Aubry Gaspard

Aubry Gaspard NFE Chair Natural Beech Bleached 1240
Aubry Gaspard
Nfe chair Natural Beech, 1240 seat Reed. Dimensions: 31 x 30 x 55 H Seat 27 Material: Beech wood, natural bleached
Cabas en palmier naturel - anses en cuir - 50x30x34 cm
Aubry Gaspard
Palm tote bag with leather handles. Ref: D50X30XSMA1370.
Aubry Gaspard Metal Egg Basket
This is a wonderful reproduction of the traditional French egg basket with a shabby chic feel. hese beautiful baskets were traditionally used to collect eggs from the hen house, which would then be washed through the basket. It is made of a dark grey wire, and stands on six looped metal feet as seen on the designs of the original French baskets. There is a sturdy, spiraling wire handle for ease of carrying. It can hold a generous 30 plus eggs, and is a stylish item that would look good on any kitchen work surface, whether modern or traditional. This could also be used as a fruit basket. Size: H20cms (excluding handle) x W23cms (at the widest point) Diameter of opening at top: 16cm
Aubry Gaspard Hand Wattled Swim Beach Bag Shopping Basket Palm Fibre
Aubry Gaspard
Hand Wattled shopping basket Swimbag Beach Bag made from natural palm fibre. Width: Approx. 65 cm - Grip made of genuine leather.
Aubry Gaspard 1060S Bag for Logs, Jute, 60 x 30 x 40 cm, Grey
Aubry Gaspard
Size:Colour: NaturalFinish: Coated InteriorMain Material: Natural jute fabric Dimensions:Height (in cm): 40,00Length (cm): 60.00Depth (cm): 30 Other features:Maximum load: 50 kgCare Instructions: washable and anti dustWeight (in kg): 0.44 Sac LogMade from natural jute(W) x (D) 30 x (H) 40 cm
Aubry Gaspard Rattan Papasan Chair with Cushion Cream 2 Seater Sofa 169x100 cm
Aubry Gaspard
Design your living room, garden, conservatory, patio or home with this rattan papasan 2 Seater Sofa with Ecru Cushion. & # x2022; Sofa comes with a cushion in ecru with that will guarantee a pleasant and comfortable seat. & # x2022; This 2 seater design papasan chair is the perfect companion for relaxing, resting, reading, night, evening or video game to a wine tasting tea between friend. & # x2022; it can with a papasan chair for a full living room ensemble perfect for men, women and kids & # x2022; the Outdoor Garden Sofa is very robust thanks to the high quality rattan. & # x2022; the white colour of this sofa allows it to blend in with any kitchen styles and for decorations. & # x2022; This attractive papasan 2 Seater Sofa is 169 cm and 100 cm in width. & # x2022; manufacturing material: Sofa Chair Set Garden Conservatory Furniture, fabric Fabric: 100% Cotton. & # x2022; Comes with a thick 100% unbleached cotton cushion is filled with kapok & # x2022; Specifications: & # x2022; Overall size (approx): 169 cm (L) x 100 cm (W) & # x2022; Seat Height: 33 cm & # x2022; Total Height: 74 cm & # x2022; Material: Rattan & # x2022; Comes with a thick 100% unbleached cotton cushion is filled with kapok.
Aubry Gaspard 1820 Bouffadou Fire Pipe Wooden 80 cm
Aubry Gaspard
Size:Main Material: WoodSecondary material: synthetic PU leather Dimensions:Length (cm): 80,00 Other features:Weight (in kg): 0.50 The wooden Bouffadou and has the potential to fuel and maintain the heat of your fireplace, through some faux leather materials and a natural design, started as a made using traditional techniques. One year warranty, this Bouffadou very cheap, but quality can be fixed on the wall thanks to its strap. The wooden Bouffadou with its small strap faux leather of the brand...
Aubry Gaspard Wicker Child's Chair Orange
Aubry Gaspard
Product features:Main material:Rattan.Sizes:Height (cm):50.00.Seat height (cm):27.00.Length (cm):41.00.Depth (cm):42.00. With its purity and exoticism, this child's decorative rattan chair is sure to please any fans of wickerwork and of trendy furniture.This chair is resistant to your child's rough and tumble.Indoors, it brings brightness to the room in which it is located.
Aubry Gaspard Buff Wicker Inflatable Basket
AUBRY GASPARD Wicker Basket Gondola buff. Dimensions: 43 x 25 x 25 cm.
Aubry Gaspard Red Owls Coir Doormat
Aubry Gaspard
Appearance: Colour: natural red. Main material: coconut fibres. Dimensions: Thickness (in cm): 1.50. Length (in cm): 75 Depth (in cm): 45 Other Features: Additional information: latex backing Weight (in kg): 2.03 Doormat made from coir with 2 owls
Aubry Gaspard AG1010 Reinforced Jute Log Bag 51 x 36 x 53 cm
Aubry Gaspard
Reinforced log bag made from 100% natural jute canvas, the backrest of this bag keeps a slight elasticity for a more stable transport of logs. Waterproof interior can carry a load of 110 kg. Dimensions 35 x 51 and 30 cm high.
Aubry Gaspard ag1060 Zinc Wood Ash Shovel
Aubry Gaspard
Zinc & Wood Ash Shovel Size: 47 x 11 x 3cm
Aubry Gaspard Pellet Shovel
Aubry Gaspard
Size:Main Material: Zinc Dimensions:Diameter (in cm): 12Height (in cm): 20 Other features:Weight (in kg): 0.38 To facilitate the functions related to the maintenance of the lamp, the pellets reveals a shovel conceptualisation dedicated to the simplicity and authenticity...
Aubry Gaspard Buff Wicker Basket
Buff Wicker Basket Oval 48x36x23.
Aubry Gaspard NFE Chair White Lacquered Beech 1260
Aubry Gaspard
Nfe 1260 chair painted white, beech seat Reed. Dimensions: 37 x 30 x 58 cm H Seat 27 Material: Beech wood, painted white