Aluminium Oxide Sandpaper Rolls *All Grades* 60 80 100 120 Fine Medium Coarse (40's (Very Coarse))
This graded sandpaper roll is also Aluminium Oxide which makes it waterproof. Generally used for paintwork preperation & wood shaping. The sandpaper roll can be used by hand & also with power tools. This high quality aluminium oxide paper abrasive lasts longer & cuts faster than general purpose sandpaper. It is a tough backing E-weight paper. Features: - Grades: 60's, 80's, 100's, 120's - Aluminium Oxide - Size: 5M x 115mm
grippercloth Liner Dust 0.9 x 1.8 m, Cotton Cloth,
Single Cotton Dust with beads to hold the cloth liner in place of traction (read). Can be machine washed (warm) and then tumble dry on low. Double stitching for durability.
Harris Taskmaster 6
L.G Harris
High performance range. Premier features ergonomic soft grip handles. Masonry For masonry paints on exterior surfaces. Emulsion For water based paints on interior surfaces. Brush Ferrule Material: Stainless Steel. Brush Handle Material: Polypropylene. Brush Filament Type: Pure/Synthetic. Brush Length Out: 67mm. Brush head Thickness: 20mm