Attwood Marine

Attwood Boat Seat, Gray
Attwood, Inc.
Attwood Folding Boat Seat... refresh your boat! Give your boat a new look when you replace your old, worn seats with this Folding Boat Seat! This Seat is built to last... it's made from heavy-duty marine-grade vinyl and it's plastic sealed to resist moisture. The high-impact plastic frame and compression foam padding will last for years. Measures 14 1/2 x 16 5/8 x 10" h., 8 lbs. State Color. An easy upgrade for your boat... get yours today! Attwood Folding Boat Seat
Attwood Softside Straight-Edge Dock Fender
Attwood, Inc.
Attwood's Dock Fenders carry an industry-best lifetime guarantee against splitting, cracking, chalking or deflating. Ideal for boat docks and swim rafts. Designed with SoftSide technology. Low-profile soft top edge reduces tripping risks and aids in install. Soft on hulls. Recessed mounting holes. Dimensions: 18" x 3 1/2" x 4 1/2" Mounting Patterns: Three 5/16" Holes
Attwood Submersible Trailer Light Kit
Complete kit includes a pair of 8-function stop/tail/turn lights, wiring harness, and license plate bracket. Applicable to trailers under 80" wide. Ideal for utility, snowmobile, camping, motorcycle, and boat trailers. The design conforms to applicable US FMVSS and Canadian CMVSS safety standards.
Attwood Corporation Bilge Pump 500Gph Tsunami
Tsunami Bilge Pump T500. Part #: 4606-7. With their innovative engineering and compact design, Tsunami pumps deliver high output from a small package. We use the advanced material available, including the best quality bearings and state-of-the-art brushes, alloys and magnets. Our patented shaft seal prevents leaks caused by misalignment and out caulked and tinned wiring eliminates wicking, prevents water damage and resists corrosion. Boaters, boat-builders and dealers all want one thing from their bilge pumps - more power! And that's what the Tsunami Series delivers. with high-capacity, high-efficiency output. Tsunami Cartridge pumps have replaceable / interchangeable motor cores. Makes servicing simple and quick. Features: Outlet Style - Barbed - 3/4". 12V. 29" Wire.
Attwood Marine
Sahara Automatic Bilge Pump S500 Series. Part #: 4505-7. An automatic-switch bilge pump is a requirement for any vessels 20' and over with sleeping accommodations, but is a great convenience for any size boat. The Sahara has everything contained in one compact yet durable package - pump, wire, seals, strainer, and mercury-free switch -and installs quickly and easily in tight spaces. Pumps include 36" lengths of 16-gauge caulked and tinned copper wire. S500 has plenty of pumping power most jobs. 500 GPH at open flow, 350 GPH* at 3.3' head. Draws only 1.5-amps at open flow! Features: 12V. 3/4" I.D. 36" Wire.
Attwood Rod Holder, White,
Attwood, Inc.
Attwood Trailer Bunk Padding (12-Inch)
Durable, weather-resistant polypropylene marine carpet material made for minimal water retention. Easy-to-cut & custom fit. Protects hull. Eases loading & launching. Acrylic backing grips surface of bunk boards or cradle. No excessive fuzz. Static-free.
Attwood Corporation Quick Disconnect Seat Mount (7-Inch)
Fast and easy installation and removal of seat. Mounts on any flat 8" x 9" surface.
Attwood Corporation Battery Tray with 29/31 Series Strap
Attwood Corporation
Hardware included: No Strap included: Yes Groupe type: Series 29/31 Number: 714856A simple-to-install battery holder that fits into a limited space. For batteries up to 10-1/2" in height. Provides simple installation for changing or replacing batteries. The polypropylene hold-down strap has a positive locking, quick disconnect buckle. Molded base mounts with four #10 panhead screws.
Attwood Marine
Float Switch. Part #: 4202-7. Converts bilge pumps to fully automatic operation. Maximum amp draw is 12 amps (at 12-volt D.C.) or 6-amps (at 24-Volts D.C.). Features a compact, low profile design that mounts on any surface from a horizontal up to a 24x angle. Incorporates a reliable and affordable mechanical switch that actuates pump motor at 2" water level. Wire leads do not flex or hinge with the float as on some competitive models. Integral cover dampens bilge sloshing to reduce pump cycling, and prevents debris interference. Sealed switch mechanism resists moisture, fume-ignition, and electrical shock. Contains no mercury, which is listed as a health hazard and "Persistent Toxic Substance" in over 26 states. Float switch installs directly onto the rear slots of the V-Series pump bracket. Features a convenient test knob to test pump operation. Features: 36" Wire. 12V & 24V. CE Rated.
Attwood Trailer Tongue Lift Handle
ATTWOOD 111307, ATT111307
Attwood 11712-7 18 Piece Bungee Cord Pack
Attwood, Inc.
18 piece assortment;8) 24 inches - white;6) 30 inches - blue;2) 42 inches - Yellow;2) adjustable hooks for customizing length;Rot proof and abrasion resistant;Won-Feett unravel;Assorted Colors
Attwood Marine Attwood Universal Kayak Roof Rack Mount
Attwood, Inc.
Universal roof rack type carrier. Fits existing roof racks. Popular "J" style.
Attwood, Inc.
Patented design provides a comfortable, firm grip.;Contemporary styling with soft black PVC outer rim and high-impact, one-piece plastic inner core.Resists UV rays to prevent fading;Soft Grip is non-magnetic so it will not interfere with compass readings;Diameter:13-Inch;Fits standard 3/4-Inch shaft