Atlantic Fujitsu

Atlantic 95 m3 Extractor/H D100
Description: Flow: 95 m3/h Power consumption: 11 W sound level: 29 dB (a) Weight: 0.5kg A: 160 mm B: 17 mm C: 95 mm Diameter: 98 mm
Atlantic Fujitsu
economies D?1kW Power Consumption = 4.10 kW returned (depending on model) weekly programme available in option heat (depending on model) and a + + Energy Efficiency: A (depending on model) in cold silence only 21 dB (a) (depending on model) comfort Rapid temperature adjustment (Light Mode On The LMC models only) to 10 °C (outside) reduce the noise level of the gel?Outdoor unit (models LMC only) Mini working temperature - Performance in Low Temperatures: -10 °C at ° Mini working mode: -15 °C x D: asyg 9 reversible llcc Power W/2 500 mode of operation - DC Inverter refrigerant R410 A design features main fridge rated watts 2500 Power Rated calo. W 3,000 performance Seer 6,90 Scop 4.00 (Indoor Unit) sound level rating ERP (cold) energy class A + + Energy Efficiency Class (Hot) a + Very low temperatures ° C -10 °C to 43 °C Operating Range -15 to 24 installation Indoor Unit Dimensions (HxWxD) mm Outdoor Unit 262 x 820 x 206 mm 535 x 663 x 293 mm Details of indoor unit references * - asyg Code 9 llcc.UI - 873 054 outdoor unit - aoyg Code 9 llcc.EU - 872 026 set - asyg Code 9 llcc 878 037 * Supplied with length of minimum recommended refrigeration connections: 3 m Key Colours IR Controller. Preloaded For Up To 15 metres
MONOSPLIT Inverter Wall asyg 12 llcc 3,4kw Mono
Fujitsu Atlantic
Economic Air Conditioning Reversible. All mono split Reversible Atlantic to contain your equipment in one piece. This Model Has A Wide Range Of allowing you to use the light mode to temperatures up to -15 degrees and heating mode allows rapid an attack of the target temperature. This set is also equipped with a function out gel for a mini when the temperature during the winter. Atlantic references: asyg 7 llcc: 878036 asyg 9 llcc: 878037 asyg 12 llcc: 878038 connections: 1/4 - 3/8 new rules on the fluid handling: The Decree R. 543-84 28 December 2015, means that the activation of equipment containing fluids frigorigènes should be put into service by one operator with certificate valid capacity. Therefore you for all air conditioning (with at least one pre loaded gas), opt for one of these two options: Order the corresponding hardware with the provision of put into service we provide the contract to assemble or put into service from a preloaded with fluid frigorigènes equipment, to download so unit asyg 7 llcc asyg 9 llcc asyg 12 llcc Power W 2,000 2,500 3 500 Operating Mode features a fully reversible Reversible - Reversible DC Inverter - DC Inverter DC Inverter refrigerant R410 A R410 A R410 A Features Main fridge rated watts 3,500 Rated Power calo. 2,000 2,500 Watt 2700 3000 4000 Seer performance 6.7 6,90 6.60 Scop 4.00 4.00 3,80 noise level (Indoor Unit) classification ERP (cold) a + + Energy class A + + A + + Energy Efficiency Class (Hot) a + a operating range cold 43 °C -10 °C to -10 °C hot 43 -10 °C to 43 °C -15 to 24 15 to 24 15 to 24 Indoor Unit Dimensions (HxWxD) mm Outdoor Unit 262 262 x 820 x 820 x 206 262 x 820 x 206 x 206 mm 535 x 663 x 293 535 x 663 x 293 535
VonHaus 23-56
Designer Habitat
TV Size 23-56" VESA Minimum - 75x75mm Maximum - 400x400mm Tilt -15° Load Capacity 45Kg (99lb) Profile Low profile 65mm from wall. Arm extends to 355mm from wall Material Heavy Gauge Reinforced Steel Includes Free attached spirit bubble level Compatible Televisions Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Phillips, Toshiba, Sharp, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, JVC, Logik, Digihome, Technika and much more! All Fitting Hardware included: 4X M5*30 4X M6*30 4X M8*30 6X Self tapping wall screws 6X Plastic wall anchors Assorted Washers 4X Plastic spacers VESA Dimension is the most important specification when considering the best TV Bracket for your television. Please ensure your TV is compatible with this brackets MAX VESA (400x400mm) by checking your TV's manual or by measuring the distance between the 4 holes on the rear of the television.