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ASR Federal Professional Theft Detection Stain Powder - Uv Ultraviolet
ASR Federal
Ultraviolet Theft Detection Powder is designed for thief detection and the identification of stolen or altered items. For example, an article can be marked so that it is invisible to the eye, but under ultraviolet light the item and anyone who touched it can be identified. Powder, once touched, remains on fingers and hands, invisible except under UV light. Tampering, theft, substitution, etc., can be revealed as well as evidence against a suspect provided. Powder is recommended for indoor use; paste is recommended for most outdoor use. To make an ultraviolet paste, simply mix the powder in Vasoline. Ultraviolet powder and paste can be applied to locks, fire alarm boxes, off-limits door knobs, computer keyboards, etc.; the list is unlimited, depending upon your security needs. Non-toxic. 1/4 oz. container. Package Includes:- (1) 1/4oz. UV Theft Detection Powder
(50-Pack) Prison Pen Flexible Non-Lethal Ball Point Pen by ASR Federal
ASR Federal
'Buy in bulk and save (50-Pack), non-lethal Flexible writing tool, each pen will write for over 3500 feet, Length: 4.5, Weight: 0.01 oz.
ASR Federal 100% Genuine Leather Universal Private Investigator Imprinted Oblong Badge Holder Wallet Case Black
ASR Federal
These badge cases make great companion units for badges. They feature a custom-shaped recessed badge holder section, a badge protector flap, and an ID display compartment.
Badge Belt Clip by ASR Federal
ASR Tactical
This Badge Belt Clip is constructed from durable heavy gauge leather, not some flimsy nylon that falls apart in two weeks. It secures your badge to your shirt pocket or belt with the strong, stainless steel clip. No plastic here. This one will hold up to long hours in tough conditions. Perfect for law enforcement, corrections officers, bail enforcement agents, private investigators, or those dedicated costume designers looking for an authentic feel.
ASR Federal Heavy Gauge Leather Law Enforcement (Undercover, Plain Clothes) Neck Chain Universal Badge Holder Black
ASR Federal
Made from heavy gauge leather, this Neck Chain Badge Holder was designed specifically for law enforcement shields in off-duty, undercover, or plainclothes situations. Your badge is concealed, but is always close at hand for quick, easy display when required. The real thing - don't settle for imitations! Made in USA.
Shomer-Tec Reverse Peephole Viewer by Shomer-Tec
ASR Federal
Engineered to negate the effects of peephole lenses;Delivers a 15 degree field of view.;Effective on all major brands of standard door peepholes