ATOPLEE 1pc Lathes 60 Degree Point Morse Taper Lathes Dead Center,Hard Alloy (MT2)
Specifications:    Material: the top point is made from carbide, the handle is made from 45#steel.    The alloy top hardness: larger than HRC85.    The handle hardness: between HRC40 and HRC45.    central angle: 60 degrees.    The accuracy: 0.01mm    The total length: 100mm.    The largest diameter: 17.78mm.Package Included:    1pce Morse alloy Fixed top
Atoplee 1 Set/8pcs 190mm Double Ended Riffler Wood Rasp File Set Woodworking Carving Rasping Coarse Handware Tools
Features: In the new design of ergonomic handle, the file will make work more comfortable and effcicient. The corrosive oil should be erased before using the files, which cannot be used to beat the hard things because it is easy to be broke off. Steel brush should be used to follow the direction of file's texture to erase the scrap on the file after filing and cutting. The files should be avoided to fall from the high, otherwise, it will be easy to be destroyed and to hurt the people. The files should not to be soaked by the water, oil or other dirty things. Please store the files alone, and don't store them together with other tools. Otherwise, the surface will be damaged. Used for filing and cutting the woods. Package Included: 1set/8pcs Coarse Riffler Files.
ATOPLEE Toolmall 12v to 36v Truck Tractor Diesel Outboard Engine Hour Meter Rectangular
Instructions: The timer operates on in put voltages from 12 to 36 Volts DC.The meter has a positive and a negative lead for easy installation. 6 digit display, from 1/10 hour to 99999.9.Widely used for tracking time on machinery such as boats, cars, trucks, tractors or any other device where time is used to determine oil change intervals, service requirements or where there is a need to record hours operated.It is designed to withstand vibration and shaking up to 8g. Specifications:Size(about): 5*3.3*2cmIndicating range: 99999.9 hoursOperating voltage: DC(12~36)VWeight: 55gNote: These meters are not water proof, only splash resistant The item Without the function of "automatically to zero"Package Included: 1x Hour Meter
Atoplee Boat Truck Tractor SYS-1 12v -36v Dc Diesel Outboard Engine Hour Meter Rectangular
Features: 100% quality and Brand new The meter has positive and a negative leads for easy installation The timer has a 6 digit display with the least significant digit being 1/10 hour (99999.9) and operates on in put voltages from DC Volts 12-36 DC The hour meter timing mechanism contains a quartzoscillator which provides a high degree of accuracy This rectangular hour meter can be used for tracking time on machinery such as boats, cars, trucks, tractors or any other device where time is used to determine oil change intervals, service requirements or where there is a need to record hours operated Specifications: Size(about):5 x 3.3 x 2cm Power: 3W Use temperature: -10 ℃ - 75 ℃ Note: The item Without "automatically to zero" function Package Included: 1x Hour Meter
ATOPLEE 1 Pc R134A Recharge Hose with Low Pressure Gauge (250PSI) and Valve Bottle Opener and a 1/4 '' Converter
Specifications: Color: As picture shown The Left length:10cm The middle: Low pressure gauge (250PSI) The right length: 40cm Material: Plastic, metal Package Included: 1pc R134A recharge hose with Low pressure gauge (250PSI) and Valve bottle opener and a 1/4 '' converter
ATOPLEE M1/4SAE-F5/16 Refrigeration Adapter Connector Adaptor for R410a Gauges Hose
Specifications: Material: Aluminum (Copper plating) Color: yellow External thread: 1/4'' Internal in thread: 5/16'' Package Included: 1x R410A adapter connector
Atoplee 6pcs 180# Green Carbon Oil Stone Knife Whetstone Sharpening Stone Set
Specifications:Material: green carbon oil stone.    The green oil stone is hard, tough, sharp and highly thermal condcutivity.Shape: blade, semi-circle, rhombus, triangle, rectangle, cylinder(as the pictures show).Particle size: 180#.Length: 100mm.Net weight: around 60g/set.Package Included: 1set/6pcs Green Carbon Oil Stone Polishing Grinding Tool
ATOPLEE 1pcs Corner Cutter Rounder Punch for Paper Photos Cards Cutting [10mm, Blue]
Features: Suitable for cutting paper, photos, business cards, etc. Using this tool, you can put the photos of 4 right angle turns Round corner, increase the aesthetic. The Round corner is not easy to damage. Use it with your thumb. You must be fast when you use it.
ATOPLEE New Female Copper Banana Jack Connectors Sockets For 4mm Banana Plug Red/Black[30 Pcs Black + 30 Pcs Red]
Features: 100% Brand New and High Quanlity Banana Jack For 4mm Banana Plug Specifications: Material:Copper Color:002:Red,001:Black Package Included: Banana Jack For 4mm Banana Plug
ATOPLEE 11pcs Precision Mini Screwdriver Set For Jewellers Laptop Watch Glasses Mobile
Features: 100% brand new and high quality. Anti rust, anti corrosion, durable. Precise size, anti slip, anti dull, flexibly and efficiently. Package Included: 11pcs Precision Mini Screwdriver Set
Atoplee AS-20 12V Waterproof Light Control Swith Photo Sensor Switch
Features: 100% quality and Brand new. To turn on or off the light in day and night without manual operation Do not install the control unit in a place extremely darker in daytime or a place directly by lighting of turning - ON lamp Widely used: street light, highway, factories, garden, ports, airports, farm, parks, schools, and other places. Also can fit into solar lamps and lanterns, or cars, motorcycles, electric cars and other power supply voltage is 12V lamps and lanterns or equipment Rainproof performance, more suitable for outdoor Package Included: 1 x Photo Control Sensor
Atoplee DC 12V Intelligent Electric Door Lock for File Cabinet Door
Specifications: Model: K01. Material: iron. Rated voltage: DC 12V. Rated current: 2A. Size: 80*60*13mm. Length of wire: 15cm. Diameter of installation hole: 4mm. Net weight: around 180g. Package Included: 1pcs K01 Electromagnetic Lock.
Atoplee 6pcs 6mm 1/4 Bearing Steel Rotary Burr File Set for Metal Plastic Wood Stone Grinding Deburring
Specifications:Material: bearing steelShank diameter: 6mm round shankFull length: 55mmShank length: 30mmBlade length: 25mmTotal weight: about 125gPackage Included: 6pcs steel rotary file set for drill toolNotes:It is prohibited to supporting used with fixtures that hearts are different.Its shank must be clamped tightly and positively while using, shaking phenomenon is strictly prohibited during the operation.The cutting direction should move smoothly from right to left, not too much force to prevent bouncing and impact, should be decelerating operation.To prevent the chip flying, please use protective glasses.
ATOPLEE Green Silicone Carbon Polishing Oilstone for Ceramic Painted Metal Grinding Grit 80#/150#/240#/400#/600#/800#/1000# [All Grits, 7pcs]
Features: Widely used for knifes sharpening, grinding of heat energy original workpiece, ceramic, painted metal, etc. Higher hardness, better toughness, easy to maintain, a ideal grinding tool.
ATOPLEE Grit 10000# Knife Razor Sharpener Fine Stone Oil Stone Whetstone Oilstone Polishing Mirror
Features: 100% quality and Brand new. A fine-grained whetstone lubricated with oil, used for fine sharpening For Polishing, Sharpening Can Make Mirror surface, mirror finish Nature Jade Natural material, every batch of color and lustre is not completely consistent, and the natural texture is inevitable, if you received item is texture defective, please forgive me Please rest assured,the item don't affect using PLEASE PAY ATTENTION THE SIZE , IT IS VERY SMALL, IT IS NATURAL JADE.
Atoplee 10pcs U Style Adjustable Stainless Steel Shackle Buckle for Paracord Bracelet
Specifications: Material: stainless steel Surface treatment: plating Color: silver tone Length of screw lever: 27.5mm Size of U loop: (30*18)mm Size of adjustment lever: (33.7*1)mm Weight: about 19g Package Included: 10pcs U Style Adjustable Stainless Steel Bracelet Buckle
Atoplee 1pc Grit 3000# &10000# Knife Razor Ruby Sharpening Stone Whetstone Oilstone 100 * 25 * 10mm
Specifications:Size:100*25*10mmModel:A ruby sharpening stone (3000 Grit), the other side is agate stone (10000 Grit)Material:Ruby stone and natural agate (as it is natural stone, some stone has other color like black or white dot etc, please pay attention)It's brand new, good quality & high perf ormanceSharpening Stones For Sharpener Professional Sharpening SystemA fine-grained whetstone lubricated with oil, used for fine sharpening.The Ruby sharpening stone and Agate Stone,For Polishing,Sharpening.Can Make Mirror surface, mirror finish.The Ruby Sharpening stone is made from sintered crystals of synthetic ruby.It's extremely hard, maintain their shape well and are resistant to wear.Mainly used in industrial instrumentation, precision parts, miniature knives, stones, measuring tools, cutting tools, instruments, carbide, etc.Package Included: 1x Sharpening stone
Atoplee 5pcs Eye Glasses Reading Glasses Clip LED Light Mini Flashlight
Specifications: Material: PC, LED lamp Size: 40mm * 30mm * 30mm Battery: 3* LR41 button batteries (include) Package Included: 5x LED light clip on glasses lamp
ATOPLEE 36pcs M4 Threaded Steel Ball Rod Ends For Kossel 3D Printer Magnetic Joints
Features: Drilling tapping M4 thread ball 10mm for 3D printer.(each printer will need 12 pieces) M4 x 20mm grub set screws is necessary to combine used with this ball to make connection with the carbon tube & 12 magnet for the joints.