Aspira Plus Aspirator With Single Pump, Bottle & 2 Liners (200.10.065D)
Aspirators & Pumps
Aspira Aspirators (200.10.06) Features • Case built with top quality plastics, ensuring robustness during heavy duty applications • Reduced weight for easier transport with the integrated handle • Bottle holder can be placed on the right or on the left side of the device, housing a one-litre graduated PC bottle • PC bottle and silicone connection tubes can be sterilised for optimum hygiene • Fits a hydrophobic antibacterial high efficiency filter • An additional bottle and holder (to be supplied separately) can be applied to the unit allowing the aspiration a bigger volume of secretions • Patented ASPICOMFORT system allows fine control of the suction level • Vacuum regulator knob permits to adjust the vacuum level shown on the gauge without impairing the flow ensuring the optimum comfort to the patient during treatment • Switch is protected against the penetration of liquids by means of a proper cover • Pump is connected directly to the external housing to prevent secretions accidentally spilling inside reducing the possibility of condensation or incorrect suctioning performed without filter Special Features • Adjustable vacuum level • Silent • Bottle holder • Sterilisable bottle and tubes • Heavy duty • Real flow 13.5 LPM for the Single Pump model • Real flow 20 LPM for the Double Pump model Product Code & Size • Aspira Plus Aspirator With Double Pump & Reusable Autoclaveable Bottle (200.10.060) • Aspira Plus Aspirator With Double Pump, Bottle & 2 Liners (200.10.060D) • Aspira Plus Aspirator With Single Pump & Reusable Autoclaveable Bottle (200.10.065) • Aspira Plus Aspirator With Single Pump, Bottle & 2 Liners (200.10.065D)
Emerald Home T4722 Innsbruck Sofa Table, 47.5, Rustic Brown by Aspira Home
Emerald Home Furnishings
Reclaimed wood/steel;Planked top;Medium brown finish
Aspira: Die Geschichte einer Wolke (German Edition)
Musaicum Books
In dem Roman Aspira versucht die Tochter des Königs Migro eine Verbindung zwischen Menschen und den Wolken herzustellen.Kurd Laßwitz (1848-1910) gilt als Begründer der deutschsprachigen Science Fiction.
Cabin filter paint
Tecno Aspira
Inertial filters in pleated cardboard, made from recycled paper and accordion structure, find application in the removal of paint overspray in dry paint cabins and spray painting systems. Environmentally friendly and easily recyclable, honeycomb paper filters use the principle of inertial separation in which the heavier paint particles of the air are deposited in the filter containment bags. Andreae filters are killing systems formed from two layers of perforated cardboard so that repeated changes in direction are followed by air. Length: 10 m. Height 0.9 m - Thickness 65 mm Packaging dimensions 91.5 cm x 64.5 cm x 7 Weight 10.00 kg
Aspira AP1180 Wall and Ceiling Mount Extraction Fan
Cutlery - Elia - Aspira 18/10 - Price per dozen Cutlery Serving Fork
Elia Aspira 18/10 is tapered gently to s a smooth and slightly upturned point. This slender design has been forged using a 18/10 Stainless Steel and has been polished to an excellent mirror finish,This cutlery is well balanced, with a generous gauge creating a comfortable fit in the hand. This gives it a understated charm which is perfect for every dining enviroment.Gauge - Table Knife: Solid - Price per Dozen - Table Fork: 6mm- Price per Dozen - Table Spoon: 6mm- Price per Dozen - Dessert Knife: Solid- Price per Dozen - Dessert Fork: 6mm- Price per Dozen - Dessert Spoon: 6mm- Price per Dozen - Soup Spoon: 6mm- Price per Dozen - Teaspoon: 4mm- Price per Dozen - Fish Knife: 6mm- Price per Dozen - Fish Fork: 6mm- Price per Dozen - Serving Spoon: 6mm - SOLD IN SETS OF TWO - Serving Fork: 6mm - SOLD IN SETS OF TWO
Nasal Aspirator Aspira Plus A Batteries
Aspiratore Nasale Aspira Plus A Batterie
Airforce AFCFCAASPI Carbon Charcoal Filter for Aspira Slim Induction Hobs G5 & B2
Airforce AFCFCAASPI Carbon Charcoal Filter for Aspira Slim Induction Hobs G5 & B2. These are Genuine Airforce cooker hob Carbon Charcoal Filters, designed to work perfectly and maintain the life of your Aspira Slim cooker hob and remove any food odours and smells from your kitchen.
Beta 1756d Syringe for Oil 1500 ml Polypropylene
Beta Tools
GRANDI GIOCHI gg00300 House Toy Single Role-Playing Toy for Children – Role-Playing Toys for Children (Home, Toy, Single, 3 Year (S), Boy, Girl, Green, Grey, White)
Grandi Giochi
faithful reproduction of Vorwerk Goblet equal to the original one for your children works on stack.