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Ashleigh & Burwood - Premium Oil Fragrance Lamp Set - All Because Lamp + Fresh Linen Fragrance
Ashleigh & Burwood London (AB)
Includes: All Because Fragrance Lamp Small Size (approx): H: 11cm W: 8cm Ashleigh & Burwood Product Code: PFL60R Premium Fragrance Lamp Fragrance 250ml - Lavender Fragrance Description - Lavender: The natural, calming scent of lavender is gently combined with hints of tea tree & eucalyptus. Delicate notes of violet and frangipani sweeten the fragrance to create a wonderfully relaxing scent.
Ashleigh & Burwood London Moroccan Spice - Scented Home Refill 300ml
Ashleigh & Burwood London
Moroccan Spice Diffuser Fragrance - 300ml - The Scented Home Top up your empty Reed Diffuser with the exciting aromas of a hot Moroccan souk combined with a rich blend of warm honey, orange and nutmeg scents. Base notes of sandalwood, agarwood and resin add an earthy depth to this Moroccan Spice Diffuser Fragrance.
Ashleigh and Burwood 250ml Japanese Orchid Lamp Fragrance (PFL1004)
Ashleigh & Burwood London (AB)
Key features. . To be used in your fragrance lamp to purify air and destroy odours. Burning time: approximately 10 hours of use with a large lamp (20-25% longer with a small lamp). The unmistakably delicate scent of exotic orchid is perfectly complimented by a bouquet of soft oriental aromas. Chiffon-sheer notes of amber and musk gently accentuate this beautifully blossoming fragrance.. For the optimum balance of room fragrancing with fragrance usage, we recommend to burn your lamp for around 20-25 minutes per time.
Ashleigh & Burwood Vanilla Lamp Fragrance 250ml
Ashleigh & Burwood London (AB)
Ashleigh & Burwood lamp fragrance Log Fires (500ml)
Ashleigh & Burwood London (AB)
Ashleigh & Burwood Simply Ceramic Small Fragrance Lamp Wicker & Weave
Ashleigh & Burwood London (AB)
WICKER & WEAVES: A simple ceramic design which perfectly meets the desire for fresh, neutral shades and coastal-inspired home accessories.
Ashleigh & Burwood London Scented Home Black Raspberry 150ml Refill
Ashleigh & Burwood London
Black Raspberry Diffuser Fragrance - 150ml - The Scented Home A mix of juicy red fruits, with accents of lemon and bergamot can be found in this Black Raspberry Diffuser Fragrance. Top up your empty Reed Diffuser with this beautiful happy scent, underpinned with rose, apricot and musk to give an exciting yet subtle twist. Lasts for up to three months 150ml size
Ashleigh & Burwood Tea Rose Lamp Fragrance 250ml
Ashleigh & Burwood London (AB)
Ashleigh & Burwood lamp fragrance oil ocean breeze 1 litre
Ashleigh & Burwood London
Premium Fragrance Lamp Fragrance 1000ml - Sea Breeze. Bring the refreshing feel of sea air into your own home with this crisp, clean, balmy fragrance. Warm citrus notes combine with hints of peppermint, alyssum and frangipani to create a wonderfully exhilarant scent. Fragrance Type: Fresh & Natural. Size: 1000ml. Burning Time (approx): 40 Hours. Please note that Ashleigh & Burwood Premium Fragrance Lamps Fragrance should only be used with our "Premium Fragrance Lamps". This fragrance should not be used with any other type of burner.Ashleigh & Burwood's Lamp Fragrance and Premium Fragrance Lamps are also known as: Catalytic Lamps, Effusion Lamps, Diffusion Lamps
Ashleigh and Burwood Fragrance Lamp Small - Blue Bird
Ashleigh & Burwood London (AB)
Fragrance Lamp Small - Bluebird Inspired by the magnificent plumage of the Bluebird, tranquil blue and pink mosaic pieces form this truly stunning peice Finished of with a decorative crown, fit to carry the title of this majestic creature. The origin of the Fragrance Lamp goes back to 1898 when a French pharmacist created the Catalytic Combustion system to disinfect the air in hospitals. The original models were made of crystal or glass and operated with the same method of purification that is used today: Diffusion by Catalytic Combustion. The catalytic burner captures and destroys the molecules that carry odours. The mixing of air and the movement from convection ensures that odours are destroyed as well as airborne microorganisms. Catalytic Fragrance Lamps actually purify the air before perfuming it. While air fresheners and room sprays usually mask odours, Catalytic lamps actively purify, cleanse and perfume the air in a wide area. Common odours in the home produced by cooking, pets, tobacco and exercising can be safely and effectively removed by using Ashleigh & Burwood catalytic lamps.
Ashleigh & Burwood Simply Ceramic Small Fragrance Lamp - Vintage Rose by Ashleigh & Burwood
Ashleigh & Burwood London (AB)
VINTAGE ROSE: Soft, pastel tones add a feminine touch with a vintage-inspired, textured rose pattern and rose-gold crown. The perfect accessory to soften your living space or add a touch of floral.;Gifts;Ashleigh & Burwood Simply Ceramics Fragrance Lamp - Vintage Rose
Ashleigh & Burwood Lamp Fragrance Oil Peony 250ml
Ashleigh & Burwood London (AB)
Reed Diffuser - Sea Spray
Ashleigh & Burwood London (AB)
Ashleigh and Burwood Ice Kingdom large fragrance lamp
Ashleigh and Burwood
beautiful large fragrance lamp
ASHLEIGH & BURWOOD Peony Reed Diffuser
Ashleigh & Burwood London (AB)
Ashleigh & Burwood Simply Ceramic Small Fragrance Lamp Wicker & Weave by Ashleigh & Burwood
Ashleigh & Burwood London
Material: Ceramic; Colours: Pastel Grey; Size (approx): H: 11 cm W: 8 cm; Weight (approx): 600 g; Model: PFL413.