Atlantic: The Wildest Ocean on Earth [Blu-ray]
Spirit Entertainment Limited
The Frayed Atlantic Edge
William Collins
Atlantic Nightmare: The longest military campaign in World War II
Endeavour Media
The battle that Germany should have won?No other battle of the Second World War lasted longer than the 2,075 days of the Battle of the Atlantic. It raged from the opening day of the war in September 1939 until it ended almost six years later with Germany’s surrender in May 1945.Vital supplies of food, fuel and the raw materials needed by the Allies to wage war had to be transported in merchant ships in escorted convoys across the Atlantic Ocean where they were at the mercy of German U-boats and warships. At first, many were lost. The fall of France in June 1940 gave the U-boats bases on the Atlantic coast, and U-boat production increased allowing the Germans to now hunt in ‘wolf packs’.How seriously did each sides take the battle? How far were they able to innovate their way out of problems they encountered? Who made the crucial decisions on how the battle should be fought? How was the crucial battle for intelligence won?Atlantic Nightmare identifies seven pivotal areas to answer these questions.Praise for Richard Freeman:‘… especially rewarding for those whose historical interests straddle political and military history – Nathan Albright, Naval Historical FoundationRichard Freeman graduated in mathematics before following a career in distance education. He now writes on naval history. His other books include Midway, Pearl Harbor and Coral Sea 1942.
Grind Show
The Atlantic
AFM Records
Tsukineko VC068 Versacolor Pigment Ink Pad - Atlantic
Tsukineko Co Ltd
Tsukineko VersaColor Pigment Ink Pad Large - Atlantic #068
La Riche Directions Semi-Permanent Hair Colour 88ml x 4 tubs Atlantic Blue
La Riche
This fantastic La Riche Directions Hair Dye Colour Pack features such stunning colours that you will always want to show your hair off. Completely different to anything you have seen before, each hair dye pack colouring has a natural effect that will surely get people talking. Giving you a unique edge, we are certain that it's sure to draw attention your way. Coming in 4 x 88ml containers, each La Riche Directions hair dye tub ensures that you have enough colour for full coverage. Made for those of you with a creative mind, this hair dye allows you to mix up your look so you can also try dip dye and streaks to find the ultimate look for you. Of course, if you love having colour on your hair then you can be sure that these La Riche Directions hair dye has enough. Another great thing about this La Riche Directions Hair Dye Colour Pack is it's easy to follow instructions. Also complete with simple application, each hair dye certainly allows you to achieve your colour choice with ease. Simply read through the instructions and you will find it much easier to create your chosen beautiful colour. Perfect for everyone, each semi-permanent hair dye allows you to get instant colour. Lasting up to six weeks, this ensures that you can have your hair colour for longer. Perfect for the summer holidays, parties, events and just for fun, this hair dye allows you to show off your alternative edge perfectly. Even when you have other commitments, you can still have an insane look with any of our hair dye packs. Please Note: Hair dye results may vary depending on hair type, hair porosity and base colour.
Almo Nature HFC Natural - Wet Cat Food with Atlantic Tuna (Pack of 24 x 70g Tins)
Almo Nature
Almo Nature Classic is a range of complementary cat foods made up of white meats, red meats, fish and even vegetables. These ingredients are preserved in their cooking broth with the sole addition of a small percentage of rice. All by-products are absolutely excluded, and so are mineral and vitamin supplements and additives. Now available is the "Tuna Selection" which consists of 2 x Tuna & Sole, 2 x Tuna & Whitebait and 2 x Tuna pouches. ...
Atlantic Fleet Lite
Paul Sincock Ph.D.
GROSEEDS - Vegetable Seeds, Pumpkin - Dills Atlantic Giant, V-PUM-01, 6 Seeds Minimum Per Packet.
INDOOR SOWING - Sow 1 seed on its edge per 5 - 7 cm pot. Ensure adequate heat is available for fast germination. Once germination starts reduce the heat and move the seedlings to a well lit location, a warm windowsill or warm greenhouse is ideal.2 - 3 weeks after germination plant out (depending on speed of growth). The plants will need hardening off over 7 - 10 days before planting out to reduce shock. Discard any weak or unhealthy looking plants.Plant out at the distance suggested on the seed packet. If the soil is poor with very little organic matter it will be beneficial at this stage to dig a trench about 30 cm wide and 30 cm deep for each individual plant to be planted in. Fill the holes with a 50 / 50 mix of rotted manure or compost and soil. Plant out carefully as the stems of the plants are very fragile and easy to snap or damage. Firm the soil around each plant and water well. Cover with horticultural fleece.FURTHER GROWING INSTRUCTIONS - Sowing instructions on the packet. Full sowing, growing and harvesting instructions on our websiteOUR PROMISE TO YOU - All seeds despatched and sold by GROSEEDS come with a 1 year money back guarantee.** WARNING - Sometimes product listing pages on Amazon get hijacked by sellers who claim to be selling the authentic brand. As we are the manufacturer and the sole seller of the Groseeds brand this product should only be despatched and sold by Groseeds. To ensure you are purchasing an authentic product as described in this listing please ensure when you add this product to your basket that it is 'Despatched and Sold By - Groseeds'. Regrettably we are unable to honour our 1 year guarantee if the product was not despatched and sold by Groseeds.**Care should be taken when handling seeds. Some may be harmful if eaten or may cause irritation to skin.
Nordes Atlantic Galician Gin, 70 cl
"70cl / 40.0% - Nordes Atlantic Galician Gin is a rather intriguing Spanish gin made with an Albarino-grape-based spirit, rather than your more commonly seen grain-based spirit, along with 12 botanicals including lemon peels, hibiscus, liquorice and eucalyptus. The result is a bold, floral flavour profile that would befit summer drinks and cocktails. The bottle is quite stylish too - very impressive stuff."
Premier Planes SM74715WB Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400 1:250 clip-together model
This model is of a Virgin Boeing 747-400 in 1/250 scale. You can display this in a few minutes and it needs no paint or glue.
La Riche Directions Colour Hair Dye 88ml (Atlantic Blue)
La Riche Directions
This La Riche Atlantic Blue hair dye doesnt just offer you a stunning colour but also it allows you to get that colour effortlessly. With easy to follow instructions and a simple application process, this dark blue hair dye helps you to create the ultimate look with ease. The way it works is to ensure you can have this colour instantly without hassle, making you stand out in an moment. The size of this La Riche Atlantic Blue hair dye is 88ml, meaning that it has more than enough to achieve full coverage. This means that you can have a full head of dark blue hair dye easily. Even though there is more than enough La Riche Directions hair dye to make you blue all over, you dont have to. You can choose alternative styles such as dip dye and streaks. No matter what you want to do with this dye, we know it is perfect for you. The best bit about this La Riche Atlantic Blue hair dye is its insane colour. The vibrancy of this shade will effortlessly stand out no matter where you go, which means you will definitely have all attention on you. With this dark blue hair dye you can ensure you have a stand out image that you and everyone else will instantly fall in love with. Another great thing about this La Riche Atlantic Blue hair dye is that it lasts up to six weeks. This means that throughout the summer holidays you can have insanely wacky hair. Coming from La Riche hair dye, you can be certain that throughout those six weeks it wont fade fast ensuring that you can keep this style throughout the holidays. Made with only safe ingredients, you can re-use this hair dye without worry and keep the look for even longer. Please Note: Hair dye results may vary depending on hair type, hair porosity and base colour.

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Atlantic Shopping Maxwell Dining Chair Cream
Atlantic Shopping
A comfortable and stylish addition to your dining area, the Maxwell Dining Chair has a padded cream faux leather seat that boasts a distinctive backrest design. Adding a touch of elegance to the simple structure, the four chrome legs taper gently to the floor and are finished with protective plugs to effectively look after your surfaces.Dimensions:Seat Height: 47cmOverall Height: 97.5cmExternal Seat Width: 44.5cmBackrest Height: 52cmSeat Depth: 44cmOverall Seat Depth: 52cm