Gyokucho Set of 3 Japanese Hand Saws
• The world's finest set of three Japanese saws• Dozuki: Ultra-fine finish saw for dovetail joints, picture framing and beading• Ryoba: Double edge saw for cross and end grain sawing• Kataba: Fine finish saw without a spine for long and deep sawing• Impulse hardened teeth for superior sharpness• Teeth are symmetrically set to ensure straight, drift free sawing• Ultra thin steel blades require significantly less sawing force• Blades are surface plated to prevent rust and minimise friction• Light weight strong handles for fatigue free sawingThis is our best selling set of three Japanese saws and is favoured by professional cabinet makers, joiners and home woodworkers. Japanese handsaws have one stand out difference from their western counterparts; they cut on the pull stroke rather than the push stroke. Due to this single fundamental difference, Japanese saws have blades that are thinner, lighter and cut much smoother and faster. As the action of pulling the saw keeps the blade in tension through the cut, the blade does not need to be as thick or as heavy as a push saw which requires the extra bulk to withstand the compressive force of the cut keeping the blade, and the resultant cut, straight. This set consist of a Dozuki, Ryoba and Kataba saw. The Dozuki saw has an ultra thin blade for fast, accurate sawing where an ultra fine finish is required when sawing dovetail joints, picture framing, moulding and beading. The Ryoba is a double edge saw with two tooth patterns, one for cross cutting and the other for cutting with the grain on hard and softwoods. It features impulse harden teeth that are successively finer from tip to tang for easy starting cuts.
The Other Half of Augusta Hope
The Borough Press
Z-Saw H-150 Dozuki ultra-fine crosscut saw
A fantastic saw for detailed work, this saw has 25 TPI (teeth per inch) for an incredibly smooth finish. The blade is only 0.3mm thick meaning that it is virtually effortless to use. Like all Japanese saws it cuts on the pull stroke, rather than as you push. Never tried a Japanese saw? This could be the ideal introduction!
Irwin Pullsaw - Double Sided 240mm 7/17TPI
Toolbank (First Order Account)
Irwin Pullsaw Double Sided 240mm 7/17tpi IRW10505164 Designed to cut on the pull stroke. The thin blade and the teeth setting offer a cleaner cut and superb finish.The double edge saw is suitable for cross cutting and utility ripping. Length 240mm (9 ½ in)Teeth 7 and 17 tpi. IRW10505164
Augusta (Promised Land Romances Series Book 5)
Montlake Romance
Augusta "Gussie" Dulan is the only Dulan sister to make it all the way to California on the wagon train for brides. Each of her four sisters has taken off along the trail to marry up with a man they fell in love with and now Gussie is hoping to find a man to love here at the end of the trail.Dressing in her fabulous red satin dancing dress, complete with black lace and feathered headdress, Gussie lines up with the other potential brides to see whom it is that they will marry.Gideon Jefferson, the town preacher, takes one look at Gussie and is horrified at her saloon girl outfit, but things turn even worse when his number is called and he "wins" Gussie's hand in marriage. Gussie is less that pleased to be stuck with this wretched, assuming man. Neither wants to be married, so they make a pact that she will be on the first wagon train out after the winter. In the meantime, Gussie will come home with him and tend to his four young daughters and run his unruly house. It seems like a good arrangement.But Gussie is much more than Gideon could have imagined. She not only keeps the house immaculate, the table filled with delicious food, the girls clean and happy, she has the women of the town following her example and turning Gideon's and the rest of the men's lives upside down.Neither Gussie nor Gideon will admit they actually have feelings for one another. It takes a lot of courage, four little girls, and a whole town to bring them both to their senses.
Magma Professional Japanese Saw Blade, Backsaw for Trade and Industrial Use, J-WRG300
'The company's manufacturing of high-quality saw blade Nokogiri) has in Japan centuries of tradition. Nokogiri differ from European sawing at wide range of DIY. For example, cutting these saws to pulling, so it can be the blade thin harder and faster. This means less cutting force and longer service life and allows cuts with in Europe has not been seen up until now the gap to precision. Thanks to the function on the train and the razor-sharp teeth cut out fatigue and with minimal effort. The saws are for soft & hard wood fans. There are two traditional types of teeth: Trapezoid teeth for cross sections and triangular teeth for longitudinal cuts. The teeth are only slightly and allow minimum loss of cut and finished with a smooth, tear-free cutting surfaces. The for Europe exceptionally long handle has for many centuries to mind, to find the balance to saw through the wood "floating" up to you. We distinguish generally between interchangeable, and value fixed blade. The saws with removable blade we offer of known professional quality at a very reasonable prices. "The Gold Series is the top range with even thin saw blades for even finer cut. You can do after production each sheet "Manual Gecheckt. Cutting at the high value fixed blade - the best steel Nachgeschränkt and sharpened by hand.
Zona SA35/400 35-400 Flush Cut Saw
Zona Tool Co. 35-400 Flush Cut Saw, 35-400This is the Flush Cutting Saw from Zona.Features:Cuts dowels, plugs and pegs flush with surfaceFast cutting razor sharp teeth- 16 TPIUnset teeth on flexible blade cut flush without marring surfaceIncludes:One Flush Cutting SawSpecs:Length: 6 1:2" (165mm)Width: 1 1:4" (31.75mm)Thickness: 0.012" (0.30mm)TPI: 16This product is compatible with the following Model(s):
Augusta Sportswear Men's Nylon Coach's Jacket/Lined, Black, Medium
Augusta Sportswear Holdings, Inc
Outer shell of 100% nylon taffeta lined with 100% polyester brushed tricot * Snap front * Raglan sleeves * Reinforced slash front pockets * Elastic cuffs * Open bottom * Water-resistant * Machine-washable * Individually polybagged
Searching for Augusta: The Forgotten Angel of Bastogne DVD
PBS Distribution
This true story begins with two nurses, Renee LeMaire and Augusta Chiwy, as they treat patients in the Bastogne aid station. Renee was killed on Christmas Eve and became famous as The Angel of Bastogne. Augusta s story was lost to history for sixty-five years. Augusta Chiwy s story is one of great courage and heroism in the face of racial discrimination.
Augusta Sportswear Men's Wicking T-Shirt, Large, Olive Drab Green
Augusta Sportswear Holdings, Inc
Wick away sweat and stress in this breathable, 100% polyester WICKING T-SHIRT. The wicking knit technology pulls moisture away from the body, so it's perfect as a lacrosse shirt or soccer shirt. You'll stay dry and comfortable as you're running the field in this essential top. The heat sealed label means no scratchy tags to distract you, and the double-needle hemmed sleeves and bottom make this rugged sports top built-to-last as long as you. Also available in Boys, Girls & Women's Styles.Frequently ordered with: Men's Wicking Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Men's Training ShortMen's Baseball JerseyMen's Sleeve Stripe JerseyMen's Training Tank & Men's Premier Crew Styles. Style 790. Perfect for: Baseball/Softball Basketball Mens Volleyball Soccer Lacrosse/Field Hockey Football Tennis Training