Atoplee 4pcs Steel Wood Countersink Debur Deburring Tool Deburing Set Hole Countersinker
Specification: Countersink Deburring bits tool set for cutting metal wood plasticSingle-ended tool has a round shank that accommodates most drill chucksThis 4 piece Countersink and Deburring Tool Set is ideal for cutting through metal, wood and plastic
Countersink/Deburring Countersinker Hss-Tin with Cross Hole Size 1/2?5 MM in Case 1 Unit
Taper and deburring Countersink HSS with transverse hole Titanium Nitride coating High-performance high-speed steel, flat angle 90 °, right-hand cutting, cylindrical shaft. Directions for use: For ratterfreien deburring of holes.
ATOPLEE Quartz Round Back Trim Ring Hour Meter Boat Tractor Generator Engine Mower Golf Cart 48v 24v 12v
Features: 100% quality and Brand new Round Shape 6 digital display hour meter High quality 2" Analog Hourmeter Work well under vibration of 18gs,1075Hz Applications: CAT fork lifts, trucks, race cars, boats, golf carts, RV's, off road vehicles, etc Specifications: Color: Black Model: XY-001 Power: 0.3W Use temperature: -10Centigrade~50Centigrade Seismic amplitude:10-70HZ 1-8g (heavy efforts) Voltage: DC (6~80)V Display range: 99999.9 hours Accuracy: +/-0.02% Fits 2" Round cut out, 2.25" outside diameter Package Included: 1x Round Hour Meter
Atoplee Boat Truck Tractor SYS-1 12v -36v Dc Diesel Outboard Engine Hour Meter Rectangular
Features: 100% quality and Brand new The meter has positive and a negative leads for easy installation The timer has a 6 digit display with the least significant digit being 1/10 hour (99999.9) and operates on in put voltages from DC Volts 12-36 DC The hour meter timing mechanism contains a quartzoscillator which provides a high degree of accuracy This rectangular hour meter can be used for tracking time on machinery such as boats, cars, trucks, tractors or any other device where time is used to determine oil change intervals, service requirements or where there is a need to record hours operated Specifications: Size(about):5 x 3.3 x 2cm Power: 3W Use temperature: -10 ℃ - 75 ℃ Note: The item Without "automatically to zero" function Package Included: 1x Hour Meter
Atoplee 4pcs DC 5V 0.2A 30mm x 30mm x 10mm 2 Pin Connector PC CPU Computer Case Brushless DC Fan
Features: 100% brand new and high quality. Ultra quiet powerful low-speed brushless DC fan. Specialized design with 5 blades. Low speed, moderate air flow. Quiet sleeve-bearing design. Professional made, stable performance . Using brushless DC motor, in terms of silence and life than the traditional motor has a greater advantage. Used for Compact computer cases, power supplies ,DIY cooling transformation. Hard drive cooling .Graphics cooling. Small mechanical and electrical cooling. Package Included: 4x Brushless DC Fan
ATOPLEE New Female Copper Banana Jack Connectors Sockets For 4mm Banana Plug Red/Black[30 Pcs Black + 30 Pcs Red]
Features: 100% Brand New and High Quanlity Banana Jack For 4mm Banana Plug Specifications: Material:Copper Color:002:Red,001:Black Package Included: Banana Jack For 4mm Banana Plug
Atoplee 10pcs U Style Adjustable Stainless Steel Shackle Buckle for Paracord Bracelet
Specifications: Material: stainless steel Surface treatment: plating Color: silver tone Length of screw lever: 27.5mm Size of U loop: (30*18)mm Size of adjustment lever: (33.7*1)mm Weight: about 19g Package Included: 10pcs U Style Adjustable Stainless Steel Bracelet Buckle
ATOPLEE DC DC Boost Converter Step-up Voltage Regulator Voltage Stabilizer Adjustable Power Supply DC 2-24V to 5V 9V 12V 28V 2A with Micro USB Input
Specifications: Input voltage: DC 2V--24V. Output voltage: 28V(max). Output current:: 2A(max). Converting efficiency: more than 93percent. Size: 30*18*7mm. Net weight: around 5g. Package Included: 1pcs DC-DC Boost Module from 2-24V to 5/9/12//28V with Micro USB.
ATOPLEE Watch Tools Screwdriver & Tweezers Demagnetise Demagnetizer Magnetizer 220V 110V
Watch demagnetiser instructions : Mechanical watches inevitably magnetization caused when walking is not accurate, then you need demagnetiser to help, even if the watch is not subject to magnetic repair table love the table essential products Method 1. Plug Power 2. to watch or parts subject to magnetic demagnetization area 2-3CM away on the top of your finger and hold the red button, so that goods back and forth up and down on the degausser flipped several times to various parts of the demagnetization time is approximately 5-10 seconds then release the button, unplug the power that degaussing is completed. 3 normally 1-3 times to degaussing is completed, must not put the watch has been canceled, not eliminate good time every one hour or the next day you can eliminate. Package Included: 1pcs Watch demagnetiser
ATOPLEE 10pcs Brass Misting Nozzles for Cooling System Humidification Sprayer (0.1mm)
Features: Each nozzle only consumes 0.5 gallon water per hour. Features a sturdy brass body and stainless steel orifice. Soaking the misting nozzle in cleaner periodically to remove mineral deposits, thus can prolong its lifetime. Widely used in textile shop humidification, landscaping, cooling, air humidification, spraying disinfection, quarantine, deodorant air purification, etc.
ATOPLEE 4Pcs Fuel Pump Carburetor Primer Bulbs Cup For Chainsaws Trimmer Small
Features: Small carburetor oil cup. Applicable for garden diaphragm carburetor of 139, 25CC, 26CC, 30CC, 40-5, and for hedge mower, chainsaw, hedgerow, picking machine, etc. Good sealing performance, correct oil suction, standard elastic. Package Included: 4Pcs Fuel Pump Carburetor Primer Bulbs Cup
Atoplee 20pcs 3x12x4mm High Carbon Steel Wire V Groove Pulley
Specifications: Material:High Carbon Steel Dimension:(Inside diameter)3mm x (outer diameter)12mm x (thickness)4mm V groove width: 2.5mm V groove deepness: 1mm Package Included: 20pcs wire pulley with V groove
Atoplee 5pcs 4'' 100mm Wool Polishing Buffing Wheel Pad Bore Dia
Features: 100 angle grinder dedicated wool wheel. Used for:copper, iron and aluminum and other metal products, stainless steel ceramic glass furniture polished marble stone and other highly refined use! Good product life! The effect is significant. Package Included: 5pcs wool wheel
Atoplee 8pcs 4Sizes High Speed Steel Carbide Rotary File Burr Cutter Grinder Bit
Specifications: Material: High speed steel. Size: 001: Blade length 22mm * Edge diameter 3mm * Handle length 25mm *Shank diameter 3mm 002: Blade length 36mm * Edge diameter 4mm * Handle length 23mm * Shank diameter 3mm 003: Blade length 35mm * Edge diameter 5mm * Handle length 25mm * Shank diameter 3mm 004: Blade length 30mm * Edge diameter 6mm * Handle length 24mm * Shank diameter 3mm Package Included:8pcs High Speed Steel Rotary Bur Cutter
Atoplee Semi-automatic Mini Hand Drill Chuck Micro Twist Hobby Craft Jewelers Hand Tool + 20pcs 0.3-1.6mm Twist Drill Bits Set
Features: 100% brand new and high quality. Full metal. Self-driven turbine, hand drill automatic, accurate and efficient. High-precision, double-chuck, it can clip the drill of 0.2~2.0mm. Hand-pressure rotary drilling, time-saving, convenient and quickly. It can drill on the amber, beeswax, wood, plastic, walnut, rubber, and other materials. Operating skills: Positioning firstly when punch for smooth objects. When punch for the harder objects, make a hole with a small dril firstly, then expanded it to a larger hole. It is normal if it is a little tight when match with 2.0 grill, just force open the chunk a little. Note: Wearing protective tools when use it and pay attention to the emergency situation. Please keep the exertion directions are always perpendicular, or the drill bit is easy to be broken. This product is not suitable for drilling on agate, jade, metal, steel and other hard materials, slip or unusable may happen. Specifications: Structure: the body is steel, the chuck is alloy metal, the main stem is spiral and equipped with backspring. Color: Silver Length: 11cm Chuck clamping range: 0.2-2.0mm Use shank typer: round handle The shape of the drill shank: round only Twist drill bit Material: HSS high-speed steel 4241 Crafts: grinding Shank Diameter: 0.3mm 0.35mm 0.4mm 0.45mm 0.5mm 0.55mm 0.6mm 0.65mm 0.7mm 0.75mm 0.8mm 0.85mm 0.9mm 0.95mm 1.0mm 1.2mm 1.3mm 1.4mm 1.5mm 1.6mm Package Included: 1pcs Hand twist push drill with 2pcs chunk 20pcs HSS Micro-Drill Bits Set
Atoplee 10pcs 120# 150# 180# 220# 240# 320# 400# 600# 800# 1000# Sharpening Stone Set Whetstone Set Knife Sharpener Kit
Specifications: Size: length 150mm,width 12mm,thickness 6mm Particle size : 001:120# 002:150# 003:180# 004: 220# 005:240# 006:320# 007:400# 008:600# 009:800# 010:1000# Package Included: 10x Sharpening stone
Atoplee 6pcs 180# Green Carbon Oil Stone Knife Whetstone Sharpening Stone Set
Specifications:Material: green carbon oil stone.    The green oil stone is hard, tough, sharp and highly thermal condcutivity.Shape: blade, semi-circle, rhombus, triangle, rectangle, cylinder(as the pictures show).Particle size: 180#.Length: 100mm.Net weight: around 60g/set.Package Included: 1set/6pcs Green Carbon Oil Stone Polishing Grinding Tool
ATOPLEE 2mm M4 Banana Socket Jack for Banana Audio Cables Plug Connector 1/10/50pcs[50pcs,red+Yellow+Blue+Green+Black]
Features: Brand New Suitable for connecting 2mm Banana Plug Package Included: 50pcs 2mm Banana Plug
ATOPLEE 1 Pc R-134a AC Refrigerant Can Bottle Tap Opener Valve Tool 1/4 SAE Thread Adapter
Specifications: Material: Alloy Interface: M14 thread Color: coppery (as photo shows) Weight: 40g Package Included: 1pc Refrigerant Can Tap Bottle Opener