AUOKER Apple Sticks Pet Chew Toys, Thin Apple Wood Sticks for Bunny, Rabbits, Chinchilla, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Parrots, and Other Small Animals Chewing, Pet Chew Snacks for Teeth with Grass Cake
AUOKER apple wood sticks, organic apple orchard animal snacks hamster chew toys with grass cake for bunny, rabbits, chinchilla, guinea pigs, hamsters, parrots, and other small animals teeth grinding.Made from 100% real apple tree branches that are organically grown and free from pesticides, these all-natural chews make the perfect boredom busters to help keep your buddy entertained. Simply toss a couple in her cage and she'll know what to do with them-chewing wood is a natural, instinctual behavior that relieves boredom and also helps rodents trim their incisors to maintain good dental health. Apple chew sticks are widely recommended by veterinarians for healthy teeth. Direct from our own farm for the highest quality. No dyes and no artificial additives. Safely and effectively help pets to meet the needs of molars, to avoid various diseases caused by long teeth, such as inflammation or anorexia, etc. But also can ease the pet's nervous and other negative emotions.Feature- 1. Manual trimming, no industrial pollution;- 2. 100% natural apple tree branch, maintain original taste and more nutrition;- 3. These apple sticks come in individual packets that can be opened and closed easily;- 4. heart-shaped Grass Cake apple chew sticks; Specifications- Size: About 10cm in length of each apple chew sticks, 1.5cm in thickness of each native grass.- Material: natural apple tree branch, native grass.ApplicationFor hamster, bunny, guinea pigs, chinchilla, squirrel, rabbits, parrot, gerbil and other rodent species.Package include7 x Apple Wood Sticks;8 x Medicago Grass Cake;
AUOKER Reptile Carpet, Brown Reptile Terrarium Liner Mat Substrate Bedding Fits All Sorts of Gecko, Bearded Dragons, Lizards, Iguanas, Anoles, Turtles, Snakes - Made of Natural Coconut, 24 X 16 Inch
AUOKER reptile carpet, brown reptile terrarium liner mat substrate bedding fits all sorts of gecko, bearded dragons, lizards, iguanas, anoles, turtles, snakes - made of natural coconut, 24 x 16 inch.All pets need some type of bedding or habitat flooring to comfortably rest upon. There are many options available such as sand, aspen shavings, pellets and newspaper. The difference between the AUOKER terrarium liner and other substrates is that it is far easier to clean, it is much safer and keeps your tank tidier. Reusable, fuss-free and a bright beautiful brown color, the fabric cage mat is perfect for beginner reptile owners and picky pets. Sand is often tracked into food and water dishes and is difficult to sift thru all the leftover waste. We highly recommend buying two reptile carpet so that you can switch them out while washing and always have a clean bedding in the tank for your pet.Feature- Safe & Hygienic substrate;- Easy to place, remove and clean;- Large size, 23.6 x 15.7 inch;- Avoids risk of other impaction, such as sand, walnut shells, wood chips, bark;- Fits all sorts of reptiles;Specification- Material: Natural Coconut Fiber;- Color: Brown;- Size: 60 x 40 cm/ 23.6 x 15.7 inch;Who We AreAs a professional pet supplies store, AUOKER understands your problems and provides solutions. AUOKER offers a wide range of pet products, such as clothes, toys, cleaner and heating products. AUOKER is committed to providing the best products and service.Package include:1 x Natural Coconut Reptile Carpet Substrate;
AUOKER Kalimba Thumb Piano, Mbira Thumb Piano Portable Finger Piano Pocket Size for Beginners and Children, Include Tuning Kit Hammer and Study Instruction & Simple Sheet Music, 17 & 10 Keys
Thumb piano is a traditional musical instrument in Africa. In different African countries, it has different names. Such as Kalimba,Mbira,Likembe,Sanza,Thumb Piano and so on.Feature:- The appearance looks simple, but the sound is fascinating and easy to use.- The thumb piano was originally a traditional musical instrument of the African tribe.- Practice your finger flexibility and coordination, easy to explore and cultivate your musical talent.- Thumb piano is in small size, easy to carry. When it is the sunset, people would like to use it for singing accompaniment or stories telling accompaniment.Specification:- Keys: 17 keys / 10 Keys- Tone: International standard C tune.- Material for key: Metal- Material for body: Mahogany- Size: 18.5 * 13.8 * 11.5 cm / 7.3 * 5.4 * 4.5 inchNote:- Quality assurance please be assured to purchase.Package include: 1* Kalimba 1* Specification 1* Flannelette bag 1* Tune Hammer
AUOKER Spinner Balance Toys, Cool Fidget Spinner, Gyroscope Relieve Stress Toys Spinning Top Magic Finger Toy, Spin Lasting Multiple Ways of Playing, Physics Training Gyro for Kids
The product has a variety of play methods, can relieve pressure, open up thinking and creativity. Expect you to unlock more difficult games.Feature:- Easy To Carry,Small,Simple,Discrete and Fun,also effective for Focus and Deep Thought.- Ease stress when you are anxious for work or any other dilemma, open up thinking and creativity.- To get your gyroscope spinnning,hold the frame firmly in your hand.Thread the string through the small hole near the top of the spindle.Turning the wheel,carefully let the string wind around the spindle-from the hole to hub and back again.-Place the spinning gyroscope on its metal pedestal or on the tip of your finger.The gyroscope will seem to defy gravity and maintain its relative position in space no matter how the base is moved around.Specification:- Size: 80 x 80 mm- Weight: 90 g / 0.2 lb- Material: Alloy- COlor: Black / Silver / Gold / Rose Gold- Can rotate for 1-2 minutes. Noe:- Quality assurance please be assured to purchase.Package include: Product List:1 x String1 x Gyroscope1 x Pedestal1 x Pull ring1 x Lubricating fluid1 x Instructions
Rechargeable Dual Arc Plasma Lighter, AUOKER Waterproof Arc Cigarette Lighter with Free USB Cable & Sling for Camping, Cooking, BBQ, Fireworks - Windproof, Splashproof, Flameless- Metal Candle Lighter
AUOKER rechargeable dual arc plasma lighter, waterproof arc cigarette lighter with free usb cable & sling for camping, cooking, bbq, fireworks - windproof, splashproof, flameless- metal candle lighter.AUOKER dual arc plasma lighter is a revolutionary plasma beam lighter that uses electricity instead of butane to generate a plasma wave hotter than fire. AUOKER took over 2 years of development and the results speak for themselves. This plasma wave can set anything ablaze instantly in futuristic style. Numerous studies have shown that traditional butane fuel is extremely toxic to humans so instead of using harmful chemicals like butane. It also has the added advantage of being completely windproof, splashproof and airport approved so you can take your lighter with you anywhere you go.Feature- When charging, the LED light will turn green, when fully charged the light will turn off.- Made of strong zinc alloy (not plastic like some lighters);- 2 Arcs Lighter (Stronger and faster then other 1 arc lighters);- A full charge can last up to a week or up to 100 to 300 lights;- Safe and easy to use, lights at the click of a button;- Safety lock design, can not ignite while charging or when the lid is closed;- USB rechargeable, windproof, NO gas or fluid required, save time & money;- Comes with USB cable and sling packed in an elegant gift box, the excellent gift for yourself, family and friends.Specification- Material: Zinc Alloy Environmental ABS;- Weight: 51 g/ oz (excluding packaging);- Color: Camouflage/ Black/ Blue/ Red/ Orange;- Size: 6.9 x 4.8 x 1.8 cm/ 2.7 x 1.9 x 0.7 inch;Package include:1 x USB Rechargeable Dual Arc Plasma Lighter (include free USB cable & sling);
AUOKER Dog Seat Belt, Pet Dog Cat Car Seat Belt Safety Leads Vehicle Seatbelt Harness Nylon Heavy Duty Hardware Including Tangle-Free Swivel Attachment Adjustable 16
This natural plant-woven bird chewing toy, imitating the wild, can help your birds indulge their natural behavior, so that your birds have a healthy body and happy mood.Feature:- Stimulating, activity bird toys a perfect cage companion to your beloved feathered pets and harmless to you and your bird- Perfect decoration for your bird cage,colorful colors make your birds more inclined to explore and more interested, it's easy to increase the activities of your birds.- The hanging grass mat for birds come with the toys as well so you won't have to trouble yourself looking for them. Just set it up and you are good to go. Exercise and fun all wrapped up in one product.Specification:- Color: Green / Light Green- Material: Natural Seegrass- Size: 18 * 18 cm / 7 * 7 inch- Weight: 95 g/ 0.2 lbNote:- Quality assurance please be assured to purchase.- Any question or suggestion, please feel free to let us know. We are waiting to assist you and your petPackage include:1 * Dog Seat Belt
Auoker Aluminum Mouse Pad Mouse Mat with Non-Slip Rubber Base Aluminium Metal Mouse Pad - 8.7 x 7 x 0.06 Inch, Silver
STRONG CONSTRUCTION Aluminum mouse pad is a highly stylish mouse pad, which made out of aluminum, it can durable enough to withstand long hours of gaming, working, studying, and more. SMOOTH SURFACE Smooth and delicate surface provides more light emission rules to ensure smooth sliding and precise mouse positioning for great mouse performance. SLEEK LOOKING Classy and fashionable, slim and light, much harmonious with MacBook, computer and laptops. SURFACE PROTECTION Leather base protects a desktop from scratches and the aluminum won't absorb liquid, making it resistant to spills. Specifications: 1. Dimension: 8.7 x 7 x 0.06 inch (22 x 18 x 0.15cm); 2. Compatible with Macbook, computers, laptop and so on; 3. Classy sleek looking, slim and light weight; 4. Aluminum surface is easy to clean, easy to scrub stains; 5. Players feel smooth and delicate quality of high-precision light cutting silicone slip.Package include: 1 x Aluminum Mouse Pad
AUOKER Magic Silicone Gloves, Reusable Dishwashing Gloves with Cleaning Brush Scrubber, Heat Resistant,Food -grade Silicon,Soft Durable & Multipurpose,Dish Washing, Cleaning, Fruits, Pets
Made from good quality food grade silicone, this silicone glove is thicker, stronger, waterproof, deodorant and antibacterial.Feature:- Size: 13 x 30 cm / 5.1 x 11.8 in- Material: Food grade silicone- Weight: 192 g / 0.42 lb - Color: Black / Rose- Temperature range: -40 ~ 160 °C/ -40 ~ 320°F Specification:- It is highly elastic, resilient and does not tear easily.- The glove is perfectly combined with the cleaning brush, which is heat and oil resistant. The hanging hole design is also convenient for storage.- Glove scrubber brushes are made of silicone and can be used for dishwashing, washing fruits and vegetables, washing cars, washing pets,pet grooming hair, and more.Note:- Quality assrance please be assured to purchase.Package include: 1 * Dishwashing Gloves
AUOKER Anti Gravity Cake Kit, 3 Tier Cake Stand Frame - Durable, BPA Free, Easy To Clean - Support Structure Cake Decoration For Wedding Party DIY Cake Making
Want to make a high cake but it will fall down? Try AUOKERâ€s anti gravity cake kit!Product Feature:- Three tires help you make the cake easily;- Made of food grade plastic, BPA free and FDA approved, 100% safe to use;- Premium plastic material is durable, not easy to break or deform, long service time;- Easy to dismantle and assemble, which help you can make a perfecr cake;Specification:Material: PlasticSize: 25cm / 10inchesWeight: 360gTrust AUOKER, let making your cake become easier. :)
AUOKER Washing Machine Floating Lint Mesh Bag, Reusable Washer Lint Catcher, Hair Filter Net Pouch, Washer Hair Catcher, Washing Machine Lint Trap For Household Tool - 4 Pieces (Blue & Pink)
This washing machine floating lint mesh bags are a perfect helper at home, put washing powder or detergent in the net bag. With the continuous rotation of the water flow, the mesh bag, clothes and the washing powder are continuously rubbed, which can absorb hair crumbs in the clothes, thread, debris to the net.Feature:- 100% brand new and high quality.- Snap joint, easy to clean and reuse.- Polyester net: absorb flocks and threads.- Harmless to clothes and easy to use.Specification:- Material: Plastic, Polyester- Color: Blue / Green- Size: 9.5 x 14.5 cm / 3.7 x 5.7 inchNote:- Quality assurance please be assured to purchase.Package include:4 x Lint mesh bags
AUOKER Bike Mudguard Set, Durable Mountain Bike Bicycle Front & Rear Fenders Tyre Mudguards with LED Taillight, Fat Tire Bike Fender Simple Quick Disassembly Design 7 Colors Fit for 18-26
The mudguard is lightweight, portable and durable. It is easily install and adjust height of the mudguard. One for front wheel and the other one for rear. It is made of advanced soft rubber, high strength and easy to install and quick release.Feature:- The material can withstand high temperature, long exposure, foldable multiple times.- Removable, easy to install and take down, curve design greatly helps to shield rain and mud dirt off- Our bicycle fender is widen and thicken,which have more securely wrap to prevent bike from heavy rain effectively.Reinforced buckle for fix to aviod shift and dislocation.Specification:- Material : PA Plastic- Front Mudguard: 58 X 8 X 4.2cm \ Inch : 23" * 3.5" * 2.4"- Rear Mudguard: 56.5 X 8.7 X 6.1cm \ Inch : 22" * 3.4"- Color: Black \ Blue \ Red \ Green \ Gray \ White \ Yellow- Suitable: For most of the mountain bikeNote:- Quality assurance please be assured to purchase.- Please allow 1-3mm differs due to manual measurement. Front fender *2 Rear fender *1 Edge tab *1 Expansion seat*3 Long screw *4 Connector *1 Hex wrench *1 Connecting rod*1 Mounting clip*1 Nut *2
Nintendo Switch Steering Wheel Controller, Auoker Joy-Con Wheel for Nintendo Switch(2 Pack), Blue and Red
Kindly NoteJoy-Con controllers and Nintendo Switch are not included and are only shown in images for illustrative purposes.SIMPLE TO INSTALLThe simple joy-con controller stuck into the central panel steering wheel attachment, becoming a fully compatible steering wheel handle for all racing games on the Nintendo switches.PERFECT FOR MARIO KARTThis steering wheel gives you a more realistic driving experience when you like to play the racing game on the Nintendo switch .BETTER GAMEPLAY EXPERIENCEYou can improve your inspiration and may feel more realistic and enthusiastic when you play your favorite racing games.Package include:1 x Steering Wheel Controllers
AUOKER Cat Activity Play Mat/Pad, Collapsible Cat Agility Training Rug Mat for Cats/Hamsters/ Rabbits/Squirrels Hide-And-Seek Playing, Cat Scratching Thermal Bed Mat Playing Blanket Interactive Toy
AUOKER cat activity play mat/ pad, collapsible cat agility training rug mat for cats/ hamsters/ rabbits/ squirrels hide-and-seek playing, cat scratching thermal bed mat playing blanket interactive toy.Cats like to explore and hunt, this product is perfectly suitable for small and medium-sized cats to play, polyester fiber can withstand the cat's strong grip, the wide hole allows the cat to shuttle freely and play. There are a total of 8 holes above the mat, 4 square holes , 4 heart-shaped holes, 6 alloy buttons make the product more convenient to combine and fold. Suitable for cats, rabbits and squirrels.Feature- Supports Mental Well-Being and Helps Burn Calories;- Cats love the texture of the special carpet design;- Satisfies primal urges and teaches Dexterity;- Cats instinctively enjoy ripple tunnels and peep-holes;- Healthy Cats are Clean Cats;- Cat's love the Safety of the Ripples to Groom at Their Own Sweet Pace;- Providing a safe environment to play with others;- Cats love when you scratch the carpet fibers with your fingers;- The ripple rug helps any cat feel safe;Specification- Material: Polyester Fiber Alloy;- Weight: 700 g/ 24.7 oz;- Color: Dark Grey;- Size: 100 x 100 cm/ 39.4 x 39.4 inch;Who We AreAs a professional pet supplies store, AUOKER understands your problems and provides solutions. AUOKER offers a wide range of pet products, such as clothes, toys, and cleaning products. AUOKER is committed to providing the best products and service.Package include:1 x Interactive Cat Activity Play Mat/ Pad;
WIFI Display Dongle, Auoker 2017 WiFi Wireless 1080P Mini Display Receiver HDMI TV Miracast DLNA Airplay for IOS/Android/Windows/Mac, Black (Q1)
Enjoy playing your games or watching videos on bigger screens? This is your best choice. With this HDMI Dongle, You can easily enjoy your favorite movies, videos, music, photos, websites with your friend and family on a big HDTV screen.Perfect for office and school presentations (Powerpoint, Excel, Word, PDF and images from the smartphone, tablet to HD TV). Main features: 1.Support 1080p full HD and AV dual output with marquee light2. Supports 4 different transmission modes(Miracast, DLNA, Airplay and AirMirror) Airplay for iOS 8 aboveMiracast for Android 4.4 and Windows 8.1 aboveAirMirror for iOS 8 aboveDLNA for smartphone or tablet which is compatible3.Supports the streaming of movies, videos, audio, TV, webcast and web browsing 4.Mirror your smartphone / tablet screen (photo, video, music, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, WebTV, Internet to a large HDTV (up to 1080p)Specification: Operating system: Linux Operating System RAM: DDR3 128MBytePort: HDMI 1.4a; Micro USB; 3.5mm headset interface(AV Output)CPU:RK3036 Cortex-A7 1.2GHz dual core ARMStorage: 16MByte SPI FLASHMemory: 128MByte memory DDR3Network: 802.11 b/g/n 150Mbps 2.4GHzDecoding: H.264/H.265 1080pPower: 5V/1AIndicator: breathing effect by clockwise and counterclockwiseWorking Distance: Up to 10mWorking Temperature: 0~50 DegreePackage include:1 X WiFi Display Dongle1 X Micro USB Cable 1 X User Manual1 X Audio Adapter Cable1 X HDMI extension Cable
Baby Grooming Kit, Auoker 4 In1 Safety Baby Nail Clippers Set Includes Nail Clipper, Safety Scissor, Nasal Tweezers and Nail File for Newborn, Baby, Infant, Toddler and Kids, Pink
Enjoy your happy time with your babe, your kid deserve it ! Are you tired of having a grooming set that is not baby sized?Our baby clipper sets is your best choice for trimming little fingernails and cleaning baby's nose! Comfort and EasyIt has been custom-designed for ultimate comfort, precision grooming, and ease for parents.High QualityMade of the finest and highest quality stainless steel, includes also protective blade covers.Portable DesignPerfect kit to keep in your nursery and bring with you during travels. It's also a wonderful gift for a new or experienced parent!Features:1. 4 in 1 Grooming Kit Includes 1*Safety scissors, 1*nail file, 1*nail clipper, 1*Nasal Tweezer.2. Fold-up Nail Clipper with curved edges for safer trimming.3. Safety Scissor with a rounded tip for added safety, easy to cut baby hair/ nail without pain.4. Smooth Baby Nail File5. Useful baby nasal tweezers to clean baby nose without any irritate.Kindly Note:Please use it with adults!Package include:1x Safety Scissors1x Nail File1x Nail Clipper1x Nasal Tweezer
Hair Feel Finishing Stick, AUOKER Small Broken Hair Cream Finishing Sticks Refreshing Not Greasy Shaping Gel Cream Hair Wax Stick Fixing Bangs Stereotypes Cream (Black veins)
AUOKER Finishing Sticks with moisturizing effect, it makes your broken hair shiny and smooth. Natural plant ingredients afford nutritional moisturizing better than those chemical products. No longer collide with your exclusive fragrance, fit your own temperament, let your charm show off.Specification:- Color: Pink, Black, Black veins, Black pattern, White- Capcity: 12ml/ 0.4oz- Weight: 10gPackage include:1 x Hair Feel Finishing Stick
Rechargeable LED Mini Flashlight, AUOKER Waterproof 2 in 1 Outdoor Tool with Lighter and Flashlight - USB Charged, Twin-Arc, 3 Lighting Models for Hiking Camping Cycling, 96mm - Black
AUOEKR 2 in 1 camping tool, not only a normal flashlight, but also a lighter.Product Feature:- The shell is made of zinc alloy, break proof and drop proof, feel free to use;- This flashlight is rechargeable by USB, save energy then battery;- Lighter is twin-arc, safe and easy to light up;- Fully waterproof, can be used under the water;- Mini size 96mm, easy to carry, save your space;- Lanyard will be sent, you can hang it on your bag;Specification:Material: Zinc alloyBattery: Lithium cellCharging Voltage: DC5.0±0.25VCharging Time:
AUOKER Cigarette Case Box with Electric Lighter, King Size 20PCS Cigarettes Holder Metal USB Separable Rechargeable for Whole Package Cigarettes, Flameless Windproof Lighter with USB Cable - Gold
New Design, AUOKER USB Cigarette Case Lighter, Cigarette Holder and Lighter 2 in 1 Function. Innovative Technology, Reflecting Fashion.Feature- Upgraded version of tungsten wire for rapid heating.- Space aluminum, it's strong, light, crashworthiness, scratch resistant and splash proof.- The cigarette case and the lighter can be used separately or in combination.-Reliable,Reusable,Rechargeable,Stylish and Practical for your smoking life.Specification- Color: Sliver/ Black/ Gold;- Material: Space aluminum Engineering plastic;- Capcity: 20PCS- Size: 92*67.5*27mm/ 3.6*2.7*1.1inch ( See the figure );- Process: Drawing process;Note- Do not put this product in water or other liquids, as this will cause a short circuit.- Generally, the full charging time is 1 hour. Do not charge for a long time and shorten the battery life.- Be careful not to press the heating wire too hard. If any foreign matter such as love is accidentally dropped into the heating wire, please clean it in time.- When assembling, first open the top cover of the cigarette case, then push the card bar on the back of the cigarette lighter to the card slot on the cigarette case and push it in gently. Package include:1 x Cigarette Case Module (does not contain cigarettes);1 x Ultra-thin Electric Lighter Module;1 x Cable Micro USB;
AUOKER Reptile Heat Mats, 7W Adjustable Reptile Heat Pad with Temperature Control for Reptiles Turtle, Tortoise, Snakes, Lizard, Gecko, Spider, Crawler - Safety Aquarium Tortoise Heat Mat Thermostat
AUOKER reptile heat mats, 5w/ 7w/ 20w adjustable reptile heat pad with temperature control for reptiles turtle, tortoise, snakes, lizard, gecko, spider, crawler - safety aquarium tortoise heat mat thermostat.Give your pet the extra heat it needs. AUOKER's Heat Mat's durable construction provides uniform, evenly distributed heat. Easy to use and safe for all reptiles and amphibians. For use outside your pet's enclosure. It can be mounted under or on side of your pet's enclosure. If mounted below enclosure, make sure there is only a thin layer of substrate in tank and there is proper ventilation to prevent heat buildup which can damage your enclosure or create a fire hazard. Side mounting is recommended for enclosures with no bottom, thick or heavy substrate.Feature- Regulating switch;- Low power consumption;- Enclosed circuit, leak-proof;- Uniform heat dissipation, waterproof;- Safe to use, won't hurt your lovely pet;- Pad can be used under a tank or vivarium;- Suitable for Turtle, Snakes, Lizard, Gecko, Spider, Small mammals, Crawler, etc;Specification- Material: PET;- Weight: 5 W-95 g/ 3.35 oz, 7 W-115 g/ 4.06 oz, 20 W-168 g/ 5.93 oz;- Color: Black;- Plug Style: UK Plug;- Voltage Range: 220v- 240v;- Regulating Range: 0-35 Degree;-Size:5 W - 15 x 14 cm/ 5.91 x 5.51 inches;7 W - 15 x 28 cm/ 5.91 x 11.02 inches;20 W - 42 x 28 cm/ 16.54 x 11.02 inches;Kindly ReminderThe reptile heater mat is slightly waterproof, do not immerse it in water or long-term in high-temperature environment, so as not to cause electrical short-circuit and burn hazards.Package include:1 x Adjustable Reptile Heating Pad/ Mat(UK Plug);
AUOKER Animal Handling Gloves Bite Proof, Durable Bite Resistant Gloves for Bathing, Grooming, Handling Dog/Cat/Bird/Snake/Parrot/Lizard/Reptile - Scratch/Bite Resistant Protection Gloves
AUOKER animal handling gloves bite proof, durable bite resistant gloves for bathing, grooming, handling dog/ cat/ bird/ snake/ parrot/ lizard/ reptile - scratch/bite resistant protection gloves.Feature- 1. Made of thickened cowhide, durable and strong;- 2. Cotton lining, moisture absorption, sweat absorption, soft and comfortable;- 3. Quality leather and precision sew so that you can benefit for a premium gloves;- 4. Lightweight and breathable;- 5. 100% heat protection easy to use;- 6. With this animal handling anti-bite/scratch gloves, it can protect your fingertips, hands and arms from painful, infectious bites and scratches;- 7. Thumb seam protection layer design to increase and improve the utilization of gloves;- 8. Carefully designed to provide the utmost level of safety and increased productivity in the workplace;- 9. Suitable for pet trainer, veterinarian, wildlife conservator, pet groomer, stray cat rescuer etc.Specification- Material: Thickened cowhide;- Color: Green;- Size: 60 x 13.5 cm/ 23.6 x 5.3 inch;- Size: length - 60 cm/ 23.6 inch, palm width - 13.5 cm/ 5.3 inch, sleeve width - 19.5 cm/ 7.7 inch.Kindly ReminderAlthough this is a professional gloves to handling animal, but you should have a common sense of how much bite force a leather gloves could withstand, these gloves could protect your hands, but they're not iron, you couldn't expect them to withstand the bite from a lion or a crocodile.Package include:1 x Durable Animal Handling Gloves Bite Proof;