Audew DigitalTyre Digital Inflator, 12V DC Cigarette Lighter Plug Portable Air Compressor 150 PSI Pump,LED Light with 3 Meters Power Cord Tyre & Wheel Tools for Car, Truck, Bicycle or RV, Basketball
Description: Product power: 120W Operating voltage: DC12V Maximum operating current: 10A Maximum pressure: 150PSI Flow: 35 / min Power cord length: 3M Continuous working hours: 8 min How to use: Car tires to work for 15 minutes to rest for 10 minutes. NEW ARRIVAL: Portable Digital Inflatable Pump with 3M Power Cord Effectively Prevent Traffic Accidents (due to tire pressure ) ONE KEY TO INFLATE Open the 'I-O'key will start the inflatable pump. Comes with HIGH-PRECISION DIGIAL TIRE PRESSURE GAUGE (While inflatabling can grasp the tire pressure situation ) 3M LONG POWER CORD Can be easily connected to front and rear tires. Wide Range of Application Can be used for Family car、Sports car、business car、Kayak、bicycle Safety and Durable Pass multiple repeated safety testing; with high-speed cooling, to ensure the life of the movement. ·Directions For Use: 1. Insert the cigarlighter plug into the car's DC12V jack and start the car. 2. Put the inflatable nozzle on the tire that needs to fill the air. 3. Key Description: R key for the unit conversion key; "-" for minus key; "+" for plus key, any press for the"-"or"+" will lead into the default value mode. 4. The inflatable pump inflated default value defaults to 30PSI, if you want to set the default adjustable button (+ key up, - key down).(Maximum pressure 100PSI) 5. Set the default value after waiting for 3 seconds, exit the default mode, real-time detection of the current pressure. 6.Inflated to the setting value, it will stop inflating automatically. 7. While re-inflating, you need to turn off the switch and then open in order to start inflate again. 8.This car air pump, continuous working hours shall not exceed 8 minutes, it need to intermittent rest.
Audew 4 Pack Air Purifier, Air Purifying Bamboo Bag Car Air Freshener Natural Odor Eliminator Home Air Purifiers, Activated Carbon Filter for Cars, Closets, Bathrooms and Pet Areas
Operation suggestion: Place every 2 ~ 3 months under sunlight and can get rid of adsorption of bamboo charcoal from moisture and odor, to maintain the good function of bamboo charcoal.Bamboo charcoal bags, used more than a year, can demolished bamboo charcoal particles in the soil to be buried. to improve soil activity, prevent pests and diseases and promote plant growth. The four effects of bamboo charcoal: 1. Cleaning: Bamboo carbon has a strong physical adsorption capacity, can absorb water, air pollutants, harmful gases. 2. Moisture absorption: can absorb moisture, automatically adjust the humidity, people feel comfortable.3. Shielding: bamboo carbon has a strong shielding, blocking function, a variety of home appliances can eliminate electromagnetic waves on the human body damage.4. Sterilization: bamboo carbon, bamboo vinegar with sterilization and other antibacterial effect. Feature: Sustainable: The bamboo activated carbon is one of the most sustainable resources, after irradiation it can be used again. Harmless: The bamboo activated carbon is not only not harmful, but also adsorb the Schadstöffe.Bereite compatibility: The natural dehumidifier with activated carbon can be used in many places, eg. Good packaging: The bag is well made, then it can not leak and easily adsorb Schadstöffe. Package included: 4 × 100g bamboo charcoal bags
Audew Tyre Inflator Air Compressor Car Tyre Pump,Inflator Tire,Heavy Duty Double Cylinder Portable Air Pump,150PSI,Double Cylinder For Car/Sedan/Motor/Bicycle/Truck
Droidhorizon Professional Blog Test: Note: 1. Limited to use within DC 12V 14A power supply, can not be used in 24V, 36V, 110V and 220V household appliances unless with a transformer. 2. Do not touch the pump's metal body when the pump is rotating to avoid burns. 3. Keep the inflating at your sight and attention. Please check the gauge for the pressure and not let the pressure too high. Features: Voltage: DC 12V Power: 150W Air Flow: 35L/min Max. Pressure: 150PSI Size: Approx. 24.5x9.5x16cm/ 9.65x3.74x6.30" Heavy duty double cylinder air pump Powered from your 12V cigarette lighter socket Easy to read analogue pressure gauge with PSI or Bar pressure readings Allows inflation of many other inflatable leisure items using the 3pcs inflatable adapters The compressor exerts wide ranges of use, such as car, motorcycle and bicycle, balls, rubber boats, etc. It is good for the emergency needs when you are on highway and countryside road or rush for office on the morning while the tyre low pressure Convenience to put it in trunk of car and not occupy any space The appropriate tyre pressure not only save gas but also ensure the safety of driving Package Included: 1 x Tyre Air Pump 3 x Inflatable Adapters 1 x Power Cord With Battery Clamps 1 x Coil Air Hose With Pressure Gauge 1 x Carry Bag 1 x User Manual
Audew Car Jump Starter Battery Booster 13800mAh 12V 500A Peak, Car Battery Charger Portable Charger Emergency Power Bank with LED Flashlight and Dual USB Outputs
Audew Protable Car Jump Starter - Patented products, quality assurance. - Faster and safer charging with our leading technology. Specifications: Built-in battery,13800mAh, 3.7V, 44.4Wh high-powered lithium polymer" Electrical input:DC15V / 1A Charging time: 4 ~ 5 hours Charging mode:CC / CV Ignition output:EC5,support 12V car battery system Output:Dual USB output,5V / 3.1A Max Lighting high:Volume flashlight / SOS help lights Power indicator:4 battery indicator Peak current:500A Operating temperature:-10 degrees -60 degrees Cycle life: 500 times Packed include: 1 x Toolkit 1 x Audew car start power 1 x Smart Protection Clip T103 1 x charger 1 x microUSB charging cable 1 x car charger 1 x manual (The directions are also super easy to read and understand, even if you are not technically inclined) ATTENTION: 1. Please read the user manual carefully before using this product. 2. Don't jump start any engine that exceed the maximum displacement the unit can bear, or it will cause serous damages to the unit.
Audew Cordless Tyre Inflator Air Compressor Car Tyre Pump,160PSI Portable Handheld Pump with Digital LCD,Rechargeable Car Pump for Cars, Bike,etc
SPECIFICATIONS Rated voltage DC-12V Rated power 120W Max pressure 100PSI Maximum current 10A Inflatable time 10mins ( 0~35Psi ) Cable length 3000±100mm Air hose length 180±20mm Size 239*190*80mm Weight 1.3kg POWER SOURCE The air compressor can be powered by both the Li-ion rechargeable battery and the 12V cigarette lighter adapter. INFLATING A CAR TIRE AND BICYCLE TIRE 1. Loosen the union valve from the air nozzle. 2. Insert the pressure hose with thread connector into the air nozzle and tighten the union valve. 3. Press 'M' button to choose desired pressure format BAR, KPA.PSI. kg/cm².press the 'M' button cycles through the pressure format. 4. Screw the thread connector onto tire's valve stem. When connected correctly the gauge will display the tire. 5. Press "+" or "-" to check pre-set level. Adjust to desired level by pressing "+" or "-". Once pre-set pressure is set, wait a few seconds for display to change back to zero. 6. Unlock safety switch and press the trigger. 8. Your compressor will now inflate your tire to the pre-set pressure level, and will shut off automatically. 9. Turn off the air compressor by pressing the trigger once. 10. Remove the thread connector from the tire. GENERAL SAFETY MEASURES AND PRECAUTIONS THAT APPLY Safe operation of the air compressor requires that you read the instructions and safety pre-cautions carefully and follow all instructions before using the air compressor. 1. The air compressor must not operate for more than 15 minutes at a time, after which it must be switched off and set aside to cool for at least 15 minutes before restarting. 2.If the air compressor emits abnormal sounds or overheats,turn it off immediately and check it out. 3. Never expose the air compressor or battery to rain, frost or temperatures above 50°C(122 F). Never change the battery in humid or wet locations.
Audew Car Vacuum Cleaner, Car Hoover Handheld Cordless Vacuum, Rechargeable Handheld Cordless Vacuum, Wet/Dry Hoover, Power 120W Battery 2200mah Black and Red,For Car/Home Red and Black Vacuum
Features: 1、Wireless: Anytime, anywhere, this product is used to charge with the equipped charger, lithium battery storage, full charge takes about 3h, use time is 20-30min; 2, wet and dry: inadvertently spilled liquid can be adsorbed; 3, versatility: not only used as a car vacuum cleaner, but also for simple household cleaning; 4, noise reduction: internal use of sound-absorbing sponge, effectively reduce noise; 5, multi-brush head equipped with: different brush head configuration, can be applied to various places, corners of adsorption.
Interior Lights,AUDEW DC12V 4.5W 72 LEDs Lights Bar Strip Lamp Universal Lighting Up for Car Camper Van Bus Caravan Boat Motorhome Kitchen Bathroom 340MM ON/OFF Switch (2pcs)
Product Specification:Color: WhitePower: 4.5WVoltage: 12V DCQuantity: 2pcLED Quantity: 72pcsLight Color: WhiteFitment: UniversalSize: about 34.5cm(L) X 3cm(W) X 3.5cm(H)Package Size: about 35cm(L) X 4cm(W) X 4cm(H)Product Features:✔Included sticker✔Durable: about 50000h✔ON/OFF Switch (Manual)✔Environmental protection✔Super bright(2pcs X 72leds)Note:-1. Please check the size measurement chart carefully before making payment.-2. Please allow 0.5-1 inch difference due to manual measurement.(1 inch=2.54cm).-3. The color of the actual items may slightly different from the listing images due to.different computer screen, thanks for your understanding.-4. Instruction is not included.Package Included:2x light bar2x sticker
Audew 4 x Ratchet Tie-Down Straps 25mm x 6M, Endless Loop Lashing Straps, Heavy Duty Ratchet Strap, Webbing Strap Cargo Tie-Downs for Cam Buckles, Car , Trailer, Luggage, Household Goods
Audew 4 pcs Ratchet Tie-Down Straps 25mm x 6M, Endless Loop Lashing Straps Material: High-strength polyester, Size: 25mm x 6m (wxl) Feature: It has a lock, will not fall off, safe and reliable, lightweight, easy to operate, to ensure that objects are not damaged Professional bundled goods or motorcycle transport bundles, tensioners (straps), in the transport of goods, storage fixed in a wide range of applications. Precautions: 1. Use only bundles with no breakage, the label can clearly indicate the ability. 2. Can't be overloaded using more than 600KG 3. Don't knot the ribbon. 4. When used, please make sure that the fabric is not worn or cut by sharp edges and corners. 5. Don't use the bundles for lifting. Package Include: 4¡ÁRatchet Tie-Down Straps
MOSO NATURAL Air Purifying Bag, Home/Car Moisture Absorber and Activated Bamboo Charcoal Odour Absorber – Air Purifier Bag for Cars, Wardrobes, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Pet Areas and Cabinets – 200g
The 200gm Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag is an easy and convenient way to maintain fresh, dry and odourless environment. Made of just one incredibly powerful, natural ingredient, moso bamboo charcoal, the Moso Bag is continuously working to effectively absorb and remove odours, allergens and harmful pollutants and to clean and freshen the air. The bamboo charcoal neutralizes even stubborn smells, such as those caused by smoke, pet urine, cat litterboxes, wet dogs, gym shoes and more. The Moso Natural odour absorber is also excellent for use in damp, musty environments, where it will absorb excess moisture to prevent mold, mildew and bacteria from forming. Finally, an air cleaner that is good for people and tough on bad smells while it automatically freshens and cleans the air. The Moso Bag is a natural, alternative to chemical deodorizers, candles, gels, sprays and crystals that are not healthy for people and not good for the planet. The natural bamboo charcoal is sealed inside a beautifully stitched linen bag that can be placed on any surface. To reactivate, place the bag outside in the sun once a month for at least one hour. With proper care, the Moso Bags will last up to two years and at the end of the bags lifespan you can recycle the bamboo charcoal into the soil. The 200 gm Moso Bag covers areas up to 90 square feet. Excellent for small spaces such as cars, closets, bathrooms, pet areas and laundry rooms. The bag is easily portable and can be moved from room to room, and from house to car to boat.
Audew 2 Pack Air Purifying Bag Odor Absorber, Activated Charcoal Air Freshener,Bamboo Charcoal Natural Home Air Purifiers Car Air Freshener, for Cars, Closets, Bathrooms and Pet Areas, 205g/ Bag
Features: USE IN VEHICLE ·Remove formaldehyde and peculiar smell for NEW Car. Small interior space, formaldehyde pollution concentration is very high, the body has brought great harm. Activated carbon package, remove formaldehyde and peculiar smell , healthy and fresh, bring you an enjoying journey. -USE IN HOME ·For the wardrobe Dehumidification Mouldproof: Inhibit the breeding of mold, not only solve the beloved clothes easy moldy problem, but also remove the nasty smell. ·Reduce the harm of Secondhand Smoke: Place on the table, timely adsorption of second-hand smoke, protect family health. ·Get rid of new home's decoration smell: Strong adsorption decoration materials emit formaldehyde, ammonia, ene, TVOC and other harmful gases. Remove the decoration smell in 1 to 2 weeks , and can adjust the room room humidity, speed up the room dry. ·Get away from the kitchen and toilet's generated toxic gases: Adsorption of a large number of TVOC, so that indoor air become fresh and comfortable. BUYER REQUIREMENT: !!Every 2 ~ 3 months exposures in the sun , you can get rid of bamboo charcoal adsorption of moisture and odor, to maintain the
Audew 1000A Peak Car Jump Starter Auto Battery Booster 10800mAh, 12V Car Jumper, Portable Charger Emergency Power Bank with LED Flashlight and Dual USB Outputs
1, the scope of use: gasoline up to 8.0L car, diesel up to 7.0L car, 12V motorcycle, speedboat, lawn mower can be used; 2, fast charge: The Type-C input takes about 2.5 hours to be completely filled; 3. Life time: It can continuously start 2.0L car for about 20 times; 4. Automatic identification: automatically identify the parameters of mobile phones, tablets or other electronic products, give appropriate power supply, fully protect electronic products from overcharging and suffer damage; 5, fast charge interface: there is a type-c and a USB fast charge interface, to quickly charge the electronic device; 6, car electronic interface: 15V car electronic interface, can supply air pump, car vacuum cleaner and other products.
Audew 4 x Heavy Duty Tensioning Belts 5M x 25mm Trailer Tie Down Straps Lashing Strap for Cam Buckles Car Luggage Cargo Trailer
Features: 1. With regard to the serious jobs carrier, each component of the premium quality Cam lashing strap is up to the task. 2. It was built for functionality, ease of use and security for your ultra-heavy loads. 3. Anti-slip loop over the cam mechanism not only locks safely, it also offers the possibility of free time even under high voltage, eliminating the sudden and dangerous unloading. 4. The Cam Tie down Strap allows you to secure all loads such as confidence - kayaks, surfboards, paddle boards, motorcycles, equipment, wood, furniture and appliances - easily, safely and safely. Description: color:black Material: polyester fiber Length: 500cm about 197 '' Width: 25mm around 1 '' clasp size: 45x30mm environ1.8''x1.2 '' Rated load: 250 kg The package includes: 4 X Tie Straps Note: 1. Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement. pls make sure it does not bother you before you bid. 2. Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thank you!
4-Piece Natural Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags, Absorb and Eliminate Odours in Car, Cupboard, Bathroom, Remove Musty and Damp Smell, 200g/bag, with 4 Hooks
Naturally purify air and absorb odors using Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag. Each bag contains millions of odor-absorbing charcoal spores.Simply place the bag in kitchens, living areas, bedrooms, basements, shoes, sports bags, garbage cans, your car - there are literally hundreds of uses! The bag will absorb all types of odors, bacteria, pollutants, and allergens from the air.The bag also works great for helping dehumidify areas to help prevent mold, mildew and excess moisture.Earth-friendly, chemical and fragrance-free, non-toxic. Rejuvenates with sunlight, recycles into the soil.Each 200-gram smell-eliminator bag cleans & freshens the air in up to 100 square feet of living space.The pack includes 4 pcs bamboo charcoal bags and 4 pcs metal S-hooks so you can hang them up if needed.INGREDIENTSOur Natural Air Purifying bags contain just one powerful ingredient - Bamboo Charcoal. This incredibly powerful charcoal has millions of tiny little pores and cavities that work together to act like a big sponge. As air passes through the pores, odor, allergen and bacteria particles are trapped on the surface, which in turn purifies your air.Bamboo charcoal has been scientifically proven to reduce harmful chemicals including formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and chloroform gases emitted from such items as paint, carpeting, air fresheners, chemical cleaners, rubber and plastic.Keep your home and environment air fresh 24/7.
Audew Tyre Inflator Portable Air Compressor Pump, Tire Inflator, Heavy Duty Double Cylinder Air Pump,150PSI,Double Cylinder For Car/Sedan/Motor/Bicycle/Truck
Heavy duty double cylinder air pump Powered from your 12V cigarette lighter socket Easy to read analogue pressure gauge with PSI or Bar pressure readings Allows inflation of many other inflatable leisure items using the 3pcs inflatable adapters The compressor exerts wide ranges of use, such as car, motorcycle and bicycle, balls, rubber boats, etc. It is good for the emergency needs when you are on highway and countryside road or rush for office on the morning while the tyre low pressure Convenience to put it in trunk of car and not occupy any space The appropriate tyre pressure not only save gas but also ensure the safety of driving Features: Voltage: DC 12V-13.8V Max Power: 250W-300W Air Flow: 60L/min Weight:2.8kg-3kg Max. Pressure: 8-10kg/cm2 Size: Approx. 24.5x9.5x16cm/ 9.65x3.74x6.30" Note: 1. Limited to use DC 12Vpower supply. 2. Do not touch the pump's metal body when the pump is rotating to avoid burns. 3. Keep the inflating at your sight and attention. Please check the gauge for the pressure and not let the pressure too high. Package Included: 1 x Tyre Air Pump 3 x Inflatable Adapters 1 x Power Cord With Battery Clamps 1 x Coil Air Hose 1 x Carry Bag 1 x User Manual
Audew Car Interior Lights Kit 10x4 LED Loading Light Led Modules White Truck Ceiling lights For Hatchbacks/LWB/Van/ 4 Wheel Drive/MPVs 38mm*38mm
Christmas decorating atmosphere lamp Recommended to Buy Together: Audew Hookup Wire Car Wiring Harness Specification:Voltage: 12V LED Quantity: 40 Light Color: White Size: 3.8x3.8cm (LxW)(one LED Modules) 10 LED Modules Total Length: 140cm Wiring Length: 5M Feature: -This kit includes 10 LED Modules with a total of 40 LEDs. -Long lasting, low power, full lighting throughout your van. -Custom layout, install them how and where you want with sticker on the back. -Super bright, Great for work lighting, or finding parcel quickly and safely. -Ideal for many uses, such as Vans / Boats / Caravans / Trailers / Lorries / HGV's / Horse boxes / Car Boots. Package Included: 10 x LED Modules 1 x Wiring
Bamboo Air Purifier with Activated Charcoal Filter (4x200g)
What is the secret of Rummershof air purifier? There is no secret. The Rummershof air purifier is filled with bamboo charcoal. This charcoal has millions of tiny pores and thus has an incredibly large, effective surface area, which absorbs odours and pollutants like a sponge. When air flows through the pores, any odours, allergens and bacteria stick to the surface. This means that the air is purified. Where does the Rummershof bamboo charcoal come from? The tall, fast-growing bamboo trunks are first sawn and dried in China for Rummershof, then processed in an oven at about 700 degrees without oxygen to create charcoal. During the carbonisation process, a highly porous surface is created, with millions of tiny holes that filter impurities from the air. Where can the bamboo air purifier be used? The air purifier is best placed in an open area, or suspended where the air can circulate and it can function ideally. Of course, the air purifier can just as easily be placed in a pair of shoes, or hung up in the shoe cabinet, locker, wardrobe etc. It can be used on all surfaces or materials. How long can you use the bamboo air purifier? The normal lifetime is about 2 years, if the activated charcoal is periodically reactivated in the sun. The UV rays renew the charcoal's function. Turn occasionally. We recommend that reactivation should be carried out once a month. In dark winter months, you can also use the activated charcoal longer if there is no sun, of course. Please do not ever put in the oven or the microwave!
Audew Car Jump Starter Auto Battery Charger,20000mAh 1500A Car Battery Booster Car Jumper(Up to 8.5L Diesel Engines),12v Emergency Power Bank with LED Flashlight and Dual USB Outputs,RED
Audew 1500 Peak 20000MAH Car Battery Booster - A Must Have For Every Car ! Super peak and capacity, up to 50 times for vehicles, suitable for most 12V cars (any gas or 8.5L diesel) or motorcycles , SUV, RV, tractor, lawnmower, speedboat, etc. Dual USB Port with TYPE-C Socket : Not only can start the vehicle in any emergency, but also can charge mobile phones, ipad, laptop, camera and other charging devices at the same time. Large-capacity battery storage, to meet your long-distance travel. Ultra-bright Flashlight with SOS: 3 modes of LED lights (high, strobe and SOS), whether you need to change the light of the tires, check the engine, or need to warn you of the oncoming vehicles on the roadside, super bright LED flashlight can make you satisfied. Displayable Power LED Screen & High Quality Case & Ultra Compact: The power of power bank can be displayed at any time, and the led screen can be seen clearly in the dark, so don't worry about when to charge. The high-quality housing, unlike the traditional bulky starter pack, is small enough to be stored in your glove box and light enough to carry around. 6 in 1 Multi-Function: Emergency Jump Starter + Portable Charger + LED Flashlight + S.O.S Lighting Signal for Help + Dual Quick Charging Ports + Vehicle Electrical Supply. It can help you in any case especially for long distance driving, adventure, outdoor, daily, emergency, travel, etc.
Audew 12V Car Front Seat Hot Heater Heated Pad Cushion Winter Warmer Cover Black
Description:Color: Black, GreyQuantity: 1 pcDimension: approx.53cm x 40.5cm x 44.5 cm Cable length: approx.120cmFeatures:Multi Power Interface:Approx. 1.2m power cable with cigarette lighter socket adaptor,Simple to fit plug into cigarette lighter power socket for luxurious warmth,low voltage and more safety and and quiet Temperature Control:There has "High" and "Low" grade for your choice,low grade thermost at 40 degreeshigh grade thermost at 60 degrees,the temperature reach 60 degrees automatically switch to Power-off protection mode Easy To Set Up And Disassemble:This auto seat cushions has back anatomy,and high-strength bandage,not easy to fall off convenient to adjust different ankle and set up for userErgonomic Design:Positive fiber composite fabric,warm breathable,super soft anti-slip mesh,bring a better rideexperience,long time use will not be too hot,long-distance driving,more comfortable and more health,Suitable body temperatureFor Different Car:The product design for different car to use at first,fit for suv/atv/jeep/sedan/van/4 wheels cars Package Includes: 1 x Heated Cushion