Auerswald COMmander Ba TSM 2TSM Connector for Basic. 2 48.3 cm/19 inch
Auerswald GmbH & Co. KG
Auerswald COMmander BA-TSM Patch-Connector for Basic2.19, 2 TSM, 90539
Auerswald TFS-Universal Plus Retrofit kit for Existing Intercom Systems
Auerswald GmbH & Co. KG
Auerswald 90667 - TFS-Universal Plus Black (TFS-UNIVERSAL PLUS - a/b-Port, MFV, IP20, Kunststoff, 80g)
Auerswald TFS-Dialog 201 Door Intercom System
Auerswald 90634 - TFS-Dialog 201 security access control system 0.02 - 0.05 MHz (TFS-Dialog 201 - TFS-Dialog 201 - 1 Klingeltaster)
Auerswald COMmander UP0/S0 Adaptertk Conditioner for Basic/Busi.
Auerswald GmbH & Co. KG
Auerswald BSM-200. Width: 142 mm, Depth: 81 mm, Height: 27 mm Weight & dimensions -Width: 142 mm -Depth: 81 mm -Height: 27 mm Technical details -Input interface: RJ-11 F -Output interface: RJ-11 F -Colour of product: Grey Packaging data -Quantity per pack: 1
Auerswald COMpact ISDN Module
Auerswald GmbH & Co. KG
bCOMpact ISDN modulebbr Operation voltage from basic unitbr Installation slot in basic unitbr Swi
Auerswald COMFORTEL 1600 BLACK, 90114
Hama "Baby Feel" Spiral 24x26 50 Pages 90114
Auerswald COMfortel M-300, 90343 - incl. charger and Netzteil, extra handset for den Healthcare Bereich
Auerswald COMfortel M-300 - Schnurloses Erweiterungshandgerät mit Rufnummernanzeige - DECTGAP - weiß, Cyan
Die große Reise der Barbara Körner (German Edition)
Oeverbos Verlag
1698-1700. Barbara hat noch nie das Meer gesehen. Und doch muss sie hinüber, wenn sie Velten wiederfinden will. Velten ahnt nichts davon. Er meint, endlich seinen Traum wahrmachen zu können, in der Neuen Welt ein geachteter Mann zu werden.Die Reise führt Barbara auf einen Umweg, auf dem sie kostbare Zeit verliert. Ist Velten inzwischen Papierhändler geworden? Wie soll sie ihn in dem riesigen Land finden?
Auerswald Expansion Module Tk-System for Commander 8UP0 Module
Auerswald GmbH & Co. KG
Auerswald 90428 Other features -Ports quantity: 8 -Compatibility: COMmander Basic.2\nCOMmander Business
Auerswald a/b-Audiobox
Auerswald 90698 - 90698 cable interface/gender adapter Blue (A/B-AUDIOBOX - MFV, IP20, 16-60VDC, 90 g)
Mr & Mrs Auerswald - Single Marble Tile Drink Coaster
The Grand Coaster Company
High quality tumbled marble coaster with your towns name on it. Self adhesive protective feet . Distressed print Sealed to combat damage
w142859-b AUERSWALD Name Home Bar Pub Beer Mugs Cheers Neon Light Sign
Great Gift for your dearest! Excellent for displaying in shops, bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants, game rooms and anywhere you like. With nearly 20 years of experience, ADV PRO signs do not just apply traditional line engraving or laser engraving technology. Our light signs are carved with the latest 3-Dimension, surface, and line engraving technologies, which make the signs look really different! Entertain Your Eyes! Enlighten Your Life! Enjoy ADV PRO Light Signs!
Auerswald TSA-a/b Anschlussadapter, 90060
Auerswald 90060 - TSA-A/B (TSA-A/B - TSA-a/b Anschlussadapter)
Auerswald COMmander 4-S0 Module REV 3 for Business Basic
Auerswald GmbH & Co. KG
Adds 4 S0 ports, which can be configured as internal or external ports. Other features -Ports quantity: 4 -Connectivity technology: Wired -Mac compatibility: N -Compatibility: COMmander Business / Business 19"\nCOMmander Basic.2 / Basic.2 19"
VINTRONS Ni-MH BATTERY Pack Fits Agfeo DECT 30, Tiptel 500 DECT, DECT 400-40
VINTRONS Ni-MH BATTERY Pack Fits Agfeo DECT 30, Tiptel 500 DECT, DECT 400-40Please ensure both model and battery part number are matched with your device.- Compatible Model: AGFEO DECT 30,DECT C45,AUERSWALD Comfort DECT 800,ELMEG DECT 300,DECT 400,DECT 400-20,DECT 400-40,DECT 800,KIRK DECT 4040,T-PLUS2,TIPTEL 500 DECT,- Compatible Battery Part Number: AGFEO 84743411,AH-AAA600F,P11,T016,ELMEG 84743411,AH-AAA600F,P11,T016,KIRK 84743411,AH-AAA600F,P11,T016,TIPTEL 84743411,AH-AAA600F,P11,T016,- RoHS approved for toxic free.- CE and ISO9001 Certificate for quality assurance.
Auerswald COMfortel PoE-100, 90075, 48V DC, 350mA
Auerswald 90075 - PoE Injector 48 V (COMfortel PoE-100 - (ehemals PoE-Injector) für Netzwerke bis 100 MBit/s)