Astro Pneumatic Tool

Astro 1822 1/2
Astro Pneumatic Tool Company
The Astro Pneumatic Tool 1822 1/2" Nano Impact is the latest in miniature lightweight impact development. At only 3.85" long (or about 1/2" longer than a credit card), the twin hammer 1822 Nano Impact is deceivingly powerful, registering a max of 450 ft./lbs. of torque. The 1822 was designed to be extremely light (3.0lbs.) and well balanced when connected to an air line, and operates in 3 forward and reverse speeds. Featuring a twin hammer design for increased reliability, and coming from Astro's robust ONYX line, this impact has more than just the numbers behind it.
Astro 222 Onyx Die Grinder Kit, 2-Piece
Astro Pneumatic Tool Company
Composite handle reduces vibration;Rib textured handle provides a firm grip;Lever throttle for feathering control;Compact and lightweight;Rear exhaust air flow system directs air awayfrom work surface
Astro Pneumatic Tool Astro 78825 Master Front Wheel Drive Bearing Adapter Kit
Astro Pneumatic Tool
Astro pneumatics' 78825 master front wheel drive bearing adapter kit includes a heavy duty grade 8 drive bolt, making this the most durable kit of its kind. Replace wheel bearings without the need for alignment after by keeping the strut assembly and steering knuckle in place during service.
Astro 1828 ONYX 3/8
Astro Pneumatic Tool
Big Torque: 450ft/lb Allows for the shortest profilepossible when paired with 3/8" impact sockets.Ideal for use in restricted spaces such as engine,transmission, and suspension work.3 Forward and 3 reverse settings, a full length of lessthan 3-7/8", and is incredibly light weight at 3lbs.
Astro 0763 E14 Park Lane Wall Light excluding 1 x 60 Watt 230 V Bulb, Matt Nickel
The Park Lane Wall Light is Finished in Matt Nickel and comes with a White Shade. Astro 0763
Astro Pneumatic Tool ADN14 Rivet Nut Drill Adapter Kit
Astro Pneumatic Tool
The Astro ADN14 rivet nut drill adapter kit is made from a single CNC machined piece of aluminum billet and features Japanese bearings and cro-mo mandrels. Easily convert a cordless or corded drill into a power rivet nut setters. This kit includes 8 mandrels and nosepieces in the following metric and SAE sizes: M3, M4, M5, M6, 8-32, 10-32, 10-24 and 1/4-20. For aluminum and steel rivet nuts use a 12V and up cordless drill or a 14.4V and up for stainless ?? rivet nuts (all drills must feature torque limited clutch.).
Astro Pneumatic Tool Inner Tie Rod Removal Set
Use with inner tie rod ends, as well as rack and pinionassemblies.This kit is not for use with ?Saginaw? type rack andpinion assemblies. These tools should not be used with powertools, but used only with a hand wrench.It was designed for working in cramped conditions wheresockets and wrenches just won?t work or fit.This kit features a quick slide collar to secure thecrow?s feet, and includes 1 long socket removal tool, and 7crow?s foot sizes. S.A.E.: 1-3/16?, 1-1/4?, 1-5/16?,1-7/16?. Metric: 14mm, 17mm, 33.6mm.
Astro Pneumatic Tool 78620
Astro Pneumatic Tool
Astro DS2000 Pneumatic Door Skin Removal Tool by Astro Pneumatic Tool
Astro Pneumatic
Designed to aid in the removal of damaged door skins with minimum physical effort; Features a forged as well as hardened steel de-crimping head; Includes a secondary handle
Astro Pneumatic Tool 3037PAR - 3037 Belt Sander Pulley Assembly Replacement - Rubber
Astro Pneumatic Tool
The Astro 3037PAR (Pulley Assembly - Rubber) for the popular 3037 1/2x18" belt sander is a roller assembly that replaces worn rubber roller components. This improves belt wear and helps to avoid the tool skipping off a surface when the end of the tool is pressed into it. Perfect for spot weld removal and getting the most out of your belts.
Astro 4524 Auto Fastener and Molding Removal Tool Set, 11-Piece
Astro Pneumatic Tool Co
Set includes:1) 6" Remover - Wide Type.2) 7" Remover - Pull Type.3) 7" Remover - Narrow Type.4) 8" Remover - Handy Type.5) 8.5" Upholstery Clip Remover.7) 8" Flat Clip Panel Remover.8) 8" Panel Remover.9) 8" Sharp Panel Remover.10) 8" Straight Panel Remover.11) 8" Clip Panel Remover.For use on internal and external vehicle molding and trim fasteners.Plastic construction of tools prevents scratching and damage to vehicle paint, leather, chrome, etc.