Austin Swenson

Coin Ring Center Punch. 1.5 Kit. With 5/8 and 1/2 Punches. by Austin Swenson
Austin Swenson
Hi there, This is a new coin ring center punch set that I'm offering. What is unique about this set??? It comes with a 5/8" and 1/2" punch with Quarter and 50 Cent Spacers. The punches have a 5/8" shank. They are hollow ground and have a 5 degree relief angle. The 5/8" punch is good for the Morgan Dollar which is what the body of this punch is sized for. The Sides of the Morgan Dollar have ridges which over time will ware unevenly, not all Morgan Dollars are the same, so I have sized the punch body to 1.501". If you do have any slop, which is very minimal, you can use aluminum foil around the edge to create a tighter fit if needed, this is rare. The body and guide are made of aluminum, the punches and dies are made of hardened tool steel. I have made many coin rings. I know what it takes to make a quality craft. Thank you for taking an interest in our item and don't forget to check the other items we have to offer!
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Answering the Call: Pastor Gustaf Berglund Serves the 19th Century Swedish Immigrants of Texas
Elroy Haverlah
In 1879, Gustaf Berglund feels an intense calling to leave his native Sweden to become a pastor to the Swedish immigrants in America. Much to the displeasure of his family and rejection by his sweetheart, Gustaf bravely sails away to New York to fulfill his dreams. Encountering severe obstacles when he arrives, Gustaf is often at the point of giving up and returning home. However, he perseveres and graduates from seminary near Chicago in hopes of becoming an admired pastor in a prestigious church in the Midwest. He is devastated when he is assigned to a small congregation on the frontiers of Texas. There he is taught by faithful pioneers and fierce sinners what it truly means to be a pastor.