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Aspen Pumps BGU Condensate Pump, 230 V
Operates with two temperature sensors. These allow the pump to detect a change in air temperature;The Aspen Universal Pump is designed to run constantly while the air conditioning system is cooling;Designed to fit in ceilings and lift the condensate water from machines where drain is too obtrusive;It can also be used on cassettes fitted with an internal lift pump;Self-priming to a height of 3 metres, will pump 6.25 litres of water per hour, maximum head of 12m.
Aspen Pumps FP1282 Peristaltic Pump Tube
Aspen Pumps
//Weight: 17g/detailed description of the product: replacement tube/range name: peristaltique
Aspen Pumps MAQUA 230V Condenser Pump
Air Conditioning Condensate Pump Aspen Mini Aqua - Aqua-mini condensate pump suitable up to 16 kW (54000 BTU) and is ideal for installation directly in the device.
Aspen Pumps FP2212 Mini, Orange
Aspen Pumps
The Aspen Mini Orange condensate pumps are designed to be installed: - above the false ceiling where possible - behind wall mounted evaporators - in plastic conduit. Specifications * Power supply: 230V AC < 16W * Water flow rate: 12L/hour at zero head * Maximum recommended head: 10 metres * 23dB(A) @ 1 metre
New Mini Tank Aspen Condensate Tank Pump Condensation Pump with Air Conditioning
Aspen Pumps
Aspen Tankep pump condensate pump mini tankTank volume: 0.24 lThe pump is designed to serve as the absorption of condensation from air conditioning systems and its dissipation when maximum recommended pumping head at a height of 10 meters.The internal safety switch is a low voltage switch: on off switch for the air conditioner if you pump DEFEKTS. The pump is via one internal float switch is activated.Technical detailsTank volume: 0.24 lSafety shutdown in case of an high fill levelUse on the wall, and available in a bathConnection cable: 1 mRetardant plasticsThe seal on inlet is compatible with the most popular and Überlaufrohrdurchmessern.Outlet diameter: 6 mm.Maximum water temperature: 40 °CMaximum noise level: 35 dB (a) @ 1 mThe pump has a Vorverdrahteten safety button.Pump design: 0.15 A, 230 VAC, 16 WSafety Switch: Max. 3 A230 VAC, 16 WEinp, 50/60 Hz3 A Alarm Cable openerDouble insulatedImportant: Not suitable for calorific value stew pot.Dimensions:70 mm (H) x 180 mm (W) x 90 mm (D) Weight: 0.57 kg
Aspen Pumps MBGMO Condensed Pump, 230 V
1PH 50 Hz, 3A volt-free alarm wires, N.O, N.C. contacts rated @ 5A inductive at 230V. Hall effect semi conductor level sensors, with high level safety. Fully potted. Thermally protected, CE marked, Power supply: 230V AC < 15W. Water flow rate: 26L/hour at zero head, Maximum recommended head: 20 metres.
Aspen FP3313 Quiet Twin Mini Condensate Pump Orange
Aspen Pumps
Water flow rate: 12L/h at zero head, Max recommended head: 10m;3A volt-free alarm wires, N.O., N.C. contacts rated @ 5A inductive at 230V;230V AC, 16W, 1PH 50 Hz;Thermally protected, CE marked;Dimensions: 51mm(H) x 107mm(W) x 39mm(D)
Aspen Silent+ Mini Aqua FP3326
Aspen Pumps
Silent+ Mini Aqua The new Silent+ Mini Aqua has an ultra slim design to fit the smallest of spaces, giving great installation flexibility. With its high performance motor and an uniquely designed acoustic damper it is quietest in it's class. The Silent+ Mini Aqua now includes a new an anti-vibration bracket it for even quieter operation. This pump will benefit end-users who are looking for quieter air conditioning operation in areas such as offices and meeting rooms. The new Silent+ Mini Aqua will help to achieve that. NEW Silent+ Mini Aqua FP3326