Astatic D104 6 Minute Man Microphone
Astatic D104 M6B US Amplifier in high quality microphone, great modulation and solid design details: High Power Amplifier PTT button reinforced cable 2.3 m cartridge ceramic Frequency 50 Hz to 10 kHz Impedance 100 ohms up to 5000 ohms max. Gain can be adjusted Power Supply 9 Volt Block Battery Weight 220 g
Astatic Treasures
ASTATIC N4-3S Knee Bend screw fit 78 RPM Garrard GC60 GC65 Juke Box Needle part
New Steel 78 RPM Knee bend RECORD PLAYER NEEDLE / stylus for ACOS GP9 , GP11, GP13 ASTATIC N4-3S GARRARD 47970, Type A , B, E, GC60, GC65, GC65A, RC70A , RC70B, S8 , Type V Sapphire tipped for 78 rpm only
Astatic 636L Noise Canceling Mic CB Radio 4 pin Cobra - Astatic 636LB1
636L Noise Canceling 4-Pin CB Microphone Black Bulk *Rugged Housing Design *Polyurethane Coated Steel Grille Screen *Low Impedance Dynamic Element *Coiled Cord *4-Pin Connection *Designed for Close Talking Handheld Applications *For CB Amateur Radio & SSB Communications *Bulk (No Package)
Pediatric Neurology Part I: Chapter 67. Lennox–Gastaut syndrome and epilepsy with myoclonic–astatic seizures (Handbook of Clinical Neurology 111)
Among nonsymptomatic epilepsies exhibiting several types of generalized seizures in children two syndromes were progressively identified: epilepsy with myoclonic–astatic seizures (MAE) and nonsymptomatic Lennox–Gastaut syndrome (LGS). Various approaches based on etiology, electroclinical semiology, and mathematical analysis have progressively helped to distinguish these two conditions. Both conditions preferentially affect boys. The course is stereotyped in MAE, characterized by progressive worsening of epilepsy, usual pharmacoresistance at onset and tonic–clonic seizures, myoclonus and frequent episodes of myoclonic status epilepticus. EEG shows 3Hz spike wave bursts characteristic of idiopathic generalized epilepsy together with slowing of the tracing. In LGS, major seizures are mainly atypical absences and tonic seizures with 0.5–2Hz slow spike-waves and eventually focal anomalies. Prognosis in both syndromes ranges from recovery without sequelae to pharmacoresistant epilepsy that has improved over the past 2 decades with the new generation antiepileptic compounds. Iatrogenic factors may contribute to the poor prognosis, mainly in MAE. Pathophysiology remains speculative for both syndromes: although both share factors of brain maturation, MAE is probably mainly related to genetic predisposition whereas LGS results from some unidentified cortical brain malformation. In unfavorable cases, there may therefore be a continuum between both syndromes. They need to be distinguished from other epilepsy syndromes and inborn errors of metabolism that begin in the same age range: atypical idiopathic benign epilepsy, frontal lobe epilepsy with secondary bisynchrony, ring chromosome 20, ceroid lipofuscinosis, and nonsymptomatic late-onset spasms.
Astatic Flange Mount and XLR Adapter Kit
Installation flange with 3-pin female XLR stem mountBottom of flange or side of stem cable exitIncludes 6' balanced audio cable terminating instripped and tinned endsFits any mini condenser gooseneck mic or other similar mics andattachments with XLR type connecter
Astatic 18ft RG8X Cable with PL259 Connectors Patch Lead
MFL Qualtech
Top quality Grey RG8X (RG8 Mini) patch lead fitted with high quality PL259 UHF connector soldered each end. Total length ca.18ft (5.48 mtrs)
Astatic 9ft RG8X Cable with PL259 Connectors Patch Lead
MFL Qualtech
Top quality Grey RG8X (RG8 Mini) patch lead fitted with high quality PL259 UHF connector soldered each end. Total length ca.9ft
The Poster Corp Science Source – Astatic Galvanometer Fine Art Print (60.96 x 91.44 cm)
Science Source
Astatic Galvanometer was reproduced on Premium Heavy Stock Paper which captures all of the vivid colors and details of the original. The overall paper size is 60.96 x 91.44 cm and the image size is 60.96 x 91.44 cm. This print is ready for hanging or framing and would make a great addition to your home or office.Brand New and Rolled and ready for display or framingPrint Title: Astatic GalvanometerPaper Size: 60.96 x 91.44 cm / 24.00 x 36.00 inchesPublisher: Science SourceArtist: Science Source
VINTRONS Replacement Battery For CRAFTSMAN 34955, 34953
vintrons Replacement Battery For CRAFTSMAN 34955, 34953Please ensure both model and battery part number are matched with your device.- Compatible Model: AASTRA MAESTRO 4525,MAESTRO 4600,MAESTRO 4625,ASTATIC 627,AT&T 1000,1145,1165,1177,1187,1445,1465,1477,1487,1517,1539,22030X,22031X,22032X,22036X,22038X,22040X,22041X,22042X,22072X,22074X,22143X,22145X,22183X,22184X,22196X,22200X,22204X,22208X,22212X,22213X,2230,2255,2422,3000,3000 NOMAD,3400,3410,4000 series,4000A,4000X,4051,4061,4100,4110,4200,4210,4225,4291,4300,4305,4310,4315,4320,4325,4330,4331,4335,4336,4337,4340,4345,4400,4410,450,4500,4571,4600,4605,4610,4615,4690,4695,4725,4800,4805,4810,4815,500,5000 series,5030,5200,5210,5250,5300,5310,5320,5325,5352,5400,5405,5420,5450,5455,5460,5470,5471,5475,5480,5481,5483,5484,5489,5490,5491,5495,5495R,5500,5510,5515,5520,5552,5560,5600,5630,5631,5635,5650,5655,5695,5700,5710,5715,5830,5860,7000 series,7210,7210BU,7210GA,7210GE,7215,7220,7225,7230,7235,7310,7330,7332,7340,7345,7415,7420,7510,7512,7610,7620,7625,7630,7640,7650,7700,7710,7715,7720,8000,8000470000,E1802,E1803,E1812,E1813,E1814,E5802,E5802B,E5804,E5811,E5812,E5812B,E5813,E5813B,E5814,E5814B,E5827,E5828,E5828B,E5833,HC1500,HC-1500,HT series,HT3400,HT-3400,HT4100,HT-4100,HT4200,HT-4200,HT4210,HT-4210,HT4310,HT-4310,HT4320,HT4335,HT4400,HT-4400,HT4410,HT-4410,HT5200,HT-5200,HT5210,HT-5210,HT5300,HT-5300,HT5310,HT-5310,HT5320,HT-5320,HT5352,HT5405,HT5450,HT5470,HT5500,HT-5500,HT5515,HT5600,HT-5600,HT6000,HT7000,MCL5,MCL5 MERLIN,MERLIN MLC5,Merlin MLC-5,MLC5 NOMAD,Nomad 3000,Nomad 4000,Nomad 4000A,Nomad 4200,Nomad 4210,Nomad 4410,Nomad 5200,Nomad 5300,ATATIC 627,AUDIOVOX AT14,AT-14,AT14A,AT-14A,BELKINF8V178,BELL SOUTH 627,629,636,637,638,810,820,HAC891,TL6155,YCL-7701,YCL-7702,YCL-7703,CASIO CP725,CP-725,CP750W,CP-750W,TC520,TC-520,TC540,TC-540COBRA CP474S,CP-474S,CODE A PHONE 7130,CONAIR CTP6000,CTP-6000,CTP9000,CTP-9000,CRAFTSMAN 34953,34955,
Believe It
RCMusic Inc
Massive Drive
2CD Comp, Mixed
Hawkins Electrical Guide v. 3 (of 10)        Questions, Answers, & Illustrations, A progressive course               of study for engineers, electricians, students and those               desiring to

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Definition of ammeter--classification of ammeter and voltmeters--moving iron type instrument--Keystone voltmeter--winding in ammeters and volts--connections for series and shunt ammeters--voltmeter connections--Westinghouse ammeter shunts--various types of instrument--plunger type instrument--magnetic vane instrument--inclined coil instrument--Whitney hot wire instruments--principle of electrostatic instruments--multipliers--portable shunts--Siemens electro-dynamometer--station instruments--Thompson watt hour meter--how to read a meter--installation of wattmeters--Westinghouse watt hour meter--Thompson prepayment watt hour meter--how to test a meter--Sangamo watt hour meter--Columbia watt hour meter--Duncan watt hour meter.