitable for machine washing and wont shrink or lose its shape (when washed correctly following the care guidelines) It is also smooth to the touch, ideal for clothing, accessories and blankets and incredibly durable- ideal for boisterous kiddies! Each ball measures approximately 75m and weighs 25g making a total of 1500m of wool in this fantastic bumper pack. Brilliant for hand knitted toys, multicoloured pom pom blankets, clothing and crafty projects to get kids creativity flowing! If you have any issues or problems with our fantastic wool pack then rest assured that this is covered for a full year warranty! Colours may vary depending on availability
Smooth Away Pads | Hair Removal Kit Removes Hair Instantly and Pain Free Safe for Legs, Upper Lip, Sensitive Areas [ARTUROLUDWIG]
Painless depilation with reusable pads! Easy and quick to use Depilating for a gentle hair removal without electricity or water - ideal for casual retouches or depilation anywhere in the body! Finally! remove body hair easily and above all painlessly - whether on the legs, arms, bikini line, under arms, on the back or face in women The effective depilating pads consist of small crystals. These are made from allergy tested materials. This creates on the skin surface no irritation or redness. Our set consists of a large pad (for depilation of legs, arms, chest or back) and a small pad (for small beard hairs, eyebrows, etc). Always use with rotation movements and in few minutes an area is cleared of unwanted hair. YouTube tutorials are available online to assist you. In addition we provide a multilingual guide, and an attractive case  Content: 1 small pad, 1 large pa, instructions, slim case for storage/travel. Smooth skin is only a touch away !