BACKTURE Mosquitos Killer, High Voltage Electric Fly Zapper and Bug Zapper Trap Insect Killer Catcher UV Light Lamp Fly Killer 100% Safety for Residential Commercial Industrial Home Office Indoor Use
Description: Backture Mosquitos Killer for Worry-free Sleep If you're looking for the optimum in safe and quiet insect killer machines, the backture mosquitoes killer is it. Safe for infants,pregnant, children, people and pets yet very effective at luring in and killing mosquitoes, flies and other annoying and unsanitary insects. Attractive design fits nicely in any decor. No need for dangerous insect repellents and insect sprays, always keeps your family safe. How does it work: This advanced mosquitoes killer emits a soft purple light and lures mosquito and flying insects into the killing grid. The high voltage current would kill them, then drop into a tray below. The collection tray is removable and easy to clean, no more need for harmful bug sprays and insect sprayer. Suitable for bedroom, infant's room, any living area that you want to keep bug free. Attractive, safe, effective and sanitary--get your mosquito killer lamp today and look at the bugs disappear! Specifications: Input Voltage : AC220-240V Power :4 W Material : ABS Color : White Working Principle : electric shock Weight : 480g Length of USB cable :150cm Package Includes : 1 x UV Mosquito Killer Light 1 x Clean Brush1 x USB Power Cable 1xUser Instructions Note: 1.Do not use the mosquito killer around people. For mosquitoes, human blood is more attractive. please close the doors and windows when use. Open mosquito killer about 1 hours before going to bed, the effect is better. 2.Unplug the mosquito killer before cleaning it. Use a suitable brush to clean the high voltage metal grids and get rid of the bodies of insects in the collection tray every week. Be sure that it is powered off while cleaning and maintaining the appliance.
ASPECTEK Electronic Rat Trap-Rodent, Mice and Squirrels Exterminator-Safe,Humane and Clean, odent
Why we chose the Aspectek Electronic Rat -Trap: 1. HUMANE SAFE TECHNOLOGY: Our electronic mouse zapper use smart circuit technology which senses that if the rodent enter into the trap and kill it at once. Humanely and safely. 2. POWER HIGH VOLTAGE RODENT TRAP: the electronic rodent trap detects the rat via metal plates on the floor of the trap, then emits a powerful 7000V shock powerfully . We recommend placing little of peanut butter to bait rodent. Notice: New battery can be supplied for electronic shock 80 times 3.EASY TO USE: Insert batteries or plug-in adapt, bait, turn it on, place, and empty 4.SAFE & CLEAN: No blood, No mess, No touch, No see Disposal LIGHT INDICATOR: When electronic mice trap catches a rodent, the red light will start flashing. When complete, the red light will stop and the green light will blink when the battery is lower, it will slowly flash red and green simultaneously and then you need replace the batteries 5. the electronic squirrel trap cage with Over voltage protection and Electrode leakage protection1.When the voltage of external power supply is higher than 7.5 V, the device deactivates the high voltage shock and the LED indicator flashes slowly of red and green alternatively Aspectek is a best mouse exterminator-worth for you own How to use the electronic rat trap ,the steps: 1.flip the cover and Place the bait into the rodent trap 2.close the cover 3. Insert 4 'AA' batteries or plug-in the adapt4.swithc the on button Package size: 8.7 * 5.1 * 3.9in Package weight: 875g Power supply: 4xAA Battery (Not included)
ASPECTEK Predator Eye Pro Day Solar Repeller Deterrent Light Night Guard Protects from Nocturnal Animals, Birds, Raccoons, Owls, Wolves, Deer, Foxes, Dogs, Cats, Black
Description Our Predator Eye Pro is an amazing, humane device that works to keep nighttime predators, including raccoons, skunks, deer, and foxes, off your property. The improved Predator Eye has two flashing lights instead of one for more effective pest control. It is now larger in size to protect more of your property, yet can still be easily mounted. During the day, the unit is charged by the sun, and at night, it starts working automatically to deter pests. Our product is an innovative, economical, and humane method of pest control. Don't take any chances allowing pests to ruin your property. Deter or drive them away for good with the Predator Eye Pro. How It Works This product is based on one simple concept: predators hate to be watched. The flashing light emitted from the Predator Eye convinces animals of surveillance and they will stay away from your property. What's included Aspectek Predator Eye (2 Packs) and user-friendly instructions
MaxKare Bye Bug Zapper UV Light Attract, Silver, Middle
The coming of summer means the the disturbance from annoying mosquitoes. Maybe you are still struggling to get rid of them using traditional methods, which proves low-efficient and even harmful. MaxKare Electric Mosquito Zapper attracts mosquitoes with special light and then zaps them with high-voltage shock on the grid, a physical method to keep you safe, healthy and peaceful without pollution and chemicals. Product Features Friendly to both users and environment. The light tubes, made with special phosphor, effectively attract mosquitoes to the inner grids with the unique spectrum. The powerful grids can kill mosquitoes instantly and the outer grilles protect humans, pets against the grids. The electric circuit is designed to be current-limiting, energy-saving, and highly efficient. The bottom detectable tray promotes easy disposal of the dead mosquitoes. Can be hung the wall or placed on a flat surface to kill mosquitoes efficiently. Included 1 x Electric mosquito zapper 1 x Attractant 1 x Hanging chain 1 x User manual
Aspectek Stainless Steel Bird Spikes Kit, 10 Feet (3 Metre). Perfect Bird Gel Deterrent
Prevent birds from nesting and destructing your property with Aspectek Stainless Steel Spikes. This is a non-harmful, easily applicable and highly effective method of bird repellent that is 100% effective where it is installed. Stackable 1 feet-sized sections make it easy to carry a quantity of spikes, and help minimize waste. Each set of spikes covers one foot and a spread or width of 5 Inch. Total coverage per pack is 10 feet. Set up is easy with a tube of silicone glue included in selected model only (HR413 and HR411) How it Works - Locate the area where birds are roosting or landing- Use screws, nails, glue (included in selected model only (HR413 and HR411) or zip ties to attach the spikes to the area.- The polycarbonate base is the most flexible solution to allow you to place the spikes on flat or rounded surfaces and to adhere well with silicone glue included in selected model only (HR413 and HR411)
Hisome Bug Zapper Light, Mosquito Killer Lamp UV Insect Trap Portable 2 In 1 Mosquito Zapper Tent Light Camping Lantern Rechargeable Mosquito Insect Killer Waterproof For Camping Outdoor Indoor
As the weather gets hotter, annoy you with mosquitoes, insects, now Hisome electronic bug zapper is your best choice to get rid of annoying flying insects and bugs Description: 1.Mosquito Killer: Press the "mosquito killer" Switch to turn on/off 2.Lantern: Press the "Lantern" switch to shift lighting mode, from 20% lighting--50% lighting--100% lighting--off 3.USB Charging: You can charge it anywhere using a USB port,mosquito charger can charge with laptop/car charger/power bank/plug charging. 4.Easy to use, portable, USB port, key switch, easy to use and convenient. Ideal for bedroom, balcony, back yard and garden or other place 5.Environmentally friendly, safe for children and pregnant women. Non-toxic and odorless, no sprays or chemicals. More comfortable and safer to use in your daily life 6. The lantern withstands rain perfectly, and it can be cleaned directly with running tap water, so it would look brand new every time after washing Features: - Color: black  - Material: Plastic  - Size: Approx. 9.8 x 9.8 x 14.2 cm  - input voltage: 5V - Rated power: 5W  -battery capacity: 2200mah Package including: 1 x Electronic Mosquito Lamp 1 X USB Cable Warranty period: We offer one year warranty after purchase in our shop, if you have any problems, please contact us, we will always be there for you!
ASPECTEK Wasp Trap and Hornet Trap 2 Packs
Get rid of annoying and often dangerous wasps, hornets and yellow- jackets in your yard or garden with highly-effective Aspectek Wasp Traps. Product Features - Special design with multiple entry tunnels - Lure yellow jackets and wasps inside with an irresistible mixture of water and sugar - Traps the pests and doesn’t let them out - Highly effective and reusable - Lure recipe detailed in the manual - Comes with an 18″ nylon cord for hanging - 2 Pack wasp trap Additional Information The insect enters the trap through the holes on the bottom section, then flies up through the interior cone into the clear yellow catch chamber. Once inside the trap, they cannot fly out. Placement We recommend the trap be placed at least 20-feet away from an outdoor activity area, such as a patio or deck to keep your backyard activities sting free. About Aspectek Aspectek is a North American inventor and original manufacturer of various categories of electronic and pest control products for over 25 years.
Yard Sentinel RC Ultrasonic Animal Pest Repeller with Motion Detector, 4 Key Remote, Strobe & Sonic Predator Sound (UK Plug)
"The Yard Sentinel RC is THE BREAK THRU IN THE PEST REPELLER MARKET! Unique Technologies -The Yard Sentinel RC is our newest and most effective indoor/outdoor pest repellent. The Product utilizes UNIQUE Sonic Harassment & Animal Predator Sound, disorienting intense flashing Strobe Light, and modified Ultrasonic Sound Waves to deter unwanted pests. -The Yard Sentinel RC also offers new technologies never seen before in the pest industry, such as the Intelligent Power System (IPS) designed to save energy for DC Battery and provides longer usage.IPS also offers an uninterrupted power system that guarantees the product's activation for a short time even if the AC fails.(AC adapter Not Include) -The Yard Sentinel RC also boasts multiple power sources options including AC, 6V - 24V DC battery power sources, vehicle power source by connecting to Cigarette Lighter Socket, and DC Sealed lead-Acid (SLA) battery power source.(AC adapter Not Include) Other unique technologies such as the Operation Time Selection, which saves energy by choosing the product's time of operation between "All Day", "Day" & "Night", and the Ultrasonic Emitting Selection that allows you to select between Motion Sensor / Constant / Continue Sweep. The Yard Sentinel RC is our hottest product in the Yard Sentinel series, and the only pest repellent on the market that offers up to 3 pest repelling technologies, and a 4 button remote control. The Yard Sentinel RC encompasses every conventional and innovative pest-repelling technique while staying completely affordable. Camp Sites, Airports, Restaurants, Grass Fields, and thousands of satisfied homeowners are already enjoying a pest-free environment."
YUNLIGHTS Bug Zapper Light, Electric Fly Killer, 4W Plug in Indoor Mosquito Trap for Home, Kitchens, Office, Outdoor Patios, Store, Yards
Instant Insect Attraction & Elimination YUNLIGHTS flying insect killer can emit 365nm ultraviolet light, obviously enhance the trapping efficiency of the electric bug killer with non-pollution and non-resistance, since the insects can't help approaching the natural viewing wavelength(360~400nm). And when they touch the metal grid, they will be zapped by electricity quickly. Have A Sweet Dream All Night - 4 watt LED ultraviolet tube, not dazzling, you will not feel the light when you close your eyes. - No noise, giving you a quiet night's sleep, care for your baby, parents. High Efficiency & Large Coverage Area - Utilizing the phototaxis of mosquitoes, the insect killer lamp is highly attractive to insects. - The coverage area of the bug killer light is up to 215 sq. Ft(20㎡), which can be perfectly used for indoor home, kitchens, office, outdoor patios, restaurants, yards, etc. Safe for your Family Our uv insect killer are designed with protective shield for home use. Do not need to worry about your children coughing and choking. No scalding risk of electric shock. Energy Conservation & Environment Protection The power consumption of this mosquito killer machine is only 4 W, save your electricity bill, no need of changing frequently. High quality LED tubes, more conducive to heat dissipation, prolong the lifespan of this led mosquito killer. Specification: Brand: YUNLIGHTS Size: 7.09 x 4.41 x 2.99 inches (18 x 11.2 x 7.6 cm) Light color: UV Light Type: LED Power: 4W Weight: 0.23kg Packaging: Bug Zapper Light Brush User Manual
Enkeeo Camping Lantern Mosquito Zapper Tent Light, Portable and IPX6 Waterproof, 2000 mAh Rechargeable Battery, Retractable Hook and Removable Lampshade
Protect Yourself from Mosquitoes in a Safer & Cleaner WayThe zapper lantern uses 360nm-400nm UV light (highly attractive to mosquitoes) to lure mosquitoes to the grid - where it gets zapped. No chemical lures are required. It can be cleaned with running tap water because it's highly waterproof (IPX6 rate).Engineered for Outdoorsy PeopleThanks to the cordless design and its light weight of only 0.88 pound, the zapper lantern can be easily carried with you when you're outdoors. The built-in 2000mAh battery and power-saving circuit ensure you a long time use. It'll save you from annoying mosquito bites when you're sleeping or camping.Works as a Multi-Function LanternThe zapper lantern has 3 different lighting modes, providing you 3 different brightness. A removable lampshade offers you soft/non-soft light. It is designed to be put in both ways. You can hang it up on a string or a tree branch, or you can put it upside down like a ground lamp.Product SpecificationsHigh Light (100% lighting) ≥ 180 Lumen, ≥ 6hNormal Light (50% lighting) ≥ 90 Lumen, ≥ 12hLow Light (20% lighting) ≥ 30 Lumen, ≥ 20hWeight: 210g/0.46lbDimension: φ3.46" x 5.08"Zapper-Only Mode ≥ 15hVoltage Input: 5.0±0.2VCurrent Input: 900mA±100mAFull Charge Time: 2~4 hoursBattery: 3.7V/ 2000mAhUV LED: (4) x 0.06WZapper Voltage: 1000VBulb Type: SMD 2835 6000K-6500KPackage Includes1 x Mosquito Zapper Lantern1 x USB Cable1 x User Manual1 x Thank You Card
HomeZone® 4w Electronic UV Flying Insect Killer Electric Indoor Mosquito Pest Fly Bug Zapper.
4w Electronic Insect Killer This Electronic Flying Insect Killer Uses Ultra Violet Light To Lure The Light Sensitive Flying Insects Into An Electronically Charged Metal Grid Which Kills Them Humanely And Hygenically. The Dead Insects Are Then Collected In The Tray At The Bottom Which Is Removable For Easy Cleaning. These Units Are Ideal For Use In And Around The Home, Pet Areas, Food Preperation Areas, Shops And More. Specifications 4w Power 220v - 240v Input Voltage BS Plug 1000v - 1200v Grid Voltage ABS Plastic 25m - 35m Effective Working Area
Aspectek Mouse Trap, Reusable and Easy To Use Snap Traps, Pack of 6
The Aspectek Mouse Trap quickly is your clean, chemical-free solution for a rodent free environment. Convenient 6-pack lets you get rid of mice- fast. The traps are easy to set, cleanable and reusable. Features - Quick response for a clean kill - Preformed bait cup - Durable polystyrene and steel construction - Washable, allowing you to reuse them - Simple, safe and sanitary How it Works The Aspectek Mouse Trap is designed to prevent the mouse from escaping or being maimed. Firstly, the vertical strike bar travels half the distance of the old-fashioned wooden traps for a quicker response. Secondly, the extra-large trip paddle and strike bar catch rodents from the front, sides and back. The trap is easy to set and easy to release. Your fingers never need to touch the dead mouse. Polystyrene mousetraps are the cleanest and most sanitary solution available. Unlike old-fashioned wooden traps, they won't retain odor, which means that even after many uses, mice won't suspect a thing as they approach the tasty bait.
YUNLIGHTS Bug Zapper Camping Lantern Tent Light Portable IP66 Waterproof Electronic Mosquito Zapper Lamp flying insect Killer Repellent USB Charging with 2500mAh Rechargeable Battery
2-in-1 Mosquito Zapper & Camping Lantern Compare to other flying insects zapper products, the 360°all round 365nm light bug zapper can attract and kill various kinds of flying insects, without pesticides or dangerous chemicals, NO radiation, ultra safe and convenient. It also can be used as a Camping Lantern, 2500mAh large battery volume to make sure long time use, great for outdoor adventures and night light Adjustable Brightness This camping light has 3 lighting modes, provide you 3 different brightness level to meet your different demands. you can hang it up on a string or a tree branch, or put it upside down like a ground lamp, table light IP66 Highly Waterproof Thanks to its highly waterproof body with IP66 rating, No worry about bad weather such as rainy, foggy day and moist environment. it can be cleaned directly with running tap water, so it would look brand new every time after washing Operation: 1.Mosquito Killer: Press the "mosquito killer" Switch to turn on/off 2.Lantern: Press the "Lantern" switch to shift lighting mode, from 20% lighting--50% lighting--100% lighting--off 3.Charging: Micro USB connect with AC adapter, PC etc., and the charging indicator go on red when input charging and go on green after fully charge Specifications: Brand: YUNLIGHTS Material: ABS Power:5W Weight: 240g / 0.53lb UV Effective Range: 16 ft x 16 ft Battery: 3.7V/ 2500mAh Full Charge Time: 2~3 hours (depends on the input current) Zapper Voltage: ≥500V Package includes: 1 x Mosquito Zapper Lantern 1 x USB Cable 1 x User Manual
Loowoko Insect Killer, Mosquito Lamp UV Insect Bug Zapper Catcher Fly Trap Mosquito Killer Electronics Anti Fly Pest Control Lights for Home Kitchen Garden Indoor Use
Note: Do not let children play with the device! No touching the high voltage network with finger or metal No washing by water, no placement in the rain This electronic insect killer is absolutely safe and easy to use. Get rid of annoying flying insects such as mosquitoes, moths etc. in an environmentally friendly, healthy and comfortable way, without the use of pesticides or toxic substances. Even torches and candles for mosquitoes that are commercially available can be harmful to health and even dangerous to people with respiratory problems or allergies. With this insect lamp you can safely create a mosquito-free environment. The electrical components are well built and secure by a protective grid for children and pets. Specifications: Power: 6W Effective area 30m² No chemicals, no smoke, no smell, no dirt Wide range of application: suitable for apartments, food rooms, storage rooms Permanent operation (day and night) suitable Stable base and hanging ring for hanging Easy to clean with detachable bottom cover and cleaning brush Delivery: 1x insect killer including cleaning brush
ASPECTEK Bed Bug Trap, Insect Interceptor, Pack of 8, White
Features:Easy to clean and maintain.Eco-Friendly and pesticide free.Durable and sturdy construction for long-term use and prevention! Ribbed outer walls to let bugs in, but a slick inner well that won't let them out.Superior, high-quality Insect Interceptor Kits are perfect for safely monitoring, detecting & eliminating Bed Bugs at home.What's included:Bed Bug Trap and Interceptor (4 per pack), user-friendly instructionsTHE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE AVAILABLE. With our famous 100% satisfaction promise, you can have peace of mind. If for any reason you're not completely happy with your Aspectek Interceptor trap, simply let us know and we will replace it - no questions asked. From real people who appreciate quality pest control, Aspectek simply offers awesome customer service that can't be beaten. IF YOU NEED ANY HELP AT ALL please contact us directly and we will take care of you.
Tooltime® High Power 20W Electronic Twin Tube Ultraviolet Industrial Flying Insect Killer
This Industrial Electronic Insect Killer uses ultra-violet light to lure light sensitive flies and other flying insects into an electronically charged high voltage metal grid, destroying them quickly without the need for chemicals, fumes smells or sprays. The dead insects are collected hygienically in the easily removable base tray. Chemical free & environmentally friendly this is ideal for indoor use in restaurants, kitchens, offices, hospitals, hotels, farms and other business premises, especially in areas of food production and preparation. Easy to install and clean as well as easy to replace bulbs. Sturdy aluminium alloy casing which comes with a chain for hanging, this unit can be used freestanding or hanging. Features: Can be used freestanding or hanging Twin fluorescent UV lamps lure light sensitive flying insects into a high voltage kill grid Power: 2 x 10W= 20W Voltage: 240v ~ 50Hz Effective area: 200m² On/Off switch Chemical free, no poisonous vapour, irritating odour or contamination Easy to install Comes with hanging chain Clean unobtrusive design Low power consumption Instruction manual CE approved Approx Dimensions: 38cm x 37cm x 8cm
ASPECTEK Predator Eye Night Time Solar Powered Animal Repeller - 2 Pack, Waterproof, Animal Control, Nocturnal Animals, Outdoor Use
How It Works  The Predator Eye by Aspectek protects your property, including livestock, from nighttime pests such as coyotes, raccoons, skunks, foxes, wolves, deer, cougars, and even cats. Solar-charged during the day, the battery will last for as long as 7 days on a single charge. The flashing red light and reflective icon will be seen as a predator's “eye” to the pest. The fear of being watched or discovered will cause animals to flee or avoid the area. Placement & Storage The Predator Eye is sold in a pack of 2 for extra effectiveness, allowing you to protect a large area. Mount the device at eye level of the pest you want to repel, facing the entryways to the area you want to protect. You will need to mount it higher if facing a valley, or lower if facing a hill. If the area is flat, the light will travel a greater range, which means the Predator Eyes can be placed further apart. Use multiple devices to protect additional sides of your perimeter. The Predator Eye is completely waterproof and does not need to be stored during the winter or off-season. Simply leave your Predator Eye mounted all year. Enjoy the fully automatic operation as the light sensor turns the device on at dusk and off at dawn. Bonus Predator Eye users have found that neighbors and friends have asked them about their “new security system,” as the flashing red lights have some people believe the Predator Eye is a surveillance system. A small investment in the Predator Eye allows you to effecitvely control pests on your property and protect your home from trespassers.